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01-30-2009, 12:37 AM
For any that can shed some light please share what you know.

01-30-2009, 01:19 AM
the most epic story ever told.

i'll run through it fast

Britain takes over the world, we europe does but the greater bulk in britians possession

They french and the english struggle for ULTIMATE SUPREMACY

the english win

Germany unites

the Ottoman empire is falling

This gives Russia a chance to raise to DOMINANCE

both countries if developed to full capacity would be more powerful then England

England understands this and tries to keep the Russians from getting control of the balkans which would give them an open shot at THE NIGGA KINGDOM

Germany keeps beefin up.

Britian is scared.

Alliances are mad out of fear

War breaks out in balkans


Germany is stronger then Britian and France and whole war is just a big stalement

Russia is on Britians side

Communist revolution happens in Russia and the Russians pull out of the war out of nowhere cause the government that started the war was getting KILLED son.

DA YOO ESS AYE after heavy convincing joins the war and gives Britain and France an edge.

Germany surrenders.

Britian and France was REPERATIONS son. They demand Germany pay for all the damage of the war even though they didn't start it. Germany collapses economically and has a pussy government that does what the white man tell them to.

the great depression makes everything worst

Russia is deep in Communism and the whole world is scared of it spreading because the abundance of poor ppl due to the depression that might revolt.

Hilter takes over in Germany and say "nah nigga, we gone get ours, ya smell me, we gone get ours nigga, ya feel me my nigga"

The Germans agree

the germans start beefing up

everyone is scared

nobody wants to fight (pussehs)

The Germans take one more stab at SUPREME DOMINACE as currently held by britain.

Germany is once again stronger then Britain as France and PWNS fags.

Germany ideology, Facism, is extreme capitialism, or rightism/conservatism. If Communism prevails then there would be no nations and everyone would share, if facism prevails there would be glory to your own nation, nations are very important if not the most important thing and you dont share shit for any of THE WEAK, they're polar opposites. Hitler also hates Stalin, vis versa, Russia and Germany go at it.

Germany is raping these whores

DA YOU ES AYE decides shit is real after japan started poppin off on smack DVD aka Pearl harbor

Da YO ES AYE beefs the fuck up, poppin roids, making nukes

if developed to maximum capacity the United States, which wasn't the world power, would be more powerful then all of europe combine

Same with Russia

oh shit.


Russia starts beefing up.

America HATES communism cause wtf? fuck that shit.

Russia hates capitalism

the combine force of this 2 juggernauts on Germany breaks Germany down and hilter states retreating

America realizes Russia is gonna keep all the parts it takes over cause they're assholes

so there's a race to get as much of germany as possible

(there was a race to get japan as well, the real reason US nuked them was to end the war before the Russians jumped in and they were JUST about to jump in)

Russia reaches berlin first.

germany is split in half

the supreme dominance of all of europe over the world due to imperialism is 'ended' cause britain and france can't afford their empires anymore and have been crushed

the whole world is up for grabs.

the Americans realize the Russians have a chance to take it all

the Russians realize the americans have a change to take it all

out of fear that the other one will take it alll they 2 start beefing up almost cartoonishly

America begins planting puppet governments in several countries that will side with them

russia does the same

this starts a series of 'proxy' wars where the 2 aren't fighting by funding training and motivating opposite sides of a conflict

a few bangers of the proxy war mixtape are

Korean war
Vietnam war
and so forth.

Africa and Latin america goes to hell

Russia sends shit to space

America is embarassed and claps back by send LIVE NIGGERS TO SPACE

Russia builds a bomb that can blow up the world, just incase it got that real

America build several of them

Russia tops that off

Cuba is commie

America is scared

Russia plants missles in Cuba

Americans are pissed off

Americans tel them to BACDAFACUP

shit gets real



they back off.

Both countries start testing bizarre creepy shit like drugs to make super soldigers, drugs to make super societies, fusing apes with ppl, all preparing to the inevitable WW3 that would end the world

Germany is still split in half as is europe it's self.

The Russian controlled side gets poorer and poorer cause corruption mismanagment and the suckiness of communism

The Soviet republic collapses due to poorness and trying to fight afganistan which pushed them over.

