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03-12-2009, 08:18 PM
anyone getting this? can't wait to get it tonight.

i hope they improve the demo..

03-12-2009, 08:21 PM
I was but after playing the demo I think im going to hold off for a bit. I thought it was good but this isn't quite the direction that I was looking for, besides I have a whole bunch of games just sitting on my shelf that have yet to be touched.

netscape check two
03-12-2009, 10:32 PM
I don't have my PS3 hooked up to the internet. Would I be be able to download demos of games to a USB flash drive and then to my PS3?

They are still talking about the racism issue in Resident Evil 5?


Dirty Knowledge
03-13-2009, 01:40 AM
Am I the only one who thinks the entire series went to shit after 3..?

03-13-2009, 02:28 AM
4 brought it back but its more action than survival horror now. even xplay gave the game a 3/5

was the first ones in line at the midnight release. time to play it

03-13-2009, 04:12 PM
i would consider buying this game, if it wasnt for the controls.
its stubby, gives me a headache and you cant run and shoot.
its not ma style

03-13-2009, 07:16 PM
ya i played the demo its fun but its eh mostly the running and shooting..but like KZA said it wasnt scary horror shit like it used to be like when u were a kid (well me atleast) and saw nemesis smash thru a door or window or when u walked into the hallway witht the licker that shit was quality gameplay...

03-13-2009, 09:38 PM
i'll definitely be getting this eventually

i just lack the funds at the moment

03-14-2009, 01:21 PM
i went from chapter 2-1 to 6-1 in 9 hours last night

the fact that you cant get a backpack in past previous games and put more weapons/items in your own inventory sucks.

netscape check two
03-14-2009, 03:21 PM
On a side note, I don't have my PS3 hooked up to the internet. Would I be be able to download demos of games to a USB flash drive and then to my PS3?

03-29-2009, 12:13 AM
i dont know about that.. i know people have done that with the 360 for some games..

did people just pass on this game?

i found this


even though I use gamefaqs more the prima guide is there...

03-29-2009, 05:49 AM
i still really wanna get it... i loved the demo

i just don't wanna pay for it right now and would rather put money into other things right now

like weed

i got too many games to play as it is anyway

price will go down

ill get it then

03-30-2009, 09:45 AM
Am I the only one who thinks the entire series went to shit after 3..?

Not just you. I liked number 4 but it just wasn't the same considering they changed directors. The beta for RE4 looked amazing though

Dirty Knowledge
04-07-2009, 12:11 AM
TRICELL might just save RESIDENT EVIL....we need an evil corporation and not some corny shit like LOS ILLUMINADOS.

04-08-2009, 03:26 PM
this game sucks ass yo I got it for 360
I rather play that afro samurai slice or Ninja Blade

MaXiMus Da MaNtis
04-09-2009, 09:54 AM
yo 4 was way better........just beat five thou....not a bad game just not that good

02-20-2010, 12:07 AM
DLC came out yesterday? picked it up.

there is 2. the first one is costumes for chris and sheva. the second is an episode "lost in nightmares"

Lost in Nightmares is a short "bonus chapter" that explores the back story of Resident Evil 5. It runs just over an hour in length and isn't particularly in-depth, but at 400 MS points ($5.00), devoted Resident Evil fans should definitely check it out. The segment follows the original Resident Evil duo, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, to a deja vu-inducing estate owned by Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer, the man behind the mansion in the first game. The first half of Lost in Nightmares is almost a parody of classic Resident Evil, with ample in-jokes and nods to the roots of the survival horror genre. You'll spend more time finding crests and cranks than engaging in combat, although the latter half features an occasional shoot out and a boss fight.

rest of it here http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/107/1070348p1.html

02-20-2010, 12:18 AM
it's a great game, but resident evil 4 is the best game I've ever played. it's been on more best-of lists than I can count

02-20-2010, 05:40 AM
yes, but only on the GameCube

everywhere else RE4 isn't that good and have even wacker gfx

02-20-2010, 08:19 AM
There's another DLC coming soon which focuses on Jill after you save her from Wesker

I still think they should release a game with Wesker as the main char though

03-01-2010, 11:50 AM
This is one of my favorites

(Lost in Nightmares) Unlockable: Play As Jill
Beat the chapter and you'll be able to select Jill in a new single-player game. Jill has slightly different opportunities than Chris. Note: you will be forced to play piano.

