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01-28-2009, 08:17 PM


We climb out the ride 19 deep....
DiC keeps a shiesty disguise
While fighting.... SURPRISE......
my green hair has a hypnotizing design
Then I throw liquid nitrogen pies right in their eyes
Retnas blinded by ice... then force feed a slice til they die
Tricky additions to minus some lives.... death is amuzing for us
Unicycling tight ropes while puffin pipe smoke across pools full of blood
Juggling decapitated heads as puddles splash us in red
My crew uses intestines for double dutch after they're dead
Fracturing legs using mini souveniour bats with spiked pegs
Fuck Stephen King's IT, no passive bitches, we're tactless instead
Not hiding in sewers, but remains are found in piles of manure
And used to fertilize white widow weed plants I have procured
Don't let the makeup fool you, we're just coo- coo for entertaining folks
Insane at shows, where we aim at folks with sling shots full of Satan stones
Which is blazing coal to remove some arteries and space out their bones
Witnesses try to escape the blows leaving trails of shit stained in clothes
Kill those stanky hoes..... til their bodies leak every shade I know
Then put their dead nose in it like a puppy and train their souls

The 2nd Coming

When we do a circus gig,...your phobia's valid
serving kids potassium shots with sulfuric acid
purchased wigs, I KNOW, the make-up's ridiculous
but when ya taped-up, and bull whipped, I'm hopin' ya ticklish
with a scope on ya skull, lick my buddies' bloodied machette
while ya wife gets on "one knee and tongue juggles my testes"
we're young rebels, senseless...sadistic devils
and you haven't seen a fiend this mean since, twisted metal
kept the jokes clean, but regardless ya'll dead meat
sprayed the front row, some ho...said I had big feet
these sheep get mugged fast, choatic...they wilding out
turn birthday's to blood baths -- something to smile about
trust me -- I'm not ya homie, and far from...krusty
we scar from ear to ear, implanting bombs where ya guts be
when my lighter meets the gasoline on every inch of ya flesh
ya get burnt black, now how's that for identity theft?


hop out the trunk - smirkin' vicious, with vials of acid
splashin'a chump till his body resembles that of a stump
massacre cut - plot in ditches deep, lucifers basement
stirrin' the pot - boiled heat, for you losers'n haters
abuse is my nature - warlocks when war pops
saw ya jaw off with a rusted ox when doors lock.
shut it down, this circus getting burnt to the ground
C-4 strapped with 3-4 gats under a towel...
nitrogen packs on elephant back - mumblin' curses
huddled in hearses smotherin' girls lips wit inches of flesh
till she's puzzled an worthless, nut stains every bit of her dress...
but what more could you ask for from the trailor parks best.
son i'm surly when high shroomin on trapezzis surely i'm fly
the asshole at your funeral drunk praising god that you died
atomical minds - grind teeth on your carcass an spine
here's a ticket to the fun house we get it poppin' at nine


01-30-2009, 04:31 PM
Dope verses

2nd Coming was dopest imo but all yall did your thing


Father N Dangerous
01-30-2009, 04:37 PM
Dope verses

2nd Coming was dopest imo but all yall did your thing


i co sign that

besides sum vocab errors in the first verse nothing really bad about this piece. shits nice . good read stay up keep blessin