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04-10-2009, 11:07 PM
Sheepish Lord of Chaos:

Itís the skull and bones tatter chip scatter molecular rhyme flower
Floating like air stinging like water drowning you under forty feet/
Iím beef never been cooked, just raw meat cha canít eat off the bat
River rafting capture chatter pack hacker Mack rocker soul controller/
Never saw the dart coming Iím a DEATHSTROKE like The Terminator
Stoned off the music you couldnít compute it like SLADE WILSON
Abusive nature crash through parties wit more arts than hardly dancing oddities/
Dial tone Electro port jacked PWN opener Jones
Smoker number rival alphabetic rhyme semantic/
Check in Iím not cha average dentist VENOM premise
Not cha typical mentalist LIQUID SWORD cold creeper when heat seeking/
Nexus exit check the CARNAGE Iím Texas heart ache fake breaking germ inebriated
Now victims click the hidden links my rinks be poison never saw coming/
Drum up sounds revolve around the sound like a solar eclipse wit HEAVY MENTAL
Rips through sentences without plausible entrances/
Got skills video gamer label stone focused on crushes emcees like roaches
My section be implacable wit skills unlikeable line up/
We the WATCHMEN incorporating various styles
Skilled wit villains and heroes alike in city full of it/
Before I went all Illmatic in the 36 Chambers/
Didnít cha see the danger room before Gambit killed it?
I decked those bishops before I knew a wolverine existed/
Spit wit a Cyclops openly wise when Professor X dropped a Jean before she was Gray
Didnít cha know Night crawler lied when the Storm came never a Rouge appeared/

Words are Mu Sik
Verbally useless
Without any spirits
We create our own images
With MU SIK we exist

Bronze Feet:
When i entered, my mind was focused and centred
poetic renditions i rendered, mind flexed the fender bender
as a kid, i kick comic book quotes, soaked from super soakers, man,
quick blastin the make up offa Jokers
riding boats to island roller coasters, changed the ways i approach ya
break in windows with a swing like Sammy Sosa,
JET and laugh about the stolen tape deck
from city to city back and forth i went
avoided up north, so i was never sent,
humbled, and made my self Dead Bent
then, had to go broke, and make back every last cent
now ima Killah Priest with a keystroke
the keystone of the Masons, and Architect when my minds pacin
constructin these rhymes, that preceed any form of time,
lines, stay hidden in the confines of my own sparring mind
hand to hand, i joust with my own self host, during this time my Face is Ghost
yet the Holy Spirit stands, to provoke demands, and reprimends me
sent to a Hell in my own conscience, in defiance i make my stance
best to reign in Hell then to be a servant in Heaven
which developed my cold glance
now, i push passed that, tip the top of my hat
to each every real cat, evolve like electronics
connections across continents
a Masonic monk who rocks the Earths sediments