View Full Version : dartz my little sister wrote: Still like to watch TV?

04-05-2009, 02:46 PM
She's 18, and damn.... You can see the influence of wu and immortal technique..

Still like to watch TV?

Our community has become a high-tech machinery
Ain't noone give a shit about love, respect, spirituality,
or even morality
Globalization with no diversity
Internet and high-tech locks the world in a room filled with perversity
Physicality is our number one priority
The emotional taboo leads us all to insanity
Filling the lines of psychiatry
But even they don't know shit about how it feels to be mind-fucked by society
Reading books and getting titled don't fucking make you competent to be the judge of what's normality
And the fucking laws of the country still has us trapped in a box of concervativity
Killing true devotion and creativity
Replaced by mainstream bullshit studio-made entertainment
Made to naive you from seeing this world is ruled by luciferian barbarians
filled with subliminal illuminati symbolic enchantments
Like perverted Disney industry
The creation of pedophilia freemasonry
Made to make your children gay and willingly
Only to become the generation of teens stripping to Britney songs on MTV
You think this whole shit's a concpiracy theory
And you support and believe Obama bullshit
So don't dare to call me a violent terrorist
Because I oppose abusive deceptive fascist world government
I don't buy the new world order hidden in the face of a black president
Unlike the fundamentalistic sheep at the bottom of the pyramid
Buying lies like catholics, enslaved by the governments
Only instead of slave wristbands you get microchipped
Watching daily news will have your mind infected with bullshit
Instead of media getting you informed they get you mindcontrolled
Plus the JIDF control main internet sites from having fed secrets exposed
So free yourself and your kids from enslavement today
Throw that motherfucking television away
Once and for all

04-06-2009, 07:41 AM
damn get your lil sister a mic for her birthday nigga shit was flames!!!! dunno if its like a poem but i rapped it