View Full Version : Stoner Thread: Stupid shit you've said/Done while high..

04-27-2009, 11:53 AM
Here's some of mine:

1. This movie from the 1930s about this British Pirate was fucking intense. Drums were being played, and I almost started dancing.
2. White Static is cool when high. You can.."feel" it physically.
3. You know what?, right now I'm too high to make this thread.
4. Okay, best song ever: "Sunny Meadowz" by Del The Funky Homosapien.
5. I hate trying to hate sober when my mom comes home. (I'm in highschool) I always have the idea that I'm going to ask her to rap battle me, or make me oyster stew or something. I usually pull it off though.

Uh, I'll post more later. I feel like a plant right now.

04-27-2009, 11:56 AM
got so high a few years ago and added liquor to the mix,passed out on the road and woke up in some blonde chicks bed 2 hours way from my crib

good times!!

04-27-2009, 11:59 AM
occasional smokers do much more stupid shit when they're high than stoners

stoners got routines

04-27-2009, 12:08 PM
Stupid shit you've Done while high....

clicked on this thread

04-27-2009, 12:32 PM
I always have the idea that I'm going to ask her to rap battle me, or make me oyster stew or something.


Teh KillaBee
04-27-2009, 12:58 PM
I do far more stupid shit when I'm drunk, like taking the anteater for a stroll at night

Olive Oil Goombah
04-27-2009, 01:34 PM
i watched some Charlie Chaplin movie high one night at like 3 in the morning and laughed my ass off.
I never realized what a genius he was until that night and I don't kno that I could have come to this realization without the aid of marijuana.

Stikee Fingerz
04-27-2009, 01:40 PM
*in the midst of deciding what to blowed on a Saturday night*

"Lets strip to our jimmies and wrastle! Real men do it with their clothes off... come on!"

Teh KillaBee
04-27-2009, 01:44 PM
*checks back in; thread still horrible, must find fwap material

04-27-2009, 01:48 PM
Watched Major Payne and enjoyed it obscenely.


04-27-2009, 01:51 PM
lol i made one of these threads a while ago.

yo i remember the first time i smoked. Me and some friends decided to spark up after climbing into a park after closing, ended up running from police (whilst being high for the first time), and then rolling up another infront of the dude who called the police.

*me and friend walks downstairs while other friend is rolling on the staircase*
*freind whos rolling doesnt look up and points spliff at man* "hey look at this FAT head...oh shit"

04-27-2009, 01:56 PM

Teh KillaBee
04-27-2009, 02:02 PM
Watched Major Payne and enjoyed it obscenely.


Wow, you know your roasted when that movies funny

04-27-2009, 02:15 PM
i loved that movie, even sober lol the wayans are the shit imo all their stuff is funny..

Teh KillaBee
04-27-2009, 02:28 PM
Senseless was funny, Major payne not so much IMO

"how much I get if I fill up this?"


04-27-2009, 04:50 PM
i did some literal shadow boxing yesterday, my shadow looked huge so i started beating the shit out of my friend til someone said "you look crazy man, cut that out".

drippie k
04-27-2009, 10:23 PM
i'm known mix words and letters in words when i talk high...like the other day i said "she's over there paking tictures"

one time, back in the high school days, i worked for tips bagging groceries and i was laughing at what this dude was saying to me while i was bagging his shit and like this big glob of drool just pours outta my mouth and into one of his bags..he didnt say anything so i dont think he noticed..till he got home at least

one time i was supposed to be playing some bible guy (forgot which one..the dude that gets these glowing rocks from god) at church for a play and i just smoked a blunt with my girl like right beforehand...everyone was starin at me, i said my lines right n everything and then i had to grab these rocks off the floor..so i kneel down, pick em up and as i get up one of them fall...i remember it was real quiet and and you could hear the echo of the rock falling on the wooden stage..that shit sounded like PLAK!!..lol just everyone staring at me, i think i just laughed to myself beet red