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03-24-2009, 12:11 AM
Calm down, it's only begun, not over, they won't get over us
Not a chance, AIG Finance Bail out Bonus fiascos
fuel financial disasters
While they fill they Hthrees with premium and laugh at us
The massacre will begin, those electronic gates can't hold mobs
Yea those Rottweilers know the odds
Oh that's a gun?
We got tons of those
There's a gun store next to every pawn shop in the hood
You put em there cuz you wanted us to sell our goods
and kill each other
Not just black or people of color, but poor
Ask Barack, he's dark and he's a whore
For the Banking Industry
Look at those appointees
Wall Street puppies
And here we sit as guppies
While a blank check is written
The Liberals are smitten
But how long will they long after our country is gone
After we're sold to a global bank and raised
as braindead censored doped up slaves
I rake the grounds of acres where you sewed the seeds of hatred
And rise up against a fuedalist fundamentalist nation of one
dictating what you are and what you own
manipulating the market, make you lose your home
on a silly adjustable mortgage
that nobody could pay for in the end
They say Hi
From their box by the way
And thanks for the good idea that left them grave
Left behind is all that's left for they
Hey, that's how it goes sometimes
401k? Mutual Fund? Retirement?
Don't think so
Maybe when you're seventy five
or maybe just work until the day you die
and pay those taxes
Sales, Car, House, Income
Free Health Care?
Hell no
Money owns that too
That test is "experimental"
You'll just have to die,
We can't take a chance it won't work
and then you end up dying
We'll be culpable
and we can't have that, plus that stuff costs money
and we don't want to pay for shit
We'd rather line our pockets
and watch you fall into a pit

03-25-2009, 02:55 AM
Mad verse, very insightful. Keep up the good work.