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Kinda long but i basically made it as thorough as possible.
If anything incorrect please let me know. Besides grammar errors, i dont give a fuck im in class writing this.

My Review

Basically nothing gets tougher than being locked up in a triple max security prison on a desert planet. You're playing Riddick from the famed scifi cult motion picture .

Pitch Black (2000), Film

Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004), Animated

Chronicles of Riddick (2004), Film

Escape From Butch Bay (2004), Original Xbox Title

Escape From Butch Bay & Dark Athena (2009) Xbox 360, PS3, PC

The Escape from Butcher Bay game starts off with you being accompanied to the famed Triple MAX security prison on a mercenary ship going to collect a bounty on your head but there's issues. You are one of the most notorious killers in the galaxy, The owner of the prison wants the merc who brought you into to stick around for payment. Featuring many icon voice actors with surprisingly decent voice acting ( Vin Diesel , Xzibit not exactly the realest people alive but whatever it is what it is.) The sound in game really immerses you into the surrounding expecially with people who have 5.1 surround. You hear anything from mine dwelling mutants to prison riots, sometimes even prison sex :[ ,

When you start the game the first thing your trying to do is protect your self from wannabe predators so what do you do?
A. make friends?
B. try to mind your business?
C. Cry?
D. Get a Shiv?

D. is the answer. I dont want to spoil to much of the game but i will say that if you havnt played the game when it first appeared on Xbox 3 or 4 years ago then you really need to play this game. Part stealth fighter Part First person shooter / fighter. Basically if you just want a good game to fuck people up in this is your jam. Find someone alone and they just called you out you can always take them out and hide there body.

Synopsis 2.
Dark Athena i have yet to play because im in the process of beating BB.
Dark Athena was an animated motion picture that was surprisingly really fuckin good, It takes right after Pitch Black i wont go into detail about the plot line because i dont really want to spoil the game / Dark Athena Animated Picture or Pitch Black ending for people who havnt seen it but i will set it for you.
You are Riddick Leaving the orbit of the desert planet you were just shipwrecked on but your emergency beacon on the ship has automatically activated and has drawn the attention of an ominous Dark age looking Merc ship. The darkness that takes place in the depths of this ship are things the universe has yet to fathom and those who have dont usually live to tell about it. From unspeakable horrors of creatures to a museum of permanently aware frozen human bodies stuck in state of agony . With the two games this really fills in the the gaps ive been wanting to know about that the movies vaguely explain. If you just dont give a shit about stories its cool to just execute people from the dark or fuck people up in prison.

For all of you who were fans of Pitch Black there is a multi-player game mode that ill go into detail about,

Pitch Black Game mode basically has a group of people who have guns with flashlights.. and Riddick with his blade weapons and eyeshine ability (seeing in the dark with fuckin weird eyes that are very sensitive to light) If you remember the movie you are on a planet with fuckin crazy darkness dwelling aliens that burn in direct light. Basically you have to work together to get through the area but betrayal is an option where you can try to rub out Riddick who can fuck your day up vice versa. There's another catch if you want a brighter flashlight you gotta use a shittier weapon. The best rifles have bad lights and the pistol is like a miniature sun. Work together in the light or stand alone in the Darkness. Who will make it out? Get your merc on.

Other Game Modes: Prison Riot Mode. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch. Not sure but i think Guards VS Prisoners mode

Game and Movie Time Line
The order things take place,
Escape From Butcher Bay (game) > Pitch Black (Movie/ Multiplayer Gamemode) > Dark Fury / Dark Athena (Animated Movie / Game) / Chronicles of Riddick (Movie) > New Movie?

Final Review 0 - 5
Graphics - 4.5 ( Very Polished but always room to improve)
Sound - 5 ( Amazing Voice Acting)
Story - 5 ( Even if you think Vin Diesel is a homo the story is pretty solid)
AI - 3 (The Baddies in the game act fuckin stupid sometimes when trying to fight you)
Area Sound - 5 ( Amazing atmospheric element that adds to the environment of every area )
Fun Factor - 5 ( Some replay value but its just straight up a solid game that has a couple of story forks played all the way through its about 25 hours long, someone like me whos a Full time college student im saying about 40 hours)

All in all it s great game and you should check it out.
Hope this review helped. Thanks for reading.
-Dead Boy

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