View Full Version : Da return ting

bad boy T
04-18-2009, 07:00 AM
Yo dis da return ting my soul is burning thinking about which darts to spray
Pick a record as the backing track then start to play
I won't get carted away with sharper blades throwing pencils
Mic check 1, 2, amps and tings basic essentials
Training up with dexterity waiting in temples for the go
I do this for my flow, for pose, cloths, hos just to show,
Do this just to know If I'll make my way out of the blackness,
Plight and madness blaytant badness laid by bastards,
Toxic gasses concocted acid that falls in distil
Twist like drill sit back and chill you know this real,
Cold like ice cause I spit chills leave your posture frosty
I know this coolness cost me acting like a cocky cockney
I'll probably ride like a jockey you can't stop me when I use my hidden strength
Pushed up with hidden determination using tribal paint
A disciple saint that waits for the manifestion of the angel
Telling not a fable able to set a stable like Caine and Abel
Waiting at the table getting prepared for battle
Rankled to pick up a silver arrow and pierce the apple
Shaking the rattle like the tail end of the snake
Inpail your entrails with the end of the burning stake
My offering wait to take the golden plate to the pearly gates,
Watching the approaching of certain plauges seeking high figures
To complete my obligation and return better than ever and leave you in shivers