View Full Version : Brusque N' Risque Of Nobody

01-30-2009, 12:56 AM
Iím too dope hold the soap my operas are never cold as ice
They just donít cope wit the drama like the son of oden does/
Hold the rug my flow is off the bug whipping me down
Is like sucking my dick ma, catch the garbo your chicks are spouting bout us/
Off the cusp hold cha nuts my ashes never the bud
Rolling wit a P-I-M-P isnít always healthy/
I love it wealthy off the hook showing you the meaning of shook
Whether Iím broke, poor, or just rocking pressed up velour/
Iím the coldest raw open us jaws of aliens calling me a cannibal animal
Wit mandible flows that rip apart rappers who just knar at they paws/
Cannot ever forget the best even weaponry be the pen stroke
I kill blokes wit lines that are a soliloquy of brutally/
Never slipping polo rocking trip the flame let off the name
I slaughter the game in any extra potential you might have had is gone wit the wind/
If you got lines I can skin a cat with regardless of the hit
You still cannot spit a lick past bust a clip so when I flip/
I come up from the depths of thousand leagues beneath the sea like Great White Whale
Simply I inhale hip hop and absorb the heat you deliver to me, and release it/

Brusque the rest fetch a bone most wonít hone
Risquť was the test, check the swordplay he uses
He fusing flow, rhythm and idiosyncrasy together
Call him Chaotic Weather for the baron desert he lay waste too

Ace up my sleeve be my hidden Sai blade
Check the chalice Iím drinking out of,
Iím balanced like a 90 degree angle/
Drunken boxing handling formidable opponents
Like Warriors or Bastard Swordsmen/
Scaling walls like Spider Man
Marveling at the hidden agenda man/
Swipe the card check barge my heart is a cart you canít chalk up to a lost
So what the legendary armed sedentary ripper from yesterday didnít dip her/
I spit fur up like a cat cha just canít Mack everyday is a trap thatís why Iím back
Cracking heads open up a book, check the nooses and begin to vomit n be shook/
Never more, dead the vroom boom out the bangers from a hanger
See back in the 80ís the TV antenna was at an altitude
You still had to maneuver to view/
So when I state my name is NOBODY
You best get the camera and shoot me/
Cause when I reboot G youíll soon shall see the slaughter I leave
Best reprieve when I slip in leave your girl glisten like the trinity just same true/

02-04-2009, 12:12 PM

classic Sheepish wordplay, all over the place