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03-24-2009, 07:46 PM
new thread for my raps...will post later...

03-25-2009, 02:49 AM

You best post your lyrics..!


03-25-2009, 02:59 PM
basin creation spawned by anit-elation
face discrimination with all degradation
shock nations with ths captivating plot envasion
erasin the populations natives and stickin em on reservations
just like we were on plantations
and u know this hold this grip
sweaty palm slip nam vet tricks
taught me how to equip this sick spit
sick shit off the kids fit
killbot's off the rictor in ways
spit with the sickest display
make you put a fuckin clip in your fade
rippin the stage grippin the gauge
kickin dogs stray fleas where yall cats lay
on ya knees yall pray for the gats spray
now think about it
me lose a battle? shit i doubt it
i give a blood clout about shit
if it aint about bricks whips or mad tricks
it can suck my dick cuz its not worth a clip
worth a grip murk the strip wit dis thats it
you better strap up and get wit it

03-26-2009, 07:19 PM
from cloud 9 to ground zero
turf wierdo murk ya favorite hero
its rainin but its still clear though
Bad blood between villains veins
vigorous strain on the membrane
when i breathe these flames into a mic
that transfers to a cord o lord
these lyrics i pure gore shotty in a conveinience store
its a bore snore so horrorcore
twilight zone door opened for more
implore the masses natural disasters
multiply closed caskets holdin a ratchet
for yall faggots who want static yall maggots
scum baggets compact eratic so dramatic
in traumatic fabric expressing my emotional tragics
now who's requesting the beast?
whos requsting this peice to they teeth
mac french kissin ya family
in a room acting manic and frantically
dramatically 666 on the wall satanically
devil in me you cant panic me

03-27-2009, 04:53 PM
i cum on the scene like jerkin on a VHS
teflon be the vest baghdad be the best
swift stalker attack ninjitsu especially
(audio samp "you'll die ten times if you tryna test me")
back to the formula god its middle school
think u cool? bullets leave u in a little pool
thats how we belittle fools hard grammer
country grammer black hammer black bandanna
open or closed casket depends on the ratchet
and where it hits when i fuckin blast it
but either way the shit will leave you traumatic
superb plot the irony is so dramatic
fly like a space ship rhymes make shit
studio out the basement but still has no replacement
i bust alot homie see the casings?
you bite i bite back rip limbs and give you a face lift

03-29-2009, 09:09 AM
swagger on a million possibly a trillion
nigga said he raps but the streets aint feelin him
gunshot gunshot Bang Bang
crack rocks crack rocks slang slang
homeboy got chains like a slave mane
so be careful wit my click click like wu-tang
possibly we reunited coincided wit my findings
even my worst verse is timeless and goes diamond
and its lined wit platinum beats
talk shit stomped out wit platinum cleats
you catch bullets like T.O.
word to my P.O. you know my steelo
you'll feel Steel-o no you keeled ova
ova your shoulder pitch boulders
outta this black rover cut wit baking soda
nigga you know this
so strategic bud sticky like adhesive

03-29-2009, 09:15 AM
By the way i doze off you can tell dat im blunted
niggaz see me in the trap like i be the hunted
aint nuttin to a real nigga gamblin off hundreds
five shots to ya stomach niggas scramblin and runnin
back door gunnin baghdad wit the ruger
hangin out the window screamin to my shooters
Get dat chalupah get dat chalupah!
see dem lades back there they tryna move us
block player spot jake-us and knock haters
spray fakers duck down almost scuffed up my gators
fuck up some bapestas shots leave em red monkeys
nigga got ate up cuz he trusted sum junkies
from the way dis type of shit go down it smell funky
thts why he in the hallway bleedin out of his skully
nigga i play the bully totin the nine milly
clippin niggas tryna get a Billy (Bill Clinton)

03-30-2009, 02:47 PM
What the fuck?

Drunken Monk
03-30-2009, 06:59 PM
what a spammmeer

04-01-2009, 05:02 PM
"implore the masses natural disasters
multiply closed caskets holdin a ratchet
for yall faggots who want static yall maggots
scum baggets compact eratic so dramatic
in traumatic fabric expressing my emotional tragics"

i didnt get to read all of em but this part was ill, only thing i can say for the rest is try to flow smoother and make the bars easier to understand cuz sometimes its just a lot of words wit no real meaning

04-01-2009, 08:37 PM
aiyo peace ya it makes sense to me obviously cuz i wrote it but i like a differant POV too...more to come

04-04-2009, 12:05 PM
Infected like plague of bubonic
actin brolic off my tonic
High on speed like sonic
shit got me hooked on like phonics
so when im fishin for fiends i hook alot and thats honest
my shot gun cocky bullets not modest
and you'll be full of it like bullshit frontin on my squadrant
my tech leave you beat when my bullets just blaze
i told "Johnny" law i should be caged
or suffer casualties among all who rap gay
i knife at night Baghdad rap by day
moving step by step yall bad pussies like sluts
my gun is hugh hefner it gets so much guts
UGh and its spillin on the ground what
step up you can CUM and get Shot like a nut
my life is a reality film in the genre of snuff
These niggas DJ scream when they get cut

04-04-2009, 12:25 PM
so i wake up at nine alarm dont work
get dressed and got a stain on my shirt
slept on my arm so the shits all hurt
not to mention my favorite kicks got dirt
so im halfway to school when i notice this shit
cant turn back cuz i gotta still handle bizz
get to homeroom one nigga flips
cuz i owed him money now he wanna fight da kid
so im in science not payin attention
teacher notice and i get a detention
to the class my grades get a mention
now im all embarrassed could feel the tension
so im in gym class dodge ball feelin real lax
thinkin about wat imma spit on my tracks
one minute im cool and when i turn my back
a dodge ball hits me square in the sack(AWWWWW)

04-04-2009, 12:34 PM
so next im in english writin some darts
teacher called on me im actin real smart
and in the book im confused to which part
next thing i know shes readin my notebook (fuckin mark)
so all the kids laugh cause the shit was wack
atleast i know wat not to spit on a track
the rest of the day song stuck in they head like naps
oh my fuckin god i cant deal wit dis crap
so the days over we all going home
when my bus breaks down in the middle of the road
forgot the kid was tryna fight me im in grind mode
wonderin if this shit will ever get fixed to my abode
after an hour the bus get fix we on the move
when i remember i forgot my basketball shoes
im thinkin where? shit they at the school
fuckin bullshit this days just not cool

04-04-2009, 12:42 PM
so im finally home moms starts bitchen
take out the dogs clean up the kithchen
to see my life miserable everyones on a mission
and i sprinkle all on myslef when im pissin
so now my pants smell all pissy
lookin for my stash cant find my fifty
right now bitch niggas eyes would be missy
cant lie most niggas would cry now really
so im at the courts ballin up wit the click
in jeans too oh shit my pants just ripped
fall straight on the face bust the mudula
i really cant think of anything crueler
ass hangin out dont know what to say
cept really this was a fucked up day
go straight home fall asleep

04-04-2009, 02:31 PM
Lil Ruger? Is that you?

04-04-2009, 03:08 PM
yea its me homie wreakin havoc did u tell from the style lol?

04-04-2009, 05:47 PM
Of course dude, I see you're comin through with the heat.

04-05-2009, 10:06 AM
like always homie yall still doin the group? any chance i cud hop back in?

04-05-2009, 10:19 AM
Fire like the piss from niggas wit STD's
check the steez make like a tree and fuckin leave
or catch a hot one in ya back
rippin thru ya flesh chromosomes and fat
now why you acting big in the sack?
this is suicide rap homicide hustler
means im hitman for hire dumb if you trust em
move shady like old ladys wit new born babys
cuz at the same time im amazing
wonderin how i conceived these flaming...RHYMES!
wonderin how i beat these flaming...DIMES!
straight up like 12 o clock but dwn for anything like 6 o clock
come around the block and my niggas pop
like orange soda shookin up
bakin soda cookin up
raw like caine flame on the waist What?!?
why you actin tough like un cooked beef
thro the "beef" in ya "grill" and cook u wit da "heat" uhhh

04-05-2009, 10:52 AM
like always homie yall still doin the group? any chance i cud hop back in?

Sure, I'll ask the rest of the team.

04-05-2009, 11:07 AM
you still doin songs?

04-12-2009, 12:23 PM
the beast from ancient times ready to define..this rhyme
that has been trying to escape my mind
but it cant be released from its confines
Killbot on the climb to get signed
i escaped from a meteor hurling towards the earth
stem cell research i have reached my rebirth
i have gone from key work to dream works
like pixar double bladed axe held by a minotaur
sold a pretty whore traveled through dimensional doors
reached exceptional scores on your game of boards
like the earth i contain a molten core
i have sailed far and wide on frozen shores
see i break the better bread
mantle mounted wit severed heads several dead
spread throughout my temple dread no death beds
for you meth heads killbot loves the color red
becauses it symbolizes and helps me visualize eternal rest

04-12-2009, 12:41 PM
say its killbot who knew i could write this
its going to be hard to combat and fight this
aim for the right wrist then slice it
wit my mic grip you hold it like this
my squadrant hardened throughout my embarkings
to several parts uncharted moving lawless
with flawless prowess to leave you jawless
and have ya moms missed and pops pissed
gun shot manuer we pop shit drop the top quick
so he thought i KO'd the car BITCH!
got lotta beef thats hard spit
cuz he always homerun like barry bonds hits
very fond of mega bombs and charmed braclets
escaping this vacant city-like basement
and replace it wit skylights story of a vagrant
rhymes never make shit give ya squad a face lift
pop a shot wit a pump shotty while you cop a squat in ya mazaratti
hold tooliami leave you crooked like juliani my crew behind me
chopped the shotty like the body ill connect from papi
wreck ya mami tommy gun flow hockey puck clipiami
rippin thru squadrants now grippin this cant copy
rant snobby spittin this choppa thru lobbys
turn up more fishscales then the pacific islanders tsunami

04-15-2009, 06:42 PM
listen from the bottom of bottom to the top of the top
on them blocks with the rocks to the block with the glock
it's a master of wordplay disease verbplay
plus im seasoned in the technique of birdplay
call it the pigeon coop nigga ya dig and scoop?
they told the cops the truth
now they wanna lock the dude
in a cell like freshman in a locker room
this drop goes zoom when i pop it booms
im flirtin with insanity tap the ass of reality
mingle with brutality and got a child with versatality
i tell you any man tryna take my vitality
will awake with dead seeds and spouse Fatalitys
im not retarded but my bars mentally challenging
eat rappers silence of the lambs this is

04-17-2009, 10:23 AM
see im a product of my enviroment im firing
but all the dead bodies and gun shots is tiring..
convict screamin the witness is lieng then
all of a sudden he in sloitary confinement
see these words is like lineman that sack ya quaterback
got a nickle bag roll that shit up black
blow the smoke in the air smoke out the nose
smell the piff on my clothes
so i gotta wait before i go home
when im high in the clouds i feel so alone
till i recognize the next guy passing the bone
gimme dat holmes put it deep in my lungs
while we so deep in the slums
im sittin here puffin my drugs
keep talkin youll get hit wit slugs and choke on ya blood
teach a nigga how to open his mug
bitches stare cuz they know my guap is nice
its not luck see i throw fixed dice...

04-17-2009, 10:34 AM
Got a Magnum on the waist well hell
pocket full of shells schnell schnell or get killed killed
ripping thru ya pelle pelle and thats real real
how it feel the taste of cold steel steel
see we shyne like the rapper in jail jail
a 6th sense for gun powder how that smell smell?
you could catch a L L like cool J
and your G rap Sweeter then kool-aid
fuck what dem fools say
it's baghdad armed and dangerous terrorist
swear them kids gon be aware of this madness
rob at Night with gladness inflict sadness
that's why niggas need ratchets to protect from these bastards
demanding where the cash is my stash is massive
shotgun these dogs like old yeller
made niggas heltah skeltah when they feltah them meltah
cuz my niggas hold food niggas like kitchen shelvahs

04-18-2009, 09:08 AM
Get in ya jammies like you going to sleep (cuz u is)
this swammie will sweep you off of your feet like a first kiss
this action packed mac like it got kung fu grip
this one two spit on some sun tzu shit
we wage war and tear countries apart with our darts
severe the body parts of you marks like everest we climb charts
but still keep a burner for those that need a lesson
plus when im on the corner i need dat protection
too big to bail out when them shells out
catch me in a hooptie rollin black in my damn mouth
choppas fresh out the box from the damn south
and there not helicopters but they'll air lift you out
gouda in the pockets that's why my flow so cheesy
labeled an "outsider" cuz im so "greasy"
so put my collar up and rep for the squad dat needs me
im kinda like jesus they gonna catch on but now they dont believe me

04-18-2009, 09:33 AM
Listen it's the terrorist among the americans
acting so arrogant cuz my fuckin family is
these squares up like my niggas fenna BOX
ready or not yall niggas get shot
with red dots on ya head like the chicken pox
listenin to me like look how sick he got
Baghdad move packs like pokemon cards
hiphop police watchin tryna put me behind my bars
but my mentality im past police beyond the law
barrel in front of me behind me my squad
i got a god complex so if u my son you higher then jesus
Bad Apples on the scopes we adam and eve him
or Big Apples so we new york treat him
have him bleedin or retreating cuz this is killa season
so he gunnin down the sidewalk fleeing
but we still have him leakin fluids like he pissin or peeing

04-20-2009, 09:26 AM
see im tryna cop mauri's hunger for glamour
i'm not fruity but my bars is bananas
kinda like the clip connected to the hammer
cuz ya boy roll with killas like santana
its not hard to C like failing mid terms
hammer like a 100 proof that shit burns
I =MC math teacher kids learn
Yall niggas fuck with krabs like squidward
see my lines is crack that's what i see in the mirror (THINK HARD)
chop u like samples couldnt have said it any clearer
you gay niggas couldnt have spit it any weirder
It's Baghdad but you bag Dad's nigga you queerer
nigga we get so hype we beef escalators
talk back put niggas down like elevators
verses is cancer spit wit an iron lung
coke heads is violins they all high strung (CRACK)

04-20-2009, 09:40 AM
you play by the book like shooting for dummies
niggas yap till they get yapped and wrapped like mummies
stone cold stunner dumber then dumb and dumber
Gun shots ring loud like phone numbers
my coup got a eating disorder this is the truth
you should see how it swallow and throw up the roof
you should see how i follow up and blow up the booth
punch money so hard that he'll throw up his food
uh i am nasty like i dont take showers regularly
i provide for niggas medically haha illegally
album covers body bags toe tag any beat
see i hear the snare kick and melody then attack mentally
any nigga run they mouth risks being striken
i spit like holy field my bars risk being bitten
i got lines like loose leaf paper stay in ya margin
or ill be wanted and youll be on the back of a carton

04-20-2009, 09:57 AM
money makin moolah grippin on the toolah
wit a bad bitch in the front sucking like hoovah
the block got movahs pushas and dimes
my gun get ya apparel body and spine
see you need to listen to what the beat sayin
cuz im still im still praying
or maybe im just misunderstanding
maybe its some thing else at random
or maybe i got a cannon and move like a phantom
and maybe im a giant when it comes to financin...
well whatever it is nigga its me
my studies conveyed socially so ya rhymes is history
i go in raw like married couples
and youll get jumped like big puddles fuck ya mean muggin
hold my hammer like nice guys cuddle
i live in a jungle and your among the stubble

04-25-2009, 07:40 AM
Nigga i get buy like mauri's in NY
high like a jet flys have my connect in bed-stuy
i got dimes that ride at night like the red eye
have em in the bedroom with they legs high
and if you hard we applaud ya squad u kno clap u guys
im full of myself i know my big head scratch the sky
you get AXED no question wonder how my niggas feed
cuz my gun press stars like the asteriks key
have a nigga wit a mag out behind a tree
lookin like he playin hide and go seek
have him consoling his spouse kissing his seeds
like he was a soldier called for active duty
you don't know like 5th graders with algebra
half yall niggas miscalculated my calibur
so when i came with the calibur there were no challengers
squad strapped guns like spaceships GALIGA
and they play hard like rugby teams going for gold
and im holdin the ruger not goin for clothes
like james brown my niggas going for soul
niggas be actin all bold till they act then they told
if im near ya its hard for me to reach for the bank
cuz if i got the barrel to ya head im 10 ft away
his girl friend beggin for me not to spray
she the hero he get jumped and shot like d wade
and these niggas was hatin so fuck it they'll bleed
come to they crib wit a hundred at least
gun to his head hand on all of his weed
he started cryin i smacked him like i don't want whine wit my cheese

04-25-2009, 08:01 AM
aiyo im a beast a monster at least im vile
see my niggas will lay you down like lynoliame tile(SP?)
while im flashin a razor cal and a smile
hit em so hard they wake up they clothes outta style
the car looks like a space ship especially the dash
this is a kodak moment your life is gone in a flash
like ali's birthname we gettin the cash
and like ali's occupation we knockin out fags
we got about a mil in the stash gun under the seat of the jag
u got no niggas around you thats bad while u dealin tht grass
and i got a looooong extended mag haha now you do the math
pure monster music undisputed champion
skully and a champion his niggas start amping him
till i start stamping him and take what hes handling
the hammers in the grams and then we off to another sin

04-27-2009, 04:27 PM
Man of Steel

see im a dollar short i need to get up like 50 cent
why you in the club ballin wit da money for ya rent
while im on the block circlin wit the benz
i see you staring pointin at me to ya friends
homie its baghdad see we glad bag the bricks
pull up the whip like samples i flip
and unload one clip well thats about it
simple mathematics all the black baggage
filled with automatics and gettin money to support crack habits
homies here just laugh at it till they rly start static
and have his moms pops and sis so tragic
see its cinematic my click we ruthless bastards
stupid assholes fill the grave gaps in this deep hole
all these people can get shot thru a peep hole
my niggas eat those gunz so lethal
leave you stunned like phasers we heat hoes

i am on the block (gettin that money)x3
i am on the block (Gettin so gully) repeatx2

niggaaaa im so gulllay and my niggas so rullay
no bully we on the block gettin that money
we stuntin blunted throw a couple hundreds
to the buggin youngins hungry for gunnin
nigga you aint sayin nuttin
gangstas throwin signs like deaf niggas
keep my enemies almost as close as my trigger
barrel in the front looks so much bigga
when ya starin down it the toughest nigga wont snicker
see they bicker and batter till they see the pitter patter
of this little magnum comencin battle and the illest fashion
a billion gashings slashin because of what im strapped in
actin like niggas i supply wit pack ands-
runnin and gunnin to the back end of they shack when
my niggas attack him smack him then yapp him
the gat tips clap him in his abdomin im laughin then
this mc keeps hammers when hes at this velocity
look for a flight that allows fire arms travelocity

i am on the block (gettin that money)x3
i am on the block (Gettin so gully) repeatx2

04-28-2009, 07:39 PM
see ive came and got my bills up like chauncy
ghosts in my shells so my gun shots haunt me
shots similar to bear mawlings
leave you dead over the counter sprawling
youll be collapsing to the ground falling
help youll be calling we fightin future time stalling
ballin like jim jones spit like six chromes
firin at kids domes retire or youll get gone
your crying like a bitch holmes waterworks
put a 40 cal to your shirt c how your body works
gladly pull capers stay wit auto maytics
dodgin bullets the matrix aint got it den we take it

04-28-2009, 07:49 PM
get money goons on deck scopes get checked
sets get wrecked sum sets get red thro CK's each ways
me i keep it neutral we get press like rewind or play
bank rolls err day niggas makin money
bullets like spartans youll get about 3 hundred
plus my persian bitch suckin grime is what im stucks wit
crime is what i fuck wit youll b pitchin pails or kickin the bucket
spendin all the duckets on the ratchets that i clutch wit
i was gonna go straight pulled my tool out like fuck it
pocket knife protectin me like trojan im rugged
aint got it well the squad is unloadin we thuggish
see ya bitch aint wack but shes so so suckish

