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03-28-2009, 06:25 PM
all my stuff will be in here. freestyles, battle verses, etc.

03-28-2009, 06:47 PM
i roll with groups of gorillas, trained in guerilla tactics
packn', nothing but but brawn brains and balls
we scale the walls and descend on y'all like,
wild animals.........

thats is. just a thought i need to complete later.

03-29-2009, 07:51 PM
i have no mic, i rap to a sword
cuz i'm a knight, who fights the world
i ride the flow, like it's my mount
i go for blood, but 'm no count
my tales of the crip, you can't re-count
if you enter my castle, you can't sneak out
or creep out, and no sound you make, will ever leak out
cuz when your in my space, no one can hear you scream
when we stand face to face, you can't doubt i'm supreme
my skill is, an ill niss, like a drop in dopamine
I spit grimey shit, yet my breath stays pristine
I'm a human paradox, my logic stinks like dirty socks
but i won't be brain washed, you could get your brain squashed
don't see a drain?, then the floor remains, awash
with thoughts, drenched in your memories
they coat the ground like emery, on the paper, in my pad
in my pocket, in my pants.i'll never loose it, cuz i never dance
I've never had to start a fight, yet i've never left my battle stance
I don't live life by happenstance, and i leave nothing up to chance
I've seen the future, i know it all, i Know when nations rise and fall
I know just who the rappers call, when record sales begin to stall
I have the information, to fight the infestation, of those of you who hatin'
I'm ready and willing, but now i'm waiting. for those on high to stop debating
on who's the greatest, and who is slated to take the throne
and don the robes.
the king is here, yet no one knows
because i donned the cloak, so i could take the globe.

In a way this is an extension to waynes "blucka blucka" freestyle. i started it right after hearing that.

04-09-2009, 12:46 PM
people think i got small pox in my inkpen
cuz I make the haters disappear like the incans
mayans, I'm spittin' like the only thing i eat is cayenne

jalepenio peppers, holler if you better
quew the cricket noises, no one gonna step up
they don't wana mess up, cuz they understand

that to stand up to me is like swimming through the sand

04-09-2009, 01:23 PM

04-22-2009, 01:17 PM


04-22-2009, 01:19 PM
every night i rest in pieces
and wake in shambles
but i escape my nightmares, so i feel release
then i amble, to my laptop, so i can ramble
to face book, take a look, at my keyboard
could it be more, worn out?
this is all that i love, all that i need
all that it takes to feed...
see, I'm paper, plain from a distance
but under higher focus, fibers poke with inconsistence
no pattern,
at least none that i can see
no role models, at least nothing i can be
let me explain, i don't lack motivation
but i tend to refrain, from damaging my "soul location"
my state of mind, and other abstract concepts
that make up the context, of my complex conscience.
shit, now i'm just showing off
sorry dog, i'm steaming, gotta blow it off
so homo, L-O-L
well oh hell, i meant homo sapien
for all the homophobic homies
who be taking things, too far
over the river, and through the woods
hope I'm rhyming good (enough)
for red riding hood
i didn't write that, maybe i should cite a source
fuck MLA, i'll let it stay, that shit is such a chore

source and chore do not rhyme
unless you speak like me, to me that shit sounds fine
i think i've said shit, at least four times,
well i haven't "said" shit cuz i type these lines
but i read to myself, heat truly melts my screen
because my buzz means, that my rhymes are mean.
I appologise for my rapper habits
but i have to have it
it makes me special.
see MG, made me, an ass hole
my ego is the size of an H-bomb blast hole
WOW, i can rhyme whole,hole,and hole
I think i've lost control, let me go take a stroll

04-22-2009, 01:26 PM
bullets kissing, splitting skulls like stellar fission.
gunpowder flash like channels pass on television.
quarter sized wholes multiply like cell division.
and the cell block calls, for the last one living.
and I................... was no where near there when that happened,
I was at home on facebook

04-22-2009, 01:27 PM
60 seconds and i'm gonna reck em
microphone check, hit the deck
and roll, i control
these flames like pyro, so why go
to the edge of the globe\for a phat line just take mine
then you can go, and then you can know
why I, feel like i can take the world
I'm comited to conquest, I'm winnin' this contest
just check context of this combat text
no one sitting next to me i'm in my own class
super sonic's next to me because i'm so fast
in a metaphoric sense, people told me your intense
and hence i put on the pressure
and lesser men then beg for release
and i beg for releif from the cries of the week
when thy die at my feet.

04-22-2009, 01:30 PM
fear is
foretold exactly as read
exactly as written, exactly as i spit it
because i love it, and i'm lovely, so i give it
graciously, take it, see?
it doesn't bite, so long as you don't fight or try to overwrite, it
erase it, mistake it for something evil or negative
fear is strictly relative, the sole son of rage and adrenalin
everybody's got to live, half of us have got to give
half of us have got to take, and all of us have got to make
decisions, based on believe and the things we envision
but this is.........based on what i witness
without protection, exposed to the globe
taking in so many sights that i might explode
and spread, into every thinking head
my essence strong like the stench of the stinking dead
buried far and near, the departed dear
they can hear me, and so can you
i'm coming through so crystal clear

04-22-2009, 01:33 PM
I'm fly like the air force, i flow like the navy
i march with an army, with old heads AND babies
grown men and ladies, and maybe just maybe,
one day they'll slay me, but they can't enslave me
restrain me or chain me, contain me or drain me
cuz i am they're bane, and they've earned my distain
like bugs.

04-22-2009, 05:31 PM
entered a rap vid contest. http://community.vibeverses.com/_ohms-the-number-one-stan/video/618815/3184.html

04-23-2009, 10:11 PM
A eulogy, is usually
a record of what used to be
common knowledge
and I was in the game
like specialised in ginacollege-y
WE, might not have long to last
because, my generation can't rely on the past
for insperation, and maybe I'm just instigating
some intergeneration haitn', BUT
every rhyme I'm makin' I'm takin
from my own internal information
All I have is legend and myth
but with this, I can make voodoo too true
HOW? well, I can pull hip-hop out from hell
and make a zombie, calling for brains
because, to gain wisdom is the only thing to stop the rain
and the hale.
hail to the reign of the hew kings of the game. NO
now we call it work
because it was the play time, that put it in the dirt.

05-04-2009, 10:34 PM
i got attack drones
that track clones
then snap bones,
crack domes
and trap souls
inside circular cap-soles(capsules),
they gats go: ratto tatto
at low,
fire rates
higher stakes
do not exist
unless you risk denying this
cryogenists try my spit
but they just end up frying quick
it can be
finished so quick-a-ly
reduce the rest to liquid see
the bitches flee like burning fleas.
herding me or hurting me
can't happen have you heard of me?
my words will see the end of time
for now just see the end of rhyme....

05-05-2009, 04:06 PM
annoyed at noise, avoid the void
devoid of life, and strife as well
and hell and havens, bathing in emptynes
exempt from this, is her alone
the sky her throne
the only place fit for that face
a solar flare, I stare
into her eyes find
the light and then, enlightenment
a hightined sense, of being
seeing truth and lies, and earth and skies
as one under the sun of her soul
her control is non existent, only willing service
my very will emerges from her curbing
my baser instincts, in synch with her
i feel so per-fect check:
sorrow, madness, greed and panic vanish
a vantage point of anoitment is reached
her voice is mental ointment
for burns and scars
spurned by stars
the dark matter scatters
splattered over space
and time and rhyme, arranged in lines
on paper tapered to human interest
and inference of faith basedmetaphors forms
but it is her that this is for, the girl that i do so adore.
more, than any object ever offered to me
so offerings fostering fondness, on-this
goddess are wasted, your hasted thoughts
ought be reversed
accept her blessings, beware my curse.


05-05-2009, 04:07 PM
beware the lair of the beast
least amount of peace, in the east or west
best to be wary, here there be dragons
who be braggin bout draggin' knights away in the night
fright is right, fight or flight, devils never have to chose
never lose, prove your worth, feed them steel or feed the earth.
feeling first, thinking third, striking second, never heard
victory assured when enemies are lured to their doom
millions of miniature kabooms zoom forth from the minigun
in the place where the evil face from outer space came to erase
humanity, the insanity of fearing the invisible is visibly apparent but
but the people in the steeple wanna sleep while feeling safe
seal the beast up in a cave save the women and the kids
while young men and their slaves go and die so they can live.
give your all. heed the call, serve your country, save they all
from the minotaur, far from fables able to crush many cars
any law is broken when enforcer die from choking
on the venom of the basilisk. ask me this:
why is it, that serpents worsen hassles quick.

not done.

05-05-2009, 04:09 PM
soul un save-able
and they try to tell me
that the flame is un crave-able
but the fire dances with me
never unable to
enjoy the thrill of motion
emotions envokin'
surging and purging
the past with ashes
it passes judgement on no one
so i run towards the sun
the heat and my feet meet
it greets the soles of my soul
and so whole heartedly
but we parted in sadness
I was partly driven to madness
but only up to it, so i walked through it
just to put it behind me, and find thE
sun again, but now the moon is here
soon the fear of darkness
harkens anger in my peers
but the stars appear so beautiful, to me
to see them reminds me of the sun
and i can run again, and then........
i might find something worth stopping for
I can die exhausted
but still enjoying the journey
forgetting i was lost.


