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04-14-2009, 11:15 PM

Bronze Feet

and reintroducing for the first time


Produced by beautifulrock

Little Girl: Is he? Is he dead?

Bronze Feet: Yes....but, we can rebuild him, we have the Tecknowlegist.

Tecknowledgist: (raises arm) Hi, I'm the Tecknowledgist.

Little Girl: So...I can have my daddy back?

Everybody: (Quiet)

Sheepish: Tell her dammit.

Bronze: Well, he might not exactly be your daddy?

Girl: What? As long as he's not dead, what could be worse?

Whers: (peeks head in room) Huh?

Bronze: He might not be your father, he might become....


Let us activate,
the Killbot initiate when the souls separate
body break, recovered,
reconstructed with a spark of combustion
synthentic substance,
authentic system production
designed by the Section with fine tooth perfection
producin' an army from a unit of 9,
infinite knowledge of scholars combined
valkyries rise everytime
we forming a rhyme
triumphant we stand on the highest mountains to climb
stamped craters in the earth with my mind
claiming you saw something they saw
but could never find

It's the crew huh?
Risin' from the dead Lil Rugah
flippin' rhymes under killbot psueda-
barracuda loose amongst the tuna

It's the crew huh?
It's the crew what?

It's the crew huh?
Risin' from the dead Lil Rugah
flippin' rhymes under killbot psueda-
barracuda loose amongst the tuna

It's the crew huh?
It's the crew what?

No One Is Stopping Us,
You'll Get Shot In The Esophagus
By Titanium Flying Darts,
That Cause Your Cranium To Break Into 9 Parts
Try And Outrun The Killbot,
You Will Not,
You'd Have Lost Before Your Heart Begins To Beat Fast,
Come In 2nd In Seconds
You'll Have Breathed Your Last...
His Weapons Surpass That Of A Wizard's Staff,
Chosen For The Program From The Start
Because Of Credentials Monumental,
So To Save His Potential,
It Was Essential
To Replace His Mental,
With Mind-Frame Of An Exceptional Level
His Mission :
To Revive The Temple With Verses
That'll Make The Devil Tremble
And God Say : "Hell No !!!!"
So Begins The Surgery...
Code Red : Emergency !!!!
We Nearly Lost It All,
From Colossal Blood Loss Spewing From His Left Knee
After The Cap Removing,
So We Exchanged His Veins With Wires & Cables
Until He Was Able To Remain Stable,
Then Continued To Replace His Circuitry
And Renew His Tissue During Surgery,
But We Have Faith In Teck's Profession...
Just Another Lesson We Learned On The 96th Session
Visions vapors leave you chaffed
by the words I used to shave wit
leaving more emcees bumped down
with no alcohol at all/
Iím so raw
you couldnít get wit this lion roar
enhanced by Sonics of technology
Leaving you so deaf
your sound wouldnít jam in a rave
or in front of my clan/
Trying pump pain intervenes
veins be bulging timed words
Extraction connection contact
batter up razor blades stay tucked/
Timed bucked knuckle up chuckles
trunk monkey be thumping Gís
Pound fees fending fiends off never requesting back up
we stay NIGH
Drive guises dropping an ink blot
for any plot I wrap up/
Slash gashes fascist facet faces fade shade
played on Discman
Rotate scalpers transmit half signals to foes
that just doesnít know/
Rebuilt killer bots
opposite rock composites
weaponries euphonize lines
Draw packs pacts draft racks scam jacks
play heads wit gasses couldnít pass it/
Cross face choke those that approach
notice the notion focused
Billed by the ocean,
killed by close encounters now Iím fourth of a kind/
Give me rigors so I can lose you
like a noose you couldnít bruise
When I defeat cha with everything in my disposal
open your nostrils/

It's the crew huh?

We got Texas sized eyes,
just visualize
beasts with impenetrable hides,
leaving villagers terrorized
when they realize
how little their feeble lives
really matter,
brains splattered
as a Killbot adds to the massacre
No remorse no apathy
just a source of sorcery
and disaster
The course of rivers changed
A master
Lyrically equipped
with 44 caliber lungs
His breath provides the ammunition
His tongue is a gun
His arms fire missiles
ballistic in issue
making mother grapple tissues
saying baby I miss you and...

It's the crew huh?
Risin' from the dead Lil Rugah
flippin' rhymes under killbot psueda-
barracuda loose amongst the tuna

It's the crew huh?
It's the crew what?

Subject: Killbot. Session 97 with the Tecknowledgist
When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness?
When does a difference engine become the search for truth?
When does a human become a cyborg with eternal youth?
When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote
Of a soul? The illusion of control, slittin' throats
The Terminator's data spliced against the will of our creator
I've birthed the miscarriage of justice; program initiated
One last shock of gigawatts to his core. In his eyes,
I see my creation, The Killbot, IT'S ALIVE!!!

So i can see what do i see? but i dont feel
im sure i wouldnt wish for the coldness of the steel
frozen eyes sensors missing my grill
i shine in the sun, my hands pop like pills
in the corner of my left eye gauges my battery
life in me steel not a real anatomy
only built to feel and distill brutality
casually intiate multiple casualties
i have cross hairs for eyes
making it so much easier to make others die
to hide from me there's no disguise
cuz no matter who you are inflict pain to make grown men cry
my legs feel solid not shakey shots leave you cooked like a bakery
leave ya mindstate achey what a tragedy for this girl's safety
no mistaking victims with thermo vision
shoot a 100 mile away pigeon with infinite percision
from a shattered corpse i have been risin
although i don't feel anything about being living
rebuilt by the tecknowledgist
i have transformed to the brolic-est
fuck what modest is a steel product kid
created by a man call him my father
i try to shake the urge to severe my daughter
i remember the lyrical capabilities i taught her
but you cant take the laughter out of slaughter
(you can't)

04-14-2009, 11:55 PM

Props to the Section, ill verses from everyone

Whers god damn lyrical monster, Sheepish on some crazy shit, B Rock painting pictures, Teck dropping lessons, Killbot with killswitches engaged

this is what the temple needed

04-15-2009, 02:34 PM
i loved tek's verse it was so terminator like

04-15-2009, 04:20 PM
teck's was definetly my favorite tho every1 came hard but its the section what you expect?

04-15-2009, 05:04 PM
teck's was definetly my favorite tho every1 came hard but its the section what you expect?

exactly this was a great joint everyone bodied it, welcome back killbot

04-17-2009, 09:13 AM
man that shit was the shit, crazy use of vocab, wish i had the time to look at it some more and give better feedbacks but can tell that yall did your thing already