IGN Guides
(Lost in Nightmares) Unlockable: Old-School Resident Evil Mode
At the very beginning of the game, turn around and activate the prompt at the front door. Do this three times and on the third time a ? will appear. Activate this and the game will switch to tank controlled, fixed-camera "classic mode!"

IGN Guides
Unlockable: Figures
Beat the game to unlock figurines you can view in the bonus galleries.

IGN Guides
(Lost in Nightmares) Unlockable: Play As Jill
Beat the chapter and you'll be able to select Jill in a new single-player game. Jill has slightly different opportunities than Chris. Note: you will be forced to play piano.

Hint: Heart Stopper Achievement
Its pretty easy in a way. 1st you go to 5-1 and just run to the part where you face two lickers. Kill one of them and and shoot the surviving one with a shotgun until he's on his back then run up to him and press square. This is really easy on veteran with a handcannon and a shotgun with unlimited ammo. It is easiest on professional.

Hint: Hidden Treasure - Topaz (Marquise)
Note: This is significantly easier with unlimited ammo. After encountering your first Majini and jumping out the window in Chapter 1-1, a long wave of Majini will stream out of an alleyway. Instead of running for safety, take them on. After 20 or so, a final one will leave behind the Topaz (Marquise).

Cheat: Unlocking Midnight Wesker Early In Versus Mode
When you have unlocked Battle Suit Jill and S.T.A.R.S. Wesker, you can select Midnight Wesker for play -- although he won't stay unlocked. When you are choosing your team, press RT to get to S.T.A.R.S. Wesker, then mash RT and LT at once and Midnight Wesker will be selectable.

Easter Egg: Hidden Majini
In the third part of Chapter 2-2, look for a green portable toilet just past the truck with a gatling gun. Politely knock on it for a surprise. Oh, and have a weapon ready.
Update by Jonathan Campo: Our previous reference to a hidden "zombie" was incorrect. It is not a "zombie," but a "regular Majini." Quite regular.

Hint: The Heart of Africa
There is a special treasure to be had in the boss fight with Jill and Wesker. If you beat up Wesker enough in the seven minutes he has to spare, the Heart of Africa treasure will appear between the two stairs on the bottom level -- behind where Jill spawns during the second half of the fight (and you can pick it up in the second half too). One Rocket in Wesker's well-groomed face will do the trick (you have to shoot the rocket with another rocket or a gun while he holds it). Hide at the end of a long passage after he kicks you through the wall. Soon you'll see on your map that he's spinning around, looking for you. Shoot him with a rocket then.

Easter Egg: Hidden Cutscene
At the very start of Chapter 1-1, take your first right just past the building and you'll see a quick cutscene of a fellow in an unfortunate predicament.

Easter Egg: The Chair
In this immensely stupid Easter Egg, Chris and Sheva can take a short rest in a chair. There are chairs in Chapter 5-3 (at the beginning of the chapter, far end of the lab) and Chapter 6-2 (the Captain's seat). That is all.
Crucial additions by LethalSniper
Submitted by Everyone and Their Partner

Hint: Evade Attacks
If you have ammo or other pickups at your feet, you can use them to evade enemy grabs and other attacks. Simply initiate the item pickup as the enemy begins its attack animation. You’ll be invincible as you bend down. Your AI partner will temporarily remain invincible as well. This can save your life in Mercenaries!

Hint: Avoid the Cage in 6-1
Upon starting this level you'll be able to climb to the top of the crow's nest to the left of your spawn point. From here you may snipe the enemy that operates the crane. Look for him under the arm of the crane by the controls to the upper left. This will allow you to skip the scene in which your partner gets trapped in the cage. You can also snipe the enemy half way up the ladder, and the one by the caged area. The latter is easier to shoot from the level's initial starting point.

Unlockable: Versus Characters
Below is a list of the unlockable characters for Versus Mode (downloadable content) and their costs in the game's exchange points.

Safari Chris - 8,000 points
S.T.A.R.S. Chris - 13,000 points
Clubbin' Sheva - 6,000 points
Tribal Sheva - 15,000 points
BSAA Jill - 5,000 points
Battle Suit Jill - 7,000 points
Midnight Wesker - 30,000 points
S.T.A.R.S. Wesker - 50,000 points

Hint: Unlimited Ammo for All!
Once you unlock unlimited ammo for a gun, it will be unlocked for all copies of that gun you may have. Buy one for your partner so they can join in the fun! Note: You'll still have to fully upgrade any additional weapons to get their maximum power.