05-05-2009, 04:16 PM
kinda old from late 2008, i was gonna battle someone but they didn't reply so i posted this:

before i die i'mma lie down my pen, and wipe my ass wit my page
cuz i will only spit "the shit" when it's time for judgement day, save
ya energy, save ya intellect, i am rap's unborn child, that how far i'm into it
and i'll abort myself, and prematurley thrash you like trash in dem green trucks
i duck away from nuthin, take all shots like they nuthin, toss back ya poison like tussin, flip out and get ta cussin, and bustin yo ass like it's a task passed from god
KNEEL BEFORE ZOD I make superman nervous
no kronies to clutter my war path, and i am impervious
i'm a one man army, a one man nation, i'm a fuckin universe
and i'm takin ya face in, ya whole body, ya whole soul ya whole world!
sumbody has hurled a brick through the window of a gun store
and the owner will retaliate with more heat than a sun storm
with no warning but a thousand *click-clack*'s!! a sound that
resonates through every residence as pre-submitted evidence
of your evisceration, and re-intergration into the dirt
your the bane of the earth, and you only hurt yourself
lose your belt, your laces, and all traces of ropes
and no dope, you have no hope of an early retirement
i'm trying to be civil but you continue to test me
you'll never best me, you only vex me.
i detest thee! like knights do peasants
like kids do bad presents
and ya mother when you were headed to her on ya birthday
you done irked me in THE WORST WAY
in three days i'mma burst a solar flare right in ya face
so you can taste a few fractions of my power
and as the hours go by i salivate as i calibrate my brain for battle mode
i turn any foe into cattle, but not you
your less then chattle, a slave master couldn't sell you for less than the sweat off his sattel!
i will shatter you like the jewish store windows on Kristallnacht
not to confuse you i won't simply abuse you i'll obtrude into your home, hold ya femur bone to ya dome and beat yo ass sensless, till you can't even moan.
i'll make ya dick into a metronome, to help me time my verses
so let it be known that i spit demon curses
but this is no dis, for the name was not mentioned
and i do have a pension, for starting fights needlessly
but it needs to be addressed i don't rest
and i expect just a little respect, do i detect a tightening of fighting gloves
i just wanna be friends, i'm as kind as a dove
with kisses and hugz, from aity, with love...

forty bars in 5 minutes only stopping to count
if you in it to win it, bring ya best when you shout

05-05-2009, 04:18 PM
MAAAD old right here:

i got incredible predator instincts,
in sync with space technology
all of the, earths efforts are useless
truth is i'm just superior
the fear in yer face is so evident
and all evidence points to invasion
alien occupation, total annihilation, of all life
all fights must cease
and decist don't resist abduction
obstruction of the tractor beam may cause a major disruption
you humans are zoomin straight to destruction
laser eruptions wiping out your species
and no i don't exaggerate
but i eradicate you rats
like a big cat, we are not the same, that is a fact
cuz i'm so fly i'm from deep space
i'm intergalactic, planetary attackin
packin a laser glock
firin' glowing shots
ya beam wounds glowin' hot
no war of the world cuz just my words rule ya world
i spit in a language unknown to humanity
my visage cases waves of insanity
cuz my rap game is crazy amazin'
and ya bullets are not phasing, ME
see no rims, cuz i roll in da space shape ship
my stunna set to kill, and it's chargin so take this

05-05-2009, 04:19 PM
gonna update EVEN MORE old STUFF:

i'm dread locked down like a rasta in jail
my rhymes are so stale cuz i started not to care
i flare up now and again, for revenge
but unless there's a fight then my lines stay ice
opposite of of hot, i say i'm the best
and then i say NOT....

SYKE!! had you fooled for a minute
i'm in it just to win it, from the start to the finish
i never will deminish, everlasting blasting bars
until I'm in the Guinness. check for my record
" the most hated and loved rap star ever"
clever? ain't it? bet you almost fainted
never falter, i'm focused like dead eye
i'll never fade away, so i guess i'm not a jedi

05-05-2009, 04:22 PM
Old battle post from another site:

isn't it funny that ripsta pic is a graveyard?
i'm bout to zombify him into my slave doll
cuz i spit that voodoo, that makes the rain fall
i am the witch docta rock da mic all day long
i make these lines rhyme, speaking in a hellish drawl
i have the voice of a demon, the hip-hop horror
just hearing of my lyrics makes grown men bawl
fall to your knees, and pleed that i don't smite y'all
i won't just rip ripsta, desintergration's quicka
i'll dust his remnants off my shoulda with a quick flicka
like a horse i'll ride ripsta off a cliffa,
and land feet first on is stomach let him split-up.
give up, no chase, no need to feed is face,
he's now a rotten rag doll, on a shelf, put him in his place
make him dance for his fam in front of they faces
so they can vomit in disgust, trust i'm not a fake-uh.

05-05-2009, 04:24 PM
Caveman joke

I'm an ancient, takin lines from, cave paintings
waiting, for a wooly mammoth, i can taste it
nothing will be wasted, bones to the brain
4 big tusks make a good tent frame.
2 wooly nuts, pretty gift for my dame.
got a big stick, ain't talkin bout my dick
it's a 30 pound club, that'll kill in one hit.
i slam it on a saber, tooth tigers skull
only got bit once, so this day is dull
damn those cave men in the other camp
saw me by the fire, now they jockin on my dance
they don't have a chance, ready in my battle stance
and i throw the first spear, wonder where it's gonna land.
band with my brothers, same daddy different mothers
he was leader of the pack, till i put him with the others
who was takin all my killins busy fill his gut
stuck him with mah blade, really spillin his guts
BUT, i don't kill for the feelin.
it's survival of the fittest

05-05-2009, 04:26 PM
this comes from listening to a lot of charles hamilton

in my humble opinion, you are simply a minion
someone born to take orders or to pass quarters
out at the arcade you play kids games, while i'm rated "M"
not mature but mandatory, my cadigory is "slayin them"
"them" who every dumb mutha fukka and you too
ooh relax i just kidd kid, i live like a lazy genious
fiendin for grievous error, cuz i correct like spell check
if i see u be wrong i won't see dat for long. i belong
in a box with locks and chains, am i insane?
NO don't ever question my method
i'm def and i'm reppin philly, silly def has no definition
so thats the mission! give def a meaning
to start a new tradition

05-05-2009, 04:28 PM
thunder crash as swords clash, ash form battles past,
makes up the ground all around me, truly it was astounding
thousands of enemies readily headed at me, only to be made dead
countless lives taken, but in my self defense, it makes no sense
but one murder began this nonsense , but i do not regret
the flow of time will bind soon, as i remind you of many moons ago
who would know me, this lone ronin running from attachment
attacking anything I thought would ever dare combat me
i left them crippled, stripped, and ripped open a bit, but never a throat was slit
and not one fight was quit, bones were broken and I was choking, on many occasions
but no persuasion could broker my negotiation, taking slashes
gashes, bites bruises and bullets, i pulled through it
till i knew i was ahead man, and i could stand and brandish the number 2 headband.
Number 3 came after me, her name was Umi, that means "the sea"
what a sight to see, about 5 foot 3, tattoos of dragons from nose to knees
her body was built to please, but that mind was molded to kill
ocean fluid was her movement, iron mountain was her will
Umi was never still, four katana's on mama's hips, she was slick
i was stronger, but my muscle didn't make this battle quick
our blades made love for hours, we leaped down canyons and tore down towers
our, bodies never touched, save for her kick and my punch
but eventually our clothes were gone and she had had enough, i can't help that I'm rough
let her keep her life, but i took her band and one last look at that butt,then i was gone
one the road for told for me before i was born, this is my fate
not an excuse just a reason come a season too late
for even though fate wasn't shown, those million bones I did break.
so i took a break and layed around for days in a daze
busy training for the day i thought was years away, but then he came
the number 1 guy arrived the same time as the sun rise
skin like mine, stood just as high, but our hair is where we did divide
my locks were low, his fro was high, one one the earth, one in the sky
no words were spoken, neither said a high
but stances were taken and swords did fly
in front of my simple shack we both attacked,n either stepping back
swords collided, steel cracked. i struck a blow he struck back
just as hard, just as fast, eternity this fight could last, for no man's skill would me surpassed
but our own blades we did outlast, katana's shattered like glass, yet we still clasped
the hilts, filled with urge to kill and admiration of skill,
then i removed my headbands and he stood still
wrapped them both around my knuckles, who knew suck tension would build
I threw a punch, he ducked then took out my right knee
but then my left hit his right eye, and he couldn't see
so i rose, and with the last of my energy, brought down arms on both his shoulders
and that ruined his symmetry, both arms were dead, but he was still focused on killing me
he kicked me in the jaw and then i noticed a shimmering, i rolled two times
hit the ground, and reached around, till i found it
a piece of a sword, nothing but a worn down tip, but i made it work
and i make it hurt, for when it hit hit his ribs he hit the dirt.
I couldn't believe who i had bested, i sat back and rested, 2,3, and 1 headbands
then i looked up, and saw there my very first dead man.
he rolled looked at me, then his eyes grew cold i had been told what it looked like,
but this image was so bold!, now i was the number one, just as silent destiny for told.
but three headbands i did hold, most wanted in the world.
now you know my past, we are in my present, just killed another chaser. the silence is so pleasant.
i sit now in that same shack, starring out an empty doorway.
I rise and walk out, will this turn out mine..or your way?

05-05-2009, 04:29 PM
i'm a beast from the east coast, like a dragon i roast
these roaches like raid. they's been slayed i've been paid
exterminator for hire, preaching hellfire to the quire
i could make the pope perspire
sold my soul for the devils tongue, now no one raps are flyer
see all those rappers are tired, sell outs to highest buyer
their money is climbing higher, but they souls go to where i am
HELL-o my god in heavens to mercy me, see i'm a rap demon
soul eatin' hell feedin' fire breathin' heathen beatin' demon!
bleedin' on pages for days and, rackin my brain
trying to decypher my blood stains, it's very draining
but i'm gaining skill, and will, and thrills, and chills
and it spills over my dome and roams, through the streets of Rome
in the vatican catacombs and throws itself upon a cardinal
and with no marginal error the terror seems in, visions of me begin
and rather than gather more victims who will either suffer or run
he blathers like a loon, you call it speaking in tongues.

