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The music of the Rude Boy was initially the Big-Band Style and a hybrid form known as Mento, a fusion of African styles played in Jamaica in the early 20th century and the Big band style equally made popular by students of the famour Alpha Catholic school- the young players being known as the Alpha boys, some of whom later set up Big bands influenced by Duke Ellington and Count Basie. This probably being simultaneous with the growth of Calypso and Soca in Trinidad and Tobago and Gumbay in Barbados.

Mento then gave way to Ska as the music of the Rude Boy. The name Ska arose from a request of the Guitarist- Ernest Ranglin, whilst in Cluet Johnson's band for a steady sound from the Guitar, hence as the quote goes- "im make the guitars go Ska! Ska! Ska!" Hence Ska was born. The style engendered by Ska was a hybrid of Mento and Big Band Jazz, initially called "Shuffle" and which became the phenomenon known as Ska.

There has been controversy as to who was the original Rude Boy i/e the King of Ska-between Desmond Dekker, Derrick Morgan and a numbe`r of other pretenders. An irrelevant consideration unless you were part of the scene then and this was important politically and commercially since the Rude Boys in the greater scheme became tools in the hands of the politicians and also as a result of Ska's growing commercial popularity in Jamaica after Independence in 1962.

Ska in its raw form was akin to todays Gangster Rap in that the music was played by and for the roughnecks who formed part of the street culture of the Rude Boy. Make no mistake Jimmy Cliff and Desmond Dekker may have had sweet voices but they were as streetwise and tough as they come, being products of Kingston's Shanty Town.

Also emerging at this time and supported by Coxsone Dodd were a group of three Rude Boys- Peter


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