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04-06-2009, 12:43 PM
I made this thread cause if someone reviews a dope album I never heard, then I gotta be put on that shit.

Reasonable Doubt:

1. cant knock the hustle = perfect way to open up the masterpiece. real mellow beat and jay-z's flow is mesmorizing 5/5
2. politics as usual = same thing. the beat is real chills and jay-z's flow is impeccable 5/5
3. brooklyn's finest = I got respect for Big, but Hov murdered him on this. "scared so you sent your little mans to come kill me / but on the contrilli I packs the mack milli, squeezed off on him left the paramedics breathing soft on him." 5/5
4. dead presidents II = nas made it a hot line, but jay made it a hot song. 5/5
5. feelin it = perfect spliff song nuff said. 5/5
6. d'evils = prodigy/snoop's samples just murdered this alone, and jay is too much 5/5
7. 22 two's = one of the best conceptual tracks ever 5/5
8. can I live = my personal favorite track on RD. the isaac hayes sample is amazing 6/5
9. aint no nigga = nice party track but dont get it twisted, jay and foxy still kills it 3/5
10. friend or foe = nice role-playing, underrated track on the album = 4/5
11. coming of age = jay's flow is once again sick as hell. bleek isnt on jay's level but he still does well. 5/5
12. cashmere thoughts = really dope song with a classic line. "I'd never cry if I did I'd cry ice." 5/5
13. bring it on = all 3 kills this, nuff said. 5/5
14. regrets = perfect way to end it, with a mellow beat. introspective and deep. 6/5

overall: 5 mics outta 5, highly recommended

Tyler Durden
04-06-2009, 12:47 PM
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