View Full Version : Sticky Fingaz on a Rza beat.

02-14-2009, 05:34 PM
According to him hes trying to get a rza beat i asked him about future collabos and he responded on his forum.

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Originally Posted by Jazjit View Post
Yo sticky what up, i wanna hear a joint with u n kool g rap, 2 queens OGs on one track would be fire, and do you got any joints in the works with the wu members, i wanna hear a track with onyx and ghost and rae, or get gza on a joint. One more collabo i wanna hear is a track with canibus, yall got some grimey voices, and one the same track would force someone to murder someone man.
Im anticipating that new album man bacdafucup and all we got iz us is gettin constant play in my car.
Yeah that would be Hot.

I'm tranna get a beat from Rza right now.

fuck i dont no how to quote, u can just check the site.