04-28-2009, 08:19 PM
Yo mazratti swagger swagga sharper then a dagger dagga
watch out for the magnum maggot
cuz my niggas toe taggin faggots
see my music epic and big like it took growth hormones
run up in ya house broad daylight like no ones home
on ya shit im on my shit get it wit the fuckin chrome
ill blow ya brains like hoes giving dome
i did it for the cake gouda the scrilla
did it with a bigga trigga and about 5 niggas
all up in the back illin awaitin cap peelin
higher then a ceiling you neva knew tht feelin
of dumpin bout a million not knowin who u killin
gone off the pillins ill make it home god willin
see im on the block faggot cops search me
cuz they i know i give it to niggas like herpes
i like rap raw like odb hit pussy
gun shots scream so you know u heard these

04-29-2009, 06:22 PM
i did the whole 9 wit da 9 left niggas stretched wit my virginia tech
now who gonna die next i c yall niggas mad vexed
you could c em at the park throwin up they sets
youll get chin checked like throwin nikes at niggas
matta fact ill throw a few rights at these niggas
candy paint stay drippin like leaky faucets
it's the light show when i spark off you jawless
shout out to J-caine niggas you lawless
make em freeze like t-pain when the four's here
shout out to real niggas who did real years
my niggas top gunnas and my nigga kha gunna
got niggas gunnin or slumpin duckin and runnin
comin wit pumps-and wonderin whos drummin
thats baghdad killbot beats real ciphers nigga
and im no umpire but ill strike a nigga
show off in the club when the spot lights on me nigga

Drunken Monk
04-29-2009, 06:27 PM
Kepp doing it man
stiil improving

05-04-2009, 11:13 AM
see i saw you in the club puffin on some drugs
i show ya shawty love she feelin on the thug
we was bangin like some drums hangin in the slums
had her all up on me chump then like my shotty she was dumped
i just love the way it sounds took ya girl for another round
had to dick her down hand her a couple pounds
had the hammer on me clown she wanna touch it
go head and touch it switch to the otha then suck it

(finish l8r)

05-04-2009, 11:24 AM
in the dark wit my aviators out like the bathin apers
ridin in the scraper no need to date rape her
i got her on my drum got it in her bum
while she suckin on my thumb aint nuttin wrong
VIP section smile cuz we hulk flexin
runnniiinnnn wild shut down like detention
but this aint middle school yall just pity fools
jewels like mister T lookin really cool
haha and we laughin lane switchin and dashin
while im grippin the magnum the epitomy of fashion
all in one asshole thats me a jerk like hand jobs
if she acting new kick her to the curb ock
high thats what the herb got
murder ink like irv got 360 like an xbox
runway front spot idol on kids lunch box
real talk see the waist thats a real hawk

05-04-2009, 11:34 AM
spray his face off car like the duck sauce
duck R's duck K's jump man pump squad
hung hard like old man wit viagra
smell the bud nigga weed smeel stagnant
grippin the magnum wit the cobra clutch
talk is cheap spliff it up rip it up
grrrrrip it up nip tuck his face shut
nigga thats real talk steel hawk
we dogs but you bark like the wrong tree
gun wit broken safety you gon push me
to make thees a murder scene hasty
cuz of what is on the waisty gunshots tasty
ur a joint imma lace B so amazeeng (HAHA)
the 860 is where the jakes be
tryna chase me hate me and put me in the grave c
see you alrdy know no weed then we pitch oreganol
moving around like a merry go

05-07-2009, 08:39 PM
you neva know ya enemys friends or ya foes
the clip on the drum or where the barrel will go
fiends think its XMAS when theyre presented wit snow
but like unimportnt shit we let it all go
sticky situations like the puss of a hoe
the king plays pawns cuz the rooks moving so slow
we gat bussas pack guns like saints row
ill beat a case catch a body then lay low
put my feet up on ya team call u the ottoman empire
hop out big shotty red range gun fire
he drop we pop then sneak away like a one niter
right hook left hook uppercut 2 shiners
baghdad kha gunna gun talk speak like a drum
no pressure but you'll be under the gun
kissin ya wiz and huggin ya son
cuz my sun rise wit my set and over the horizon he comes

05-10-2009, 11:21 AM
still that nigga who will take ya car and punch ya brawd
known international but never been abroad
still throw him in a wood chipper chop him like logs
thats what you get for fuckin wit da god
niggas sit in they house wit the pencil and wonder
how they could play zeus and steal my thunder
im more like hephestus i make tht gunna
wanna kill me nigga take a seat and a number
im like a car dealership dealin out speed
give me the paper work and ill give you the keys
nigga i spit acid like sorta like LSD
so its closed caskets if you fuckin wit me
see it seems like forever i been on the come up
better then the next nigga who want wat numb nuts
all these niggas schemin like some dumb fucks
while im stallin niggas like toll booths does

05-17-2009, 10:46 AM
so ive been thinkin bout life from a new perspective
see we all know the cops stay selective
to what drugs and guns they are detecting
but i still go hard like an erection
theres a differance to cons tryna turn their life around
and a nigga fresh out holdin a shiney pound
my niggas have ya family kissin the ground
act up all you hear is clappin sounds
see ive been movin on even now double time
double crime double shine still writin troubled lines
battle raps straight burst ya bubble rhymes
troop wit an eagle stay on super grind
see i used to think life was a mistake
get ya cake and at all costs avoid ya wake
niggas cross you dump in a lake
but now i realize everything i cant just take

05-17-2009, 11:01 AM
OKAY! nigga i hate my job tryna get a 9 to 5
woke up last night 50 shots buried in my ride
read the paper nigga locked up aint tht a crime
plus i cant get that jesus peice with the extra shine
broke as a joke hell ya niggas is laughin
just because all of my cash missin in action
too many niggas hating for me to all blast em
they look at me as a fuck up and a has been
but i am on the rise shit no way but up
i had the steady cash caught a body and fucked up
good thing i happend to smarten up
but i think its to late and i got nuttin to cook up
see this the shit im talkin bout goofed off in school
now i only have dreams of fast cars and a pool
the reality is a rap star with a tool
i use the word star loosely shit im just a fool

05-17-2009, 11:13 AM
aint i the man with a big bank account
throw it in the club got a large amount
lots of karats a mansion for a house
speakers in the car and they thumpin loud
witta bad brawd and she acting so fine
stack money chain got platinum on mine
crack in the hood and its in my lines
kha gunna baghdad my raps is defined
by the illness the sickness aint i a victim
restricted from gettin it legal and spillen
i just happen to be a villain
aint i in the hood wit niggas dats killin
chain is all yellow VVS most def
diamonds so bright they look like rainbows stretched
talk shit and you could catch a left
AINT I the man like red or meth

05-24-2009, 12:30 PM
see its the big man from upstairs call me the GOD
spittin frees lyrically showin my ass and my steez
sittin in the range rover wit all the purple leaves
have you sittin on the corner all that red dat bleeds
ugh im a nigga that just dont care
5 dollas? im on you ass like ya under wear
you like bad jumpers you shoot nuttin but air
even if its broad daylight and pedestrians clear
see im..so illy foreally you know the deally
they seem a lil weezy when i show em my millie
im hittin licks like im punchin ya tongue
7 shots will make dis nigga choke on his lungs
ugh im sick and hungry staggerin and talkin funny
new to gettin money so im kinda inexperienced
they wanted to see the goat in the flesh well here he is
youll be 6 feet deep and in the sky is where ya spirit is

05-26-2009, 04:12 PM
its baghdad bomb central So fuckin swaggerific
guess what im hot so magnefic
ya old im crisp like a bag of chips is
ill put a burner right where ya lips is
bullets goin back and forth like a seasaw
fake story he pin the tale like eeyore
here go my connect take a detour
lets hit the strip and get it clickin like keyboards
i had street dreams like i was jeezy
dreams of bein a rapper thats so greasy
hustla wit a bank account not needy
you know wat they told me? keep dreamin
so i stay on here schemin
wit fourty 40 cals infared beamin
had him like fat joe all leanin
gun have him talkin in tongues like europeans

05-28-2009, 09:41 PM
so i get live so fly asshole im a jerk
come thru 45 under my shirt
you already know you will get murked
and like ya dusty kicks ull b in dirt
flow so faded ya shit is so fuckery
million dolla man pockets where da duckets b
see i get chedda like pizza at chuck cheese
evil type nigga aint no muggin me
see im out the window with this no drive by
fuck a bitch knock knees like muay thai
he said im soft well hell die
i got the bird flu im sick and fly
im so fuckin geeked up computers computin
but still hit the block got the troops salutin
im a jerk have a bitch quiet like she muted
stallin niggas and its more then time that u losing.

06-02-2009, 11:19 AM
yes me yes me its me the beast
bred straight from the fuckin east
this forty cal i doubt you wud wanna meet
salute to the generals im among the elite
yessssssss its baghdad im grimey
and like the old nickolodeon im so slimey
yea im so exhausted from all this rhymin
beat begggggiinnnnsss em now perfect timin
soooo iimmmm back on the grriiinnnnd when
rhymes so fine itlll make ya mind beeennnd
on the block skinny jeans rocks where my time is spent
rob em have em give up everything like it was lent
ya im so crazy flow so wavy
swag from the 80's 90's baby fuck you pay me
fuck you spray me K peeps red creeks
escape you delete dont speek your weak

06-02-2009, 11:29 AM
Guess what no spare dutch just bare knucks
blow dust on clean cuts and mirrors bruh
the champ is here my cuz whether u tht or blood
stop em in the club get burnt like ya ass on a rug
uhhhhhh im sick no rly im sick nose drippin thick
u dont like it no homo but suck my dick
bend ya girl over go raw in her clitoris
try to play a rotty and get bit my nig
its the king oh you a liar address me as sire
climbing my spire even higher need is dire
exhausted no bicycle but im 2 tired
im a boss and you are lighter fluid...fired
im a g you a comedian cheesin hard
when i take ya car ya R and ya brawd
matta fact when im bangin the ak slangin da ak
have it clappin like hurricane chris ay bay bay

06-03-2009, 10:03 PM
me and my 40 ounce jerkin down the fuckin block
hand on the hammer guess what its cocked
u hear bang bang what that is gun shots
mind spillen out blood leakin into his socks
its team ghost busters so nigga ya toast
photon cannons at most when i see a ghost
we chillen me D3 jcaine and SB
SB's kinda like the shit rite on me
two steppin on ya cheek check a niggas feet
look like some space shoes from the star trek elite
see im out roamin baghdad dis cats loose
ill knock an average joe out like papoose
u not kool only way u can hang is from that noose
and its crowded in here fuck it well clap through
hang niggas outta windows like air conditioners
fuck around be outside ya building like petitioners

06-03-2009, 10:15 PM
see its baghdad spirtual lyrical assassin
never slackin in my mackin pistol packin magnums
grabbin automatics and clappin if they acting
always rappin and trappin dippin and dashin and clashin
five finger discount on anything that pleases me
part of the music the beat just releases me
shoes on point never having creases b
swag is oputerspace thats just where i seem to be
diamond studded star wrapped up in coogi
from packs im movin stackin guap wit the uzi
see im comin wit a tight belt to hold up the banga
niggas all collapse like the building in jenga
i could steal you life with the curl of a finga
leave shots in ya skull see if the pain lingas
and there is no question ghost busters is the best
a juvenile with white birds call me mannie fresh

06-03-2009, 10:27 PM
oh yes this bitch had a fatty
fresh new denali top of the caddy snappy
fresh out the box feelin kinda happy
bitch wanna double date im tied up like im nappy
she love to gargle and call me papi
altho the bitch is mad hood and too ratty
then i got another who act all classy
ass up face down lets make it happen
nigga swag is raza sharp cmon its baghdad
who got couple tan bricks in the glad bags
a few fine bitches who get down quick fast
stand there dick out condoms in the bookbag
lets do the math 2 balls 2 of yall
and the next day fuck naw i wont call
u cud go ahead and pop off at the jaw
cuz like a jaw i dislocated yall

06-10-2009, 04:44 PM
see im a soldier fuck that a hard vet
so you better escape like that key to ya far left
neva heartfelt move weight like barbells
jump ya mans like jordan cake like carvel
see they dont want beef like its passover
cuz ill break a niggas ankles like a crosssover
im in the hood wit more metal then coin star
am i the best fuck yea , by far
see these niggas out here frontin like they hold a toy
till they get robbed and tell em like soulja boy
see i got hoes on the block whoring for em
while im riding in summin fuckin foreign
they dont want the tool to squeeze like a fresh orange
lay ya head on ya albums sleep on ya records and now im snorin
i play a kings trumpet love to toot my horn
so i masterbate when i shoot and shots jerk em like porn(CASKETS)

06-10-2009, 07:52 PM
your blue verse is cool

06-19-2009, 10:54 AM
See ive been around the block like pack runners
on the streets my name ring like phone numbers
niggas scatter when dey c a pistol grip pumper
slump her chop her body throw it in the dumpster
see theres nowhere but up been on the bottom to long
when they get knocked they sing like trey songz
sittin there grippin the metal wit sweaty palms
then i beat a niggas chest like king kong
daddys and baby mommas dont care bout they children
had a couple niggas strapped runnin thru my building
gettin robbed at gun point i never knew that feelin
but even if i did my nigga id neva b squealin
homie ill crack his frame if he dont get the picture
packs got more crack then a fissure
and i got more verses rthen the bible scriptures
you outta time like a clock with no ticker

06-19-2009, 10:21 PM
see as you enter my realm you face a paradox
that leaves you shocked and boxed like magnavox
smoke weed like rastas wit nappy dread locks
i snap shots like photos till his head pops
the red baron strainin your membrane wit physical pain
humanitys bane vane in all sense of the name
in my death bed rest ive lain fair game
my undead body plagues the rain with cold flames
im a madman evil like kenevil destructive
and turn the world to ash like major volcanoe eruptions
the earths population is rapidly deducting
and breaking down the essence of anything constructed
knives turn to guns guns to bombs
friend to girl friend to baby moms
everyone has a peice of the pie and when guns are drawn
i hold down my space like i was tom

06-19-2009, 10:33 PM
i am baghdad master mind with more thoro contemplation
demanding that everyone be able to hear my proclamation
man who stalks rooftops wit black capes
and is common among insane nerds like date rape
on the lips of ladies and on the smiles of babies
i give girls white foam like my dick had rabies
still an offy who dreams of a mercedes
but i am on the sofa the king is too lazy
i remember back in the day a nigga i called my son
held a gun but was the bitchest out of anyone
he one day muster up some courage kinda chuckled
till he got hit wit banana clips his knees buckled
dead on the ground bars is like cancer
screamed for his mom but there came no answer
he put his up hopin to be uplifted like black panthers
i was going to save him but i never took any chance sir

06-19-2009, 10:46 PM
the man spoke lies he was retro for his time
the only reason i tried is cuz hes coppin some dimes
i told him to come and sign sign rite on the dotted line
why is it that in the news paper the spot light is always crime
i thought about it for a second and didnt really no why
so i breathed deep and let out a sigh tell me old guy
he says cause death and discord is amusing to human eye
even if we dont laugh we're captivated by surprise
it was rite at that second that i began to realize
that maybe death was the best choice for my career rise
killing innocent children shurely to gain the lime light
but do i really want to be in police helicopter spotlights?
maybe i could just pick up a hobby fly kites and ride bikes
when i grew up i learned to wrongs dont make a right
but 3 rights make a left so breath ya last breathe
because im gonna die trying until only ash is left

06-20-2009, 12:18 PM
so im back to the laboratory cook up some crack
guns so big u gotta carry on ya back
and nigga dont even querry bout my gats
cuz they like desert storm tracks flex in ya back
pulled a maybach fresh out the gate
feds pulled a body fresh out the lake
bullets from the back fresh out ya face
ya body is a thread yall niggas will get laced
come out the studio im sprayin the booth
have his hands in the air like he raisin the roof
no guns well then im breakin his tooth
body drop then im takin his loot
police cars nigga im coppin a whip
get read hawk and i spit
then i got the grams stashed in the sock
im like the thing i always got rocks

06-20-2009, 12:40 PM
damn dude ur nice hit me up if u wanna drop something kill s9 style

War and Peace
06-20-2009, 12:51 PM
h ha-
butter verse killbot-
straight butter-

06-20-2009, 01:12 PM
been in the booth since way back yester years
nigga come and check the gear check ya ear
wats the sound music stylins of baghdad
im grippin mags fag chop ya body in a glad bag
uhuh and nigga will leave wit a frown
neva even tryna fuck with these clowns
and possibly the body will neva b found
leave wit an ounce or a pound to (hold you down)
and im movin maneuverin like the red baron
im fly niggas hatin and staring (down)
at the ground neva lookin up
me and my frying pan no eggs cookin up
see i dont rewind my mind im thinkin futuristic
they tell me nigga be specific
i tell my next linguistic im fenna spit kid
so protect ya neck like old wu shit
keep me posted and ill hold you down
wit a mixtape of that raw baghdad sound
(down) is where u gonna b in the ground
with the maggots i c ya wifey ill (hold you down)
the reason i neva got bricks cuz i neva asked
runnin dogs at ya heels like ya air max
(down) is how my niggas is when we got beef
load up the mac and lay vegans to sleep
and when a nigga shakey wit his pound
you gon need more then a finga too hold it (down)
and when i come thru sprayin a clip
tinted windows look like im ghost ridin the whip
i go dumb like i cant write my name
will he get the picture when i crack his frame?
and all yall niggas can go eat a dick
talkin bout me on ya lips like chap stick
but neva the less im gettin green
block hot cuz i catch bodys like a trampoline
im a calm dude but when niggas ampin me
i go postal and start stampin ya keeds
this is a turtle race im in the lead
cuz i spit like we eatin sunflower seeds
and yALL niggas is neva fuckin brolic
they throw up they sets nigga no vomit
records like a guy wit no dick you cant top it
ya records like guerilla glue cant drop it
drunk as a skunk chuggin the yaegers
cuz i stay sonnin niggas like darthvader
so wut up sky walker yall niggas luke warm
while im straight battery acid in crack RAW
im not kha gunna but best beileve im a fly guy
jumpin out the window no drive by
niggas chuckin the deuce when i ride by
crack more connects then the wi fi
and my niggas get on like a light
circlin ya building like we was on strike

06-20-2009, 01:35 PM
ok my gun is all loaded
chain so frozen surprised it aint stolen
got em like chyea album neva golden
platinum all the way pockets stay swollen
neva sneaky cuz my jewels to flashy
and the blacks got white like my hands ashy
and im mulatto really factually
but ull get shot down anyway actually
usain bolt on ya chain nigga run yo shit
and why you followin nigga run yo click
snatch up ya dimes but it aint yo bitch
come back sell it on ya own strip
now thats disrespect aimin with the tech yea
and i aint talkin ipods when its music to my ears
im talkin bout the gun shots symphony of my block
snatch ya gun before you shoot call it a cock block
call me fred flinstone the way my niggas chop rocks
call me bugs bunny the way i hood hop cops

so when im holdin the tool you could get bucked
i aint talkin bout crunk im talkin shot from the jump
shot and get jumped shot and you slumped
witta pistol grip pump choke on ya lungs
tote on ya son choke on the gun dont it sound fun (drag)
and i know ya girl she be the teams main slut
call my gun hugh hefner it gets so much guts
shoot at ya ribs neva stoppin neva enuff
told me youd kill me im callin ya bluff
haha im coming witta bigger gun then you
shoot at ya chest till i can see right through
i tote weapons like the GI's do
and ya eyes gunna b huge when you c my coupe

