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03-18-2009, 07:46 PM
Hey all, this is a small mix of me and 2 of my freinds, just a small rap about war, blake and siro are a couple freinds of mine and ofcourse jamie is me.

Let me know what ya think. :D

My thoughts opress you to make you stop and think
what it might be like, if people thought before they sink
cuz thought is what brings us to a brand new solution
like crazy global wars and world wide pollution
its the system, and to watch it do its mission
shows that the gears in your head just might not be tickin'
so standing by isnt the right decision,
doing things like that is askin for an ass kickin'


The rounds from the rifle heavily hitting
The barrel red hot from the lead spitting
And each solider probably wonders why he went to the war
The private in the boot camp starring at the floor
Thinking of his family back home and the sergants heavy tone
Keep ya head down or catch one to the dome
Many soldiers dying and remaining unknown
Just another name etched in stone
People are blind to the horrors of war
Casings and bodys lying all over the floor
Looking for those who dare go against them
Wars corrupt and in the crossfire are innocent men, women and children


In the left hand he holds an AK-seven-four,
Wondering why the fuck he was sent to this war,
When all the people back home said we didn't need more,
Of this killing 'cuz it's making our nation a whore,
Spending more cash on foreign tanks and their guns,
While the national bank steadily runs out of funds,
This is a crisis, not financial nor economic,
It is a disease that just became chronic,
He knows that a hand runs deep in the pockets of thugs,
Who sit in their offices, drinking coffee out of their mugs,
That pays them to lead their nations to hell,
Sooner or later, we'll have to ring the last bell,
Not for our countries, soldiers, family members, and moms,
But for the whole world, which will be consumed by their bombs.

03-20-2009, 01:19 AM
Yo Jamie Ur Verse Is Hot It's The Bridge Between Theirs N You Make The Gaps Fill In Like Pimp On Pocket Fill Of Stones Ahhahaha Nah 4 Real I Like It