05-05-2009, 04:30 PM
we nappy haired homosapiens takin them words of hatred
and making them something great then mistakenly breaking them
like apes with china plates.we hate the man of porcelain,
unless he gives endorsements then we dance and shuck and jive
the money beats a nine to five and so much safer than a street grind
never mind, we hidden behind these riddles and lies, coming from nero and color of marrow
options are narrow, danger is harrow-ing, sing about heroine
to pay the tuition to get my kids in, to harvard ,yale
the sale of our souls has been running so old
that we have a colored only line at the cross roads.
i'm there at this minute, this second, second guessing
am i sharp dressin, or do i look a mess
do i wanna look professional or be fresh
am i an activist or a "raptivist" do i have to "step out of my caddy and go cap a bitch"
so i can invest and become a successful capitalist.
i got a capital idea right heeya
don't frown my dear brown people
we will, (if you agree),be ol what we truly wanna be
you don't have to be a cown and be on B.E.T
to be recognized by N double A C and P
FREE, it's a new concept see
you can have steady root and climb high like a tree
funny analogy , strange that it used to be normality
to see a human sized fruit, hanging from a maple tree.
so just focus on your life, not your ie, not your model wife
get yourself a mission and stop "dissin" someone for nnot being a boss
or pissin each other off and gettin lost
be bright not flashy,supported not cashy
and start passing, ya dumb niggas.......

05-10-2009, 11:47 AM

05-15-2009, 09:36 PM
nothing but atrophy after me.
cataclysmic catastrophe.
actual aftermath lasting past centuries.
eventually events will be
ceased to only the least of feats,
of crashing particles, passing articles
of matter scattered through the universe.

such a sordid morbid story....

BUT now i'll inverse the verse
to reverse the prophets curse, of profits first.
the worst is finished, my thirst deminished,
Utopia opened for business, Is this even reality?
In actuality the factuality of my fiction, is one
and the same, a phenomenon that addresses paradox by name!
Heavy locks and hidden keys restrain my frame
but brains remain INSANE!!!

and free to be me.

05-25-2009, 09:37 PM
hands of fate,
grab the waist
of destiny
expansive eclectic ecstasy,
enticing everything excellently
Intimate incidents,
instantly incite infinite instances
of blooming stellar plumes,
and the gloom of final doom
contextually, inperceptible, yet
conceptually perfected so
I guess I'll stay a vegetable
until you get the message yo
don't let it go even though
i left it flow crazy pro
programed to produce prodigious prose
the bars i say, by far fillet the david's pose
I slay the stone, as if it lives
and make steel yield as if it had give
what I have given you today
Is everything you cannot say
for fear the tears won't go away
when al you know does go astray

05-30-2009, 09:33 PM
A samurai keeps his soul at his side
So do I, pull out a pencil fast as you could blink an eye
aim high, on the page and slay the silence in my mind
writing rhymes, move the pencil as if fighting for my life
eyes remain as cold as ice, frozen on this single sight
of paper blackened by graphite. read it back, "that's nice"
"that's hot" but not that part, that's not. I rewrite or retype
all night till I see light, this one cat, well he might not like it
he be hype and claims that i don't write these bars that you see right
now. NOW, clearly that is ludicrous. you are just, ridiculous you think you must
constrict me, but these tricks will just convince me,
that i must be doing something right since i'm the focus of your life.

05-30-2009, 10:01 PM
people think i got small pox in my ink pen/
cuz I make the hate disappear like the Incans/
and mayans, cuz I am/
spittin' like I only eat the cayenne/
jalepenio peppers, holler if you better/
quew the cricket noises, no one gonna step up/
they don't wana mess up, cuz they understand/
that banding against me, is standing against he/
who cause hurt without mercy, with the armies of xerces/
and king Leonidis both serving behind him, united, in my quest/
to find a true contest to make me earn my conquest.

05-31-2009, 12:03 PM
a post from a battle i lost somewhere else.

crim-son is in some deep trouble, like veins containing air bubbles
I go after red like a bull, charging full, I pull ,mountains down to rubble.
I'm a lone stampede, I'm a grown man see, and you know your on-ly
A phony and a crony, to some homie who probably owe me, money
I'm not just a cash rapper, i crush trash rappers like a compactor
construct bars like a contractor, but your raps collapse like a shack after
an atomic blaster, I'm ya master get it? don't sweat it, cuz that won't aid
I'm taler made to fillet like a blade, when i spit my rhymes split cuz my teeth are serade-
ed, just remain dead, decapitated and lacerated, and the nurse is absent baby.
take a nap because that's a wrap. I attack like a constrictor, i'll make you endangered
with the major infliction of force, restricting your "flow" of sorts
first blood flow and that'll make ya mind go ______, and that'll make ya rhymes go ______
that's a flatline, i know that was a phat line, i wrote this in the snack line
at the buffet spot, on the day of your service near your funeral plot
I C you with an IV, and I M D #1 like roman numerals pops
I am king, I'm Ceaser, I'm a kaiser I'm a czar I'm the best up by far
you couldn't catch up by car, bullet train or jet plane, I mean
you fold like paper and i transform like star scream, i roll out and doll out
more lethal lines than you could count, even if you were blue ranger billy
i could spit one lil' bar and you would call it a millie.

05-31-2009, 12:04 PM
A cypher post from back in march.

I'm ill like the T virus, i just
write want i want without thought like uhhh.....
My rhymes so ridiculous i could spit silence
that shit is impossible, like fly hens
Am i spittin' bout chickins wishin' they could fly
like pteradactyls, was there a cackle in the crowd?
I'm thinking so loud i just overlooked it
I'm krispy like kia shine, long overcooking my rhymes
even my breath is burnt, exhale smoke like chaser
and i drop lines at mach 5 rate like speed racer
see you later,I'm a machine like darth vader
and your just a copy like F.O.P's darth laser
I'm the reason your still around, your paper
i'm the laminator. your just a cartoon
and i am your animator.

05-31-2009, 12:10 PM
what's real,
is it merely the factual
tangible and the practical
the things that are thought out, with tactical
precision, bound within the vision
of the mortal people living
in their gilded cages,
dismissing a child's desires
for freedom as just phases
is real just the bricks, in the walls, of the mazes
or is it something else, something totally amazing
maybe something crazy, or....
I might just be too lazy, to stand up straight and focus my gaze
focus my rage, become a politician
join the military, accomplish me a mission
then i might comprehend what is real
or it might be the end of real feel-
-ings, reasons to sing, the love a fling, and other shit
while I contemplate that I'mma write another hit

06-07-2009, 10:56 PM
katana drama.

I slice nice, but i stab mad.
sheath stored beneath my coat, so it's cloaked, so you don't. see when i grab and......
swing, hear the blade sing
as the air splits, wind rips
into storms that could sink ships
and when turned against a human being,
It creates a sight you might regret seeing
to call it gruesome is the most truthsome statement ever made
It leaves frames forever flayed, filleted, with a bloody spray
a single flick cleans the blade pretty quick
a simply movement just erases all the evidence
of a thousand homes, now having one less resident
wind takes the things they wear
ravens take the skin and hair
bears and boars take flesh and bones
and now i'm left hear all alone......
until their sons come looking for revenge
then my katana drama, will just begin again.

06-08-2009, 12:20 AM
katana drama 2

katana drama panorama of the battlefield
the air tastes bitter from the corpses littered far and near
I smell blood, and a few fresh final meals
my sword is still warm. go ahead, take a feel
and this time, i think i'll let it air dry,
and attract flies, but not to swat them with my hand
so I can see their legs get lopped off as they land
on my edge, wings and heads, escape and then
fall. as do all, who come across my cross
blade. guard. grip. worship it, as BOSS
not a god, for I can be destroyed
just not by any of the methods that you boys would dare employ
how dare I enjoy, playing with life like a toy?
I double dog dare, it's just a game, I'm just a boy
but when i grow up....... and show up at your home a man
with my sword in hand, I'll make you understand
why your father had to die, and his brothers, and why I
will always win, killing is my only sin.
I'm a lone monk, on a mountain where the air is thin
and i pray with my steel, stained pink from flesh that it's been in
I pray for you as well, so do not ever test my faith
or i'll perform a miracle
so you can meet your maker face to face.

06-08-2009, 05:33 PM
I've got a very regulated education.
New tech, yet still I'm old school like segregation.
I feel the separation.
between students and staff,
so who do you ask,
when students whoop ass on you
and teachers harass you and,
try to be clever.
with "witty insults" they feel are above your level.
yet Isn't clear that if I'm here then when I hear you crack,
of course I'll snap. stop the class in is tracks
and return your spurns with a verbal attack.
but I can't do that. I'm supposed to act
like they're too smart.
I can't teach physics, but I get it when your ego sparks
don't let it light, or you might get scared and write me up
and then I'll really get pissed, but shit, I'm a kid so fuck
it................ I'll keep jumping through the hoops
taking notes, acing like a blank state, show you can show the proof
that your life wasn't wasted, but the "cool kids" still hate It.
when you try to act too cool for school. your my teacher, your my tool!
teach,test,repeat. FOOL.

06-08-2009, 05:47 PM
I've got a chronic illness so I'm spittin' sick relentless
They say I could make money but my tastes are not expensive
then they call me eccentric, and they say that I'm senseless
they're mad i won't make money for them, they start an offensive
because I know I'm african, they call me afrocentric
accuse me of more "ists" and "isms" than they comprehend and
I know I say A lot of "they's" and "them's" but I'm too friendly
to throw out names of people, I don't even know as friends.

however if you persist, I'll break out al my curses
and I'll write you a verse to make you jump out of your fur. BITCH!

