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02-28-2009, 06:18 PM
Aiyyo, desert storm, dodge another blow from a bomb
as the sky collapses around you from a cloud of napalm
scorched children, their mothers suffering from the burden
of their left arm hanging from their torso, still burnin
Soldiers jump out the bunker, they're all ready to die
but everything their leader ever told them was a lie
about all the warheads and nukes hidden beneath Iraqi sands
the truth is that we sold our souls for oil, my friends
as the leader laughs rolling in his vats of money
brave men and women sent home dead and bloody
As rains of caustic chemicals cause reactions in the sky
children in the desert they aren't ready to die
Two years old, little man barely learned to walk
lost both his legs from an explosive American cock
empty walls are painted a shade of blood scarlet
all the day on TV, from media harlots
Nobody cares about the plight of the third world
All they want is their little Haagen-Dasz and girls
Y'all motherfuckers think that your day job is tough?
there are BABIES in the Middle East who have it way more tough
As I lift the mic to tell you the plight of the young
send a blast of knowledge shooting at you from the lung
listen to the Iron God when he spits far-flung
that the word about the government is a heap of camel dung