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03-07-2009, 01:20 PM
I wanna say thanks and much love to Run DMC for being the first rap stars and putting rap in the mainstream. These dudes were the shit back in the 80's. Only problem i have with them is the rock music that was in a few of their songs because Run DMC were from the streets and rock music shouldn't have been in some of their songs. They were the first ones to have street clothes with their nice black hats and black leather clothes. They were part of the reason Krush Groove movie was a success. Only albums of their's that i think are terrible are Back From Hell and Crown Royal. For Crown Royal to be their last album, there's no excuse for that album to sound as shitty as it did. There was too many guest appearances from rock artists on there and DMC wasn't involved with the album because his voice was messed up. So the album sounded like a Run solo album to me and that's fucked up that JMJ and Run wouldn't even talk to DMC to ask his permission to put some old vocals of his on Crown Royal to make it seem like he was on the album. What's the deal with Run DMC doing solo albums when nobody is paying attention to them anymore? LOL. I believe they're still good rappers but i'm not trying to hear solo albums from them when i know the songs on the albums are wack because of beats and i saw they got a few guest appearances from rock artists on their solo albums LOL. Down With The King album is the shit. That album was slept on. I like how they came back hardcore with that album after having a fucked up album Back From Hell.

03-07-2009, 02:55 PM
Nice Thread, Run DMC are legends w/o a shadow of a doubt

03-14-2009, 03:45 PM
Ya'll are fucking pathetic. I can't believe only one person responded to this topic. Ya'll don't like Run DMC? Give props to these legends. They were the first rappers to do street music and they made rap get attention from the radio, video channels, major record labels because these corporate(white people)bitches were afraid of rap music.

03-14-2009, 09:34 PM
coincidence that someone posted in here, i been bumpin run dmc greatest hits in my car tonite! changed my facebook status to '2 years ago a friend of mine asked me to say some mc rhymes....'

the only way to describe them are legends, one of my all time favs.

03-15-2009, 12:45 PM
I listened to them today. I was listening to their unreleased song Here We Go and Down With The King album. They really disappointed me with Back From Hell and Crown Royal albums. I can't believe how shitty those albums are when you consider these guys made some classic stuff. I know their solo albums are shitty and that's why i'm gonna pass on them LOL. Run's oldest daughter Vanessa is hot. What's his other daughter's name?

03-15-2009, 03:31 PM
^^ yo u reckon you could hook us up with that unreleased track man!?

and yeah i agree 100% i was shocked when i heard crown royal, i was like, this cant be run dmc. totally disappointed! they are kinda horrible albums, well crown royal is, aint heard their solo's but i thought DMC's solos were nice?

and i aint seen run's daughter lol

i went into town with a couple of my mates today and my 16 yr old cousin who im kinda schoolin on hip-hop, he into all his kings of leon shit but he loves the sound of biggy tracks haha, we went to see BIG - his suggestion, i said id get him buying his 1st hip-hop album before this years out and anyway i had run dmc blastin and obviously everyboddy knows 'Its Tricky' so he was goin along to the track and 'Run's House' and wanted em repeating haha, checkin the tracklisting on the album flicking through the songs and then came the questions on run dmc - what does it stand for? whos in the group? etc so i answered all his questions.

im lovin that someone who listens to all that indie crap is askin questions on legends like Run DMC :D

so i told him, told him JMJ was dead n its an unsolved murder etc

03-16-2009, 03:44 PM
Here We Go song is a bonus track on their first album that got re-released. That song is also on their greatest hits cd that has a bonus videos dvd. You should get that because i was glad to see their videos again because i hadn't seen them in years. I didn't know they had videos from their Back From Hell album. I like the song The Avenue from Back From Hell. They also had a video for Pause song from Back From Hell but that song sucks. I was also disappointed in Tougher Than Leather album. I think there's more bad songs than good songs on that album. They also have another unreleased song called Together Forever that's real good. That's on their greatest hits cd also that i bought that has the videos dvd. It's also on King Of Rock album as a bonus track that was re-released. You haven't seen Run's daughter Vanessa? You gotta see her. She's hot. You don't watch Run's reality show Run's House? She's on there all the time. His other daughter Angela is cute too but Vanessa is cuter.

I was watching Krush Groove movie this morning and the scene that makes me laugh is when Run goes to Sheila E's apartment and he sees that her bedsheets are messed up and he tries to leave. She says Run wait. Your brother Russell is in trouble. He said Russell is a grown man. He can take care of himself. Sheila said he really needs you. He said your the one who fucked him, why don't you help him? LOL. She slapped him LOL.