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02-08-2009, 03:14 AM

Fully metal educated dental cracked tinsel
Spit cha lead your no pencil, I’m a emperor/
Soul controller flow solo hybrid high riser
Cold shoulder fire manipulation creating a fusion/
Escalated attributes disappear like “Simon Templar”
Erythematic open spiral cold gyro
Now you attempt “Equivalent Exchange”
I’m known as the “Chaotic Alchemist”/
Tout cha fist I gravitas barriers you haven’t contacted yet
Dead heads be bleed heads when they run through my maze/
Openly illusions graze wit horses you raised
Open tactics check your black magic/
Aim darts five in the finger, three in the pocket
Knock out gas your rockets when your gear spin sprockets/
Deadly range brig your deer check the charts
I battled the “Flame Alchemist” outdoors couldn’t rain so I made it pour/
My trials were versified trailed tears seen the boarder of Istanbul
Watch the ravage taken sick folk looked them in they eyes/
Read them wit focal points, doped up those “Auto Males”
Check proletarian barriers held minds that couldn’t gel/
Swell the darts I kept hidden wit “Poison Tips” on e’m
Driven ridden expose check the fire I light on ya clothes/
Chose the hoodie prototype African darkest night
Broke those armors those humans tried to use from the other side of the “GATE”/
Swift dodge hold up the cards sought a whole town full
These cats think I’m playing whey they just swaying/
Left to the right open punch darts are my delight
Throwing never missing masked up coat off
Brought the javelin just incase I needed extra support/
Domino hollow tipped seen “300” heads charge at me from the left flank
I jetted danked out all the stanks banking more heads than anything
I’ve heard “Full Metal” say/

This is Chaos alchemy used
Displaying odds
Darts thrown
Sparks flown
Didn’t cha mama tell ya not to play wit “Chrome”

02-09-2009, 04:16 PM
Dope shit

feelin the scheme for this one, def fits your style


02-11-2009, 04:56 PM