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02-17-2009, 11:46 PM
The person who pulled the trigger, killing a man at a West Valley golf course earlier this month, is barely hitting puberty according to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office

The D.A. says they hope to charge a 14-year-old male as an adult in the coming weeks for the crime.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller says the 14-year-old is the head of a gang behind a bizarre robbery spree and murder at the beginning of February. "The juvenile was in fact the ring leader," says D.A. Miller. ROFL all i can picture in my head is that little thaiboy from tropic thunder slappin around his 30 yo homies

The strange crime spree started February 6th, when the group invited Gregg Brown along as they went on a series of stickups. When Brown met up with the group of four, they immediately changed the rules and told Brown, he alone, would commit the robberies, "he (Brown) was taken captive, his hands were duct taped together and his life was threatened unless he participated in the events," says D.A. Miller.

After one botched robbery attempt, Brown called his friend JoJo Brandstatt. The group, lead by the 14-year-old and including Jeremiah Williamson, 26, Shardise Malaga, 19, and Spencer Cater, 18 proceeded to give Brandstatt the same treatment. "They subsequently took Mr. Brandstatt hostage, duct taping him. and telling him he was going to go perform robberies with them," says D.A. Miller.

Brandstatt allegedly suggested they rob a drug dealer, but the group, especially that 14-year-old, suspected Brandstatt of setting up the gang for a double cross. ROFLx2 thats kind of elaborate.. dont you think? "Specifically the juvenile became very angry stating that he was going to kill Mr. Brandstatt because he was setting them up and he was wearing a rival color red," says D.A. Miller.

The group, at the 14-year-old's urging, drove to the West Ridge Golf Course in West Valley and ordered Brandstatt out of the car, "they walked him up to the hill on the golf course, while they were there Mr. Cater told (the 14 year old) several times to 'do it do it, just kill him,'" Miller continues, "the juvenile shot Mr. Brandstatt 3 times, killing him (Brandstatt)."

The gang returns to Brown still in the car and told him he will carry on with the stickups, "they told Mr. Brown, who was still in the vehicle duct taped, that they had just killed his friend and they would kill him if he didn't commit robberies for them," says Miller.

That night the group allegedly commits three robberies, with Brown holding the gun. Brown later escaped and ran away.

Tonight Williamson, Malaga, and Cater all face murder, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges. Miller says she hopes to charge the 14 year old as an adult, and since he allegedly pulled the trigger, she wants to charge him with aggravated murder.
Brown, is behind bars on unrelated warrants, the district attorney is still deciding if he will face charges.

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Yeah, that 14 year old killer dude should get charged as an adult, with murder. Have the firing squad take care of him. I've read that most gang members have an IQ less than 60.

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Yeah, I know, Urkel. I gave the reason.