06-21-2009, 07:40 AM
i was a fiend fiending for green pockets lean
i was like black coffee needed more cream
and my team had them connects to the beams
so i ordered em up and expanded my regime
now im set to go loadin the rugers
my nigga out in hartford sent me some shooters
so we all stay connected like computers
rob a nigga bare take his chalupa
so we cruisin the block sippin on henny
in the jects wit less then a muhfuckin penny
we saw them stick up kids around the way
tried to interrupt my squads pay day
sittin there pump out hidin in the alley way
they took out the K and started to spray
after all this hustlin where do we lay?
in a grave 6 ft deep in a grave place
so im collectin them dolla dolla bills
no weed the product is the pills
only 5 deep standing still
hopin our demands were instantly filled
in the hood we was like the big mac
talk shit we'll get ya go damn connect kid napped
or roll up and get ya wig fuckin clapped
or run in ya house and get ya wizz slapped

06-23-2009, 10:37 AM
see im back at it with a devious flow
lyrical execution mic fiend fuck coke
niggas in new london made his brains look like pasta
had his back smokin like a muhfuckin rasta
see my words are like cancer flow lava
spit it so i cud put on some fresh ass pradas
but neva that too many bills to pay
and i spray even tho ive never had a k
im talkin metaphors leave you dead where you lay
so when your facin the guillotine yhou better pray
tryna get a major deal neva dabble in the automatics
ive been kicked down im harder to drop then crack habits
god thanks for giving me life its all gravey tho
im not dangerous but beware of cancerous flow
mindset of a hoe get a deal then ill blow
just think about it nigga im rite here if you didnt know

06-23-2009, 10:46 AM
see i dont know much about the religion
released from my mind dimes are incisioned
into the blunt i get high like a pigeon
laced wit da acid so i start seein fiction
faces on the wall mouths hit the floor
my teeth chatterin hurtin my jaw
we out in the woods so we evadin the law
smoke siftin thru the trees bushes and all
sittin here feel like marley in his early days
my dad once told me and i heard him say
dont get into them drugs shit is not cool
but it is so my niggas smoke like a bussin tool
fuck up and we eatin ya food
but fuck it i get blazed like dem skaters do
im a little to jumpy my niggas in the zone
start the cypher up then pass me the bone

06-23-2009, 11:07 AM
so this nigga thought we was rly gonna battle
hit in his mouth then the nigga goes and tattles
next time pull nines up in ya spine im sicker
and i heard thru the grapevine you was the victor
i dont need a fuckin flu to be sicker then you
pullin the clip and a tool get hit when you move
why 8th graders have him on the run
fuck dat ill bang son without a fuckin gun
and you wack i dont know why you write raps
you didnt even have the heart to fuckin fight back
had him flyin a whole ten feet back
then he claimed it didnt hurt nigga how about dat
you slim shady bitch lady lift up ya skirt
you faggot ass nigga take a trip in a hearse
and nah i aint even gonna trip in my verse
i coulda followed up shit cudda been worse
and no one gives a fuck what you about
how you gon diss someone who knocked you the fuck out
ya flow is too fruity and my bars is bananas
you the type to get on and front to the camera
and ya neva gettin a deal so you mine as well squeal
and ya jaw is like glass my fist is like steel
im a butcher and you is new veal
so i cut him to the blood cover me youll neva heal
and you tryna act all innocent like you wasnt a victim
while you was tryna fight team kid so heres my vision
when i see him he always lookin in the distance
and just so you know everythin i spit was non fiction
you shut the fuck up and go back to ya butt buddy
cuz i get it in day n nite like kid cudi
im not coffee so dont try and mug me
cuz i might not be a monster but i fucks wit some thugs b

il finish later

06-24-2009, 12:50 AM
im so fly and i am the shit so im buzzin
to niggas ridin red to niggas that aint rly "cuzzins"
in the streets well i cant speak for myself
but many come across knowledge and natural wealth
some are rich in lyrical capabilities move in the stealth
like camoflauge ninjas verses leave you with welts
its the killer robot not really a common house hold item
when i grew up if niggas had a problem youd fight em
slowly progressin shit got even more real
now niggas put down hands and picked up steel
now mothers and fathers gotta feel
the pain of burying a seed its shockin like a eel
me and the lord of chaos wreek havoc
cuz we spit verses like an Auto matic
we have thoughts and dreams of livin lavish and
im sick and the hunger just is ravishing

06-24-2009, 01:15 AM
oh yes make the block jump mayne
like 45 niggas wit pistol grip pumps dayme
come thru machete then we dump frames
cuz robbin these niggas givin nuttin but chump change
gun bang like a muhfuckin porn star
all imported everything foreign cars
and you know we burn cash easy
flow like lava turf talk greasy
all my niggas low brow and sleasy
bitch in the bathroom all out tweakin
im poppin pills party time lets get crazy
banger on deck niggas so wavy
im gone im lookin like both eyes lazy
all so i cud be buzzin like swayze
i make money its not money that makes me
gone off mad pills guns off safety

06-24-2009, 01:27 AM
tool on deck and everythings cocked
watch how my niggas kill the pakin lot
hangin in the jects thumpin from the trunk
90's babies make the fuckin block jump(x2)

out the coupe chain swingin like kimbo
me and my niggas get bent like limbo
bright orange mauris put away the timbos
me and 40 goons all of em my kin folk
niggas fallin sideways cut em like a DJ
butter how the creeps stay gutta how the beats bang
mami on me brush away all the lames
she like a lion loose neva actin tame
first we hit the vip bitch gave me brain
then to the bed room beat it out the frame
you cud catch me in the studio fuckin a track
or standin on ya nearest corner clutchin a gat
me and my niggas rich comittin scandels
international pimpin wit all of my vandels
jewelery similar to roman candels
and all yall niggas slipped on like sandels

06-24-2009, 01:40 AM
the god of all gods jack of all trades
rush thru lines like foot ball plays
my niggas come clean fresh out the gate
retarded witta choppa special K (haha)
that means im a serial killa blood spilla
thug nigga that pulls triggas for drug figgas
so raise ya hand if you need a cleaned clock
attitude fuck a nigga we on a mean block
nigga you could be from the hardest squad
and niggas will eat ya food like fuckin starvin dogs
ravishin niggas quick fast stabbin a nigga
heavy weight champion steady jabbin a nigga
or we cud leak ink and pen and pad on a nigga
or hire a hitman and put a stack on a nigga
fiend for violence then relapse on a nigga
king kong in the hood trees snap on a nigga

07-04-2009, 12:56 PM
we cruise the streets my niggas lawless
candy apple coupe looks so flawless
we ballin like jordan or maybe spalding
neva fallin cars imported and foreign
yes and my money long like my dick B (no homo)
wanna test me guess u dont know my history
jordans all black like the pistol be
before i was on niggas was still missin me
that means im the savior to rap get it
money like giants yours is like midgets
if we cant fix it then we clip it
and when we shoot its never a brick dig?
and when i say ya dig its not a shovel
im talkin bout my lyrical or gold bezel
or maybe im talkin crazy holdin the metal
or maybe we clean like hazmats its the rebel

07-04-2009, 06:51 PM
hopped up out the coupe tipsy as fuck
fill me up give me another cup
im gone off the pills weed was laced
so it looks like im goin dumb witta thizz face
and ill be in rehab it'll be the next place
if i dont calm down relax and take a break
fuck that niggas sit back and blow an eigth
im in the VIP witta whole champagne case
they even come in cases? shit if i kno
bangas all out make a nigga die slow
nigga stepped on the mauris but im gone
so my niggas pull back guns are drawn
im loaded like my fuckin 45 test me
vest on my chest you know who the best be
pussy ass sucka niggas try to check me
but they know on the waist is where the tech be

07-04-2009, 07:02 PM
so i hop up out the hooptie gun on full blast
50 in ya koofie 22 in yo ass
i got them pies im baked so where the cash
heavy handed nigga yo chin is glass
and when i say glass i mean that shit is breakable
and my pride haha that shit is unshakeable
hands up faggot where ya money at
this blood champion and a skully rap
the shit that wud make you sell ya motha crack
witta black gat make ya pass it to ya lil niggas cat
and make him pull up cats is tough and blow fams brains
then whip around the corner apartment 14 fuck his dame
yes im not one of you bum ass rappers trappin for loose change
im a don a con and last time i checked i got fame
homeboy and i decked out the fuckin range rover
black on black and the top pop like a can of soda

07-04-2009, 07:12 PM
fully loaded pistol spit like a nigga on smack
dangerous when i let it free it hit ya back
1 in ya skull leave ya brains in ya fuckin lap
lay a nigga to sleep thought u need a fuckin nap
harder then any niggas bars tht be in the streets
when they spit and speak they always talkin bout me
the rich ass nigga one who buy bricks off of so-and so
and when i bounce past the block they like there he go
steady driven throwin shells at all my victims
you cud b a nice guy and be an asshole in my vision
im pitchin doves yall niggas fuckin wit dirty pigeons
i got more eagles on me then max b when in prison
thats the heavy bricks kilo whatever brother
knock on ya door all i said was to go get ya mother
she sittin there like oh yes thats tht hard butter
try to run away wit it nigga i hard snuffed her

07-04-2009, 07:32 PM
if you wanna shoot a fair all i play is gun play
from tuesday to sunday whip yo ass on monday
then roll back and smoke a blunt on thursday
in the pocket or in my hands is where the funds stay
you fuckin witta royal flush kings and them aces
we fuck queens shoot jokers leave wit sprayed faces
come thru banga loose leave wit neck braces
yea then i come back and beat all of the court cases
like fuck that niggas couldnt see me in broad light
wasnt even on the game prolly bag raw white
keep bangin till there not a body insight
you could see me in the lobby wit niggas beggin to fight
niggas ready sayin let me get em tryna earn day stripes
put ya hands on me how u earn dat rite
ill killa nigga quick blood leakin from his lips
had his main bitch all tippin on my dick thats it

07-05-2009, 04:14 AM
Killbot cool

07-06-2009, 07:36 PM
see them hot them hot summer days got a nigga feelin gone
we got military issue smoke him like a bong
my niggas roll tighter then a fat bitches thong
killbot beats got a niggas money lookin so long
im eatin beats or eatin off beats it makes bread
whetha i tote a AR or ak it gets head
and when i say head i dont mean its gettin blown
but it is gettin blown right to a niggas dome
little niggas in the hood got more money then me
my niggas go way back we got history
back in the day throwin a couple rocks at some cars
we was never really that gangsta but we acted so hard
till we grew up we held a banga like it was trife
and to think i held one but i only needed a knife

we them type of niggas just run up and take ya life
hop up out the maybach so fresh im takin ya wife

07-07-2009, 09:25 PM
see ive grew up hard but i always had smoke
got a few cousins who will poke you in the throat
like you could be all innocent no joke
and im neva given the belt even if im on the ropes
only niggaz you got is when you heard of em
and them niggas skipped town prolly cuz they murdered him
i could see the fear and hollow tips burnin him
u a Trick or a treat nigga ya sweet hoes turnin em
this is some gully shit u kno ak spray rap
i saw him tremble when i swung the door of the maybach
and i was casual the way i sat back and relaxed
my nine blow crazy like a fiend on a relapse
words is scrambled until they reach ya brain
bullets at random i watch as dey hit ya frame
i been at the highscore champ at this game
everytime she hear my record it amps up ya dame

07-07-2009, 09:40 PM
you'll die ten times if your tryna test me the best be
X out ya lungs right where ya chest be
dual braclets like they arrest me yes me
you like work out world i will stretch b
then south paw i mean left him gushing
eruption deucting the population im cussing
and rubbing blood-and on my hundreds
thats dirty money rushing the bullets combustin
in mid air grapple the gat like rick flair
thats a wrestling punch we wrestle then dump
meaning i trip him and jump grippin the pump
rip out his spine hell choke on his tongue
im raw but my beef always gets well done
your life is like a game of checkers
cuz we fuckin jump u wit black and deckers
the means my niggas jump him wit tools if u a fool

07-10-2009, 03:35 PM
im not normal feel like i stepped in a portal
and me i happen to be the only mortal
my words are all slurred i parked on the curb
kick the fly shit guess what? and dats word
and when i say word nigga i dont mean no letters
and when your under the gun its most likely beretta
thinkin how cud his chest get any fuckin wetter
shots warm him up like a christmas sweater
but hes not all cozy and warm
and the images i see are far from the norm
the blunt gets gutted and torn
then we get fucked up like we was in porn
no homo smoke witta pack or go solo
but either way nigga lip it dats a no no
and yes my tenements is known for the bricks
and nah the only thing you runnin is ya pockets and ya lips

07-12-2009, 02:28 PM
listen im like the firehouse always got bricks
and u sorta underage the way you neva seen a strip
the way i make love to the pot it shud b a crime
oh it is? oh well i get money off mines
money off the nine the way it spit sorta like me
have the drum going dumb like we goin hyphy
but enuff of that lemme tell you bout this white girl
fine scent got me high all in one pot im shure
you might be like no how could that be
cuz im a conneseuir product neva nasty
yes white like a fresh smile or my new kicks
if u try to take it you'll be leakin fluid
you new to this well let me teach you youngin
the way we pump it like joe budden
we on the block wit the rock like a shot foul
I O U? neva some times i ask y we blow it in vowels

07-12-2009, 02:47 PM
so i say to myself like yo how cud this be
these bitin ass niggas steady takin my steez
i ponder the sitio while im blowin them leaves
and im sorta like a wigger im all about G's please
nigga get on ya knees and beg for mercy
why my flow hot and exotic like pots of curry
u a good man you get a case and dont say nuttin
my hands is like my lines come out wit straight punches
and along wit the punches here comes the hook
niggas is so shook when i be on my jux
when i spit a bar i get them ugly looks
we not girls but my goonies love to go cook
see these niggas talk alotta shit but they fraud
until we put heat on em like an ironing board
my niggas flow like fuckin suicide bombers
im a chef ghost smoke call me cappadonna

07-12-2009, 05:28 PM
There's nothing creative in these verses, no new/good concept's or anything...pretty much just 6 pages of bullshit

07-15-2009, 07:31 PM
There's nothing creative in these verses, no new/good concept's or anything...pretty much just 6 pages of bullshit

your user name is sister fister who's sister your own? i could write thought provoking shit i just choose not too.

Slurch Yung
07-16-2009, 12:15 AM

dont be a follower. quit rappin.

07-17-2009, 11:06 AM

dont be a follower. quit rappin.

bitch take ya back pack off for a minute and listne to sum real shit. tho i have been slackin on this last page

07-18-2009, 12:19 PM
got money out the ass i shit money
get paper in a flash im so gully
beam on the 40 niggas equipped fully
pull and pop blood leakin from yer skully
haha now thats some real shit
holly wood producer now thats a real clip
all u barkin is bull but u not a pit
u bitin like a rotty hit em raw like the clitoris
see im backin and packin a magnum u slackin
if u ever want action just move on my faction
try to pop up u know that we clappin and rappin
u brick u no trappin we runnin dis rap shit
gunnin da mac kid on u fruit baskets its closed caskets
on u faggots and maggots we track it and wrap it
in saran wrap dump in a lake paid for mistakes
l;eave like a rake life take bomb ya wake tracks i rape
yall niggas so late it is my fate to rate ya copy and paste
rhymes u relate as your own blaze the chrome to ya dome
neva u leave you alone gotta phone home to the block
we pitch rocks in the socks out the drop top wit the glock

Slurch Yung
07-18-2009, 09:05 PM
once again hot garbage.
thank you for further proving my point.

07-29-2009, 10:19 AM
once again hot garbage.
thank you for further proving my point.

who r u nigga? another hatin ass backpacker like i give a fuck wat e-rappers think niggas irl respect my rhymes

Khem The Decepticon
07-29-2009, 02:43 PM
Your good.

07-30-2009, 11:54 AM
all of yall are misguided i embody a shepard
retnal visual connectors shut down neurological sectors
cursed with this method like a diabolical leper
hunting gazelles and leopards just to recede my temper
ive been CHARGED with assault and a battery
my lyrics are lacking sweet actually bastards of blasphemy
some call my rhymes a jumble of words
thats absurd how bout i just place ya face in the curb
place ya face in the dirt created from molten earth
ive been murked rebirthed while u spit rhymes rehashed and rehersed
my brain develops in growth spurts anything i say works
insanity coupled with calamity managing to eat away panicing
damaging heavenly or satantically frantically hammering
blood baths of sin infected with noxious gases and pathogens
ya caskets slim rip a faggots limbs bashin him im so masculine
by my fitteds brim kicks and tims pull tht thing fresh out the bing

07-30-2009, 02:26 PM
killcock is a faggit rapper swagga jacker...

07-30-2009, 09:15 PM
killcock is a faggit rapper swagga jacker...

hahaha fag

07-30-2009, 09:32 PM
slicin whole bisons while you bite like mike tyson
i think of what im writing then the pen starts striking
lighting the paper with aristotle thoughts from thermopylae
decks socrates philosophies general like pericles
fire and brimestone speaking unbearably
like dahmers killing the beats uncaringly
killing there ancestors and parents by slicing the larynx
spit in there pharynx its apparent im a devil thts daring
like evil kenevil i stunt like a side show
drive by out the window then drive away real slow
like im just waiting for the cops to cop me
illegally pop and shot me cuz there just crackers and nazis
flow of the nile river complex arithmatic
so be quiet we firing but u say u quit
it's okay you bitch i move beats like i move weight
like rells and jr i only did it for the cake

07-30-2009, 09:47 PM
yo klz klz im hearing rumors like hell rell
these niggas all mad cuz they albums aint sell well
they blame it on the internet new but ive been a vet
baghdad ive been a threat americas arch nemesis
my temperment is not irrelevent while intelligent
im heaven sent and hell bent give it up like it was lent
yall bullets missin like ferris buellers day off
i spray off the AR k pah? im straight raw
these bullets go back and forth like sesaws
till my gun starts jerkin like the GGPR
i sky dive on the high rise im a fly guy by sun rise
but at night fall i fight yall incite brawls and rob malls
air lift ya parents kids sick like therapy of chemo
im on par with KR wutang and primo
yall gamblin lives my gun is a casino
mafioso and capos my niggas all gambinos

07-30-2009, 10:00 PM
im a street pharmacist blocks intelligent
i spit real shit all yours irrelevent
i pop shots replace where ya melon is
i tote hammers show you wat a felon is
its not me trust me i aint frontin
the way i poker face i can tell she bluffin
the way i jump thru fire you can tell im stuntin
and the way shit go down i know hes runnin
like a real nigga will kill niggas for friends and fam
and will pop till the niggas dead or the gun jams
but fake niggas run like usain bolt
it hurts when the heat and pain jolts
you could feel it peirce ya body then u all wet
it hurts you know you dead but not just yet
it could be from the AR or maybe the tec
it could be cuz u talkin or cuz of ya set (EASY!)

07-30-2009, 10:11 PM
picture me in a black jeep lavish as fuck
back seat cracked yak guttin a dutch
drunk out my mind ready to yuck
russian roulette leave ya life to luck
you buy ya punchlines fresh off a website
i get mine from hardwork when the lead strikes
im strong and i blew up like iranian missles
i dont need to diss you ill just dump a pistol
have it rippin thru tissue and not klenex
banga have his chest exposed like V necks
crime scene flow CSI mind state
why wait? listen to lyrical mind rape
ive been through alot yall niggas would cry
disrespect my craft yall niggas would die
all i know is that im not living a lie
im tryna get bread french or rye

07-31-2009, 03:18 AM
mu fucka u dont tote gunz n pop shots
or do 90 percent of the shit u stay writing about.
u need to stfu b4 we show up atcha house n throw hands on ya mommas blouse,
now watchu respond with ''uh i may not live it but i talk about it cuz ma peoples be runnin the streets'',
i know where u from play boy u aint keep it discrete,
by the way that u speak niggaz prolly think u was raised by a marine corp fleet,
but i know ya faggits aint hard to the core regardles of an ill metaphore,
i bet u still cant sleep with a locked door,
afraid of the boogyman whos blood run chilled,
if it wernt for ya lil gated community u prolly would of already been got killed,
NOI bean pie filled,
tha craving to dine on the soul of fake faggits like u,
and the rest of them punks u call CREW but cha niggaz aint true,
to the mu fuckin code we live by,
real kill! u the type of roach we let die when the lead fly all in ya eye,
but u a smart guy who learned to substitute the u for the a,
which brings me to ma original point, nigga u mad gay!

