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Uncle Steezo
02-01-2009, 02:20 PM
people have changed identities, people have left, new plot ideas and wu dramas have occurred. the original film has become irrelevant.

the film has been scrapped.

so for those that care to know how it ended here is the plot.....

as we left off the team was in norgreco trying to save Infinity from being turned into anal lube. technician is a crafty faggot and ends up puttting the whole team in jail.

funny moment: tsa start beating his dick while looking at blacks titties during a team discussion about how to escape. "it helps him think"

12 jewels rescues the team from jail in norgreco by dressing up as his alter ego, V for vendetta and killing a ungodly amout of faggits.genocide numbers
. flashback to "a bad experience for 12 in norgreco" he dropped his wallet back in the day, went to pick it up and got raped.

the aussies were actually reptialian shapeshifters posing as a boy band. maccabe was their go-fer with dreams of joining the band. his duties includes cleaning up blood and diposing of human carcasses.

blackula falls in love with Homobateman. a disturbing sex scene where midcoitus, pat truns into a lizard and blackula deepthroats his tail.
it is hinted that blackula becomes pregnant.

flashback to robert and divine axis- DA is the #1 pop supergroup. it was revealed that robert lipsynched and he got booted

the team kills all the aussies but fredy who activates a cloacking device on his Halo suit and feels redeemed after he was told to take it off.
Fredy becomes a solo pop star ...with the suit on.

we meet ms rza bathing in a waterfall. before the the team can decide how to approach her blackula ninjapoofs overthere. lesbo scene. msrza is stereotyped as a fast talking mexican woman.who starts her lines in english then spirals out of control into rapid fire spanish.

the big plot twist is that when they get to KTL temple black man unzips himself to reveal that he is Sunny Winters. Empire strikes back Yoda style.
sunny is a energybased being of glowing light.

he bestows on each of them an africa melanin medallion that releases their true nature and power. evryone except tissa.
(remeber tissa is a melanin God. mo medallion needed)

he hands the team a baby with a superman logo on his forehead...baby STYLE. the team is entrusted to place STYLE on the throne at the evil kings castle.

Jasper is hot on the trail. his mission the whole time was to rape and kill baby STYLE. a funny scene opens to 11th the goblin getting assraped by jasper. Jasper calls 11th a "sexy green baby". and want to touch his "jalepeno pepper" more coonery from11th "OH LAWDY JEEE SUSSSSS! MAH BOOYHOLE IS SPLITTIN LIKE BARK ON A SICCAMO TREE!"

the team arrives at the castle with the baby. guarding the castle is a two headed orgre- skamp and jig. "skig" speaks in back and forth PCP raps. the team defeats it, by asking paradoxical questions that completely confuse the ogre.

epic battle with jasper. not everyone survives. Tissa evolves into TSA. kills jasper.

the evil king enters and a battle begins . he kills more members of the team
the evil king's helmet is knocked off. a superman logo is seen. the evil king turns out to be a future version of STYLE.

at this moment evil hideous aliens are beamed down to the castle.

in an alternate time line the Corpsians kidnap the babySTYLE and corrupt him in order to rule the world. then they send a grown STYLE back to the past as the evil King.

The team along with baby STYLE is beamed up to the Palehorse ship where robby palehorse and visions explain the situation further.

palehorse was a conspiracy nut job kid on earth that was never taken seriously until he was abducted on day. when they tried to return him he refused to leave the ship and ended up growing to adulthood in space.

rob provides plenty of comic relief.he built a satellite dish that picked up alien wifi internet . learned all about the corpse and contacted the aliens for help.

visions is a bling interdimensonal being that can see beyond the space time continum and see all possibities at once. he is like a sage. distant relative to sunny winters

now the remaining team must fight an epic scifi battle to save the future past and present.

end of season 1

season 2 involves
wucorp vs the corpse and STYLE in a battle thru time


I have the whole 9 eps as one 35 min movie uploaded on my vidshare website. if you want to see it pm me and i'll hook you up. my business partners never spoke to me about it or even commented. lol i kind got the feeling the norgreco ep was too much for them. my dad laughed at the tissa episode.

i have a new movie i will be making. coming out like 1st week in march.

this one is a buddy cop crime comedy drama flick.
kinda like leathal weapon.
starring my favotrite actor TSA and myself as the cops who have to take down a drug cartel who is flooding the wucorp streets with a gay rape drug.

anybody who wants to add their talents to this project is welcome.
graphics voices writing editing uploading.

02-03-2009, 08:43 AM
welcome back style. hhahahahahha i was going to ask if you could finish this this movie is comedy. but that cool i got my own spaceship

cutn' heads
02-03-2009, 09:06 AM
if i was included i would illegally download this...

02-03-2009, 11:47 AM
i rather see a whole ikea catalog type book with all the stylemaster garnments ever created than to watch another one of those videos.. imo them shits was like longest gay cartoons ever. i hated them shits. all of them wer wak and ghey as fuck.

02-03-2009, 11:50 AM
finaly were going to get down to the epice fight beetwin ME eD that started my rain