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04-02-2009, 05:09 PM
Concrete paragraphs which shoot poisonous darts,
Who mimic the movement of dark arts.
Move swiftly avoiding stayin blunt,
Infiltrate the mind of your seed like Willy Wonkaís runts.
Scoldin hot water is what the father makes for the daughter.
Boomin bass is what the mother gives her son, not leaving a trace.
Straight flush but still missing an ace,
Shoes with no lace, Solar systems in boxes but with no space.
The silent essence canít see the spirit but feel its presence.
Walk through traffic and hear the truth spit by da lyrical mavericks.
They cause havoc on the mic.
Chicken heads donít want rhyme but beat that sounds nice.
Ainít concerned with who rhyme the nicest instead who da flyest.
Spoon fed rappers wear light shoes so you know they toe tappers.
Not me, watch as I strap on my Tim boots.
Canít afford da Wu Wear so I rock goodwill suits,
I ainít like army recruiters,
Only scope out da most precise shooters.
Police eluders, variety of faces so I know which is the intruder.
Army of dead presidents which rules their own residence.