07-31-2009, 12:59 PM
mu fucka u dont tote gunz n pop shots
or do 90 percent of the shit u stay writing about.
u need to stfu b4 we show up atcha house n throw hands on ya mommas blouse,
now watchu respond with ''uh i may not live it but i talk about it cuz ma peoples be runnin the streets'',
i know where u from play boy u aint keep it discrete,
by the way that u speak niggaz prolly think u was raised by a marine corp fleet,
but i know ya faggits aint hard to the core regardles of an ill metaphore,
i bet u still cant sleep with a locked door,
afraid of the boogyman whos blood run chilled,
if it wernt for ya lil gated community u prolly would of already been got killed,
NOI bean pie filled,
tha craving to dine on the soul of fake faggits like u,
and the rest of them punks u call CREW but cha niggaz aint true,
to the mu fuckin code we live by,
real kill! u the type of roach we let die when the lead fly all in ya eye,
but u a smart guy who learned to substitute the u for the a,
which brings me to ma original point, nigga u mad gay!

afraid of the boogey man? cmon dog let's be real
why dont you all tell us how ghost laced makes you feel
mad sad angry alone like you have no home
keep blazers like sunday service nigga we got chrome
and imma tell you something right now shit is all true
jig you need to stop lettin this nigga rap after you
this shit is like normandy or D-day may day
and my niggas cut you like a DJ we kay slay
you may talk shit about my rhymes and i really dont do this shit
but you not fire you amateur and most likely new to this
im the youngin but imma have to school this kid
hit him with a math book till he spits straight arithmatic
and i didnt even spit no punches in this verse this shit is light work
im quick to fight first swallow the mic burp and spit a hype verse
my niggas straight zombies in shadows that we lurk
u cud be 5 % and rebirthed but just like ya rhymes ill leave u rehearsedd EASY!

07-31-2009, 01:49 PM
rehearsed?, nigga we attackem baggem n stackem all in the hearse,
yea u rock blazers along with a purse,
yousa faggot toy that gets destroyed wit one fourth of ma verse,
this thread is the worst,
excuse for verbal dicipline,
u aint fuckin with me even when i od of the herbal medicine,
lyrically i get it in, wit the ill moves for the win,
u aint shit but another one of these shark niggas so im attackin ur fin.
s9 niggaz got u gassed but ur ass,
we on another type of class with our craft,
like i said yousa shark nigga tryna sink teeths in ma raft,
the lyrics i blast past ur ear drum fast,
n finish the task when ur stuck ina mufuckin body cast,
laid up un able to move,
needle to the grove,
cuttin up the part where it explains yousa faggit ass dood.

08-01-2009, 12:05 AM
as i lay my head down to sleep
i pray for the lord my soul to keep
if i shall die before i wake
make shure you put out the tracks i raped
you know the new lyrical talent i displayed
gamma rays on stage obituaries the front page
a yager case bangas at waist make no mistake
ya life ill take dump u in a lake then smoke an eigth
master mind of corruption deducting the population
words branded by satan sickness of a cancer patient
he who speaks blatant peace forsaken promise breaking
vomit up makeshift rappers in basements and kill there replacements
it went from cretin creations debating there political statements
promising change and racist erasments but its remainin the same kid
i review m rhymes like look what my brain did
this the same kid you told wud neva make it

08-01-2009, 12:17 AM
poetic prophetic messages resonating your residence
its evident evidence ive been sent from heaven kid
ive been bleeding for days from my pen spirtually
while ive been murderin strays physically lyrically
my mind took trips to citys of the ancients
then it went to the future found the earth vacant
at a zero population the city brutally barren
the sight of distant planets truely impairing
more likely to be submitting my mind to ensnaring
murder instrumentals soon to be lyrically bearing
and ive been chasin it nowhere near the fame
while my name rings bells like hunchback of notre dame
i see the future more like a plan visualizer
and im all over the beats like a synthesizer
its all down hill speeding in the charger
hiphops soul so ive died a martyr

08-01-2009, 12:30 AM
killer robot or a terrorist sent in to execute
i stay very cute catch bodies like a prostitute
i roll with a godly crew hold tools immaculate
i was in the play pen back stabbin kids
verge of stalkin the high rise a crook
wholl leave you outlined like ya favorite book
all you see is yellow tape chalk on the side walk
thats a crime scene no one playin hop scotch
kinda like dip samples i happen to chop rocks
my gun is carbonated they ALWAYS pop
you could play around with fire like it was a joke
but if you do your plans will be up in smoke
i got bars like candy or dove soap
and stay wit more devoted followers then the pope
pistol packin and exploded magnums on factions
so holly wood lights cameras then the action

08-01-2009, 12:38 AM
scorching and torching cities its a pity im snorin
borin scroing imported and foreign vehicles abortion
mean im takin out the engine renderin enemys helpless
hog all the instrumentals im selfish
have his lips all swelled up like shell fish
smell this yea thats tht good relish (HAHA)
murder murmur to the cops i stop heart beats
with hard beats im hardly a narc see
im sick with no form of medication my eyes dialated
fascinated by basic makeshift mistakes i spit
meaning im sicker then aids when im at my worst
gift a curse reherse each verse till the steez works
spit words swallow beats then the beast burps
i heat nerds with each turn my speech burns
ill have ya family kissin the floor burst thru the door
till you get the point like a bulletin board

08-01-2009, 04:08 AM
see first i freestyle to warm up the flow
then i ponder some shit and just let it go
i start out fast then eventually write slow
invision the beat ice water just like snow
the beat brutally beatin bleedin pain receding
more kicks and snares im needing to be defeating
im creepin 45 reasoning aint cohesive
cohesive? only when speakin am i completing
a full fledged journey through my mind or a 16
you could catch 16 or fire till its empty
not u talkin to the beat dont tempt me
dont need fists got bars to defend me
lyrical dismemberment definetly remember this
a beat ill render it..well dont even mention it
for all those thats familiar with my temperment
kill ya better half like burnin the new testament

08-01-2009, 04:31 AM
see in the streets im known wit infamousy
when on the beat i spit wit intimacy
then go away disappear mysteriously
gold and gliter focused materialistically
expand your horizons art and fine wine
no trust is both smart and unkind
but better safe and being cautious
cuz i doubt u wish to experience losses
talkin crazy lives are what the cost is
so much pain it could make you nauseous
see i spit bout math like trigganometry
and talk about guns reverse psychology
but still ball like i hit the lottery
fuck the money music is just a part of me
i wouldnt give this up if niggas dared me
get ice and cream like ben and jerrys

08-01-2009, 10:54 PM
i keep living like this on the edge
i keep hearin voices all up in my head
vision is impaired all i invision is death
im high on cocaine pcp and maybe meth
as i sit here in swallow my last breath
go into the light im on the home stretch
talkin mess will get ya dome a fuckin left
and im not talkin a hook fill brains wit lead
shattered carcass dead all up on the bed spread
leave his fuckin head lodged in my uncles shed
i dont give a fuck im twisted like an abortion
im more for the chopping of bodies rather then extortion
my view of the world is forlorn and kinda morbid
i see shadows wraiths and a number assorted horrors
when im in town best not leave ya wife home alone
yall born broke like you had an extra chromosome

08-02-2009, 11:50 PM
flow heat wit no beat move in stealth
yall niggas got stacks but i got wealth
all ya albums and tapes collecting dust on my shelf
pistol whip a nigga like my bad thought u was someone else
its baghdad spazzin eradacatin wit magnums
actin savage bashin yall faggots wit fuckin madness
i spit mind rape on myspace with no faith
go ape with that base no paper plates
that means niggas hittin it like seth petruzelli
my rhymes nasty and dirty so nigga ya smell me
im too tight like a fat bitches thong play along
lyrics hot n hard like they been in the oven too long
guns like cards the king pulls em on jokers they drawn
so when we smoke niggas they chest is like bongs
im flyer then kites at night plus i got balls
ya chick got more in the back then busy cop cars
and i smoke some dimes the others i pipe em
you ya either crush on em or wife em psychemz

(finish l8r)

08-03-2009, 12:22 AM
im a fuckin animal somethin similar to ving rames
teflon vest block shots like lebron james
im the shit yall niggas more like shit stains
buyin an xbox the only way you get game
and recitin my songs only time u spit flames
and watchin zombie flicks only time u get brains
ive been here for years decade and some change
shots drown you in blood and swallow lungs mang
they call me pistol pete when pistols meet ya childrens teeth
you sing on beats i spit street tht make crabs thro a b
comin thru rippin a free pissy like pee
verses like these sicker then STD's between knees
im iller then the next nigga which is you
you shoot bricks i move bricks flip this 1 2
chop a sample throw a kick and a snare and ill rip it bare
you a bad golfer never fuckin shot in the fair

08-03-2009, 01:16 AM
im a fuckin animal somethin similar to ving rames
teflon vest block shots like lebron james

shit was sick son u be killing them son

08-03-2009, 06:19 PM
ive been tossin and turning having nightmares
gun on the waist hell nah i dont fight fair
1 on 1 ive graduated from that kiddy shit
my set riding you can catch about fifty clips
i start straight classics and lay back like fifty did
and rhymes get steady rotations like some spinners kid
i bag ya wifey so quickly slip up in her ribs
and all my niggas guilty till proven innocent
im possibly gonna be one of the greatest ever
and sell out or dumb down nigga ill never
hate or wait for anotha niggas say so
and to raise funds neva resort to baggin dat yayo
im tryna make something outta nothing my team
all we got is a slim shot and a fuckin dream
ive been waiting so long to rise up feel me?
they dont dig or understand so they emotionally kill me

08-03-2009, 07:32 PM
all these rappers talk of shit they never really did
they fuck other chicks wit starving little kids
the world is cold but we made it like this
being caught up in this shit impossible to fight it
so i light smoke up and forget the whole nation
u get shot all u think of is retaliation
you kill him his friend kills ya friend time wastin
its so cool media got violence celebrated
ya kids watchin so much trash up on the TV
you doin dirt got nuttin to feed ya seeds
tired of this cruel place suicide the best choice
just blow my brains and leave my fuckin chest moist
but the only thing that keeps me goin is the snare
the bass the sample drums and all of the fans
i know i could do it if just given a chance
even if i gotta murder wit cold blood on my hands

08-03-2009, 08:01 PM
yo fuck a niggas thoughts gimme da cheese
or you will bleed got G's in my jeans
im swaggin and surfin this beat i b murkin
i whoop rico a nigga till my arms start hurtin
and im so cool i know the bitches stare
club like surgery bloods everywhere
and i dont rep tht red but respect it to the fullest
i kno a lotta B's who will feed ya niggas bullets
go ahead and see em if u think they wont pull it
im asleep on ya albums yea i lull it
me and my homies fitted match the back pack
gucci swag on deck green red stripes black
gucci duffel filled wit all the cash raps
i got connections businessses and assets
and we hit the club all my niggas hangin 10
we blow cash easy recession aint phasin them

08-05-2009, 01:58 PM
she said i had a big ego swag was on point
and her body was smokin just like my joint
so i said lil mama lemme get da bar code
bar code ya thats the digits if u aint kno
so when i get ya number lemme c if i cud smash
take the bitch straight to the pad
have her butt naked imma smack that ass
i kicked her out the crib then just laughed

08-05-2009, 02:32 PM
see these valid lines from ancient times of palestine
you wont battle mine or recline witta shattered spine
dictionary defined by the art of rhyme commit crimes
wit 5 nines thats a 45 in prime time
im Armstrong from the crack im peddalin
smash excederin and aderol im killen them
fillin em wit the lead im spitten and rippin them
the illest been the sick one actin devilish
relish this clippin fifths sick fuck no medicine
instantly deadin spreadin there intestines smoke every scent
i am hella bent like im ready to pray
niggas fresh out the pen and they ready to play
witta AK rugers my AKA
and well spray have it lookin like D-day
the sick one clip guns for big funds im rich dun
and if u aint rippun then u probably snitchun

08-05-2009, 08:02 PM
see im rollin down the block jerkin in my jerk jeans
you alrdy kno no man cud fuckin hurt me
team of the realest niggas guns like so HUGE
bitchs screamin like o my god i am that DUDE
yall lames i wud spit on u but thats RUDE
all i got is my balls my word and my TOOL
and my swag is boomin sorta like explosives
and my trunk is kickin like chun li and u kno this
i just copped some piff so nigga lets roll this
i just caught a body so lil nigga hold this
this rappin shit is easy increase the difficulty
my jewels they r boomin lookin mystically
faggot rapper swagger jackers become history
im back in this rap shit knew u was missin me
if freshness was a grade i wud gain an A
skinnys on my body but I AM NOT GAY

08-09-2009, 04:14 PM
its that kid ruger lasers and straight shooters
im a foola blaze toolas for tht chalupa moola
that all black bandanna ragged up lookin ghoulish
my team put hands on em like masuses (no homo)
red rum red rum burn em till his heads numb
pills is under the table like chewed up gum
yes marijuana got me witta green thumb
didn't know this niggas name you obviously dumb
while im slidin thru ya lobby witta tommy catch a body
grip the shotty if u rob me move shit like porta pottys
all i need is four bars to set it off im raw dog
got beef an yall niggas scatter like sawed offs
everytime i play ya tape i just nod off
i pitch so much base i set car alarms off (THINK!)
and these niggas dyin later rather then soon
im a masked up animal call me a raccon

08-09-2009, 06:29 PM
listen im the type of nigga set back and get head
you type of nigga to talk shit and get dead
these niggas chewin on they pencils taste lead
so fly when i die ill have a tempurpudic death bed
yes yall niggas too soft like memory foam
you was hatin b4 but now u like remember me holmes
im like no neva this rap shit gave me a reason
and when you smile too hard only time you cheesin
and you a fag come out the closet speak out
ya album flopped you tlkin bout cuz it leaked out
this nigga dont even front he got a weak mouth
and im not leavin but ya i got my peice out
i got my own swagger dont need u to put me on
cuz all the bitches love me like an emoticon
and im steadily hustlin continuing my grind fam
became the greatest of all time in the shortest time span
all these nigga tough talk but they would neva hurt me
cuz my crew down for anything like 6:30
marijuana and a 45 hopin the cops search me
i spit like an STD specifically herpes
and my niggas rep they B's like boston
you like lil weezy soon ull b COFFIN
white boy swagga rap totally awesome
and ya girl give it up so easy like she forfeit
yall fagoots if theres salad youll toss it
if i get locked up kid'll b out quick like an abortion
you too wack you play arcades the game knows
you talk about death row but u more like saints row
yall niggas so pussy like a taint yo
he rubbin on his mans back talkin bout he hate hoes
i think your a fan you think im your brother
im loaded wasted higher then a muthafucka
base in the trunk go off on al yall suckas
so the kicks throw you back like some old chukkas
and the AK will chew his chest till its see thru
fuck you ya crew the faggot said me too(pussy)

08-13-2009, 04:03 PM
y yall niggas so obsessed with the vet really
on some bjork shit fans thats tryna kill me
satanic rituals its pitiful and pretty silly
yea its that ruger nigga cmon blaze a philly
im comfortable white tee black nike flights
night life L to the head like a lost fight
next mixtape imma get an instant 5 mikes
ill jump his mans five times now thats really 5 mikes
get it? nah yall niggas still too Behind
itll take a minuite to process and rewind
but in the mean time its all me time
on the highlight reel dunks in prime time
check a niggas shwagga wat yall niggas shtupid
my nigga im flowin like fluid im lucid
i go nd nike niggahs put em in check
CT rep so why yall niggas so obsessed

08-24-2009, 04:11 PM
so i ummmmm jerk
i am a boss u r a twerp
ice cream charger yes i swerve
drunk? yes on surp
baghdad kid ruger what ever you call me
40 on the waist so u cannot stall me
you might say these rhymes is really simple
spit thimbles re jogg ya mentals and spine tingles
stack chips like pringles pop guns like pimples
and leave ya body gift wrapped up like cris kringle
yes thats jolly old saint nick
maybach vets sick look how da paint drip
aha now its lookin like candy
BAC high heineken brandy
5 grams like im satanic
bitch pop a bean then she paniced

08-29-2009, 07:58 PM
it'll only take about 60 in my ken griffeys
to get about 50 right where ya wig be
niggas actin shifty guns to where ya kids sleep
give em all shots till they walkin tipsy
haha nigga thats thats nigga you call ruger
in the back seat got them niggas you call shootas
size a nigga up just like a fuckin ruler
bullets blazin pop the thing u call a medulla
(in a new york minute) u cud be a victim of a jux
uh huh and you cud get ya shit took
(in a new york minute) you could die for ya supply
or catch 25 just for ya gang ties
(in a new york minute) you could listen to the hottest verse
tears shed your head gun burst black hearse
(in a new york minute) you could be a fuckin star
and then be found dead in the back of a car(RUGER!)

09-02-2009, 09:08 PM
closed casket to fruit baskets
whether i bandanna'd up or ski masked it
see my ratchet its kinda fat kid
and im high cuz fat is wat the bags is
and i drop bombs wiley coyote acme
while i smoke stacks like a industrial factory

(finish later)

09-03-2009, 08:40 PM
im a beast type nigga when it come to them firearms
bag full of jewels 45 thats in my palm
shoot ya funeral up while they recitin psalms
and my guns cut like the mower in my front lawn (aww)
im evil with the eagle regal like my nigga seagle
stunt like kenevil on all of these regular people
they say oh shit that nigga at it again
he rolled up in the benz and splattered his friend
then that nigga took the pen nd stabbed in his skin
now everybody tense lookin at him sin (yea)
im not friend im a boss wit goon ways
who ball in a ratti fuck that minum wage aye
niggas know when im connectin pen to the page
they heart race and they beggin for a fuckin taste
like spit summin fam we aint neva heard ya 16's
but yall bitin niggas pussy nd u smellin kinda fishy

09-03-2009, 11:07 PM
so stop murdering theese cats lol love ur work man keep it up u gots a mike right

09-04-2009, 06:01 PM
baghdad who the fuck think im not hard
everytime i spit a bar here come the bomb squad
and u alrdy know fuck is this them fat bricks
you tlkin on the track ya verses sound like adlibs
im a star like texas and shoot like a maverick
these niggas shocked when i first started static
and them choppas not a choppa u a cop out
nd them coppas feel the hot stuff wit my glock out
yeaaa wat yall niggas on ya grind bout
act funny show them niggas what the 9's bout
and i got two its eighteen to get in the club
21 to drink so take a shot to the mug (uggghhh)
im a nigga who just dnt give a fuckkkk
yall crabs not horseshoes cuz u outta luccck
yall niggas internet i surf cuz i got swag
2 mags black mask uh oh blood baths HA!

