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03-02-2009, 03:10 PM
Verse one

While ya'll hitting reefers i'm hitting speakers my speech ether
Salt of the earth emcee hunting down rabbit rappers on Easter
Walked 8 miles in my sneakers wore out the sole doing live shows
Vibes crow loud the darkside monstrous flow
Total control caliber blow a hole inside the frame of see through foes
The doe triples as my rhymes ripple harder than queen nipples
Face on the nickel plated reflection interception of conception
Infinite infestions injections of lethal line connections
Bomb in your spectrum section defense is useless
I'm unseen after the gleam lamping where the booth is
make a state of emergency for state troopers
Show your rhyme bloopers on live cam
Hit Japan flying through Pan Am hit Panama for grams
send out the stamps selling weapons of mass destruction to Iran
Feds wonder where i ran, with the scrambler in hand
honest man i could walk and not sink in quick sand

Verse two

The plight of a ghetto knight that won't backdown from a fight
No fear in his eyes quick to attack without allies day, or night
He strikes undetected a man with an unknown method
His enemies died dissected when his motives were inspected
Inspectors dropped breathless sniped in the wreckage
Kids wept marked for death soon as they took a step down the steps
Hidden in trenches with a lookout while we carefully slept
Bounced checks scams against the government
Computer hackers loving the astonishment
Family ties broken locks broke open officials caught smoking
cheating on their wives exposed bribes with their noses snow white
Bone their honies underneath the strobelight my holds tight
Broke pipes from pokes nice strapped up no crabs right
Feelings thrown like punches in fights munch on you mice
Craft a testament like Cormega on a plane flight
Emcee's spitting like their brains ice, i eat it like rice after a heist
the marvelous magnificent marvel in the mirror i see the reflection of Christ

last verse

Im here to get this money spilt it with my comrades hungry
Calm cats among me were jungle wild like monkeys
Funny how the cash controls mind , body, and soul
Bad luck flow split niggas like poles have them swimming with tadpoles
Fish, and eel's see me puffing with troops that kill
You ordinary emcee's that fiend to sound extradinary
Bone your wisdom destroy the berry your joy is buried
deep number six your crew is clipped with a crusifix
slaves felt the whip and screamed for mercy hits
We ripped stages as well as vaginas wonderous one-liners
Break them off with more fashion than clothing designers
Here's a slug for the check signer close minded like blinders
Fuck with the cartel the beef is worse than hard time in the cell
We prevail where the mainstram emcee's failed
Hit you with the hammer after you hands, and feet are nailed

03-02-2009, 06:06 PM
While ya'll hitting reefers i'm hitting speakers my speech ether
Salt of the earth emcee hunting down rabbit rappers on Easter

okay JTS, you just knocked it out wit that bar man i mean so agressive

and this line is word play crazy Infinite infestions injections of lethal line connections

you comend cha on this, this was fire, heat, whatever you wanna call it

03-03-2009, 11:08 PM
Hot DAMN J, I've seen a lot of your work but I have to say this is one of my faves.

03-06-2009, 01:20 PM
Thanks guys.