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02-18-2009, 08:24 AM
I've not been writing as much recently but I'm gonna start firing up the old brain cells soon, Plus i'm determined to cop a mic and get some audio thrown down so i'm gonna have to chase it up....

Heres an idea about the shyt I've been writing...


Paaaain!!! Is what yer gonna feel when I slay & maime
Chomp on yer brain, drink the blood from your vein
Rhymes, maintain mindframes from turning weak
All last week my blunts stayed sleek

Mega-fags blow back when I unleash the demon
Covering pre-teens in seas of semen
Fuck a midget up the ass with broken glass
Stick my fist in her gash then dump her in the trash -

Can, I am a mad man damn, mad man I am
Y'no what I'm saying man? I'm mad, DAMN!
Span grand lands scanning stan's to japan
Rap fans building with this young wise man

Take the time to express your mind and feel
Real emotion thats molded far tougher than steel
I'm rougher than Bear Grylls without a meal
Like Biting frogs heads off, you don't see the appeal

Conceal your stupidity by acting all 'fiddy'
Theres no point cos I'll happy slap you like a hippy
Giddy and giggiling, scribbling, jugs jiggling
I jingle, dangling my dingle to the single men

Did I say men? I meant intermingle like ken
Keniff, smoke a spliff with my main man kiff
We biff your missus, finger her muff, get a whiff
This could make a stiff man limp, ya sniffs?

Pussy ducker, mudder fuckers, udder cuddlers
Bringin ruckus rocking cone tits like madonna
You dont know where this shit hails from
Drum born, horse ridge, kicking ass at dawn

Druid improvements mooon movements causing doom
when I destroy the universe with a deadly ultra-sonic boom


I'm not really going for an intelligent rap as such but more of a wordplay verse...This is a verse i wanna try and record first though,lmao


03-02-2009, 11:10 AM
Thats fuckin HARD Paradox