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03-12-2009, 12:23 AM
ACTN3 Gene
What is the ACTN3 gene?
Everyone has two copies of the ACTN3 gene, inheriting one copy from each parent.

The ACTN3 gene instructs our body to produce a specific muscle protein called alpha-actinin-3. Researchers have found that some people have the R577X variant which prevents the ACTN3 gene from making this specific muscle protein. Having this variant does not seem to have any harmful health effects, but there does seem to be an effect on sports performance. Scientific studies involving elite level athletes suggest that the presence of this specific muscle protein contributes to the muscle's ability to generate forceful contractions at high velocity. In fact, one study found that every Olympic sprint athlete tested had at least one copy of the normal R577 version of the ACTN3 gene (Therefore produced the muscle alpha-actin-3 protein)..

How is the ACTN3 gene involved with sporting performance?

In any one gene there may be subtle variations. These variations may be more or less frequent in different populations groups. Scientist have found a variant (known as R577X) in the ACTN3 gene that alters the way the body reads the ACTN3 gene instruction.

Simply put, this gene determines three type of athletes. TOO STRONG (ACTN3 alone does not do this!) REMOVE THIS SENTENCE! Replace with something like:

This gene is one measure of natural-born athletic ability:

Studies have shown that athletes having the variant in both copies of the ACTN3 gene may have a natural predisposition for endurance, such as distance running, distance swimming and cross-country skiing.

Athletes having the variant in one copy of their ACTN3 gene may be equally suited for sports requiring both endurance and sprint / power characteristics such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and cycling.

Athletes that do not carry this variant in either copy of the ACTN3 gene may have a natural predisposition for speed / power sports such as football, weight lifting and sprint events.


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