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01-22-2009, 12:57 PM
just when u thought the snake was dead,
in pt 1, we dismantled the head,
in pt2. we choppin of the rest of the limbs,
red stains on the floor from the blood on my timbs,

stompin niggaz out, leavin elephant prints on they mouth,
stampede thru the house,
bringin mo fiyaa the the fox ur using to browse,

spermi ur too easy just look at ur face,
even ur moms be like damn- whut a disgrace,
u stepped outta place with ur crazed photo shop days,
im puffin on haze while u get burned when exposed to my sun rays,
sum day,

ur gonna find ur self driving up the wrong way,
and we gon be right there to introduce u to the gun play,

sum say,
stylemaster was the master at style,
most of ya'll rode his dick for a while,
untill he got exposed and forced into exile,
it was funny as fuck to see him cry like a child,

and sideous bannana with that wak ass fuckin grammar,
ur no match for the sword and the sledgehammer,

growin facial hair? FAGGOT ur doin it wrong,
u been dead and this is just overkill with this song,

and to my cannibal niggaz-we stay growin strong,
peace-and take another hit of the BONG!!

01-22-2009, 06:41 PM

01-23-2009, 05:52 AM
hahahahaahhaa fuck it.....freestyle time -

Ayo, this fuckin fat fuck skampoe's bigger than a dump truck
He'd suck his own dick if only if he could duck
Under, His waistline is too big so he'd fall & blunder
My Words burying him under, It's no wonder

With his facial muff-hair, his death is simple enough
cos Skampoe eats as much as the marshmallow man 'Mr Puff'
I'd zap em like a ghostbuster, The coast adjuster
Blow up like muster gas in his ass when i blast

From the past, hip-hop styles are to quick, tricks surpass
Your mental level, I burn into yer like retina like molten glass
Flip wordplay like swordplay all day, I'm built for this game
Raised from the grain, I put up with the daily pain

Of being white in a racial little world
All these cats can do is sit on my middle finger & twirl
Rhymes over, Beats done, Get the fuck out the thread
Before i take my blade and chop of your weak rested head


01-23-2009, 06:07 AM
skampoe used the word dismantled

01-23-2009, 02:52 PM
spermi is the wakest-his verbals dont hit hard,
he always concerned about my dick bein covered in lard,
well ur faggotry ends now once u hear the gun's blaaooo,
my shits hotter than kungpow,
he wishes he lived like me-poverty stricken,
the skinn of my dick is the only thing u rippin,
u fag-i stay henny sippin,
u stay lickin the green shit drippin from ur dog's dicken!