09-06-2009, 05:18 PM
im so crazy listen to the track lay back
sippin the cognac grippin my sack
matta fact fuck that grippin a gat
in the lac witta mac thatll kill u in 5 flat
nd u alrdy kno ruger keep a smut close
one who carry knives and can cut coke
pitchin where the lil girls play jump rope
till them otha niggas roll up and dump fo
im a ill nigga still flip and kill niggas
copper tops spill from pullin the steel trigger
carry mad bricks and tools like a real builder
yall niggas rats and pigs so imma kill wilbur
when i roll up yall pussys fucked like a dildo
fists swing yo things took wit ya grill swoll
any otha catch a clip fuck a elbow
u dead stomp ya corpse wit a steel toe

09-16-2009, 06:39 PM
im tired of niggas tlkin shit homie where my swammie at?
pull it out my pocket put it where ya granny at
i rock a tooly on the waist u carryin a fanny pack
D-E stretch mad seeds plus it blam u back
pull my AK up like yea nigga you aint tlkin now
nd if u say summin slick then imma have to gun u down
my niggas heavy sellers just auctioned off a quarter pound
nigga smoked it came back and want to go anotha round
HA! my niggas all masked up
and if u wanna scrap then u cud get ya punk ass cut
im a real nigga only thing i cop is some cutty
crackheads u cop fire yall niggas junkies
niggas kno im a hustler niggas coppin bout every day
weed man weed man i want a dime of tht purple haze
and all my niggas caked out cant break the bank
shut up for we march up in ya house like the saints

09-16-2009, 06:59 PM
im on top of the world im too fucking high
windows up hot box in that lambo ride
way i wave to a hater thnk im from the stuy
i wanna get shot but fuck it niggas tried
i was told good omen was a butterfly
but wat if it happened to b a butterfly knife
if it was in my heart wud i let it slide?
thinkin no wings but i still touch the sky
i cud ride out in all the nice cars and new gear
money shtackin weed man dnt let the clouds clear
im gone and i wanna stay in my zone
im the human torch fuck off if my flame on
yea my shit is slurred nigga fuck speakin
nd if i was speakin nigga it wasnt cohesive
Dro or middies fuck it we all blazin up
we light up two puffs then yall niggas pass the dutch

09-25-2009, 03:18 PM
if u aint makin money yall faggot niggas is lame
i mean yall supposed to b vets im new to the game
u see how them snub nose bullets screwed up his frame
now niggas walkin like the dealers always witta cane
ull b slain remain brain dead when pain shreds ya frame red
listen to wat wats his naame said
they like oh baghdad that niggas is soft
but when i hit the block niggas kno im a boss
and niggas just dont thro they sets they vomit it
pick pocket cockin poppin it off at seargents fill my wallet kid
im from mars u RED the SIGNZ kno stoppin it
alien invasion like an animal caged in
hell raisin kryptonite clips will light nd trip ya dikes
rip a mic slit ya right get ya wife right wit the pipe
ya boy keep the frenchie wit him just like montana
got a killa in the passenger so i must be santana

10-07-2009, 09:34 PM
eyes on the cocaine fitted twisted all back
talk smack leave about 5 in ya ball cap
and thats a lil ball park estimate
yall niggas started and continued it but i finished it
im ballin like a bitch i wonder wat my limit is
i think i wont stop so take a photo and remember it
i dont care bout wat u cop or u fen go get
just know im in these streets so protect ya kids
dont want the seeds caught up in the gunfire
if i punch him in the face ill leave like one shiner
and theyll be chokin on dust like a coal miner
and ill be the man with the caine like an old timer
and im so fire and yall niggas on the verge of bad
i got a pristine tec 9 wit an extended mag
that will slump u and put ya brains in a trash bin
and will blow ya head off sorta like a napkin

10-07-2009, 09:53 PM
it was MUURRRDAAAA scene yellow tape up
some punks robbed a thug and got ate up
front steps 4 bodies all them niggas sprayed up
bullet hit him in the back and pushed his fuckin fade up
im a murderer a killa and recently a drug dealer
stitch the knife wounds and let the fuckin slugs kill him
see shit out here gets real fuckin crucial
body bags toe tags plus mad funerals
c in the killas eyes if u soon to die
stiff arm with a knife and the nigga will b petrified

10-14-2009, 03:16 PM
ima goon like plies mainly just ghoulish
yall niggas like ashanti your foolish
waist type area oh thts where the tool is
gold chain on frame like im wrkin for the cool kids
im the islest or the illest huh?
im on the villa in a village where ther killins and dealins
made niggas willin to do the stealin
and if im high in the clouds im not new to feeling
writin songs while high like my pen on auto pilot
and the weed that i toke well its all violet
hop in the bed wit ur wife phone on silent
party pooper talk shit guns spray off violence
i hopped up in the car told my cheuffer to the bottom
killas around the corner and its obvious there plottin
and all yall niggas is oblivious to the problem
ashes bowl catch em all like pokemon i got em

10-14-2009, 03:27 PM
mother give me chores chopped bodies in the garbage
if u breath and move well then ur a target
all my niggas shtupid but they all marksmen
my shit fluffy no seeds urs is dead and hardened
beat is xlax gimme diarrhea of the mouth
on the beats like the synth u hear from down south
baggy clothes same jeans nigga that is all out
and the hunger in me that i speak wit well its all drought
and yall niggas i am sick with a dysfunction no erectile
and u always wit the boys like u was a pedafile
banger at home and he doesnt wanna stay a while
chop u like a crocdile so u dnt wana c him smile
i drag bodies but yall niggas just drag files
differant colors no matchin ass nigga thts not style
i need a great punchline to just go ahead and end it
the beat is dead no cold case or forensics

10-18-2009, 11:06 AM
i had a marraige wit rap and arrogant cats
who claim they strapped with them terrorist gats
they distant like where on the map tearin thru hats
clean out ya ear wax to hear fear facts and hard crack
now how bout that spittin like a 40 cal no safety
banger im totin in my hand so no waisty
wasting misplacing ya spinal casing in basements
im erasin and steadily pacing a nation to damnation
creatin a safe haven to track rapin and weed blazin
im sayin im fuckin straight ravens blacks bird wit no hatian
im not a racist cuz my work is all caucasian
coke to fill a sand box so my niggas not playin
and that deagle can break a niggas wrist
im ill drop more mixtapes then dat piff
wat i live by is lines made from dat spliff
and even old heads realize that im that kid

10-22-2009, 04:46 PM
yea mad niggas standin round ya gravesite
i do drugs and sometimes i so fuckin hate life
them blood niggas alrdy got them read stripes
and im beatin niggas in the game like i had a lead pipe
u can catch me in a trench in the dead of night
on the otha side of the street aimin wit the right
what nigga? get ya fuckin life correct
acid had me trippin like red crips do wit they sets
and im gettin fetti moola deniro
and im high like a muthafuckin supa hero
my crew gambinos and im the boss don
cookin in the kitchen like shallah raekwon
and the pots filled wit coke just like my lines
and im spittin straight piff just like my dimes
40 on the waist baby 9 in the pocket
blow thru ya brains and pop ya ye sockets

10-22-2009, 04:54 PM
my niggas we get mad bread
and we'll paint the whole town red
take a blunt to the head
and we'll paint the town red

paint the town red witta niggas blood shed
bussin off the fuckin tech aimin at ya fuckin neck
then im aimin at ya fuckin leg then bangin at ya fuckin set
the grim reaper gate keeper so which niggas fear death?
cuz this nigga fearless break fake niggas spirit
slicin off ya ear and cartilage is tearin
ha! the illest nigga in the hood
bury out back ull b the illest nigga in the woods
yes and im the illest nigga in the burbs
ill shoot u dwn the illest nigga on the curb
and im a champ but i dont box in that ring
cuz u know ya boy got more bars then the bing
like fuck a punchline its crunch time nd u lunch time
shoot a cop in his head like bball pick up 5
and my 5 go to the 9 like ya daily job
so run ya pockets like they goin for there daily jog

10-31-2009, 11:36 AM
my shoes are gucci my hat is louie
im off of a bean and im feelin kinda screwy
beef? i dont drop it no huey
i spit like a martian hawk patoowey
im a pill popper a real G hip-hopper
im lookin for boppers avoidin the coppers
employed wit the mobsters forreal im a monster
i ghost all my smoke so it prolly will haunt ya
more guns then contra salute to the king
im choppin them things have me up in the bing
if u move unto my crew you are done dude
i will just hunt you and smoke u like blunts do
i am too ill and i just pop pills
and i will slang crills for them dolla dolla bills
im tired of u talkin my nigga its simple
i am so gone im poppin like pimples

10-31-2009, 11:48 AM
i am a real g so yes i tote steel
if u know police then u will get killed
ur shit is fake my shoes are real
u cud get jumped like fuck how you feel
im back on my bullshit spittin a full clip
my clip is all full but bitch it cud spill
im so fuckin zooted smoke clouds polluted
i am dumb shtupid henessy fluid
u shudnt have started ur dead and departed
i am a marksman and u r a target
i am so foreign mauris fuck jordans
i catch mad bodies like bitches thats whorin
my swag is so strange every bitch stare
my jewels are compared to the county fair
hell nah theyre perfect more like the circus
i am an alien im just same on the surface

11-01-2009, 10:52 AM
pistol on my side and thats a 38 snub nose
hit the party bacardi spillin on my club clothes
and i dont give a fuck i dont cuff or love hoes
im not into robbin niggas but i do sell drugs tho
smoke pills caine heroaine in the veins
leave blood stains and slump frames for chump change
cuz ive been the illest nigga cuz i walk that walk
40 on my side and you dont wanna hear that thing talk OWWWW

11-03-2009, 03:12 PM
pistol on the right six shooter on the left
slide thru ya back then burst thru ya chest
khaled type crew my niggas the best
ive been thru that guns thing lil boy im a vet
and ya wife get back shots my nigga im sexin
mausberg witta flu sneezin thats the kids weapon
u not around then we robbin ya bst friend
have his hands in the air like he askin a question

11-11-2009, 01:01 PM
I-D-G-A-F give a fuck i am the best
haze in my system and it really hurts my chest
you virgin lungged niggas dont smoke this
cuz ull be stuck i mean it is potent
im in the club lil mama ya im scopin
dreams of smashin that ya im hopin
drink in my left blunt in my right
hazey ass eyes im groovy outta sight

(HOOK)i dnt give a fuck i dnt give a fuck
i dnt give a fuck let me get fucked up
im high im wavey
and my attitude is fuck you pay me
i dnt give a fuck i dnt give a fuck
i dnt give a fuck let me get fucked up
i drink i chug
tipsy as fuck fill up my cup

11-11-2009, 01:06 PM
i dont give a wat? nigga ull get cut
cuz nigga us a punk and the shotty will just dump
i feel like im high cuz i be levitatin
i smoke that fire like its grown by satan
waitin for ya boy to spark nigga im not waitin
u got a little chain but my nigga u not cakin
i walk like the boss don him self free my nigga max
belt on my waist but thats not my only strap

11-11-2009, 01:11 PM
i am a goon nigga still the boss tho
niggas sayin i got that old school floss flow
push me to the limit u on ya rick ross flow(i feel u)
jacob on my right dont ask how much it cost yo
chain red white and blue my nigga pledge allegiance
i spit straight crack so my listeners is fiendinm
beat that nigga ruger? my nigga u is dreamin
beam on the D-E niggas steady schemin

11-18-2009, 07:21 PM
listen we got dem gunnas bwoy thats wa-wat ya runnin for
cuz ya boy make it rain it pours
i th-thought i told ya boy imma fuckin soulja boy
and im gettin arab money plus i hold a toy
and all yall niggas scared of me and niggas i bang wit
plus niggas i smoke wit and them niggas i slang wit
if we got a problem go call up ya gang kid
cuz i dnt give a fuck my bullets give face lifts
check my neck and my bracelet lil boy i stay shinen
pump up ya brakes so then i start grindin
and then i start rhymin tick moneys on timin
fiends get thru the lines so they nose is a lineman
ya go ahead call up ya team and ya kids
cuz ill kill all ya dogs like i was michael vick
and if u aint talkin money then wat u sayin is random
throw ya flag up like the national anthem

11-18-2009, 07:33 PM
and im back in the phantom NBA baller
tell ya CREW wat to do yeaaa im a shot caller
had money in the summer spent it all by the fall
and got it right back wit the 40 to ya jaw
put the 40 to my jaw but mine is a ounce
chest full a liquor give ya boy his usual bounce
money comin double its an unusual count
and my guccis turn heads like an unusual sound
my weed is presidential green as the esparragus
my coke flown over like coming to america
if u diss the mauris then leave witta black eye
come witta couple niggas leave wit some clapped guys
i o u? my nigga all i ask is why
if i say u not gettin ntn then dont even try
i mean im a hustler by blood so ya i lie
and i get money in knots like ropes thats tied

11-18-2009, 07:47 PM
ive been to hell and back learn to scrap from flippin packs
and i got the money in my louie nap sack
oh you a gangsta? you really wanna act that
you can shoot at me but im like ja i clap back
and if u really want the tooly to ya face
then back the fuck up and let me reach for my waist
metal in ya mouth like a brace how the fuck it taste
start sprayin in his eyes like some fuckin mase
yes im the best im steady jabbin at ya temple
its simple talk shit and i spill out ya mentals
you gon have to hustle harder to pay for ya dentals
and even fuckin harder to afford my instrumentals
but i get u fam u on ya cum up shit
but u talkin to much u on that gunned up shit
roll up to ya house and shoot the front up kid
killed ya seed and ya wiz so u can tell im heartless

11-20-2009, 09:06 PM
ima beast and im so far from normal
i can tranform you like steepin thru a portal
titan in this rap shit yall niggas is just mortals
he a killa? he say hes on his murda shit sorta
i make it rain my nigga it is pourin
pull up in the new ride my nigga it is foreign
im so high in the sky my nigga i am soarin
broken safety tec 9 kill niggas outta boredom
guess what? im legendary so nigga be wary
cuz if u actin scary front page and the obituarys
ima fucking goon make car tunes like loony toons
he really actin out? my g will die VERY SOON
i got them big guns that cud clear out ANY ROOM
bag ya wife sister and mother ya boy gets any poon
and im a champ bullets give ya dome lethal incision
its frying in the pot but my nigga we not cookin chicken

11-20-2009, 09:18 PM
im in that mazzaratti
pullin to the paaaartttyyy
sippin on bacarrrddddiiii
smokin on paaaarrrssllleeeeyyy
im barely been on this earth enuff to sell out
i got bars so i could show u wat jail bout
oh you got an ounce gun bang time out
gimme the cash and the piff for i blow ya spine out
ya my nine out wit my diddy bop
bazooka shit take out a whole city block
tappin down ya pockets see wat yall really packin
run ya fuckin pockets or my nigga im blastin
black rover under the seat gotta mac 10
that stay steady clappin on niggas who want action
and im askin my g u really want this
u think u can beat me? for real lets be honest

11-20-2009, 09:26 PM
back on my bull shit and i dont really care
i leave u elevated if u give me them stairs
my piff is imported so u know it be rare
i stay with the fire like a dragons lair
BURR im so cold call me mr frosty
im not kelis but ya boy steady bossin
i mean im bossy wrist game costly
my nigga im flossin and yall boys is tossin
salad eat rappers to calm down my pallet
anybody can rap but yall lack talent
i said talk shit it cud get violent
then the whole fuckin crowd went dead silent
im wilin the cal is on me no way u stylin on me
bars like rikers i got the island on me
im a grimey nigga and its neva been shower time
pounds a purp connects like power lines

11-21-2009, 04:21 PM
i made her say ahhh open wide
and u alrdy know i am that guy
and the bitch betta not even try
cuz i am a dog and i will not lie
i made the nigga say ahh screamed in tears
while i stuck the 45 to his beard
and i blew his brains out on the steps
and u already know his friend is next
and im totttiiinnnn the tec
and ill opeeennnn his neck
fuck you annnndd your set
dont step outside witout ur vest
cuz illll kiilll yooouuu
they like you needa chill dude
and i say naaah fuck dat
and then i bussst back
like im a beast fresh out the zoo
bullets blowin thru fresh out ya crew
like who knew this nigga was a bad kid
ya raps dont even rhyme they sound like adlibs
nice wit the pen stabbin up the pad kid
get a 9 to 5 an nigga quit rappin
im not a bitch nigga but ill slap him
i dont like ya performance but ill clap him
and im trappin blastin with the mac 10
u grippin on the waist but yall niggas not packin
plus yall niggas like dress pants SLACKIN
and my niggas not bloods but we STACKIN
and my weed put me in the trees outerspace
juelz and wayne ya boy cnt feel his face
so blazed off of the strawberry haze
and my skinnys is rude like kanye on stage
and my dude im high im zooted
so much smoke that be pollutin
u can bring all ur marksman and get real stupid
but lights camera action and then we shootin

11-26-2009, 08:26 PM
niggas is bangin they set iz all colored up
so if them red see the blues well they gon gun em up
we aint funnin cuz either that or u reppin blood
red rag on the right big bs thro it up
or maybe u a king nigga gold like my chain is
see we flamin guns go off nigga they bangin
i dont rep nuttin but i know alotta b niggas
i dont start gunnin until i start to see niggas
i got aim so wat the fuck im sprayin for
run up in ya house masked up and take the raw
got a choppa in my trunk thatll send u to hell
and toss bullets like quarterbacks in the nfl
u drop alotta shit but yo shit dont sell
when i load up all im thinkin is go kill
and all these gang niggas want is money snapy
and if they cant make it they take it wit da ratti

11-26-2009, 08:37 PM
from L-B to NYC
everybody got they flags and they duckin the D's
and all i smoke is them leaves no crack im not a fiend
and all i do is rob kill and stack up my green
im mean rude and a muthafuckin menace
work wit da cops? i only pay off the lieutenant
i get paper in the mail like envelopes and letters
two steppin witta 40 ounce clutchin my beretta
hold ya head up red up aim for the neck up
i give out pills like doctors after check ups
u cud get wet up u thro the wrong set up
i leave ya og shot down if he step up
chop him up then throw his bitch ass in the dumpster
after i get him buck like one of those damn krumpers
and now i take his bread u neva wondered
till i clap that thang thang blood rain guns thunder

12-09-2009, 05:45 AM
So Much Bud to Break Up
listen sittin on a boat flyin in a plane
sittin in the traf dippin thru lanes
nigga do the math im pitchin all the caine
nigga take a bath grippin on them thangs
mean u gettin wet wet like a water park
niggas talkin shit to me but they dont wanna start
and then niggas wanna hate homie this the funny part
cuz i got a couple bucks and aint even stuntin hard
homie im a beast so much bud to break up
dealin all the kush not hard to cake up
niggas need to eat put ya fuckin plate up
my bitches get cut witout puttin the blade up
im a favorut first round draft pick'
u in the front lines bound to a casket
u dead in ya bed bound to ya matress
my life is like magic urs like a hat trick
records all platinum sheets made of satin
rhymes all copywrited my flow is patent
niggas is slackin niggas be actin
niggas gotta couple bucks 45 packin
fresh ass trues feet in the black dunks
fresh ass juelz choppa in the back trunk
eat a rapper whole bitch niggas my lunch
eat a rappers soul plus bitch niggas get punched
six whippers which one back pack six guns
hit u witta clip son rip ya head and bitch done
im sittin in the 45 bitch rubbin on my thigh
ya nigga gettin super high weed taste like lemon lime
im swag surfin chillen hangin 10
and u in the crib chillen payin rent
im in the club smokin gettin bent
high like superman gettin my clark kent

12-09-2009, 05:47 AM
Eat you alive
imma eat you alive just like hannibal
rappers for lunch a monster a cannibal
if u was so hot you wud have a fan or 2
if u smoked alot u wud have a gram or 2
if u fought alot u wud have a hand or 2
and if u talked alot ud be in the sand my dude
if u was a diamond ud be in my band
if u popped theyd put u in the can
im chompin on ya gristle chewin thru ya sinew
dig into ya tissue eat u wit no issue
my nigga im a missle i just explode
i run the planet i jog on the globe
swing on his face get em on the ropes
attire so fresh cleaner then the soap
hungry like an alligattor swimmin in a moat
kill u and ya girl then start shootin at ya folks
im in the closet but i am not a faggot nigga
coke make him bug out like a maggot nigga
ya im strapped my nigga 40 on my lap my nigga
i will slap a nigga straight body snatch a nigga
soul clap a nigga saran wrap the work'
ill leave u murked put u in the dirt
like im the newboys gun jerk his shirt
im a fuckin monster in the shadows i lurk

