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Forum Guidelines


III.Creating Threads
IV.Posting Images and Videos
VII.Web Page Advertisements
VIII.Links for Uploading
X.Troll Topics
XI.Off Topic Posts
XII.Posting Threads in Wrong Sections
XIV.Responding to Posts
XV.Personal Messages
XVI.Posts asking why posts were deleted and why users were banned
XVII.Reporting Posts
XIX.Posts can be deleted and users may be banned from this site, without prior warning or explanation, at the sole discretion of Wutangcorp.com
XX.Frequently Asked Questions

I. Accounts
Names that are used in attempt to impersonate a forum member or known artists cannot be used. You may make an account name such as “mastakilla567” as long as you don’t try to impersonate that artist. Multiple accounts are prohibited and will be immediately deleted. If it is suspected that a user is using a secondary account, the primary account may also get penalized.

II. Signatures
Signatures may not contain objectionable content that includes sexually explicit content, ethical, racial, obscene, or otherwise hateful content. Each usergroup has a signature limit for how large images can be, how many images, etc. If signatures stretch the page or too long, they will be asked to be changed or deleted without notice regardless of what the set limits are.

III. Creating Threads
Make sure that the thread topic you created wasn’t recently made by someone else. Use the search function with keywords about your topic of discussion or question. You should not create more than 2-3 threads in a forum per day (24 hours) otherwise it may be considered spamming. (see spam section: xii)

The thread title should accurately describe the topic of discussion. Thread titles that are vague or misleading may result in a moderator editing the title or the thread simply deleted or closed.

IV. Posting Images and Videos
Images posted or linked may not contain objectionable content that includes sexually explicit content, ethical, racial, obscene, or otherwise hateful content. Slight nudity is tolerated, however, pornographic content such as genitals and sexual intercourse plus disturbing images such as mutilated bodies, corpses, and diseases are prohibited. Users who post questionable content may be removed from posting.

V. Harassment
Harassment occurs when a user targets another individual to cause distress, embarrassment, unwanted attention, or other personal discomfort. Wutangcorp.com does not condone harassment in any form. While you may disagree with someone's point of view, personal attacks, or attacks based on a person's race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disablement or other such affiliation, are prohibited. If you have a disagreement with someone's point of view, address the subject, not the person.

VI. Racism
In an online multicultural community, racism is likely to come up as a topic. Racism is large topic that hip-hop has always had to deal with. Wutangcorp.com is a hip-hop oriented site hence racism will constantly come in topics and even the topic itself.

Topics that turn into 2 sided wars between racial or even religious beliefs will be reviewed. Users who continuously make posts that are believed to have direct racial intentions will be removed from posting and the posts will be deleted. Users have to learn to analyze language to determine if posts really do have racial intentions.

VII. Web Page Advertisements
Web page advertisements are allowed on a few conditions. They must be posted in the right forum and can not be posted more than once in any forums. For example a hip hop related site should be posted in the hip-hop spot. New members can not create an account with the purpose of advertising their site. Only established forum members with at least 100 posts may make one advertisement and can not be repeated frequently.

No users can transmit through other users e-mail or private messages any advertisements, and transmit any chain letters, money, or pyramid schemes.

VIII. Links for Uploading
This Wu-Tang website respects all artists and their work. Users cannot post links to full retail album downloads or request album links or bans can result. Promotional albums or freeware are the only exemptions, however, it is your responsibility to make sure that the material you post here is not licensed or retail.

Making threads to request an upload link to a retail album are not allowed and threads will be deleted or locked. Threads asking where to download retail albums or users saying they have such links are also not tolerated. Links to wares, cracks, serials or any other illegally obtained copy written content are prohibited including wares, movies, games, software

IX. Questions
Threads that are meant to ask a question in any forum that have been already answered recently will be locked or deleted. Please take your time and use the search command before wasting peoples time with questions that are already answered.

Questions directed to moderators or administrators could be answered by private message but a more efficient way is to post your question is the “Dear Admins…” forum.

X. Troll Topics
Troll topics will not be tolerated. A troll topic is not meant to ask a question or make a discussion but to but to generate an outrage of flames from the fans. It is ok to state your unpopular opinion as long as its not repeated. Obvious troll topics will be locked or deleted and multiple violations can result in removal of posting.

If a user is known to be indifferent towards a particular artist and constantly appears in threads aimed to discuss that artist to state their repeated opinion, this is also a form of trolling and the “hater” could be removed from posting.

XI. Off Topic Posts
Keep threads on topic. Off topic posts can be deleted. Users who continue to purposely post off topic may be removed form posting.

XII. Posting Threads in Wrong Sections
Moderators move threads into other forums if the new destination is believed to be a more logical place for the thread. If a user continuously creates threads in other forums, or threads always need to be moved in general, the user may be removed from posting.

XIII. Spam
Spamming (repeating) the same post to multiple forums may result in a ban. This can mean typing frequent or annoying messages. Spamming also includes making multiple threads (limit yourself to 2 threads per day per forum), posting the same message in a thread over and over again, or posting in almost every thread in a very short period of time.

Replying to old threads that are months old just to “bump” it to the top of the forum is also considered spamming. Make sure if you choose to resurrect an old thread that you state why you have chosen to “bump” that thread if it may not be obvious.

Any kind of spamming can result in a ban.

XIV. Responding to Posts
Respond to the original post in the thread. If you need to respond to another response, then quote or in some way indicate which post you are responding to. When responding to a thread, try to direct your response as if you are speaking to everyone rather than directing it to one person. This is an effective way to get everyone involved in a discussion.

XV. Personal Messages
Do not make threads to message a few other users in the public forums. Use the private messaging system or other methods such as e-mail and instant messengers.

XVI. Posts asking why posts were deleted and why users were banned
Posting why posts were deleted will be deleted as well as asking why members got banned. Users who post why others got banned may also result in penalties. wutang-corp.com reserves the right to delete any messages at its sole discretion, without prior warning or explanation. Making petitions or revolutionary style threads (and signatures) asking to “free” a given poster will be deleted with penalties to follow. These aren't effective ways to deal with issues on an internet forum.

You can ask in the “Dear Admins…” forum why a post or thread was deleted if the reason is unclear but not bannings.

XVII. Reporting Posts
The forum moderators cannot read every post of every thread. It is encouraged that users report posts where it is believed that one of the above guidelines are violated or a thread has fighting. The “!” button on each post is the most efficient way to report a problem.

XVIII. Banning
Users who abuse their posting privileges and ignore these guidelines can be banned for any length of time. There is no set time for how long a user will be banned for. Normally moderate violations for first offenses will result in 1-2 weeks removal while repeated or severe violations can result in a permanent ban.

XIX. Posts can be deleted and users may be banned from this site, without prior warning or explanation, at the sole discretion of Wutangcorp.com
Above are only guidelines, wutang-corp.com may change these guidelines at any time and in its sole discretion. It is your responsibility to understand the guidelines currently in force and conduct yourself in accordance therewith. It is understandable that any written guidelines or set of rules will have loopholes where users will try to take advantage and push the limits, this is also not tolerated.

XX. Frequently Asked Questions

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