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01-24-2009, 10:31 PM

Im the herald for the underworld
Chaos and smoke swirls
black pearls, meteorites hurl
impact craters open the 4th seal
and i am revealed, all wounds heal
i have no expression, so no emotions to feel
yield to the coming of the prophacies
of the 4 Horsemen dynasties
ironic how iconic we have become to be
everyone knows, the status is OG
created off the evils of men see
4 Beasts out of the cages
leavin enitre worlds deceased
greek mythology can pin me
ive been in the air for centuries
fought wars with Gods sentries
till the devil sent me
with steel weaponary
plus the ability to famish
ride high on a horse greenish
my home is a cold world outlandish
cold touch of Death i brandish

My art is a complex blood-work of murderous virtuoso,
the screams in the Chamber of Death represents my vocal,
Biblical prophecies mark my shadows over a quarter of the Earth,
Revealed in Revelations, I open the fourth seal and let Hades sign the deal,
Wind scatters ash over your sight, my insight into your anatomy,
I starve you to death, my sword dug deep into your death-bed,
shrivelled rose petals follow me, life cannot rival me,
my toxic untampered ingridients exposed to the masses,
sub-atomic structures tampered and destroyed and put into caskets,
Riding a pale green horse with a death-toll not nearing it's prime,
A night-stalker, revered and feared as the Thief of Time,
I praise genetical mutilation, observe human alienation,
I psychologically fuck you mentally and enjoy your suicidal tendency,
I flash scenes of death into you to prepare you subliminally,
the four Horsemen of the apocalypse a representation and synopsis,
of a world infused by War and Conquest, people themselves killing zest,
hungry and starving living a life of Famine and then put to bed at night-
by a blanket of uncomfortable Death.

As We Watch The March Of The Blind Otherwise Known As Mankind
We Wait For The Last Clock Chime Marking The End Of Time
The Clouds Gather In A Whirlwind Manner, Now The Sun No Longer Shines
I'm The Aftermath Of War Bloody Waves On The Shore From Slaughterd Soldiers Galore
The Bullet Holes Through Doors, Blood Staines On Floors, Broken Promises Sworn
And The Cries Of Children Screaming Out "NO MORE"
But...You Decide To Ignore, Rather Wage War And Seek To Reap And Gain More
Your Glutenous Ways Will Be Repayed On This Day, You Best Start To Pray
I've Heard The Child's Screams, And There Will Be Hell To Pay
You'll Be Left In Dismay I Play With My Prey Smiling As I Watch Life Decay
I Am Famine, He Who Leaves Nothing Left To Examine
Your Flesh Is Saggin' Hollow Bones Collapsin' When I Grasp 'Em
Nothing's Left Standing When The 4 Horsemen Are Expanding
We Live Long And Prosper From Man's Lack Of Understanding
Trampelin' Bodies On Course Moving Forth With Brute Force
My Black Horse Shows No Remorse All That Touch Him Become A Corpse
No Repentence...I Breathe Pestilence On Mankind's Amendments
Building Space Centers While The Hungry Starve Helpless
You Are The Sanctuary Sellers, Intelligent Life-Form Pretenders
I Remember Ever Death Sentence, My Scales Signify The Years Gone By
The Screams And Cries Of "WHY" Will Be Your Lullaby
Under Dark Skies The Weak And Feeble Crawl In The Palm Of Their Master
Earth's Blood Runs Like A Whore's Mascara
And Now, To End This World's Final Saga...The Grand Sayonara...
Your Date Has Expired, It's Now Time To Retire
Behold A Pale Horse And The Dark Knight Rider...

Flaming red “Johnny Storm” horseman scared off the crows
My sword is “Vengeance” end cha intelligence, take peace from earth/
Arms, troops, leaves, thieves, death, beliefs
Open wounds that don’t heal quickly/
Now you sickly believe your truth is true
I’ve viewed the mask painted wit taint
Open brains liquid gas, smoked ash gives unsuspecting enemies an ambush/
Blow darts hold sparks click you scaly wags together and get an above feather
Leave you buried beneath the surface, curb this like a bullet get cooked like a skillet/
Annex sounds of rumbling earth make you panic
Slam it down wit war hammers coming through wit my other horsemen/
Pestilence evidence damaging most reverence dead elements
Leaving most of the air constricted to short burst/
Earth your turf wit poison causing more terror than any izm
I’m wicked spit kicking more vibrations cracking prisms
Leaving my enemies sicken to their stomach/
Wit the styles I pump wit punishment
Triumphant wit words above it/
I kick 26 letters in an infinite combination
Creating death, heaven and hell in my manifestation/
Dig your own grave save no bases get castrated by clamps I use
SAW is the melody death is the futility spilling more than guts/
You ain’t got the nuts to glorify hell in all its brutality
Making more mortality a book that hasn’t been written/
Saw death from my rooms, seen doom from the beach I combed
Hell is what’s liven wit words driven Satan back wit God’s Fury/
Some look, some chop their ears off making me Julius Caesar
You cannot even catch a breather with Brutus upon me/
I “Alexander the Great” cha country side mate
Torch the book of lies wit a match I come back like Atlantis/
Strike back civilize the savage but it is he who is civilize that is the savage
You can eat the heads of cabbage thinking your not a rampage/
Cover the global circumference wit more efforts than reverence
Template cha teams leave e’m cloned like Jango my wrangle be dangle/
Come back to earth wit bangles that dangle hang on heads that mangle
Ring up wit legions but my disciples be “Shazzam” after marvel you fams/
Stomp through the land wit claws, blades that are raw, darts that poisonous
Now you can either run and hide, duck and cover or fight back for your lives/

From the book that’s full of revelation
We arose from the prose to the nouns
Now that we’re found…...
We yell….Conquest, War, Famine and Death
Breathe a breath once we step off our horses
We bore endorsements from those who reign
Tame you people wit everything man deems lethal
Just know there is no equal to the four that roar

War and Peace
01-24-2009, 11:06 PM
I Am Famine, He Who Leaves Nothing Left To Examine


so simple, but droppin like a rushing waterfall of butter

nice shiznit whers-

01-25-2009, 12:17 AM
Damn yall be shining

ill shit, this was a dope drop

02-01-2009, 01:17 AM
...the bull, the lion, the eagle [or scorpion], and the man...

02-06-2009, 03:58 PM
LMAO. This topic is soooo played. I even did a drop called "The Fourth Horseman", imo it was better than this... just saying :)