Easter Egg: Hidden Dialog
If you wait around long enough at the very beginning of Chapter 1-1, before any checkpoints, you will trigger a conversation between Sheva and Chris in which Chris gives a scathing critique of the American Dream.

Hint: Instant Reload in Mercenaries Mode
When the melee option appears, reload your weapon. Then, activate the melee sequence. The weapon will be reloaded instantly (and the enemy out of your face).

Hint: Alternate Way to Unlock Professional Difficulty
If you get invited to play a level on Professional via Xbox Live with someone who has unlocked Professional Difficulty in their game, it will then be unlocked in yours.

Hint: Alternate Way to Unlock Professional Difficulty
If you get invited to play a level on Professional via Xbox Live with someone who has unlocked Professional Difficulty in their game, it will then be unlocked in yours.

Hint: Majini Distraction
You can click both analog sticks to taunt or goad nearby Majini into coming at you instead of your partner. Have your shotgun ready. "C'mon, c'mon!"

Hint: Discarding Weapons in Mercenaries Mode
In Mercenaries mode, ammunition drops are based on the type of weapons you have. Use this to your advantage by discarding weapons you don't use. This causes more ammunition to be dropped for other weapons. Example: For Wesker (Stars), drop the Samurai Edge to find more Magnum and Shotgun ammo.

Hint: Weapon List
Below is a full list of weapons and how to find / unlock them. Most can be found in silver suitcases. The Dragunov is in a locker. Others are bought after fully upgrading a weapon.

M92F - Chapter 1-1
H&K P8 - In Store after Chapter 3-1
SIG P226 - In Store after Chapter 5-1
M93R - Fully Upgrade M92F


Ithaca M37 - Chapter 1-2
M3 - Chapter 3-3
Jail Breaker - Chapter 6-1
Hydra - Fully Upgrade Ithaca M37

Machine Guns

ZV61 - Chapter 1-1
AK-74 - Chapter 5-1
H&K MP5 - Chapter 2-1
SIG 556 - Chapter 5-2


S75 - Chapter 2-1
Dragunov SVD - Chapter 2-2
H&K PSG-1 - Chapter 5-3


S&W M29 - Chapter 3-1
L.Hawk - Chapter 5-3
S&W M500 - Fully Upgrade S&W M29

Special Guns

Gatling Gun - Fully upgrade ZV61
Longbow - Fully upgrade S75

Unlockable: Costumes
These additional costumes for use in Campaign Mode can be unlocked by performing the following actions:

Safari Chris - Complete all chapters
Clubbin' Sheva - Complete all chapters
S.T.A.R.S. Chris - Complete all chapters and find 25 BSAA Emblems
Tribal Sheva - Complete all chapters and find 30 BSAA Emblems

Hint: Inventory Reload in Mercenaries Mode
In Mercenaries mode you can reload your weapon by pulling up your Inventory screen and combining the ammunition manually with the gun (using the "Move" command button). Once you get used to this, you can use it to your advantage since it is a lot faster then reloading your shotgun, for instance, on the fly. More importantly, you can use this trick while climbing a ladder or when you are a jumping down to really save some time -- and possibly your neck.

Cheat: Inventory Duplication
This requires two very cooperative human players, and a Live connection (or a split screen game and two profiles).
1 // In the Inventory Lobby, invite a friend.
2 // Start the level (use 1.2 to make it easy). Have the host hand items (Rotten Eggs, First Aid, Ammo) off to the guest for duplication.
3 // With a full inventory, have the guest leave the game (it should say "All unsaved progress will be lost" -- select "Yes").
5 // After selecting "Yes," another question for the guest will appear asking whether or not to save status and ammo. Choose "Yes" to save and you will have all the passed-on inventory saved.
6 // Now, back to the host: Quit out of the game, but at the second question, choose "No" and do not save ammo and status.
7 // Restart the game with the two characters and you'll both have the ammo and items. Duplication successful! (Note: You cannot do this with weapons as you cannot hand them off to your partner.)
Addendum: A popular money-making strategy involves duplicating Gold or Rotten Eggs. These are worth $2,000 a pop, and 5 can be crammed in each inventory slot. That means you can eventually be duplicating $90,000 each time. Finding Rotten Eggs can be tough; they drop randomly from enemies in later levels. Also, for two people to increase the amount of eggs quickly, you'll have to pass them back and forth, alternating who is saving and who isn't. Finally, you may request eggs from the computer once the guest has quit out to make this process faster.
Additions by MADRUCKIS, x_hopp_x, Roy and CabalNL