12-09-2009, 05:51 AM
this is killa muzik

this is thrilla muzik spine cold chilla music
this is rip ya muzik out the shadows get ya muzik
this is baghdad rifle all gilly suited
hit u in the head fuck if i move my units
im super stupid plus i am crazy high
wavey goin both ways like a nigga bi
yes a nigga fly well well a nigga try
trigga finga like when im gon make him die
im seein dollar signs and thats the bottom line
ill make u recline put you outta ur mind
im outta my mind outta these dimes
my beats is crack like im stealin ur lines
and im a 5 star so higher in rank
ive had a list of people i aspire to shank
had em runnin thru the house im firin blanks
i smoke so much my whole attire is stank
im slidin on stage high off wat ya admire to blaze
im lightin them Ks up like its christmas day
im flippin pigeons yay puffin on a clip of haze
weed is all blue like my nickles crippin babe
im a differant type u kno a new species
im a thousand hungry rotweilrs wit no leashes
im the richest nigga u eva seen wit no peices
im the nigga that leave u stretched like u over reachin
ya im over decent fuck that im over great
ill put u on the beef like u sittin over steak
i am older hey nigga i just roll ya pay
my drums dumb like im over in the bay

12-09-2009, 05:53 AM
i can transform ya

listen i can change ya like johnny dangers
grippin on my banger spittin it at strangers
drinkin out of anger hear comes the alcoholic
piss fucking drunk sippin on my vodka tonic
yea im all brolic i let the shotty load
i dont fight no more i let the shotty blow
i got 4 burnas like the top a stoves
im like old writin a nigga gotta scroll
yea im hard to fold hands like octopus
eight dubs of weed i call that my octo kush
hustla aint nothin that i cant push
i smoke mad weed but no reggie bush
i came to kill and ya mans read my look
thats why he on the shelf like a set of books
head mounted on my mantel hot like solar panels
yall niggas all squares like u rockin flannel
im real only thing i change is the channel
im hungry yall just slipped on like sandels
i am so ample i mean im so able
to keep so much bread like a kitchen table
snitchin to the cops yall niggas speakin fables
swag on point my glock match the label
dont fuck wit me im not mentally stable
u suck only thing u droppin is ya label
plus im on that syrup im not sippin maple
and ya boy ten times hotter then the month of april
and ya boy flow mad hot just like a sauna
got killa beats like chris brown and rihanna
i twist ya top off like bottles of fanta
see ya boy a problem and there is no answer
my flow intelligent spit all this witty banter
im sick of it like a clown with cancer

12-09-2009, 05:56 AM
You'll like Dying

whennnn myyy sluugggsss are done
ull feel like dying ull feel like dyin

listen im in the shadows i am a creeper
i have no sole im a ripped up sneaker
'i have a new ride with so many features
im in a new game with so many leechers
ill snap CD's and break many records
put u in a fuckin box just like a checker
i am the ruler you cannot measure up
even if i slit ur throat ur not dead enough
im sick in the head enough dont push me nigga
ya thats what i thought u bitch ass pussy nigga
ya bones will crumble u r a cookie nigga
ull be all black and blue like a tookie nigga
i wanted to kill you all along im fated
fuck the world and flirt with satin
i dont give a fuck yall niggas stay hatin
im under watch like im on probation
there is no savior so dont pray
when u get killed thats where u forever lay
you will not ascend u will not elevate
guns will clear ya mind like u meditate
i pop champagne but no need to celebrate
successful or not im already in my grave
facing towards the sky not regretting death
i chug the bottle till theres not a drop left
straight alcoholic with a smokers chest
talk shit and ull catch a smokers left
i am the fucking best but still the fucking worse
only way im at peace is in a fucking hearse
money so long urs is so terse
ive been psychotic ever since my unfortunate birth
all my slugs are done you are finally killed
splattered all over ya cars window still

12-09-2009, 05:59 AM
ice cream paint job

745 paint job all red
i bust mad guns it hits all heads
i mean im so dead dead serious
and the coke cut up on the mirror kid
its baghdad dougie like im s beezy
plus ill eat you alive just like lil weezys
my stacks mad fat urs a lil beefy
murder money call it chuckys cheesy
and im so breezy heart cold like a draft
countin up the money 2x the math
and i re upped wit 2 times the stash
and i sold it all for two times the cash
but thats what i do i cop then i sell the shit
fuck wit the flow shot to ya melon kid
tongue in the barrel lick a shot hella quick
lade wit big rims trunk like an elephant
and im serious u must be delirious
ill have all yall pussys bleedin just like a period
and im fuckin mean kg u hearin this
they was lookin for the greatest well nigga here he is
im thinkin of a title ice cream paint job
gun black mask i cud get ya bank robbed
it dont kill niggas homie it takes squads
they be strain down the barrel like they hate god
im the animal on the team like the mascot
'i got this shit locked nah pad locked
beggin for me to stop its kinda sad ock
nigga i hate pussys sorta like a FA-GOT
nigga im cold my attitude hostile
i got them old rocks call it dinosaur fossils
yea my shoes is all real ur shit is faulty
my nigga stack bills squad like chauncy

12-09-2009, 06:03 AM
imma star

i thought i told ya i got bars
u sniffin ice i whip the raw
and she likes all my cars
ya boy is gone i am far(repeat)

listen im gone gun in my back pocket
got my 40 no safety i am that brolic
ya boy is shinen yes i am that polished
smokin on them flowers thru which i frolic
u too stupid to have the thought of college
theres the fatal flaw in ya pursuit of knowledge
im a heavy drinker i like the hypnotic
ya girl shake her ass have her hips noddin
i got them fifs poppin till ya wrist lockin
and my nine cockin until ya bitch droppin
crackheads is hooked just like phonics
ya boy rollin fast so my cars like sonic
and why you think im stoppin i aint got a problem
i took the title wit one tape they thought i robbed em
fuck ya sob story nigga the scene gory
i make it rain its pourin true res and mauris
i keep the guns like cory streets they employed me
and they the same people that stay tryna destroy me
and im sittin wit ET ya boy needa phone home
yes i am too high im in the twilight zone
i got that sweet ice just like a snow cone
u like a convertable nigga u get no dome
yea im a young nigga but i been grown
my coke and my bitch got the same skin tone
ill leave u wit stitches my nigga get sewn
my guns dont suck dick but ull get blown
imma star my nigga u shud get known
my bars steady elevatin like a sprint phone

12-09-2009, 06:06 AM
its going down

trunk fulla kickers mouth fulla swishers
gotta big tool my life a motion picture
if u need a Q-P then holler at ur nigger
im pretty ill but my outfits alot sicker
listen mouth so clean like the listerine
im doin yard work yes man im cuttin green
nigga ill gut ya spleen cut ya wide open
bullets blazin keep my nine smokin
yea my street code well it is unspoken
trust no one sleep wit my eyes open
im scopin lookin for ya mans so i can kill em
im hopin im alone wit ya sisters so i can drill em
semen in they mouth my nigga i will fill em
my guns gonna pop him my nigga imma pill
i dont even re up nigga i just rob you
yes u r a pussy and so is ya squad too
sirens is the pigs i call them the hogs too
smoke in ya face my cars all fogged too
beat ya fuckin ass my nigga i will flog u
fresh out the swamp my crew out the bog too
chug patrone nigga we is celebraters
nigga its going down like a escalator
i dont trust you not even my fuckin neighbors
im gettin high easy just like an elevator
my shit is custom made jacob holla at my watch
k out the window let it holla at ya block
chickens in my whip holla at my cock
i dont fuck wit niggas who constantly just talk
im a genius to you well i only think
i cant fuck wit it unless its only pink
straight goose yea thats my only drink
leave the pussy drippin like a faulty sink

12-09-2009, 06:13 AM
money to blow

i am on a 24 hour purple haze diet
puffin while im pumpin i encourage u to try it
im probably just sayin that cuz my niggas they supply it
i got a new chain robbery? well try it
but just be aware i got a stupid fat ratchet
nd i put ya whole fam in a stupid fat casket
u niggas is trash sum stupid fat bastads
and im on top my high is everlastin
choppa steady blastin weed u cant imagine
weed in my crib house like bob saget
spittin stupid nice tracks like automatics
look at ya bitch then im auto mackin
rhyme game right im not even sorta slackin
2 heaters in the beater not sorta packin
im sick and hungry but i sorta stopped laughin
cuz everything in my mind is all tragic


richer then the richest i stay flippin pigeons
birds all white like a cluckin chicken
im gettin mad guap till im stuck in prison
you niggas get dead cuz u dont fuckin listen
i told em up the ante more money then ya family
my flow super tight like fat bitches pantys
i was wit sandy or fuckin wit tammy
two bitches givin brains thats a double whammy
or 3 havin sex my nigga thats a triple threat
her and her friends givin neck infin-net
on one accord sorta like an ethernet
when ya boy is bored spit a verse and ether vets
im a fuckin monster ya boy is under beds
so u can be under cover but ill gun ya head
i aimed for ya leg but shot ya lung instead
u b all bloody like u rep that red


3rd verse shoot u till flat lines
them bullets twist ya fingers up like gang sign
i am so differant same at the same time
i got a nickleplated mac for who take mine
and it will break spines connects like the grape vine
i spit great lines dubs is like my fat dimes
i dont give a fuck that is our differance
i kill my victims and then the witness
im a fuckin menace drinkin mad guiness
im a general u workin for leutenants
u goin to jail mad long call it a run on sentence
my niggas rude fuck u if u offended
im like a hoe i need money to blow
luckily im rich and i got money to show
my nigga i am grimey yes gully fo sho
pillsbury stackin im gettin that dough u kno


12-09-2009, 06:17 AM
plenty money

whats on my waist dog? a big ass 40
killin all yall niggas in my recordings
ridin in that space ship yea my car is foreign
got rid of the last one cuz it was borin(repeat)

homie im high in the sky like a fuckin star
yall niggas flow is sweet call em candy bars
yall niggas not aliens homie im very mars
cocaine raw nigga its very hard
i am very large nigga im a rap idol
ali wit this shit nigga i hold the title
bussin off the tec it hit u in ya spinal
hit u in ya chest blow out ya organs that is vital
u dead on arrival homie thats D.O.A
ill leave yall niggas sleepin right where the fishes play
ill leave ya children dead when my niggas spray
you say u got guns but u neva held a k
im killing ya bank homie yea wealth i slay
all wood thats whats on ya shelf today
yea my debt good but i got hell to pay
contemplatin shud i load up the shells today
naaaah lets leave em fuck it nigga bring the blade
tryna feel my interior homie its all suade
or its all leather seats made of ostrich
i get super head my bitches straight from college
i get mo knowledge then u cud imagine
i get more DEEP then u cud ever FATHOM
im takin everythin grabbin all you stackin
and my house got more bitches then a beauty pageant
nigga u so slackin face cream like proactive
you below average nigga im pro at this
ya crew is fo faggots theat means its fuckin fake
i got a fuckin eigth smoke it to the fuckin face
im at ya front door shoot up ya fuckin place
yall nigga really starin i can feel the hate
and for your sake pray to the god u know
cuz im a shotty spitter witta cartridge flow

12-09-2009, 06:20 AM
walk it out

listen i am back my guns is fully loaded
and when it pop off it sound like a damn explosion
ice round my neck explanation for it snowing
girls dancin in they pantys wit they tittys showin
yes i got guns that is about 8 years old
i got guns the same size as an eight year old
talkin bout the goons u betta slow ur role
for u be suckin on the barrels fuckin pole
yall niggas fuckin go my niggas clutchin guns
hit u in ur lungs and then u will run
my money stack like bloods throwin them gang signs
im like goin in the battle and spitten the same lines
im a landmine jam thru the grapevine
witta pump the same size as a lake
im so fire leave u wetter then vaginas
u already kno adress me as ya highness
and then i minus ya finest pine and
cuz my i got rush just like a lineman
i mean i stay puffin on that crazy dro
eric b rakim floss mode on my 80's flow
i move mad crack my nigga i stay in snow
it means its cold even in the summer yo
i got the pumper yo thats a bummer boy
i stay wit that beat like a drummer boy
745 witta candy coat stunner toy
stay wit the kickers just like a punter boy
got the rifle blastin just like a hunter toy
and if he talkin reckless i might just punch ya boy
i dont get tired of pullin i dont get tired of shootin
im shittin on u niggas i get tired of poopin
makin all the money i get tired of goonin
showin off my ass i dont get tired of moonin

12-09-2009, 06:23 AM
KILLA freestyle
listen im back witta vengence remember me
ill leave u in forensics chopped in tennesy
my drink of choice? well thats the hennesy
the drop is whatever but my nigga the bently mean
and u already know ya boy is a killa
dead bodies coming back reminded me of thrilla
u dont wna meet these fockers like ben stiller
im high like lil wayne except im iller
illy high off the muthafuckin philly
fuckin wit this type of nigga u must be silly
really yall niggas i feel alot of pity
cuz my life so great urs is so shitty
u can catch me in ya hood or maybe in ya city
handin out photos autographs on bitches tittys
still gettin to the cheese like i was mickey
yall niggas bitin and suckin like a fuckin hickey
listen u can catch me in my mothafuckin kitchen
wippin tryna get these pigeons to the children
who pitch em nigga u cud be my next victim
cuz my whole crew is dogs and i say sick em
get em rip em into a million peices reeses
im shittin on the whole game yes feces
if u gettin that guap well let me see
im a snatch ya whole stack let the peice gleam
and the nine beam killa im a thorough bread
im sittin in the rover coppin that thorough head
and if u slip up remember what dorrough said
trunk hittin like kimbo and the ks in bed
where it sleep at same place as the subs
where u sleep at? the bottom of my dubs
yea yea the sole of my new jordans
mauris ferraris yea everythin is foreign
yea u niggas sleepin oh yes i hear u snorin
flow from overseas even my coke imported

12-09-2009, 03:19 PM
and then i minus ya finest pine and
cuz my i got rush just like a lineman
i mean i stay puffin on that crazy dro
eric b rakim floss mode on my 80's flow
i move mad crack my nigga i stay in snow
it means its cold even in the summer yo
i got the pumper yo thats a bummer boy
i stay wit that beat like a drummer boy
745 witta candy coat stunner toy
stay wit the kickers just like a punter boy
got the rifle blastin just like a hunter toy
and if he talkin reckless i might just punch ya boy
i dont get tired of pullin i dont get tired of shootin


12-10-2009, 09:06 PM
i get straight cash pump like a break pad
witta grey mag thatll leave u laid back
everything fade black when that eight clap
nigga ya tapes wack im asleep in my maybach
shout out to my nigga frenchy coke wave poppin
fiends be burnt out from all the dope they coppin
when ya boy is in the house u know theres problems
and if we come wit the bat man u kno we robbin
and if my nigga hit em then no ones stoppin
we'll lean a niggas shit till the 5-0 hop in
and if u ride that 5 then u know u poppin
im talkin bout the 45 in my denims u watchin
and i dont give a fuck ill put the dro to my lips
beef ill take the heat out like a solar eclipse
yall niggas talk bout money but none of yall rich
my flow fire like a an aids victims piss sheettt

12-10-2009, 09:18 PM
look im text book? nigga peep whos speakin
ill stab u cuz i love how that blood stay leakin
im in ya moms crib wit the 45 beamin
u can see it in my eyes u kno the kid stay schemin
and im so sick plus i hang wit a vile set
chrome 6 shooters look like the wild west
got 81 put randy moss up in ya chest
watch on my right dont even peep wats on the left
and i stay on the scene blastin and slashin mics
u dick head pussy u act like a hermhaphrodite
see my new kicks yea bitch im glad u like
i keep change in mind like u giving bad advice
and truthfully u suck nigga stop rappin
so much wud up thought im in a log cabin
yea i kno my chain pretty nice its tight all platinum
and i got more cash then u cud ever imagine

12-10-2009, 09:34 PM
black as my blood black as my gun be
aiming at ya infant aiming at ya hubby
look at splattered brains paint a picture lovely
i spit more crack then anything that u pumpin
yea im dumpin diddy boppin thru the hood nigga
dap my mans up like yo wats good nigga
then look u up and down like wat is u doin nigga
words exchange and then i go shootin niggas
yea if u shoot em up well then u gotta kill em
cuz if u dont then u not really a villain
they come back u cud wind up as a victim
head blown the fuck off legs in ya fuckin kitchen
arms scattered around the couch tht ya mama sittin
flush ya brains down the toilet where ya father shittin
see ya boy gotta flow thats as hard as denim
u dont got money flow or alot of women

(finish l8r)

12-19-2009, 07:26 PM
listen i splatter ur brains passin thru lanes
gave up the caine but used to know the addicts by name
im ill payed the bills handin out all the packs
put 2gs in the game one week and i got it back
thats hustlin yea nigga thats hustlin
its time to give it up if u aint really makin nuttin
u see the big dealers in the new cars stuntin
and think u cud do the same 2 ounce pumpin
im not hatin but really i been in the same stage
i caught three bodies homie all on the same gauge
thought of goin legal but ya boy tryna get payed
mind on the money but still a nigga get laid
nd i aint talkin 2 or 3 stacks type of shit
im talkin i cud buy or sell ya whole life ya dig?
im ill and im so fuckin rich
and u shud mind ya bizz for i have to cut ya kids

12-19-2009, 07:58 PM
yeaaaaaaa niggga

listen i had them shooters nah nigga i was one
runnin round stupid nigga blastin mag-a-nums
saw the new drop u in already copped that
beef my gun like TI it put ya top back
yeaaaa and u niggas dont really want that
ull shake and get fried when i pull the big mac
gun ill put the bulletins like a thumb tack
ya hustle is corny plus nigga ya sons wack
matta fact ya sons hustlin off of my crack
seen him yesterday talkin bout my pops wack
and i can co-sign that my nigga
CT RI still flippin packs nigga
i gotta butterfly knife for all you rat niggas
and a lade witta big grill fuck dat splat niggas
straight clap niggas body snatch niggas
pull u into the ally and then i yap niggas
like jacob chain brace-a-let
check check check so whos next
louie v bags grip on the tec
thats a bet and u dont got to place it
if u try to flex u stretched like before you ball
u know ya mama gone way before the doctors call
i aint havin no babys but my crew fuckin raw
hollow tips pad ya cheat like a fuckin bra
yea i get it in the tristate all the time
shout out jersey homie i see yall on ya grind
i had a homie from the tre up in new haven
cuttin niggas up on film like wes craven
and yea NY homie we all see yall
but let the rest of the tri state shine dog
and for all u gangstas out there who think u bad
got some shootas wit them thangs on mckinley ave

12-19-2009, 08:20 PM
im so rude but show no diserespect
pedestrians watchin takin pics of my vette
cant a nigga in this world cut my checks
everytime ya boy spit a verse its a bomb threat
middle finger to the sky like fuck em all
got the 40 tucked in my fuckin draws
i get ya whole fam murked wit just one call
hear the hunger in my voice ya boy is starved
and these niggas is aggy for only one reason
they see me doin wat they not so they start speakin
like oh he a fake he aint do wat he say he did
he neva shot a nigga he neva did a bid
and u rite i aint gone front and talk shit
cuz i aint needa shoot u cuz my dogs did
haha but dont talk shit nigga ill kill you
put my new mauris up on ya grill dude(FAGGOT)

