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04-06-2009, 12:24 PM
Renowned hip-hop producer Anthony "Tony D" Depula was killed in a fatal car accident over the weekend while driving in New Jersey.
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The accident reportedly took place Saturday (April 4) night.

Police were investigating why Depula, 42, lost control of his car at 6:20 p.m. The 2002 purple Jeep went up over the curb and struck a fence, causing the vehicle to overturn onto its passenger side. Depula was unconscious at the scene and was transported to Capital Health Systems at Fuld, where he was pronounced dead, according to police. He was not wearing a seat belt and sustained an injury to his neck. (NJ.com)

Police arrived to the scene nearly ten minutes after the crash was called in.

About a dozen neighbors rushed to the overturned vehicle, shattering the windshield to try to get the man out, said John Skoglund, from the 200 block of Henry Street. "We tried to get him out. He was too heavy to get out through the windshield," Skoglund said, adding that "it was a while, a good 10 minutes" before police or other emergency personnel responded at the scene. But police said they were there within a minute of the accident being called in. (New Jersey Times Regional)

He is known for producing a variety of hip-hop acts.

Tony D had a number of classic productions under his belt working with the likes of Y.Z. , Poor Righteous Teachers, The Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop as well as his own album Droppin Funky Verses. (Fat Lace Magazine)

Tony D expressed his thoughts on the status of hip-hop music in most interviews.

"It goes up and down," he said in an interview. "Sometimes I think hip-hop's dead then Kanye [West] or Lupe Fiasco comes out with something dope. But overall, crunk, bling and gangsta rap have put a dent in the culture of hip-hop." (Music Selections)

04-06-2009, 12:26 PM
same day as MLK. R.I.P.

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