Hint: Wesker's Dash Attack
When using the unlockable character Wesker in Mercenaries, you can click the Right Analog Stick (sometimes called R3) to initiate a dash. Press both Triggers while dashing to do a knee attack. Warning: This move will drain your own life meter, so use it sparingly!
Additions by ViciousGray

Unlockable: Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo
To unlock the Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo, beat the game in under 5 hours (on any difficulty). Note: this must be toggled on under "Bonus Features."

Unlockable: Filters
Unlock the following filters by performing the actions below:

Classic Horror Filter - Beat the game on Amateur
Retro Filter - Beat the game on Normal
Noise Filter - Beat the game on Veteran

Unlockable: Characters and Costumes for Mercenaries Mode
To unlock additional characters and costumes in Mercenaries mode, you'll have to do well on each level.

Chris (Outfit 1) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in The Village
Chris (Outfit 2) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in Experimental Facility
Jill (Outfit 1) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in Ship Deck
Jill (Outfit 2) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in Public Assembly
Sheva (Outfit 1) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in Ancient Ruins
Sheva (Outfit 2) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in Missile Area
Wesker (Outfit 1) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in The Mines
Wesker (Outfit 2) - Achieve an A Rank (or better) in The Prison

Unlockable: The History of Resident Evil
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock The History of Resident Evil.

Unlockable: Uber Weapons
Fully upgrade the weapons listed below for the desired uber weapon:

M92F Pistol - Unlocks the Beretta 83R (Burst)
S&W M29 Magnum - Unlocks the S&W 500 Magnum
Ithaca M93 Shotgun - Unlocks the Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun
VZ61 Machine Gun - Unlocks the Gatling Gun (for Chris only)
S75 Rifle - Unlocks the Longbow (for Sheva only)

IGN Guides
Hint: BSAA Emblems
Below is a list of how many BSAA Emblems can be found on any given chapter in the game. There are thirty emblems total, and not each chapter has one.

Chapter 1-1 - 0 Emblems
Chapter 1-2 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 2-1 - 5 Emblems
Chapter 2-2 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 2-3 - 0 Emblems
Chapter 3-1 - 4 Emblems
Chapter 3-2 - 2 Emblems
Chapter 3-3 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 4-1 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 4-2 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 5-1 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 5-2 - 1 Emblem
Chapter 5-3 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 6-1 - 3 Emblems
Chapter 6-2 - 0 Emblems
Chapter 6-3 - 0 Emblems

Hint: Unlimited Money and Ammo
Unlike in Resident Evil 4, your ammo and money carry over every time you replay a level. Collect money and ammo in a chapter; then pause, save and quit. Restart the chapter and you can collect everything a second time. This works well in chapters 1-2, 3-1 (the hovercraft level) and 4-1 (caves). As a general rule, this "farming" method works especially well in levels in which you can collect weapons worth money and ample hidden treasures like jewels and beetles. For instance, 3-1 has copious amounts of treasures, and a Rocket Launcher on the sunken boat that you can repeatedly collect.
Additions by RayRay

Unlockable: Mercenaries Mode
Beat the game once on any difficulty to unlock Mercenaries Mode.

Unlockable: Unlimited Ammo
To unlock unlimited ammunition for a weapon, fully upgrade all of its attributes, complete the game (all chapters) and buy the ability using Exchange Points from Bonus Features (for that weapon only).

Unlockable: Sheva Alomar's Story
Clear the game once with Chris "Six Pockets" Redfield to unlock Sheva Alomar's Story.

Unlockable: Professional Difficulty
Beat the game on Veteran difficulty to unlock Professional difficulty.

The possibility's are endless

03-01-2010, 01:19 PM
resident evil 5 is a great game on its own, but if you ever played the fourth one, it's almost 90% identical. not that there's anything wrong with that, since resident evil 4 is like one of the greatest games ever made. but yeah, the fifth one is more of a same old type game