06-08-2009, 09:28 PM
I've got a chronic illness so I'm spittin' sick relentless
They say I could make money but my tastes are not expensive
then they call me eccentric, and they say that I'm senseless
they're mad i won't make money for them, they start an offensive
because I know I'm african, they call me afrocentric
accuse me of more "ists" and "isms" than they comprehend and
I know I say A lot of "they's" and "them's" but I'm too friendly
to throw out names of people, I don't even know as friends.

however if you persist, I'll break out al my curses
and I'll write you a verse to make you jump out of your fur. BITCH!

that was good to me

06-09-2009, 08:15 PM
your like jabber jaw, you yammer on
your lines are stale but my spit is refreshing
count your blessings you won't be dressing
wounds after this diss
yeah your a beast, just a big Moby dick
but this is Ahab, and you've had it
" call me ishmael" this hail of harpoons soon
will tear you to shreds, and I'll take ya head
eat the flesh, burn the fat, wear the skin
in the end man wins, for he who owns his sins
masters what is within. so i call on pride and wrath
to thrash you down to your soul
your whole being, seeing you're owned
does that make you afraid?
you've been laid before the lion of zion, on the great mound
so pray he doesn't start before i bring a gods wrath down

06-09-2009, 08:18 PM
from january. about people and police

people here often confuse fear and respect
and they expect to recognized while they
hide from the higher eyes
when cornered by men, these boys see lions
and to avoid the jaws we quickly start lying
and when we see those eyes so prying
we take to flying and the "lions" take to chasing
and we both take to dying
and other people confused authority with superiority
they control, not maintain, and both their
honor and the pavement stained
but there and some who's duty is clear
however no man is immune to fear
and they see the public as wolves drawing near
a man sees a wolf as a creature so beneath him
a waste of the time lost as his sword is unsheathing
and the "wolves" are cut down, before they can attack
and a wolf is not a wolf if the pack won't strike back

06-09-2009, 08:32 PM
that was good to me


06-13-2009, 11:24 PM
I'm a monstrosity, it's impossible to say possibly
because it's definite, truth so firm you could rest in it
and rest assured, i am surely secure
in my belief that i'm beneath
nothing but the sky, but i'm a loser, i'm not fly
i'm just riding my high horse, fed on my pride of course
i got mojo like jojo, the power-puff one,
and flow just like flo-jo, so the medal is won
and my medal is one of honor, on her lips my name was born
and when my mother took it from her, she became a woman scorned
but when she read the rhymes i said then she became a woman warmed
because she knew that i deserved, the name she claimed as her own words.
OMAR, so far it's worked for me like bats with sonar
and if I go deaf i guess i'll scream it till my throat sparks
and I can only say OHM, as a form of meditation
it has many meanings, but just take one
and leave the rest for friends and guests
so they'll stay blessed when I say (i'm) done

06-18-2009, 10:49 PM
funeral procession for my obsession over possessions. and it's reincarnation into my constant progression

I used to spit bull shit
whack like a mob don givin hand jobs
I was like a bomber, but sans "bomb"
er......... emergency when you heard me
I was hurting my pencil, suicide
I was just a stencil, who am I?
then for a time, I became, TOX-IC
not sick, ill spit, i could kill the weak off real quick
but I left the strong, so they left me. GONE
I was all alone dead zone, my head bone
was just SO.......... vacant
no thought........................
just instinct left latent, awakened
like a bear from hibernation I WAS BEAST
ready to feast on some beats and release
feral rage, mean like wolverine on colored page
but I am real, i see, taste, touch, hear and feel
so I calmed. the closed fist switched to open palms
which then rested on a keyboard.
i found some inspiration in the internet, i needed more
i clicked raps quick too make addicts
snap of the whip wit, with which I write slick ice
flow like snow, catch a flake on your tongue
and come among the cats who scream "he spits crack!!"
FoRgEt that!!! and get aware, I spit air
the wind blows within prose
hurricanes rose from my brain flows
so when I say i spit oxygen
don't knock it cuz then, my rhyme's stoppin' and then
there's no air to breath, see, some rap is like crack to a fiend
I'm like air to all beings..........
OHM, it means all that your seeing.

06-20-2009, 10:37 AM
some other persons
they talk of "perfect"
what is that word?
I've never heard it
cuz when i spit a verse, no words are ever spoken
jaws just drop open
like they're all broken
I am so focused, that
I barely noticed
but people tell me later
they think it's real important
I know I'm dope and def and ill and fresh
what else is new
I'm also fly and spry and sly like spies with private eyes
no private part is private, i get
all the information
and I write verses with it
no bless this curs-ed nation
I'm not a patriot, as you can plainly see
I'm not of legal voting age, so don't complain to me
so I just bide my time
confide my mind in rhyme
you find my rhymes contrived?
that thought is so confined
who am I? I am OHM
I'll open his mind
I'm like a higher power
that charges by the hour

I can't be stopped
I'm like a bullet, in a world of pudding
that thought is off putting
to all you soft "hoodies"
gangsta in appearance, but
also full of fear and no guts
they act and lie
and if you ask them why
they'll come back and reply
"it's for the balla life"
but they don't wanna work
they don't wanna hustle
yet they expect muscle
and so they get nuthin
and then they get to cussin'
some even get to rappin'
bout all they're violent trappin'
and I just get to laughin
cuz they know it never happened
but critics get to clappin
they shower them in praise
it rains for 40 days
then they get flushed away
they not the human species
not even human feces
BULL SHIT, full of tricks
but they ain't hudini
I'll make em' disappear
I'll get em outta here!
with just my pencil and some paper
and a lack of fear

I know you hear my lyrics
but do you really listen
the song is almost over
my speech is nearly finished
I've still got more to say
so put the track on loop
and let it all replay
and I'll reiterate,
the things you may have missed
my name is O-H-M, ohm
please remember this
it is an acronym
it stands for Ohm Has Meaning
in every verse and hymn
and every bar I'm reading
the context of my text is complex
leave subjects perplexed
mental wrecks from the verbal hex
your sure to be next, If
you have an empty head
my rhymes are special mines
that leave light thinkers dead
In state like veggies on a plate
so i suggest you think, before it's too late
this is no threat on life
this is a threat on mics
I'm a rapper who's no trapper
not dapper
i just do what i like
peace out

06-25-2009, 06:23 PM
ill fantastic, that haz-mat can't fix
hear that i MIGHT spit, and just say that they QUIT!
yeah that's it!! I want that shit
i can make em clap but i wanna make em THAT SICK
quick addicts, OHM! they gotta have it
nab it, fight at the record store and stab a bitch so they can grab it
not just fame but infamy, governments insist that he
he as in me, needs U.N evaluation, too many fans in every nation
how can he calm a mob, when some bullets in the face can't
perplex and bewildered
at my skill
for texts that kill worse
than H-bombs, yet they STILL THIRST
because i execute expectation
and when the track commits treason I destroy without haste
you can paste together a face from
what's left after I lay waste, to this god forsaken place
of that god forsaken race, that you should thank god for savin'
the terms I'm using could be viewed as confusing
because the words that I'm choosing
are ordered to cause some brain bruising
perusing my rhymes I hope you eventually find
the serious theories and the meaning behind
go home and cry if you think hip-hop died
this is simply evolution and the truth is

*if u like it, spread it. be sure you don't forget it, and trust you won't regret it, when i blow up like unleaded

06-27-2009, 02:50 PM
I'm so ill that they call me kim jong,
I hid bombs within songs,
i did wrong and moved on
my neighbors lawn, I made them gone
so to speak,
I sow defeat
so retreat, before I reap
more than a world leader
I'm a world eater
Galactus, attacks just
are so evil
who woulda seen i was this mean
while I was grown fetal
soon as the womb was split
they knew my spit was so fecal
I need power so i fill fear into my needle
when i inject you should eject
expect me to delete you.
for no other reason that I need one
more show of force.
The darth invader
light saber carves my rhymes
in victims hides
with no remorse
mechanical tyrant,
my word is a migrant
any where that you find it
is ANYWHERE, stay reminded
for if you forget my warning
missiles will get swarming
and you won't believe it
like global warming.
I am exempt from temperature
because I fire rockets
with an icy cold stare from my eye sockets
your just a link in the chain, while I am the sprocket
I control your path, your future, past, all in my pocket
I've been on the side lines for a long time
so with a long rhyme, I'll make you all mine
I haven't struck your homes yet, but i've left your mind
in pieces seeking leadership, and i'll be what you find.
OHM for president, no known evidence
of me ever losing so the opponent is irrelevant

07-04-2009, 01:45 AM
I was over this, but gravity came and got my ass. i got too much mass, and can't find a big enough mask

they said DON'T DO IT!!!!
and i said screw it
they tried to teach me, and i just blew it,
i cut class like emo kids with cheat sheets on they wrists
and the teacher's just ask "is he sick?, has he flipped?"
I'm too heavy to flip, to steady to trip, and my weight is deadly i rip
preset judgements,
like edward scissor hands blogging
I've got extra large raps trapped in an average large noggin
I'm not as sure of myself, my emotional health
am i invoking up Hell, have we just run out of wealth
MY VERY PERCEPTION??? or.......................
am i really this desperate, that I've caused great depression?
i don't feel upset. until after we talk
and i start to regret, that i just sat there and gawked
at the words you put down on my smudged up screen
they make it glow brighter than supernova from my wildest dreams
the absence of audio, is the audio of absence
the sound of detachment.
here's where i start laughin'
reading what i put here i seem pretty stupid
just for rhymes sake here i'll just put down: cupid
in fact......... I"M GONNA PUT DOWN CUPID
i'll go flashing lights video on him! but no music
but I think i'll wear pants.... ANYWAY!, lets go back
to the point that i had when i first began my attack
I feel like I'm building a road off a cliff
inch by inch, and i know, that this
Is dangerous, but i continue anyway
BUT THE FASTER I BUILD!!!, the further she moves away
the horizon, the line between nothing and all
and even though i might fall
i can't pause....
but if I rush this my road will lack support
of course
and i can feel it crumble so i fumble for materials
I can no longer see the people at the cliff but I can hear them go
but I'm so far out now that i can't understand.
so i build
and i will
till the horizon's in my hand.