America wins

America inherits the dominance of past imperialistic countries as well as an psychotically enormous military industrial complex that has to perpetually be fed wars or else the weigh of it would crush the US economy to no repair.

the Soviet union breaks apart. Russia goes back to being Russia and alot of the weapons they had are sold to whoever the fuck wants it cause they're bankrupt beyond bankrupt and got that way trying to compete.

America is scare BIN LADEN has them

Wutang clan drops 36 chamber


01-30-2009, 01:28 AM
this starts a series of 'proxy' wars where the 2 aren't fighting by funding training and motivating opposite sides of a conflict

a few bangers of the proxy war mixtape are

Korean war
Vietnam war
and so forth.
as America won the Cold War did they win the proxy wars as well?

01-30-2009, 03:15 AM
not all, probably lost most cause it was often going against the grain of what ppl wanted

Korea was a stalemate and technically isn't 'over' (they're 'still at war')

Vietnam we lost

we won for the most part in Latin america and installed corrupt military regimes

in Congo we just destroyed the place.

the belgians basically used the country as a giant slave camp, worst imperialism anywhere in the world, and when they were independant it was a fuckin mess and you can count the educated ppl by hand

the hero of their independance, Lagumba, their george washington was elected president and had plans to better the country but that required ending the parasitic relationship with belgium that was just getting free shit and shooting ppl at will after the independance

well america saw this as "well if they're not down with us, they must be down with THEM" assassinated Lagumba and install Mobutu, who killed off anyone that had any hit of education and vision, and allowed the belgians to do as they wish in Congo while he also stole vast amounts of money cause he was an illiterate and insane (literally). Till this day Congo is at war with itsself cause the mess that caused.

The soviets funded a communist takeover of Ethiopia ending the worlds oldest monarch and killing Haile Salassie I the direct decendant of King Solomon from the bible. Then America propped up a government in Somalia and used them to invade Ethiopia.

Ethiopia won the war and destroyed the somalie 'government' and till this day they dont have a government. Ethiopia also killed off or chased away minorities that were 'pro-western' and pro somali and this lead to all the famine you send 75cent a day to.

and in Iran we killed the real leader (i think) and installed the Shah, a corrupt playboy that loves stealing money. This lead to Iranians hating us for putting him in power and the Iranian revolution by the Ayatollah.

Eastern Europe got eat up by russia and used, which is why alot of their facilities are sub par, dont work or dont exist

just both countries play chess with the world without real consideration of the consequences, that's when America hit it's all time low (other then slavery and indian killing) and almost any incidence of a country hating us can me linked back to this era's insanely fucked up politics

we did build up some economies cause we didn't want them to become commies and we needed our allies to be strong so we fixed Europe with the marshal plan and fixed japan and that's a major factor to why capitalist countries are so far ahead, cause we were, with a huge bulk of the worlds wealth, actively making sure they were in the best possible shape they could be out of fear for our lives.

01-30-2009, 03:24 AM
this is also when the government got all creepy and CIAy

they were using alot of Game Theory during the era and not thinking like ppl but instead like game players. They had a commission on game theory and in the end it it proved, using game theory, that economics, and game theory was all bullshit cause it doesn't consider the human element.

by edict of game theory there was a point that the US should have nuked russia but the government wouldn't cause it was too fucked up which also proved that even when given the chance the 2 superpowers wouldn't have fought each other cause the damage would be to great and nobody wants that burden (meanwhile they fucked up the rest of the world)

and all strings of science that predicts human action based on ration (economics for example) were disproved cause of the cold war, throwing alot of science to hell.

oh, and alot of 3rd world countries (the term 3rd world came about cause those were the countries essentially 'in play' that can be manipulated, 2nd world was eastern europe and russia had that, and i guess the 1st world was the US allies or western capitalist countries, China and India were technically never classified as either but as 3rd world became synonymous with poverty they get called 3rd world later on)..gained their independance due to the fall of western europe but the US refined imperialism to be less government and politics based and more financial, really cutting out all the extra fat and doing the same thing.

Russia would just take over.