View Full Version : .. in a bad mood most the time ..

04-15-2009, 04:05 AM
tryna keep my sanity but the devil wants my soul
they say im young in the physical my mental is old
its like the same shit, i swear i been down that road
this is de ja vu, i swear i've been here before
maybe im being punished for my sins and im forced to repeat
my experiences and forced to watch all my loved ones leave
it's torture, recurring images played back when i sleep
i'm not crazy i told you that i been down that street
this is where my heart went cold and all my feelings went numb
they got don behind the walls but i swear he aint done
and shit ima' be there when they open them gates
he taught me you gotta roll with the punches thatcha life takes
so when im backed against the ropes and my future is grim
im catchin second winds and throwin jabs atcha chin
i want a 6 speed ferrari parked outside a big ass crib
cuz my daughter is innocent she dont have to been where i been

i hope to god that life gets better than this
i'm thinking about devorce if lifes a bitch
pullin on the L chest get tighter with every hit
is it win or lose in the end i forgot to read the script
duckin a police blitz, plus im runnin from the reaper
my dreams is murder scenes, im duckin the heater
switchin lanes on the highway, drunk and im speedin
blue and whites behind the rental, duckin the demons
locked my man don's cage, and the test was a plus
they say when a man dies a baby is born what the fuck
but if thats what life is than appreciations in order
i thank the person who gave theirs for the life of my daughter
i'm on my grind out here tryna get my cream
cuz im hoping u aint gotta see the shit ive seen
shit if it wasnt for her i woulda already gave up
and got caged up, or fucked around and got graved up

shit man theres all kinds of diseases
the waters polluted and this aint the soil i want to plant my seed in
blue skies and green grass is dicievin'..
... come take a journey with me, i hope u find something to believe in
the blood stained cement..
..the crooked cops they have dreams of seeing you in precincts
theyre tryna take our freedoms..
free don..
i hope my pops see's the light of day while he's still breathing
we can cruise through the city with the wheels lookin right
ill show u dope spots and the spot where they took zeke's life
and stripped em of his innocence, they took another mans soul
and he told on his boys now theyre all in the whole
eating manufactured meats and making the state billions
thats the strings they pulled its time to notice, our enemies are brilliant
they got us thinking the meaning of life is a fly new benz
and taking a man's life is the hot new trend
the supreme court took a couple of my friends
some strung out on yak, others met death
i coached a few to pull through and gavem some hope
with no strings attached, gavem some rope
hoping they don't hang, we all tryna stay afloat
you know how intriguing life is when you fuckin with coke
and how kwick you sink when you stuck on that boat
this my 4th boagie in a row - i'm stressed, fuck it i'm ghost