* i deleted every line after "but no music" by accident and had to rewrite it. what you see here is maybe 80 90% as good as before....

07-08-2009, 08:01 AM
why is jay on the hook?
am i fishin in brooklyn?
look, when
a track like this gets loose
you dig ya hooks in
now that i'm on the mic
i'm in position to strike
so who do i wanna smite
with my newfound might?
i could bark like the dog phife
attack phony rappers
but they make me look better
so i'll save them for after
my victory laughter
I'm the vernacular master
my rap game raised itself
I'm a lyrical bastard
I got it!
i'll just say bye to A-R
i once was O-MAR
but now it's just OHM
do you get it so far?
am i up to par
with the rest of y'all
this is the start of a new identity
i mentally murdered the old me
so is it suicide, i just asked who am i?
and at that moment all the lies just died.

i just had to catch my breath
and when my air flow stopped
you just clutch ya chest
you can't trust the rest of these
signs you receive
the source of that force of course will deceive you
believe you me, I've come to relieve you
indeed, they will try to impede
but try as they might
they just can't match my speed
i'm the GOAT i attack the weeds
who attach to our roots to feed
on the future of my seed!
so i chew through the leaves on their family trees
It's winter all year round when they see me they freeze.
fall to their knees and plead
that my sword will be sheathed
and i ought to be peeved
and enraged, but i stay calm
and chant OHM while i raise my prayin palm.
and play it by ear, and prey on they fear
i have capacity for mercy
some where in here,
let me look.............

i found a few hot bars
so i'll let you cook
burn off some of those carbs
so you can change you're outer look
i changed within
and that changed my out-look
me without rap is a school without books
a prison without crooks,
i think you get the picture
so freeze frame my name,
don't forget it or i'll come get'cha
and as a kid i heard ash say
gotta catch em' all.
and that's the way i learned to play
and i play the game for all that it's worth.
every token till the last one cuz that's how i work
and i think this word play is working out
let me work up a sweat,
while i'm working through doubt
no matter how supreme i may seem
i'm still a living being
who just happens to be
a little godly with words
i wrote this gospel in an ancient text
of hip-hop terms
so have faith in OHM
as you roam
"cuz the whole of my soul
is simply my will to control"

07-12-2009, 02:40 AM
I'm too happy
please laugh at me
I need some aggression to lessen
my lyrical lacking
i produce imperical rapping
when I'm attacking an enemy
but generally
I just assemble rhymes randomly
and on occasion I just throw in some ill shit
and abandon thE
and leave you guessing
as to what I'm really saying
"is he even saying anything, or is he just playing?"
but that isn't the issue at hand
now that I'm holding you hostage
I think i'll issue demands
I will command understanding
and start reprimanding
every little damn thing
you say that sounds doubtful
with out y'all I'm nothing
but without me your suff'ring
so trust me.
I'm a lyricist, you're hearing THIS
then you're lucky

07-12-2009, 09:11 PM
damn you jjust get slepped on.

lot's of nice lines. enjoy readin' it

07-14-2009, 05:04 PM
thanks. i don't really advertise so people only look if they want to. thank you for readin tho'

07-14-2009, 06:49 PM
"illegal" vivid visuals, make livid individuals. but i continue into criminal living because it gives me soul

Aristotle with the aerosol
philosophize before your eyes,
without a care at all for law
I paint a portrait of Nefertiti
on concrete canvas
and just
lust over my graffiti
but I can't trust that you won't reveal me
vandalism is illegal
but I must sign with a pen name
otherwise it is END GAME
arrest and incarceration
my best works left uncared for
halfwits pass it off as theirs, or
administration paints em' blank
their view of art is stagnant. rank
I remain nameless and you have them to thank
"ATOMIC VOMIT" is my moniker
too vile to smile, and too bright to monitor
I've given the greatest images, ever found on this earth
always from my heart, i put my blood on these walls
and so i bleed with a need to feed these "dracula" halls
I am a tagger. i am the street at it's core
i am hip-hop, in it's pure visual form.

07-18-2009, 03:34 PM
i said in another poem "i don't dream i scheme"
so precise with my life that it seems serene
but behind the scenes i struggle to maintain the seams
and refrain from being seen as just another mortal being
i wanna live forever, i wanna be remembered
i wanna form the ember
that will burn through the coldest december
i wanna inspire you, and all of my siblings
so I give things a twist, put a spin on my sinnings
my pride could be the death of me
but what do you expect from me?
to lie down and accept the things
exactly as they're set for me?!
all of my life i've been told i had potential
but suddenly they feel that i have ego exponential
because i make language into a basic elemental
next to earth,wind,water,fire,space,time
there is rhyme. and as far as i'm concerned, it is all mine
and now i find myself staking claim to a force of nature
but if it helps mankind to strive,
i'll gladly take the devils hatred.
pride is a sin that i commit with no regret
if my memory can call up courage
even from hell my smile is set.

07-24-2009, 04:42 AM
cold hearted martyr perfected the art of dying. rigor mortis forces rigid movement, stops his crying

i wanna make you cry
so i can see your tears
and imagine how it feels
to be crushed by your fears
bum rushed, by your doubts
without any hopes left
and yes, i might enjoy the breath
you take in as i drive my knife deeper
GASP! for air, as if that will keep her
alive, i draw you close, i feel your heart beat next to mine
how warm you are, your hand on my back
it sends shivers down my spine
and i, close my mouth. the blade disappears
and those words that pierced your heart, no longer here
but you won't forget what i set into motion
i won't take it back though, despite what you'd hope. one
would think that she'd leave, run away with the hero
but I'm not a villain, I'm a king. but king Nero
I'll build you a temple of gold, with bare hands
but to do that i must burn the trees and churn land
fire before ash, ash before glass
crystalline dreams seems so pure, despite their past
we're in the first stage,
paper cut on the first page,
drip down a blood stain
that ruins the ink lain
down before you picked me up
YOU changed me, YOU made me
yours when i tasted blood.
the fuel of love, it boils when i bring you up
I like your voice
i love your skin
i hate what you've brought up from in
my heart
but worship you as well, for what it's done for my art
"goddess of happiness" a little long for a name
i'll call you joy, shorter than what you call yourself,
but the meaning's the same
yet i lament this elation because, it seems like a game
I earned my trophies and records and scores
but it's all intangible, my hands crave much more
my mind, heart, 'manhood' wage bloody war
i should stop, i should slow, i should run
i should, could, would, but right now. i am done.

07-25-2009, 03:21 AM
every night i rest in pieces
and wake in shambles
but i escape my nightmares, so i feel release
then i amble, to my laptop, so i can ramble
to face book, take a look, at my keyboard
could it be more, worn out?
this is all that i love, all that i need
all that it takes to feed...
see, I'm paper, plain from a distance
but under higher focus, fibers poke with inconsistence
no pattern,
at least none that i can see
no role models, at least nothing i can be
let me explain, i don't lack motivation
but i tend to refrain, from damaging my "soul location"
my state of mind, and other abstract concepts
that make up the context, of my complex conscience.
shit, now i'm just showing off
sorry dog, i'm steaming, gotta blow it off
so homo, L-O-L
well oh hell, i meant homo sapien
for all the homophobic homies
who be taking things, too far
over the river, and through the woods
hope I'm rhyming good (enough)
for red riding hood
i didn't write that, maybe i should cite a source
fuck MLA, i'll let it stay, that shit is such a chore

source and chore do not rhyme
unless you speak like me, to me that shit sounds fine
i think i've said shit, at least four times,
well i haven't "said" shit cuz i type these lines
but i read to myself, heat truly melts my screen
because my buzz means, that my rhymes are mean.
I appologise for my rapper habits
but i have to have it
it makes me special.
see MG, made me, an ass hole
my ego is the size of an H-bomb blast hole
WOW, i can rhyme whole,hole,and hole
I think i've lost control, let me go take a stroll

^ This is sick yo

"my state of mind, and other abstract concepts
that make up the context, of my complex conscience."

^ My jaw dropped when I heard this lol. Dope.

07-25-2009, 11:14 AM
thanks man

07-31-2009, 08:08 PM

08-01-2009, 02:10 AM
THankS! holcaust

08-01-2009, 02:11 AM
problematic dramatic habits, i'm flowing rabid and going mad it's truly tragic. i need battle so lemme have it!!

i blow minds like proffessor X
attempting sex
with his best
telekinetic tricks
I tell the pathetic pricks
who diss my prophet spit
that i'll spin what they say
like a beyblade when i let it rip.
I'm the shit from the dysentery spread on slave ships,
whilst I display this collection of lessons
i bet not one jaw is closed,
i'll leave you froze in a pose
like photo, so go
with the knowledge (like you're leaving from college)
that I'm dropping bombs with
no lacks in my accuracy
actually attacking the targets so accurately
that my actions compete with those past mass catastrophes
hiroshima and katrina introduced to "the final solution"
modern polution, the dino extinction, and spanish rule over Incan
kingdoms, in some ways you could say, that i shouldn't exist
but get this,
with a single bar i'll make the situation flip
i could bring you bliss, as i spit
pure morphine, war seems, not to exist
serenity is remedy for anything that makes you sick
in my verse is child's birth, that coincides with a lovers open mind
christmas morning, eagles soaring, and boring clouds just drifting by
any need you know I'll feed just heed my words and you and i
could live like gods and never die
but my devil side wont lie behind, he stands beside
in case the fates, should all decide
that you'd deny, and lie, and try to pry me from my happyness
then the yin yang switches sides
good becomes evil, but hey that's life.