01-09-2010, 04:30 PM
wave the d eagle get on the floor
ak out the trunk and its bussin at ya door
aw its ruger nigga i am holding one
perfect dark james bond split em wit the golden gun
yes my chain icy its lookin like a frozen one
spittin like acid im lookin like the chosen one
ya u wud cry if u seen me shavin onions
but its nuttin im stuntin purple haze puffin
dippin thru the lanes grippin on the burna
he talkin real reckless i heat em like a furnace
ernest i mean honest i show promise
pay homage jakes watchin and tape violence
thangs poppin wrist lockin leave ya head noddin
no problem swing on em have em diddy boppin
im the nigga slide thru and get ya city poppin
no dialogue straight to the semi cockin
big body truck yea its lookin like a hog
you a nerd me a boss
niggas get lost neva get found
hand on the pound his face in the ground

01-09-2010, 05:09 PM
listen u hear dat nigga thats the money talkin?
im from ct but the swag is so foreign
fuck a cross walk nigga we j walkin
new dubs on nigga we j walkin
u got that new rollie im in the shadows watchin
k light his face up he tryna shadow box meh
fake fuck u dumb fucks dont want nun ill eat son
and butt fuck ya wife son while u butt fuck ur bud
he dick sucks his friends cum and gets in his bum
talkin like dumbs dumbs ill buck buck ya wifes son
face shut and nip tucked and shattered like glass cups
ill buck buck his back up while he calls for back up
talkin all that son will get ya crew snatched up
yapped up and jacked up bagged up in black trucks
gimme ur stacks cuz before u leak mad blood
im so high on that bud i think i see planuts
5 grams satanic im mentally damaged
ghost smoke in panic a phantom on camera
niggas tote hammers face covered bandanas
hot like alabama guns sprayin off at random
kid nap and ransom runnin thru ya mansion
nigga im so great and spit like a champion

01-29-2010, 03:37 PM
im so heartless my gun is mine in marraige
i only beef for bread so i make a sandwich
the nigga that got ya cousin shot up
u said he was sleepin but he neva got up
yea guess he was catchin some Z's
stop catchin the beef for i put ya bestfriend to sleep
nigga u aint neva had to rest in the streets
where those felons wit heat will put ya motha in sheets
im so ill you so average
ya brother and son put em all in caskets
niggas wanna scrap but then i started blastin
if u actin like a tool ill force feed u the ratchet
ya im strapped kid all automatics
P90 in the guitar case ill split ya faction
and the rest of you fuck niggas is faggy
im gettin money and u not u still AGGY
(guest verse)
Whoa beef on fam ill clap mine
u say u straight nigga? u dont look fine
u look real nervous holdin that burna
i guess some niggas just aint cut out for murda?
me i got sick of this niggas actin ignorant
so i got a fif to grip brainless like a simpleton
stainless wit the clip in it ull die if they grazin em
if it aint bout dollas den it aint makin sense
dolla signs in my eyes keys like a casio
im on that green cream its all pistachio
i got 80 in the clip like JR
fuck niggas get touched with the AR
oh you not ill clap em like the disease
gimme the cheese the leaves nd them heroine seeds
yea flow heroine i get it poppy
green light smash the gas u cant stop me

01-29-2010, 03:39 PM

nd them niggas in the hood be dieng
all you hear is them police sirens
so u niggas needa stop lion
stop lion stop lion
and when them boys come thru they firing
and there moms know they dead they cryin
so u niggas needa stop lion
stop lion stop lion)

this is a serious game yall needa stop snitchin
you mad u aint shinin b on ya grind stop bitchin
yea no sympathy for fuck niggas
in my hood u better learn how to duck nigga
or learn how to whip or learn how to clip
u better learn how to sell a ounce and bag a brick
but when that static flip wit the baddest clik
u better clap ya fif nd hope the mag wont stick
cuz if niggas catch u slippin nd niggas know u pitchen
then guns get the spittin niggas get to dippin
even if u got a gun on ya fuck ya crew theyll run on u
if niggas peep ya bezel and its flooded too
dont expect respect cuz ill even dump on u
most def 30g's is really worth it dude
but but when you a victim and u hear the sirens
u betta keep ya mouth shut nd nigga stop lion


they beat me up took everything they wanted
all for nothin just cuz a nigga stuntin
said they was coppin the white that im pumpin
told me to give it up or theyd start dumpin
faggot is that really what you told the cops
when i had the chance i shudda left you shot
but u begged for ya life nd i let it go
but u aint the first dry snitch theres many mo
police at my door tellin my mama lies
said i was shavin onions in da jects for da pie
they wanna take me in nigga wit what warrent?
thats why i hate snitches cuz they super corny
nd at that they the ones talk the most shit
but i think a full clip aint really worth it
u niggas make me sick you gotta big mouth
u wanna tell lies ill take ya tongue and fuckin cut it out


and for all yall niggas who wanna pop clips
think if u get bagged wit ya mans will u snitch
yea and all that talkin bout crimes cut the gossip
cuz u dont want that to come out the wrong lips
thats how u get bagged by tellin ya tightest niggas
its hard to keep it to ya self but u just gotta nigga
cuz them boys find the fingerprints on the trigga
and ull be doin more time then max Bigga
velli pigs dont eva wanna see you gettin fetti
thats why im aimin for the heady turn ya brains to spaghetti
u keep snitchin kid well just think bout this
u mama wont even tell who the victim is
leave ya twisted cuz im a damn misfit
all i know is crime thats how my fam get it
hood niggas cud get u weed pills caine
but they cant get u a new brain (so stop lion)

01-29-2010, 04:42 PM
paper planes verse

im fly like paper get high like planes
if u disrespect the name ull get 5 like game
dont get the picture then ill crack his frame
got a AK-47 for u niggas thats lame
pussy niggas mad cuz i run they block
if they feel some way then they ass get popped
kinda like a doc give pills and shots
cept the pills cost guap and the shots from the glock
niggas wanna see me but they couldnt on they best
married to my burna put ya face on ya chest
i heard niggas slangin got a house in the jects
face on the floor pass ya watch to the left
flow sharper then the diamonds up in ya wrist watch
im like slip knot cuz i carry mad rocks
ya crew mad cuz my niggas we shine
and ya bitch ass so shakey when u hold da 9


all i wanna do is blast off like a rocket
ya girl in the cockpit all about a profit
you so new to this u seemin so novice
chillin in the lamb gettin brain like a college
clip in my banga i know u fearin it
only time u in the jects is science experiments
crowd in the way semi auto is clearin it
afta that trees get me higher then ya spirit is
niggas not hot but they just wont learn
if they neck to freezey then theyll get burned
u just like my bud fruity ass herbs
human torch my flame on nigga thats my word
niggas lookin like food so they get served
my crew the hardest out fam fuck what u heard
they want my money they taste that curb
nd u can catch me smokin purp pitchin pounds of the twerk

02-10-2010, 12:59 PM
i crash into the road smash into ya soul
i make the block hot but my heart so cold
created from thoughts of suicide and homicide
and the hopes to die from those being paralyzed
huddled into camps experiments leave them sterilized
covered by flys in the sky you see a figure rise
and descend on them bring nothin but strife
false prophet with advice who gradually ruins life
who appeals to those with spite move in shadows night
grab the knife and slit ya muthafucking wind pipe
bleedin on the blade freedom for the slaves
we been enslaved ever since our life was in caves
oblivious to the obvious and all obnoxiousness
corrosive gases caskets filled with the noxiousness
satanic rituals initiated in ya moms basment
blow ya brains out and leave ya mind vacant

02-10-2010, 03:54 PM
dont buy what they feeding you nigga its all lies
small fries is gone by the clip of the 45
im all eyes i mean im all ears
yall all queers young nigga in rap ya all fear
draw near i draw tears leave the room clear
machine gun funk thru the heavy smoke i appear
yea and yall niggas not fucking wit me
just be glad that i aint even bring the gunnas wit me
forgive me father i know that it is hard
but is it so wrong that i wanna put em next to god
him and his squad leave em gone with the wind
the problem wit me is mental it lies within
seven demons come to you all disguised as men
ruger comes to fill ya community with sin
so flames take a long shower in propane
drunk driven eyes closed swervin thru both lanes

02-10-2010, 05:50 PM
i be on the corner clutchin da glock
socks stuffed wit dem rocks rite to da top
i be rite on the block with a shot like carmello
all i say is ayo they shakin like jello
even in a shootout ya boy so mellow
and when them thangs pop u softer den a pillow
its ruger but i used to be baghdad?
why? cuz my click terrorists like dem arabs
its normal where im from to fire and spray fags
strapped with the 357 yea that gray mag
when u get hit yall niggas go and start panicing
im like hoodini have ya whole click vanishing
im a monster and im hungry straight famishing
calico tally hoe imma have to damage him
im sick of the pigs i got the swine flu
and my building got more users then youtube

02-10-2010, 06:39 PM
i dig whut you've done with the last 2 3 pages....

02-10-2010, 07:14 PM
i dig whut you've done with the last 2 3 pages....

word still tryna elevate my nigga! thanks for the support

02-13-2010, 10:53 PM
Riot Squad
see all this yappin u do is really pitiful
get ya wet wipes cuz im about to shit on u
surgery murder be happinin in all places
u could either give up ya shine or become faceless
my gun is all black but i move the caucasian
court cases morgue places and black abrasions
facts changing lies becoming evident
its hard to take my ass out like the president
why cuz the waist is where the desert is
bleedin hella shit in need of a medic kid
yall niggas is not nice plus u got no plan
say u a hustler but u got no grams
u still wanna be cool but i shot yo mans
i aint feelin none of yall niggas no hands
i leave u chopped up head on the mattress
plus the only thing u eva sparked was sum matches

02-13-2010, 11:26 PM
enjoy the party

so im siftin thru the crowd grippin on my banga
drunk off the liquor high off the hazin
bein an asshole tryna start sum bullshit
why not i got my click and a four fifth
sour diesel bubble gum kush
see a nigga shining we down for the jux
im just tryna live my life like rhianna
fuck niggas talkin bout we dont want no drama
smokin like a rasta posin with the chopper
explosion turn all his insides into pasta
i drink like a fish smoke like a chiminey
staggerin but ya boy dressed so officially
am i high well its no mystery
u wanna get shot? u cud die instantly
no invite cuz they know we catch bodies
relax till i relapse enjoy the party

i wanna smoke drink and get fucked up(x4)
i wanna sit back relax and enjoy the party
sippin on bacardi puffin on marley(x2))

yea they aggy cuz tell me why they mad at us
i tell you why cuz they sum faggot sluts
and they talk alot plus they do nuttin
starin at me dog cut the mean muggin
no threat homie u just lookin like a clown
u talkin but i dont wanna have to shut the party down
buck off a couple bang bang sounds
fight night give dat nigga all ten rounds
nah nah pistol on the waist doe
5 deep but many more is on the way tho
i hate lame niggas cuz they fake as fuck
im lookin at gunna like i think i drank too much
im fucked up and im ready to pass out
then wake up tomorrow in sum random niggas house
and nah i love every minute it aint a problem
sleep in a pool of my own damn vomit
(KG's verse)

03-03-2010, 08:18 PM
yall niggas need to ketchup cuz im hot dog
i be circlin the block like a cop car
porn star bullets quick to take ya top off
talkin all that shit actin like u not soft
yimmerin yappin i b grippin magnums
click it then i blast it all black caskets
loaded automatic u neva spit as hard as this
put bullets on ya throwback like washington
im the boss of them kilos for kilometers
niggas b poposturous neva had accomplishments
veteran marksmanship killed off harder clicks
he still corny any way you market him
flow catalyst yall niggas is embarrassin
chillin in ya house u askin where ya parents is
they in the freezer chopped em in the bath tub
red hawk give back rub wit bad slugs

03-03-2010, 08:38 PM
son i know im young but im still old
i know the world change but its still cold
man i just need a few bills to fold
you feel a little froggy? then u a tadpole
if u snitchin on ya click then u an asshole
yea the block so hot but y my strap cold
grip a glock bust a shot u can feel the heat
you dont need to speak you can feel the beef
niggas is pussy neva shoot the ones now
act like a loose cannon nd get gunned down
barrel on ya taste buds u cud taste blood
feelin salty then imma have to burn slugs
u even know how much the boss burn up
hand on the mac swig of sum cough syrup
leave u leakin soup whenever the beef stir up
scalpel will leave ya whole fuckin team turr up

03-31-2010, 06:44 PM
yo slidin on the stage grippin on the gauge
hit em wit the k it flip em like a page
these niggas is so braveeee NOT!
these niggas is amazed when i tote glocks
leave ya ass shot i mean leave yo ass popped
u a crack baby so u cud get rocked
yall niggas aint safe i got the fif locked
yall niggas aint safe i got the fif cocked
i smoke out his whip call tht a hot box
snatch away his grip call tht a cock block
plus me in ya girl in ur bedroom freakin
u get it on the daily but i fuck her on the weekend
me nd ya mans we both beefin
shooters in the van left his shit leakin
yall niggas is vegans i dont know y u r speakin
but as long as i am breathin (i be movin i be movin)

03-31-2010, 06:57 PM
make em do a front flip yall niggas dont want this
serve em on a lunch dish leave em sleepin wit the fish
niggas think they hot as this... furnace
these niggas talkin bout the click... burn em
i be movin transportin everything thats foreign
ya mom sister and wife all of them adore him
my click dont make it rain(nah) we make it monsoon(yea)
leave em in a tomb when i sweep em like a broom
yall niggas suckin dick nigga get a room
black eyed peas pow pow boom boom
this niggaz gna die he dont got a choice
chopper chopper chopper leave his chest moist
specter vectors selected to hit em wit the desert
wether i tether his head ya niggas soft as feathers
stack better cheddar together leave ya crew wetter
yall niggas fake as pleather flow like a beretta

03-31-2010, 07:14 PM
whoa.. whoa.. whoa wow wow
my gun bang bang loud
my money stack so high
im the best why wud u even try
im not gonna lie ive seen sum potential
but niggas is too simple spill out his mentals
gun to his dimples shoot up his dentals
40 to the temple pop him like a pimple
niggas is so wack wack like a DJ scratch
so they get wacked wacked with the mac
run his pockets have his denims doin laps
runnin from the beef he shudda done track
im the shit but no flys around this
im on my rza shit ROB do you DIG
yall niggas is scrotum connected like a modem
yall niggas is fed boys i see the badge showin

04-16-2010, 06:57 AM
teacher wit flame heaters pain relievers nd brain szures
im the main leader my games cheeba i hate negus
fake leaders rap game divas beat beater dick beaters
get beef and beats beat up deep in them meat freezers
a new sort treat these whores nd dorks like pulled pork
nd force fours to these whores jaws iron take course
ur on court im in court 4's to jerseys like newark
new jersey u heard me im dirty u cud get murdered
4 burnas top stove im hot yo trot globes
shave ox slow cop blow wit macho
mafioso capos hit 5-0 have u missin like waldo
test me no testes yall balls broke
you call folks get hard yolked u parch jokes
im dry nope lack hope get back smacked to ropes
i will clap clap a 4 and saran wrap tht coke
and then back flip kunfu kick u in the throat

04-17-2010, 12:48 AM
5 grams of the haze my blunt is satanic
niggas get shot panic do like titanic
and ya whole crew is assholes bitch pa
u only in the hood when u niggas fix cars
my niggas clip R's leave u slumped in ER's
send u to E.t. or send u to meet god
nigga i am high nigga u a lie
barely gettin by suprised that u alive
them G ville mobb niggas shootin up ya ride
nigga so clean so they call me sanatized
all these storys bout gun play is fantasized
nd the wack disses towards me i dont advise
cuz ull get knifed in ya eye
sliced cuz u tried i have the right to survive
im that boy so wavey chillin in mercedes
stomp ya old lady nd punt a small baby
all i need is cash flow middle finger pay me
i lay yall niggas in the river y u so lazy
i spit acid and i shit an M-80
talk turkey cuz my beef aint never gravey
(skip a line)
ayy ya boy slidin on these muthafuckas
nigga high so im glidin on these muthafuckas
she red eyed so she ride at night muthafucka
i pull the cannon nd point the nine to ya mothaa
these fed ass niggas conversate on walkee talkees
tre 8 u cud get bucked like milwaukee
niggas not important cocaine imported
leutenant extorted all my low tops is foreign
im snorin cuz everything u rap abt is borin
heavy gun showers weatherman reporting
a nigga so exhausted money steady fallin
my niggas steady ballin drinks steady pourin
niggas act up ill run up in ya girl apartment
these niggas got bic lighters nd still aint sparkin
she like drake but i aint give her money to blow
its tht new nigga flow yea ya boy tru snow

04-17-2010, 01:20 AM
i fucked dis nigga up now he cant get up
punch him in his face just because he act tough
now i gotta tech so nigga what the fuck u want
i heard he talkin shit lets get dat nigga fuckin slumped
shot his CEO up now his ceo fucked
nigga im the king so i dnt fuck wit u jokers
these niggas talk to coppers fuckin witta problem
make tht bitch swallow AKA yo momma
holla at ya guala aka Snow dollaz
aka ill hit you with that muthafuckin choppa
they said they flow is piff so ill smoke em like a rasta
my violence got a virus thats why the mac pops-up

yeaaaaa oh lets shoot em
oh lets shoot em oh lets shoot em
yeaaa mug splittin muzik
i influence i influence(repeat)

no suspects no rounds the body neva found
niggaa thts enuff i aint breakin down an ounce
the cops searched me down ya bitch wipe me down
had to say a prayer cuz they aint spot the pound
ya boy in the hood goons all around
jump into the crowd like i scored a touch down
chill with them gang bangers real niggas coke slangers
ill kill these kids like im clutchin on a coat hanger
niggas neva scared me nd they prolly neva will
niggas not g's nd they aint got the heart to kill
ill b in ya whores mouth she suck it till im down
how yall niggas shooters but cnt afford no guns?


04-18-2010, 10:03 PM
why u so hot? prolly cuz them shells hurt
talkin to da d's for guap thts fed work
u see the tech squirt then thts med work
ya body horizontal but ya soul vert
niggas hold work niggas hold weight
they dont show face if they owe cake
niggas runnin thru wit aks 40's twelve gauge
nd then talk about imma go straight
nigga its too late u dun skipped a chance
a clip his mans ak warm up my hand
aint no talkin homies have ya click hurtin fam
if niggas talk greasy they bout to get dirty fam
ill murda mans come thru black van
spit a free for a DVD and killa cam
niggas is stackin 100's up to the ceiling fan
a thousand dolla fake G's aint it grand?

