View Full Version : IGC- Skullfucked

03-03-2009, 07:52 PM
Yo, yo, yo
My verbal darts splice you into neutrons with wind blasts
Your body shatters into more parts than there are Mormons at a mass
My blade be crackin more bones than Inspector Gadget cracking codes
Chodes, corporation industrial harlots and Peruvian blow
Farmed by pig whipped workers in the fields down south
And yet the greedy shits be farming caviar into their mouth
Don't make me follow you around the block with no healthcare
Moving faster than a cheetah running from some giant underwear
Stick a dagger in your dome, spitting razor battle poems
I shake my lance like Shakespeare, blowing marijuana O's
Approach and die, I'll stick 170 needles in your eye
And discombobulate your tear ducts so scarlet tears you'll cry
And then I'll make a falchion from your bones and impale your vital glands
Spit an acidic verse that will corrode all the bones in your hands
The poison spreads like peanut butter infiltrating your ventricles
And fill up your capillaries spread from your brain to your testicles
Venom makes you crazier than Caligula with chlamydia
Gonorrhea gorgonzola and war elephants straight from India
Enter the chamber, strength can crush a mountaintop with danger
Turn you into an angel like the ones with Jesus in the manger
I'm sorry, I should have held back a little bit
But this will teach you what will happen if you dare to bite my shit

03-05-2009, 04:06 PM

Yo, when I step on stage, I'm more skilled than a thesbian
show you skills unused like fallopian tubes on a lesbian
Golden fingers, arm swing from point A to point B
before the storm hits, and then your pants you will pee
Complicated formula like F.O.I.L. and the cosine
you're mine, my archaic halberd takes you from behind
with the blazing rage of Odin, Killa Beez fly out the gate
Soon the vultures pick your carcass, now they sit and wait