08-03-2009, 12:13 PM
bomb raps combat wombat attacks, because i'm out of pocket when i drop it. as simple as that

I'm a bulemic behemoth,
i cannot even conceive it
i spit the shit, then i see it
and vomit on it like eagles
while feeding the feeble
chiks with haters beef,
they chew it up then release
pure liqud, sicknin, no pieces
it's flowing, and so the
hatchlings are growing
yes i'm upsetting the census
relentless thrash at your senses
i am best when I express aggression
but what else were you expecting?
from the black samurai, NOT the samuel L. guy
you got to say yasuke!
yell like i goy you HEY
may you be plagued for 1000 days
by howls of hounds resoundingly astounded
when they found what i say
the point is that i nurture pure AND curse for sure
these verses lure, both devils and angles
no ulterior angels, i simply dangle above danger
I wanna be a hero, but fear calls to my anger
i fillet a cave man, so i spit no club bangers
this is an empirical lyrical period
vinerial material searing the
meager flesh,
like i'm holding the ovaries of the "so called" weaker sex
for you see in these hands i hold nothing but mic's
even after this disaster, i bet you'll say "DAMN he's nice"

08-08-2009, 03:42 AM
colossal beast from the deep sleep creeps in the morning, footsteps concealed by the lightest of snoring

spit an incredible sedative, put you to sleep
appear right there in your nightmares
throwing signs up from elm street
a hell breed, exhale heat,
burn you like freddy, body ready for ingestion
cannibalism isn't even a suggestion
do not contemplate the lesson
let me reveal the facts:
not considered a human due to qualities that i lack.
such as fear and self doubt, hold iron spine in my back
obscure posture got your monsters to attack
they're not used to bipedal upstanding young men
some aim true with full metal pump triggers and then
lay dismayed when their spray ricochets away
incantations i pray, arch the path, like lambs led astray
sheep seek their shepherds, who treat bullets like lepers
but you cannot outrun what was launched from a gun
so i guess their life left em.
but i'm still in your dream world, who did i kill?
inner demons who feed on courage, shrinking your will
fear is my only enemy, rap is my only remedy
isn't he fearless?, you hear correct, but you aren't dead to me
i interact, make contact with the masses
stand atop chasms and shout out life's answers
calm hand to stop spams, firm grip rips out cancers
and when you awake. you take, a second glance or
long gaze at your mirror. something is different
your eyes seem brighter and whole spirit is lifted
and i slip away, in the slow groggy morning
grinning, still many hours for more "things"
yeah, that's what i'll call them.........

08-08-2009, 10:20 PM
"obviously out of place, but it'd be a waste, waiting for you to race to outer space"

omartian; definition:
Bespectacled extra terrestrial
lobotomize guys
so they grow into vegetables
dissection so
i can collect their testicles
cuz i go balls out when i shout
these technical messages
expressing sick
vestiges of a mind infested with
no less than six.
Teen bars at any second it's
time for a rhyme, finding mine
is no excellent feat,
don't be surprised
when you meet great white and you see teeth
perhaps it's his dentistry
his whole body's chemistry
maybe i'll let you see
ingest you in ecstacy
consume whole, exume bones
excreting them orally
digesting the flesh
and spit shit that's more "you" than me
i'm a phony-vorian
they're all that i eat
every person i greet
is seen as prey, or a mate possibly
probably even both, if the female is crossing me
causing me stress i guess plausibly she's not awed by me
but after she's gnawed by me.....
I can guarantee, she wont express bull shit audibly
i can detect the pulse in your neck aurally
so many senses,
perception beyond comprehension
receiving signals, satellite type reception
yet. One of me only?
Not what you expected?
I'm a parasitic species nesting
in your vestments, boring into your chest with
no pain, brain won't notice,
so it's sure that you're infected!!!!!!
"the meak shall inherit the earth" so that's why you climb
but i am stronger i get it first!!!! You'll get the scraps to find
megalomaniac, weapons go ratatat!
That is if i used them, which i don't,
so smile at that fact
i'm grinning like cheshire cat
cuz i don't need a gat to attack
i spit acidic raps.
Dissolve it all and sip the soup through a straw
"the 'real' best part of waking up" folgers was wrong

08-09-2009, 08:26 PM
raps so immaculate
activating extravagance
metaphor for warfare,
compare to a javelin
there's no distracting it
blast through your battlements
stab to the abdomen
ravage and damage them
mentally i slay them,
AKA it's mayhem
now we move to literal
i am simply spitting so
the ripping you was trivial
just giving you a show
kicking you a flow
chun-li, Bun-B fusion,
amusing your soul
Bruce leroy
heads just like a B-boy
living in the rhythm,
like a serpent in the grass
great egyptian asp
clasp at the flask of existence
i sip then it's dripping
in this
metamorphosize in my mind
not a butterfly, more like a toad
twist necks when i ribbit, turn heads when i croak

08-10-2009, 03:35 PM
granted that granite has it's cold exterior, it's boldly peering towards the warmth of fearful hearts

lone soldier lost in his own land
last survivor of the living terracotta clan
seen a lot of man kind's wars and fought in more than the history books will ever record
so many secrets he can't tell, worn out vocal chords
trying to out yell the rockets, screaming out orders
more over there's no one alive willing to listen
and not a single ghost will kiss him, he probably killed them
thousand yard stare everywhere that he goes
heart palpitations and paranoia prevent his peepers from creeping even partly closed
only partly clothed, his epidermis is a sheet of burned and butchered stone
long iron bones, his hight might leave the kids in fright
basically he's a bat that stayed out past the night
forever out of place, waiting patient to escape this day light
but the advent of his evening would mean things no one keeps in mind
his inner peace is releasing his sword to feast on foreign hides
lit out a sigh of relief at he's calm for now
but will the son of stone neglect your home when sun goes down?
shhhhhhhhhhhhh! don't make sound........ he's walking back around.........

08-11-2009, 05:20 AM
successful remix

actually i'm kinda tired of life
tired of nights,
waiting for the rising of light
i got some problems with insomnia
but hey i'm alright.
all i do is write,
and it doesn't take a lot out of me
but i put a lot into it wishing
someone was proud of me
who didn't feel they needed to
because we are family
in my mind might bring on some insanity
i just wanna live happily....


so what the fuck is success?
it's nothing unless, you share it
that's what people expect, accept
i'm not even sure what i need
to receive, that'll make me believe
that i'm indeed successful
unless you, put it into words
i can't put it into verse
then my voice will not be heard
i might as well be in a hearse
and yes it hurts
to admit your life might not be worth
the work to keep it going....
well that is only if your living as a phony
i'm as real as thought itself
so thoughts of self, help to console me
contemplating my consciousness
got me saying that i'm the best
counting up my confidence
contradicts with my common sense
that's the label i was stamped with
life handed me this attitude
to amplify my aptitude
rapping to you
i'm clasping onto what is aptly due
to me,
I can't conceive a deeper reason
i'm just feeling that it should be


a woman........ what else do i need
i could die right now, but nobody would grieve
my mother told me "i love you, because we are family"
so is it too much want a love to be handed to me?
willingly? without somebody billing me
getting caught, and having boys in blue intensely grilling me
going to prison with villains who think of killing me
as just another way to pass the the time until they hit the streets
of course it wasn't worth the risk
so i guess i'll strike ho's off the list
none of them bitches here
i'm like the grinch who stole christmas
if you don't get this, i'll gladly explain
and then i"ll know i succeded in expanding your brain
i stand in the rain, call it self afflicted baptism
to me rap isn't
just another occupation
it's a way to clear my fears with no inoculation
i need this


the need to be a lyrical elite
is what feeds my waking moments
it's my substitute for sleep
so it isn't my dream
more of a mission.
i was bred for spittin'
got the cobra wishing
he was living up to my description
prophets allude to bars i use
when they describe their visions
you see i have achieved
a depth that light has barely stricken
and yet i'm on a level where there's barely air to live in
paradoxical oxymoronic shit
got the philosophical logical folks in love with this
but this is how i exhale i barely notice it
as the words flow from my lips
and maybe my hands will catch it
write it down before it slips
and if you're feeling somewhat lost in this
then i succeeded in proving my own intelligence
but that's irrelevant
success is knowing your the best
and never yelling it........
for if you build it, they will come
and i'm making an arc
for the very flood that i've begun


can i see success through a jewel?
is victory the ability to write the rules?
do you only achieve when people clap for you?
i'm asking what exactly do we have to do?
i simply try to live from day to day
try to laugh, and write some killer raps along the way
record a couple just so i can hear the music play
and marvel at my words as if they've come from far away
i'd compare it to hearing a child say:
"i love you",
but hey, maybe i exaggerate
but maybe my guess was dead on.
so that's the bid i'm gonna bet on
i see success through a plastic lense
victory is when i spittin mean with all my friends
i achieve every time that i pick up a pen
i'm sorry mr. songz i guess i'm "off the" hook again.
so i'll say "what do you wanna be"

08-12-2009, 11:00 AM
You got rhymes for days Thor nice stuff in your thread!