05-04-2010, 10:06 AM
listen im a psycho wacko waco
tre 8 go pop tires and shake hoes
im a boss don heavily armed wit cons
i bomb songs and slap nigs witta open palm
my niggs give applause when they clap r's
cuz yall flow is way to sweet candy bars
see im quick to set it off like arab baggage
that ak have ya hooptie doin gymnastics
short bus retard flow i been spazzin
i been grabbin all the stacks that u been stackin
slaughterhouse i dead beef when i palm heat
formally introduce ya brains to the concrete
and u aint my nigga if u dont pop spray
niggas waitin on ya porch like its a hot day
and i be in the hood my niggas cop yay
but u be snitchin on the deaalers u cop yay(oww)

05-10-2010, 04:11 PM
whats good nigga i got flavors like skittles
ya bones to brittle but im that nigga
mauri flow plus i got that touring dough
and solve drama like the mauri show
yea u write rhymes but they boring tho
shoot yall dicks and put u in a glory hole
Whoa violate and meet my ACG's
we cool as gangstas u know AC G's
doin fine as wine addicted to the greatness
and the numbers keep comin like the matix
call my jeweler he'll tell u the clarity of my bracelet
and how i just gave a face lift to my jacob
ya girl got the germ like an amoeba
and my roof go 2 ways like a beeper
im tryna stiff arm the preachers and the leechers
all while gettin toppings like a pizza

05-10-2010, 04:36 PM
ciroc on my lean
forty in my jeans
cashflow gettin green
yep im shtupid clean(repeat hook)

snow not cuz of wat i give to the fiends
yea im sick thats why im gettin green
lights and cameras when im on the scene
fights and robberys when im on a bean
ya drug game givin niggas nuttin but chump change
you dumb lames cud get choked wit ya gold chain
man ill keep spittin acid till the games slain
you suck dick i just sell blow and blow brains
yea and throw elbows to ya snot box
and then cut ya parts up like a chop shop
i just go to the booth and spill heat rocks
he put soda in his liquor so he cud pop shots
i chop blocks and cop rocks like non stop
ya drop flop u snort ox ya heart shocks
u hard stop u are not u adore cops
my beats rock u head bop i warned ock

05-30-2010, 08:03 PM
blammer on the left of me hammer on the right of me
AK AK AK AK 47 them thangsll squeeze
nigga u dnt wnt action i be aimin tech
like smokin on dat angel dust ill leave ya mind wet
BET aint no nigga hot as this right chea
ill light up yo head like u had a good idea
its snow whoa just in time for the winner
light beef on fire FLambay him for my dinner
ow i beat ya girl up till the pussy got blisters
suckin on my wood till her lips got splinters
I Am....not a rapp singa
I AM ....dat muthafuckin nigga
i be rappin and snappin dippin and dashin gettin tht cheese
get magnums clickin and clackin they be blastin out yo knees
i like my girls like my weed fire wit no seeds
LEave ya block redded up like u rep them bIG B's (nigga please)

05-30-2010, 08:22 PM
Got a tre five seven its up for the debate
like cookin on the grill it'll heat up ya face
you be chillin with them snakes and da fuckin jakes
hell yea i got cheese from fuckin wit da grate
yea itll shred u up like skateborders on turf
murk u like i mixed a bottled water with the dirt
my gun is a talker it loves to shoot the breeze
like im pitchin mids i be baggin up yo seeds
nigga i be packin heat suitcase and sweater time
homie im a perfect ten but my strap is a perfect nine
yea i be swaggin swayin to the right
give u a magazine if i get a bad vibe
RIGHHT if u aint ill leave dat nigga left
40 cal will check ya all in yaa chest
Yea home boy we nice wit the arms and the hands
put a body in ya strip like a fuckin lapdance

06-11-2010, 03:45 PM
You talk like a mark move like a snake
act like a fake and you work like a jake
i swear my cash flow u never handlin
cuz ya all fake bitches straight mannequins
talk about he be managin the grams and then
niggas kick in the door tryna hammer him and blam at him
took every thing he pitchin now he bitchin
he aint have my cash so he snitchin
he tryna save his own ass niggas is so differant
story got mad holes in it i aint tryna hear it
said niggas hit him where the bruises on ya ribs
niggas aint run in his brib for 2 o's a mids
thats nuttin niggas just tryna stunt and
aint got no customers so they get blunted
talkin abt they get to dumpin or to the cuttin
you talk how u sell ya mids u always frontin

06-11-2010, 04:23 PM
i start a new day with some eggs and a big blunt
and then a dutch dont forget to save all dem guts
and then i touch the bowl for some harsh hits
light a menthol and shoot the breeze with a martian
ya wife say she feel sexually deprived
and it's pitiful to the point she dont try
say everytime you hit it she fall asleep
so its like i raised my hand cuz she callin on me
yea home boy u just gotta feel it
cuz im always twisted like a double helix
if you dont smoke its cuz you dont know the feelin
so while u sittin on ya couch im sittin on the ceiling
i b hidin under beds cuz u just came home
walked right in when i came on her dooome
cuz im really dat nigga dont leave ya wife alone
plus ya girl get bizzy singin to my bone

06-11-2010, 04:42 PM
i sweaaarrr all this weed smoke in the aiiirrr
smell it on my hair but i really dont care
roll u a blunt too becuz i always share
cuz i play on the green just like the fair
so yea u better say a prayer
cop a couple sweets and we rollin like a wheel chair
i mean i pop a couple pills and drink here and there
but i love my bud and none of that can compare
yea i love when i pull nd u can hear the sound
good friends all around couple feet off the ground
blowin on tht loud with the fan on rotation
chillin smokin wasted wit a slore givin facein
you basic ive mastered rollin blunts faster
ya flow is never hot u must roll wit sum gassers
im hungry with munchies ya favorite rapper love me
she wont stop and talk to you but she always bug me

06-11-2010, 05:02 PM
X flow i got triple stacks like andre
niggas so suave i could pull beyonce
hell na they dont wanna get hit wit the quatre
so they pass the bags like busta did cavasier
say my tongue is yay like the way i nunciate
swag aura foreign they like the way it fluxuate
beats always dyin someone get the yellow tape
only one of me but the bitches wanna double date
hey i cant blame em for that
ya click aint thuggin anyday talkin soundin very gay
hey i cant help ya dame is attatched
nah i dont want no foreplay she 2 stars anyway
me reazon and crew we are the truth
its illegal 9 states what we do to the booth
shit take away the ceiling and the roof
oh these chucks right here nigga they is gooch

06-18-2010, 05:55 PM
crime syndicate imtimate lyricist sticky fingertips
when they grippin it sounds like when im spittin it
drug tales never have a happy ending
underpaid crack dealers tryna get the rent in
why the poor glorify the jet flies nd money rise
while rich kids glorify what horrifys
im mortified of being victimized with homicide
so i always have to keep the castle fortified
and smoke good bud to keep me tranquilized
divide snakes cause most realness is just disguise
and da skies is where i be on any given day
u cud have a private plane nd neva see it mayne
its true severity defines cause everyone commits crimes
i commit mine with concepts nd coke lines
im ballin my team cheer me on at court side(yea)
i am that fly yes i am that guy

06-18-2010, 06:09 PM
shit im not the hardest but i come real close
start seeing things when i smoke become real ghost
i got a drum on the K you dont want it
he aint have my bread he cant duck a hunnid
get it rent money becomes drug money
and drug money just turns into blood money
nd blood money just turns into more drug money
nd after that it just becomes gov money
which makes its way to welfar and section 8
nd the kids still aint ate for like 2 days
you wont catch this section in the news day
the post it definetly aint no joke
aint got pills or smoke then you dont got dough
play wit dope and coke and you will die slow
i ride fo family and friends who helped me get it
anybody else is just out of my jurisdiction

06-18-2010, 06:29 PM
guns drugs sex scandels and mad vandals
bad bandits wholl take ya top off like bad sandals
not much wild life but theres mad animals
rats and snakes usually just get dismantled
and all of the pigs cant even handle
what the gorillas do to the pussys in camo
nd these heienas always talkin huntin in packs
nd a mouse is prolly not as worse as a rat
shit and even a lion needs a mouses help
nd a real wolf isnt gonna let u just take his pelt
and a bear eat up anything if its fishy
nd tiger shows his stripes when it gets risky
a pit and rot work together to get fed
and niggas act froggy till they burn his legs
so they live the wild life murderers and bank robbers
puttin bird niggas in the sky like duck dodgers

06-27-2010, 09:39 PM
let's talk about this guy snow yea he real nice
even when he spit it mean yea its all tight
check the ring bracelet it's all bright
i know you doubted at first but its all right
started as a youngin writings werent scriptures yet
was writing bullshit accapellas but i progress
faced with problems at home but i digress
give up on life every other day mind set
talk about the present dead president resmblance
rock sediments murder evidence in tenements
let's talk about my middle finger attitude
in full effect today limited respect and gratitude
everyone has agendas with what they do
so i know most nice guys have shifty moves
smile to you express resentment later
girls catch the vapors but all want ya paper

07-01-2010, 01:06 PM
i go hard in the paint good behind the key
all i wanna know is why yall cant fuck wit me
plus i go hard yea i go so hard
big AK's uzi's and dem AR's
i dont hit girls but ill spray broads
open up her mouth she do like trey songz
nd she say ahh im checkin cavitys ight
now swish around this white flouride
o dats ya squad you gon need more guys
mad dead bodies hope you got morgue ties
ya nine dudes ate up wit the 7 bitch
the 357 why u so afraid six?
well stop it 5 for 4's get to 187's
thats why 7 got u gasseed up like 11
yea do the math like ya teachers so slut
i call the bud preacher cuz it fucks ya boy up
im the shit like intestines i got guts
whens the last time yall fag-o's even got but
i hope you get cancer and die wretchedly
and then take a shot of gasoline and antfreeze
chase it with some bleach then speed in a vanquish
then after that have raw meat with a side of pain chips
give you xlax nd make you sit on a fucking knife
nd aids patients shit all over ya fucking wife
you aint ballin im spalding cars foreign
you just selling fantasies j.k rawling
aw shit im on my bull shit no cow tip
you get kung lao'd you little kung pao bitch
chicken shit ignorant impudence simpletons
raw viciousness a lyricist with sickness and
could rip his mans bare handed blind folded killed em damn
head chop lead pops play kickball wit rollin heads
hold ya leg stretch it to ya shoulder then
split ur kid hit ya girls ribs fold her eggs
they all agree im the best because their is no contest

07-04-2010, 08:48 PM
the way i brandish my language ive been exiled by greatness
cast away from god and left for dead by satan
abandoned by the angels shunned by the demons
even my dick burns from caarrying my own semen
but these wee man and yes men realize the inner light
i realize their inner spite everytime i touch a mic
listen the DT's over see my recordeengs
cuz they know the feeling true crack brings
catch my second wind on a back hand spring
then uppercut your kin theyll blame it on him
i mean me i see my imagination in 3-d fight scenes
porno flicks scenes crucial nothin straight to DVD
i be accompanied by known mc's who live bitter
who could make a grown man turn to a lil nigga
clouds is what i look to calm down my spite
but im afraid to say i cant see them at night

07-04-2010, 08:57 PM
afghan goo what would you do when i bomb wit typical moves
my motive is the cocktail my H is the bomb
fiends dont dig and misread the psalms of the song
thats why niggas break it down like its hard
no deal monsters aint lacking no stuff
its just because americans is dumb as fuck
i be runnin up with jabs that make temples throb
get ya mentals lost and buddhist temple robbbed
ive been heavily injected with corrosive acid
immune system builds tolerance to its actions
need lyrics to the youtube videos to scroll down
to know how i assimilate this profound sound
i bleed a wet ounce and spit heavenly crushed out
so they say judging by the yay its ghost sounds
i got adhesive bricks afghan goo spiderman shit
cuz i sling it and it sticks to walls and flips

07-05-2010, 08:03 PM
i been keepin it funky like an old pair of gym socks
no wrist watch just a slip knot and a lap top
im the captain nigga dont play me like a mascot
crazy like murdock lip lock wit 6 shots
its snow they just dont seem to get it
im bigger snap necks like a quick picture
you ball unseen threw by a quick pitcher
sick nigga devour excess amounts of hard liquor
the bar spitter hulk smacker and the car flipper
MC's so shook and they off the rictor
sicker then serial killers not born im summoned
when i spit you invision asian people running
im cunning get darker and deeper than a dungeoun
stagnant air death aura impairing and truly pungent
i dont give a fuck truth be told i hate ya whole crew
cause the only thing holding me back is you

(hook singin)
whats good nigga how do you dooo
just sit back and hit this afghan goo
smell it on me as well as my crew
VIP we go vet at what we do

07-05-2010, 08:58 PM
who is this let me describe in a few words or less
an unheard of vet whos unheard as of yet
you herbs is nerds and perhaps murderless
the rhyme scheme get more bodies then the burner gets
domestic violence i swear my beats so abusive
but if i beat the beat its self defense and its mutual
unusual views on the hip-hop industry
you can't box with me or refute my chemistry
enter through the frontal lobe exterminate viciously
cautious on who ever moves so suspiciously
not really picky i bruise my victims history
peruse leisurely then reveal dated mysteries
expose his gay bros hand him a looped rope
capitilize on his inferiority laced with cruel jokes
a bunch of you wonts i wills and i hopes
snitch refrences this nicky barnes is choked

07-05-2010, 09:47 PM
they try to assasinate ya character
make sure nothing is believableee
say they a danger to america
when we all know they just average joes
they evidently know im adept with the flow
pokin ya hoes in the poconos dick like pinocchio
cause everytime i lie down it gets larger
then she get on top and we just get it started
yea spit retarded but never dumb down i dump rounds
everytime the snare sounds or the drum pounds i go now
so hold down ya rosaries or kneel and face the east
cuz if u go and face the beast i release it from the sheath
and severe ya neck and head lie wit death in beds
collect my bread or chest and legs fly to the fuckin west
roll to your funeral and play this at ya eulogy
cause if i used this verse atleast you died honorably

07-08-2010, 09:35 PM
i think im big L ...methodman
eminem wit a little killa cam
you nicky barnes got weight but u snitch
u cat dog you pussy and ya ass bitch
money blown fast fuck a record label
buttery with the bread kitchen table
make ya wife put her head by her ankles
you support me? well nigga thank you
talkin crazy? then my niggas bank you
buck you down to the ground then my niggas shank you
am i half devil am i half god?
yes and yes but i GO SO HARD!
whooaaa!!! nigga tru snow flow
im not soft but nigga im made of dough
i be cruisin backpack match the chuck tays
i been this way since the fuckin first grade
problem child they wanted to name me damien
Whats in the backpack? flow so arabian
yea im cajun i should be caged in
what would u expect nigga im half satan?

07-10-2010, 04:58 AM
im that man snow dont give a flocka bout no damn hoe
his ho's cud catch z's like 28 grams tho
im the termintator rocky rambo
you starsky mixed wit carl winslow
kat stacks you just a hoe wit a manager
smack you in ya face then hang u from a banister
weed smoke even got my third eye blinkin
bowling wit royalty nigga im a king pin
garbage day ill leave you on the curb stinkin
back shots make him fly forward like he gear shiftin
my niggas flag my eyes turn the same pigment
and if he was talking shit to me he was not thinkin!
shots split his ace nd his queen like a shuffle
i know his wife and yea she be blowin like bubbles
when i say shit he'll look like he gon snuff u
but im always gettin into it her chocha like trouble
and niggas die thinkin like what strap is dat?
run train on ya girl my pad like the am track
any beach nigga cud pop and sea shells
cops dont want it neither D's could get 12
ya girl horny dats y she wanna sax me
i have her back stretched all out like a athlete
and u sylvester a pussy who be spittin
and all ya bars filled with shit like chitlins
and im rondo my green always on point
meddalin kids see that monster and b like zoinks
nike shox yea ya boy got on the boings
flip yay like battle hosts do wit they coins
how yall niggas threaten the ville like u air guns
pussy yall niggas not even shootin fair ones
big bullets that'll impaire and wheelchair dun
twist ya wig up like ya bitch got her hair done
ill put u in a box fed ex u.p.s
i got cancer nd no chemo i am sick to death
the slores? like a mug shot give me all face
and my backshots be killin em like scarface
all action with my clips like a car chase
u just bought a gun u new to heat bron james
i must say all yall frauds nd niggas is lame
im superman gun catch bodies like lois lane
hot take shots of propane im classic
stretch work homie this cocaine gymnastics
speaker cops get called if i blast it
yea my life a walk in the park but its jurassic

07-24-2010, 09:04 PM
MY mob verse 2

my click my mob my goonies hard
batter you just so i can catch a charge
shit nigga tryna talk crazy at my squad
then you gon catch a Big L just like god
aww damn this man right here a muthafuckin problem
and whats a fucking goblin to a fucking monster?
illy ville villains real niggas and sick children
terrorize victims wit pistol wippins and see visions
a sick nigga serial killa who stab infants
get fucked up like the all stars vs the pistons
you play tough and say stuff you don't even believe
i just blow loud like steve rifkin's main squeeze
battle? rappers in ya hood would start duckin me
think i had aids the way they couldnt fuck wit me
im a golden child always focused gettin that cream
only thing seperate gold from green is 2 rings

verse 3
come on dog i make movies when them clips is in
so you could get a late show like david letterman
i let all my burnas burn and all my stacks stack
quick to slap a bitch nigga up like kat stacks
templeton cool witta pig you snitch dry
so i don't need charlotte to identify ya web of lies
over my fireplace i got the head of guys
hollow tips burn his calfs like cardio exercise
i got a demons mind prolly should be exorcised
must work at the theme park i get extra rides
KFC pull the biscuit and chickens get fried
brains to cole slaw wit macs leave a wedge in they thigh
ight i keep the rubber grip protection..trojan
kidnap ill take ya earth away like erosion
flash of cameras a nigga GQ posin
like my computer broken all my jewels is frozen

07-29-2010, 11:53 PM
The way i feel right now you could never learn
you might be hot right now but i forever burn
Dog im in the flavor thing clutch like a cobra
im on my game and you aint gettin this controller
hold up you better be glad to meet me dodja
even my tightest niggas hardly see me sober
cuff a bitch love a bitch (nah we don't do that)
you cuffa bitch or love a bitch (i prolly ran through that)
flow crack make a hood nigga cop
so my fans like nicky barnes everytime it drop
and youll never see me make it rain on da block
me throwin guap is like a crackhead throwin rocks
spiked bat hard hat crack lyrically throwin shots
bullets done pistol whippin then im frisbee throwin glocks
get popped and fucked over like an old condom
if they say they dont like money they prolly neva had none

07-30-2010, 12:14 AM
im like bobby johnsons son u rev runs offspring
im malignant tumors tragic deaths abortions
you silver spoons happy fam good portions
Talented snow get it poppin like soft drinks
double weilding katanas spin 360's accellerrated
upper cuts karate chops demonstrated u ventilated
in my vicinity get desinigrated contaminated
alleviated vertebra split for that basic makeshit
bullshit talkin that ish witta full clip
for sho snow know that u aint doin ntn wit it
forget it no gun talk that shit seen better days
drink purple lean smoke purple haze in outer space
wit laser guns on the waist fuckin wit purple dames
purple pills purple range i do my purple thang
you know its true steady sprintin at a fast pace
and the only thing you evr won was a drag race

07-30-2010, 12:33 AM
Niggas see me and put on they best mad face
They only masked up cuz dese niggas is really two faced
i spit shit make niggas foam at the jaw
eyes roll back black out convulse on the floor
wake up in a few hours beggin for more
aw yea really dog im just that raw
saw four is what i could turn this shit into
saw ya bones char ya mentals burn thru sinew
murder venues continue killa arm type potential
i dont got anyone but me myself and a pencil
and these hoes they come and go they fade away
fuck it they prolly refer to me in the same way
i got passion make guap and i grab mics
but the upperclass public dont see me in the same light
call me enemy try to take or give me life like pregnancy
larry davis story so i know they'll remember me

07-30-2010, 12:36 AM
(Victory lap hook)
everyday i wake up nigga gotta cake up
gotta get my name up why you hate us
Screamin out backpacks yea all flavors
you so trash but we so MAJOR!(x2)

10-12-2010, 10:48 PM
yea da governments wes but my words are tru -snow//
ruger blow ya head show u gotta go vamanos//
they wrap like a vagina tho so i call it dental dam//
im da get away driver my nigga cash got da heater smokin in his hand//
When i wash niggas u cud watch dey colors run//
father uncle mother son split in half wiff double guns//
twin gold rope chains watch my neck play double dutch//
then i smoke like double dutch so my blunt get double stuffed//
and my niggas passin blunts while other niggas rollin up//
pumpin iron like a gym but my pockets juss not swoll enuff//
thats just how my niggas live sometimes we just tryna rest//
but if you short on ya paper we'll take ya kids like DCF//
see a vet we could turn ya street into nagasaki or hiroshima//
look like a storm hit ya block when i pull da el nina//
triple 6's on my head but my ville niggas reppin 5//
so when i pull the 4 3 bullets kill 2 of yall by just one of I//