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Guarded By Martyrs
02-02-2009, 10:16 PM
Off The Top


Iím carnivorous hold the anchor
Shipping banks through tidal waves/
Archaic cuts phoned in by smoke screens you cannot front on
Out duel me is like taking a dive like ďSuper DaveĒ
rip cord hold the air you cannot save in the bag that gets popped/
Drive cascade fast or haste based off stone statues
I cap you off periodically without any contents/
Bomb threaten wit words Iím wetting wit etches
You canít sketch so easily even make it believable/
Open wind gas grenade pass the fade routing to the left/
I stay suede like gooch hold the nine my flows be slouching the corner
Just waiting for the remarkable timing like 60 Sec Iím a assassin/
Classically bashing heads in wit more hype than threads on any forum
Yíall be full crap shoots when it comes to conversation you ainít saying nothing/
When it comes to spitting alls you got is comments like condiments
Your rhymes are condensed milk just add water/
Verbally you cannot word smith it wit gifted writers
Ghosting is the way you roast it I turkey baste you cats like another thanksgiving/
Weapons are my words varying from styles remotely wilding to calmly styling
Iím a virus or the machine to your dreams camera shy never known to be vital/
Driven ghastly smuggling me in your lungs is the way I go grown off of plants
Check the urine in your pants Iím ants crawling all over the scene/
Every time I paint abstractly the poetry comes from visible photography
Mental scrambles leaving most rappers scrambling for another smoke break/
If you ainít serious, my work ethic be sickly vicious
Just ask ďWhersĒ he says Iím a Machine/
Partly skinny wit the appetite of fat man that can devour the whole solar system
Spit more wisdom than any Wiseman itís all reflexes that stay in check/
Pierce this bronze-man youíll be attempt blasphemy against the temple
Rapidly proceeding the virus that entered you earlier in the script/
See when we attack microphones or pages of paper get blown
Scorched and torched off the earth before your moms could give birth/
Iím the ante-everything making me tsunami holds the salami you rappers despise me
Iím the provoker pork barrel ripper killing you cats without darts to match/
If you got nice your mind couldnít splice the genes I infect cha spleen wit
Now you cats canít peel the needle I use to mass effect these kids wit ďDead SpaceĒ/
After any thoughts youíll know me as Mike Psycho the Jason Voorhees of this shit
Speaking on topics for me is a slash flick for little teeny boppers when Iím rocking/

whers :

Obviously...No One Can Stop Me, The Anomaly Known For Moving Ungodly
The Spirits Of Dead Poets Put Forth Their Latest Scroles For Me
You Can't See My Weakness My Eyes Guarded Like Drudge Dredd
I'm A One Winged Angel With A Razorsharp Halo Around Your Neck
There Can Be Only One Highlander With A Light Sabre Takin Heads
And That Be Me, Make You Wince Shed Blood On The Pitch Like Paul Ince
Put You In A Box Magled Like A Contortionist, With Severed Wrists...
At The Bottom Of A Snake Pit Without A Lid But You'll Be The One Who's Skin Is Shed
Boa's Slid Across The Deck, Cobra's Venom Fangs Injected Into Your Forehead-Death Bed
I'm The Definition Of "Don't Blink" So You Best Tape Your Eyelids Kid
Or In Your Own Blood You'll Sink Or Get Blown Up Like A Blimp
Bring Your Best Or Don't Show Up For The Test, It's Simple Really : It's Too Complex
The Weak Shall Fail To Reatch The Peak, Submit Before You Reatch The Summit
Your Unable To Overcome It And Therefor You Plummet...
I Stab A Flag On Your Mum's Ass Because I Done It
Beware The Cloaked Agenda Behind Care, And The Looks At Quickly Become Stares
Don't Even Dare, Like Centrino I've Got Connections Everywhere
And They'll Leave You In A Ditch Somewhere Whether Your Unaware Or Prepared
Me And SHEEPISH Will Extinguish Your Flames And Relinquish Your Arms And Your Ears
Tap Into Your Fears Like Cravex With Frost-Fingered-Fear
Two Visionaries Of The Temple With Library Sized Mentals
You'll Only Be Recognizable By Your Dentals, Section 9 Rhyme Exceptional
Strike With Blades Oriental, Ninja Stealth Cover Up Blood Residue, Listen Fool...
I'm Beyond Cruel, Testing Me Is Like Going Against Ivanhoe In A Duel
You'll Fall Of Your Horse, As Just Another Victim Of Bloodsport
My Art Is Self Taught What I Create, Is The Equivelent Of Drawing A Vampires Portrait
With The Lord Of Chaos By My Side Peace Will Be Left In Pieces
Releaving People Of Happy Facial Features, Setting Free Nightmare Creatures
Sucking The Blood From Leeches Call Us The Dark Secret Keepers
Bloody Samurai Sword Stands Pround Stabbed Into The Ground In The Center Of A Crown
With A Once White Red Ribbon Flapping In The Wind Accompanied By A Jester's Grin
But You'll Never See Me My Friend...Need I Mention I Cast No Reflection
My Pens An Extension Of My Hands Profession...
While Writing Rhymes Under Protection At Wammy's House Inside The 9th Section
I Click My Fingers To Light A Candle Upon A Dusty Mantle
Then Cancel The Trail Of Gretel & Hansel, Distressed Damsels, Weak Brothers Trampelled
Into The Ground And Never Found...While His Sister Just Dangles
SHEEPISH Got Me Reaching Tryna Test His Circuitry
I Slay Bitches Necks Like Dracula And An Executioner's Axe Purposefully
No Urgency Is Shown When Emergency Is Known Certainly
I Draw Upon Dark Forces And Show No Remorse Unmercifully
6 Strokes Of My Pencil And An Angel Is Drawn Perfectly
My Ability Is Beyond Measure, Give The Performance Of My Life Like Heath Ledger
The Joker Holding Super-Soakers With Iron Holsters Filled With Acid If You Approach Us
Your Hopless Hocus-Pocus Black Magic Conducted By The White Magician I Am Goldust

War and Peace
02-03-2009, 01:43 PM
melted butter-

whers i like when you mash out those long lines-

Bloody Samurai Sword Stands Pround Stabbed Into The Ground In The Center Of A Crown


The Joker Holding Super-Soakers With Iron Holsters Filled With Acid If You Approach Us

and Sheepish Lord-

someone needs to give you a straightjacket to rock 24-7 yo
h ha-

peace yall-

02-04-2009, 12:10 PM
Good God

shit is monsterous, absolute masterpiece

whers and sheep always impress me everytime they drop

02-04-2009, 09:59 PM
yeah this was some sick shit, good look whers

03-11-2009, 06:53 PM
Whers yo shit is tight keep it comin

Guarded By Martyrs
03-11-2009, 08:05 PM
Many thanks for the kind words.

03-11-2009, 08:32 PM
our style is unmatched hahahahaha