08-12-2009, 05:25 PM
thanks cuzz :) and yeah i just put EVERYTHING in this one thread

08-12-2009, 05:27 PM

expect to leave epileptic when you exit, i reflect aurora.
spittin this so sick i make em cringe in gomorrah.
definition of def, left scholars illiterate
leave them stupified with lines is scribed in ancient sandscrit
hostile philosophies please try to understand it
but underhanded tactics demand that you be reprimanded
punishment for sin i'll leave you spammed like an inbox
iller than a trojan worm downloaded with no virus block
i get top, level competition smitten with my flows
enemies turned allies with the simplest sympathetic prose
symposiums on synaptic systems secretly stored inside my bars
the need for your cerebral to conceive, means i dumb down for y'all
intellectuals into vegetables, visa versa, side effects of the
surgical precision i utilize when i screw you guys
mounting is merely mental, "no homo" need not be utilized
you'll need a tutor to decide if you approve these 16 lines.

08-13-2009, 05:37 PM
so good at this, i can start a verse saying "fuck the rhyme"
but i don't just fuck the rhyme, make love with lines i'm so sumblime
la petit morte, i slay your mind and then revive
accelerating your circulation, then i put your pulse on pause
in this instant she is dead, i'm a killer, sick like saw
while i'm still inside she revitilises eyes get wide, i feel like god
conception is such an immaculate act that in fact, like light it has no flaws
so awed by what i've done, tears run from my black almond eyes
no that is simply sweat, outside my mind, i cannot cry
lyrics spill out red hot, flowing long like dreadlocks
coming all of the sudden like kids born from out of wedlock
bastards like myself, born standing up straight
master of thyself,i say to my reflection every day
i couldn't have been born of love, no wedding, so that love's refuted
but i am not a person, i'm a poem, and that's undisputed
i am 16 bars, spit mean but marred by bad grammer
so i speak in slurs and slang, intellect masked by bad manners
often assumed to be the dude, who treat you rude, this makes me madder
but i just say "fuck your words" then forget her like i've never had her
see whenever you dis me, i have a quickie, screwing up your mind
now you've lost all innocence, it's food for me, my favorite kind
save your lines, i've got my own, and mine are better anyway
me and all my children, all my verses, have one thing to say
{insert clever phrase in here} and have a nice day.

08-15-2009, 02:12 AM
viscous with my consistency,
spittin these sticky sick sixteens
come hard at your neck like a 10 inch erection
learn to deep throat dope or choke, learn your lesson
intricate implications, make one big congression
all to debate extreme themes i'm expressing
no guessing, just educating, read signals
that i'm relaying, specifically "what's he saying?"
just simply, that i'm not playing
i'm ready willing, unstable,
and wrapping up like a cable
and laughing at all their fables, unable
to calm my rage so i turn it into amusement
and use it against their logic,
dislodge it and spit some knowledge
like college level professors confessing
that they have accepted sex for
passing A's what i'm trying to say
is that i'm passion-ATE
like i ate passion fuit like every day,
and i ain't gassing you up just to drive away,
if you'll let me i will stay.......
........... what do you say?

08-17-2009, 06:19 PM
Look out it's gyarados!!
( >)(<)
| _ |

08-18-2009, 03:06 AM
Great Lyrics man, keep it up

08-19-2009, 05:26 PM
thnx mayne

08-20-2009, 11:57 PM
rabidly stab at your established vocabulary
using euphamisms uthanizing useless hazard laden
phrases containing lazy linguistics is my interest
metamorphosize inside, the force of rhymes contorting minds
you're sorting through my lines and bars, you'll find you are
beyond lost, I'm twisting up your thoughts with
mental havoc that I'm known to cause
products of the 3/5 clause my peers are often
cheeply bought, it seems we ought
to thin the herd, i'll spit some vivid violent verbs
it might be heard as literal by those who ain't been spittin pure
and gettin your attention by circumventin the rule of law
tellin lies to you guys and disrespecting us all
i'm half hazardly passing gravity, they expect me to fall
but land can't handle me so i stand above all the dogs
walk with the G's 5 percent of us call them gods
rappin out of this world like i hatched from a pod
i hover like no other, golden lotus floating on a pond

08-22-2009, 07:56 AM
i'll put a dot on your head like a brahman in new dehli
make it 6 six like a shaoilin, nigga are you ready?
simply for the sake of fame? never claim that i ain't deadly
you'll be fossilized before they find you, see? cement is setting

08-24-2009, 01:50 PM
"you're killin' it, you're the bomb son" i'm no killer you're just playing possom

active in every undertaking
im making profits, progress
and yes debts but none the less
i've left stress to the rest of the chess pieces.
i am king,rule things like 12 inches
carved as niches in hickory switches.
grip victory with a quicksilver like swiftness.
if he slip on my slickness
you'll witness a split crest
possibly dead as red spreads
through his vestments
icognito ne'er do wells
investigate my investments
i guess they're obsessed with
this spit that i'm blessed with
but remember "no stress" kid
so i let it,
slide off my sides like i'm
dressed in fresh teflon
even deflect bombs
as i reflect on wrongs
in my long swan songs
and the meanings are lost on
my readers, but either
they never see them
or someway they now know
how my brows furrow as i burrow into
my past rap lessons
leaving gashes and black abscesses
on the grey matter recesses
fn my less than "brilliant" brain
and no i haven't changed i remain
in my kingly domain of lyrical rain
and peer into your drains as what you hear
leaves a stain on your steady thought stream
so i ought to be
lounging and laughing loftily
but now i can see that
my pride may cost me fee
so is there a chance that i'm plausibly
lost in these, faucet free flows
but you and me, WE grow
never slow, just to show!!!!
just to show myself i'm alive for a reason
other than anxiety over dying and finding the devil breathing
down my neck, but what the heck
TOSS ME the double hockey sticks
i am knocking this, like a rocket ship
straight into hell,
where they're used to the flames
no games, no names, no fame
just me spittin what i've written
on my own skin to OWN my sin
and show HIM, why I should be the sun of the morning
vivid imagery givin these
demons, something to sink heir horns in.
something to stick a fork in
i am so done.
someone look my in my eyes and tell me i ain't number one.

08-30-2009, 07:18 AM
i'm talkin to myself now
my thoughts ought not to be racing so rapidly
masking these massivly moody ozzings is truly
proving to be a source of calamity. DAMNIT! see,
i have been really trying to find my personality
and that means, the rap scene, will lack me
Well actually dually thinking i might have got it
but i haven't tried it yet, so i won't knock it
lock this in, your nightmares and day dreams
when you think of me, think black jeans
virtuous and vile versitile like denim
jet black front to back, attached to me like venom
symbiosis with my clothes it's normally known
as "brand loyalty" OHM has no home and he's
SO not on your old team. homey might be homely
hold me up to the light and you might like
the shadow that i cast on your life, despite
the shade from bright and rays i won't change
your ways, i'll just alter all the displays
inviting dismay at the dismal days, i give your legs
a reason to walk, i collect the best heat
with my pigment so dark. sickening with art
simple at the start harken to these stitches that i'm spittin'
i'm rippin, only at choice. it's style my wild voice
i hang loose, and bang to the "clap clang" of shoes
that move in two's just you cruise through
the streets, and the parks, the apartments
can't part with my people, it's like they're naked without me
and they can't make it without me
because the world is so cold. so just put me on
and you know i will hold. and when i am gone.....
no need to discuss it, if u stick with me
i won't leave you for NUTHIN!
even if you sag me,
some people try to fold me up or bag me
and if i am yours i will oblige to it gladly
for in my mind it is a sign, that you'll have me
but just don't use me or you'll loose me like acne
cuz all of your "proactive" actions attack me
i'm a relaxed fit knit with no slack seams.
a pair of black jeans

08-30-2009, 08:12 PM
logic cause it, flawless "ballin?" naw that's drawlin, i'm just scrawlin

i make a livin givin you
biblical analytical critical
drip it in your
audio receptive aural organ,
create a look on your face
that replicates auroral mornings,
lord it's boring! mourning
the passing of actual rapping,
and tactical mapping of tracks
packed with YODA level yapping.
give someone wisdom
in one curse filled verse
reverse the effects of the worst
who claim the name "the best"
i could say i'm the greatest and
infect you with rage then
expect to be hated, regret the shit later,
and stress till i'm layed dirt
dressed fresh to death in the literal way or
i could just say: "hey i like what i'm writing"
no spiting or fighting
just inviting you to find it
decide with your mind if
it's something you'd purchase
help me surface from this
murky earth which
clouds my proud purpose,
of serving you words with
my technical specialty,
merge verbs so excellently
even extra terrestrial tourists are
sure it's me they should call excellency
"excellent" Mr.Burns curls his fingers around
bring the index down, to release the hounds
look closely now, a gangsta says that he is a canine
the "conscious" rapper afterwards claims he holds the leash of the K-9
unit, who is, OHM? in the scenario
well there we go!, i am the camera
catching happenings down below
to represent the verse i present the ejected video
spittin high definition descriptions
vivid as TIVO
this is my scheme fo'
slipping you mean flows
"mean" as in focused, i just hope it's
not me you deem "FOE"
otherwise i might be forced to flip the guise and
spit some violence, smiling as they run and hide
and cry that "OHM is never nice" i could be cold as ice
off the dome like lice, when you challenge me to a battle
i babble rhymes, roll back eyes like i'm
in need of being excorcised
just heed what i breath in these lines
I'm kind unless you test me friend
i'll Drop F-R-I and make you END.......

08-31-2009, 01:09 AM
my romance wont last 24 hours, i devour what i'm givin be it food or hearts of women, don't start your trippin, look back at my track record, i been single for a reason seems someone didn't listen.

