View Full Version : Dwellin' on Things that Ain't Gellin'

03-21-2009, 12:32 AM
This is how I dwell on shit with nothing to spit but a full clip (hook)

Write cha best, anytime I look at rest just see me distress
Watch me press a court full of notes to rewrite these lines/
Distance past the throws of justice when Iím at the cusp of it
You lusting for panties, porno and hell fought harlots/
My congress be threats I test euphonized governmental material
Rhyme instrumental to any temper institute wit no darts I dapper/
Crap on rappers wit slacks tackling cappers mastering packers
You crackers get crumbled by the weeds that tumbled like swarms of bees/
I am a razor on edge slice you off the ledge wedge my sword in between your frontal lobe
Cruise control home in solo cold frost bitten switch kitten kiss any bids goodbye/
Shroud my name in secretary spacey javelin advocate the man Madelyn/
Ink pen drink lens end cha occupation occupying mind of a riveting scenario
Jar head base Lego Timex tremble end cha demo wit more jokes than leno/
I can rent cha soul take your body for a ride, mix down toxins most ainít plotting
Iím stock piling footage from the mind to glimmer prideful rip emcees to pieces/
Anti-thesis I be just a man captivated by the dark, bluff stuff hydro reactivate
Rhymes I disillusioned by from flows frozen in time without minds/
I grind wit lines systematically dissect you in trays displayed on panels
Check the bars minted wit golden-silver laced traces in eím making momentary/

Script live through the eyes of the blind
Mentally rise out the ashes like a phoenix
I seen shit through the dead
Lead me down a path
Inside my head
A beast war sparked
Now we just jocks
Fighting over sticks and stones
Tricks and Toys be hellish

03-25-2009, 03:01 AM
When i read your verses, it brings back your world to man...


03-25-2009, 01:34 PM