09-09-2009, 02:40 AM
metaphors of the hard core
act exactly like carnivores,
display canines,say
rhymes dat slay minds,
throw grenades onto land mines,
blow away all of man kind,
stand in da ruins
producing inhuman scriptures.
hands gripping jewels while
inducing illusions in your,
subconscious wit
noxious bombs just,
awaiting late detonating,
wrist watch goes tick tock,
kids drop those sticks and rocks.
eyes lock on this,
bodhitsatva with da logic spit.

Filling your cerebral like
injecting it with collagen
collaborate with the greats
alleiviating global problems
console whole mobs and
hold moms with much love
seeing crap stained statues
collapsed my trust in the doves
my affection, a refection of
expectations laid on maidens
her aphrodite like appearance,
clearly catches me in amazement
heart partially vacant i lay it
bare to taste the open air
but blood flow goes stagnant
grab at my chest, AND NOTHING'S THERE
i hang in, just to kick away the chair....

who decides on suicide?
cannot really ask them why
we pray they left behind a letter
try to look between the lines
oh my god i made them cry!!
that time i told that stupid lie...........
many memories of my enemies
aimed steady as cupids eye
i would probably name names
don't play games or restrain rage
can't contain the page, or what i say
but i'll stop it, there's no conflict
I'M ALREADY BARKING!! i wanna bite you
i wanna fight you, i wanna fuck you
i wanna hug you, i wanna love you
look towards the mirror: i wanna slug you.

I'll push them away just to see who comes back
cuz i can't trust their words, all i trust is my rap
AND IT'S 6AM mayhem fades into black
and i dare you to ask "yo what made you attack?"
and i make my neck crack, what do i say to that?!
i'm just mad, kinda sad, kinda glad that i have
this bomb in me, that EXPLODES! exposing this honesty
because honestly if these bars didn't rhyme
then my jaws would just bind, not a word
expressed, and this heavy sensation i feel in my chest
i guess......... would build up till i bust. causing death
but i could be just stretching the truth
blessing the booth, with my "actual proof"
(that's a buddhist term there, don't be scared it's all cool)
but. you know what. i do not give a fuck
cuz you'll forget this shit in less than a month.

09-20-2009, 07:46 PM
from march 14th 09

you can call me dice, cuz i have six faces
meaning many moods, and thoughts in sick places
sick like ill, ill like skill.
i'm a fan of michael so you know that i thrill
and i kill, system similar to son of sam
cuz SAM i am, and i can
rhyme like i was dr. seuss
CAT in the HAT can confirm THAT as the truth

nothing else.

09-20-2009, 07:49 PM
march 17 09

thor on the mic, I am god of the storm
never ever weather man, I am in control
i can rap without a track, cuz i make the thunder roar
i'm already god of lightning, rap messiah is my goal
i could part the red sea, i could make a man from coal
then i'll heat him into diamond, spit some fire for his soul
I'm divinity, strength infinity, never growing old
I can turn the world over, bring the sun to the moles
i can simply turn a shoulder, make the whole sun cold
for-get the for-cast, future been for-told
kind of day, king of night, king of time, overlord
i will never be conquered, i will never take an order
on the border of a breakthrough, feel it in my bones
cuz i flow like the nile, and they flow like some stones
hold a whole hall of gods, and you face me alone?!
I am thor in the flesh, i am myth no more.

09-20-2009, 07:52 PM

don't be surprised by the shoryuken
leave bruises so know who's showin you, then
when ya life bar is tapped out, imma bust a gat out
and bust a couple caps out. oh no, never at you
at the security cameras, so that the fight'll be true
now what is that oder so rank its blanka, beast of brazil
now who's that driving the tank? it's guile forcing his will
i stalk with the street fighters, with incredible skill
it's an incredible thrill, knowing that you could be killed
so easily dog, when you box with balrog
or zangeif in his briefs, he could rip ya arm off
we shut the alarm off, do not disturn
we train all night, to codes we don't refer.
ya thinkin "this is alright dude, but where is ryu"
i save the best for last, and so he's in part two.

09-20-2009, 07:53 PM
april 24 09

like a tornado I am aybo(able) to twist the sky
Into my mind, out through my rhymes,
This is why I fly, so high
wings of the dragon, make the clouds mine.

pierce the flesh, here's your death, as i bite down
Right now, I can make a fright sound, listen
as the bones go crack,
fangs of the dragon, make them my snack

imagination envision the future with too true precision.
refusal is futial now you have to make a decision
the rappers livid religion hiphop messaiah is living
eyes of the dragon, make the world see my vision

09-20-2009, 07:55 PM

"no point in sight"
I groom gorillas into smooth vanilla
I flow at pops like cognac shots that chew through livers
I'm a giver of life delivering strife
to minds of men who might deny how fly, I am.
as sly as snakes who first brought lies to men
open my eyes again, to re-reveal the pre-concealed
my prose congeal from my gross grey matter, and scatter
surround the town like sounds of blood splatter
cut the chatter, the cheddar, the cheese, excuse me please
I plead for rejection expecting, reflected responses
Ananci's son, the spider one, born on a mountain the highest one.
to ride the sun is lion's fun
as children shout their cries that make goliath run.

09-20-2009, 08:03 PM

all day, all i say, is ok
no way, will i say, no way
oh wait. that didn't make sense
lets chill, it's gettin way tense
lemme rephrase, put it in the past tense

all that is over and done wit
but i had fun wit, it. sit, now roll over
red rover, i call someone doper over
nobody, gonna try
unless, somebody wanna fly

I only swing home runs
so i only win, your done
your fun, sorta like a toy car
vroom vroom lets go far
somewhere hot, with a pool

I don't care where, long as it's cool
cool as in a high school way
he don't rap, he just act, like he in a high school play
she not a fan, she got a plan, she just wanna pay her way
but i do not share, so if i knew how i would say "no way"

09-20-2009, 08:04 PM

i'm as fly as a california condor
moneyless pockets cuz i save room for bombs for
my paper, the loose leave, i write
strong bars so i won't let loose beasts

from my skull cave, "here there be dragons"
i say that all the time well, there be dragons, in my mind
devils in my eyes, i see the work of satan and i drag on by
bye, bye, bye but I'm not nsync

I'm so disconnected that i just can't think
big bad wolf, and i can't see a shrink
cuz i gobble up anything, that i think
sound small, or weak

i use the woodsman's axe to pick, my teeth
i write, i type, recite, i'm hype, i might
flip out, if i don't get out, this insanity
it makes no sense, like a blind mans vanity

i have friends, i have family
yet when alone all i hear is calamity
silent screaming rhymes
never happen all the time

i want to kill, i want to raise a child
i never wanna move and i wanna go wild
i want to make sense, but i need dollars
but let me shut-up, so i can go hollar

at the moon, that is more of a howl
but i am not a wolf, i'm more of an owl
that absolutely has no meaning in my mind
but i'm tired of expressing, i'm just looking for a rhyme.

09-20-2009, 08:07 PM
jun 25 09

beast-ing? no. i think he's just a bee sting.
I'm the son of a black widow and the scorpion king.
I'm working on things..... epidemics, like small pox.
I'm under your epidermis, like parasitic nano bots.
I'll analyze all weaknesses, and steal all strengths
I'll become you. live among you, blend in through any lengths
I'll spread like head lice, so what if your dead nice
I'm nice while alive, unlike most of these guys
who have to kill or die, before they reach the public eye


09-20-2009, 08:11 PM
jun 25 09

beast-ing? no. i think he's just a bee sting.
I'm the son of a black widow and the scorpion king.
I'm working on things..... epidemics, like small pox.
I'm under your epidermis, like parasitic nano bots.
I'll analyze all weaknesses, and steal all strengths
I'll become you. live among you, blend in through any lengths
I'll spread like head lice, so what if your dead nice
I'm nice while alive, unlike most of these guys
who have to kill or die, before they reach the public eye


from march 14th 09

you can call me dice, cuz i have six faces
meaning many moods, and thoughts in sick places
sick like ill, ill like skill.
i'm a fan of michael so you know that i thrill
and i kill, system similar to son of sam
cuz SAM i am, and i can
rhyme like i was dr. seuss
CAT in the HAT can confirm THAT as the truth

nothing else.

burn tracks wrapped in leaves loose,
show and speak the proof and pose actions over composed classics
grown with a backwood's dust,
this old shaq throws a punch precisely, while these are free-throw lines my mind's spider has spun
flow like Ghost's Ice Water over righteous drums,
rotate the bolt's tighter and hold fire alongside MightyThor against the rush
a god's pen pinches paper,
spills it's nature intent on contamination of children's imagination
don't abandon your stations and chase lazy tails in a wasteland
this is a patient plan,
to men a day is ages, but to a god it's sand

I was diggin ur shit and I came up with this real quick.
No dis intended, I enjoy ur work.

09-20-2009, 08:15 PM
"is this a warrior story?, or am I nothing more than whore for the glory"

*the rap is already here, but i wrote the title on july/12/09. the rap is the 'people think i got smallpox in my inkpen...' thing

09-20-2009, 08:17 PM
burn tracks wrapped in leaves loose,
show and speak the proof and pose actions over composed classics
grown with a backwood's dust,
this old shaq throws a punch precisely, while these are free-throw lines my mind's spider has spun
flow like Ghost's Ice Water over righteous drums,
rotate the bolt's tighter and hold fire alongside MightyThor against the rush
a god's pen pinches paper,
spills it's nature intent on contamination of children's imagination
don't abandon your stations and chase lazy tails in a wasteland
this is a patient plan,
to men a day is ages, but to a god it's sand

I was diggin ur shit and I came up with this real quick.
No dis intended, I enjoy ur work.

no dis taken that was real nice. thnx