View Full Version : bury yo ass (a very special fuck you)

04-28-2009, 07:48 PM
supercalifragilistic, man i used to slang, see how i flip shit?
who the man? im back to rip this, u a stupid corny fag on some bitch shit
fuck up his lip stick, when i pistol whip a ho ass trick that aint own shit
u aint even got a whip, but if u did, id blow that shit wit plastic explosives
expialiadocious wit plastic glocks to blaze and melt yo plastic face
you a damn disgrace, fuckin wit a mack thatll smack yo ass into place
man i cant be fazed but still ill grab the gauge and make it rain on a ho
leave u lookin like a cheesegrater full of holes, bitch change yo clothes
same shirt everyday ass mothafucka, he wanna get fly on me
ill show him gravity, kidnap his fat ass and hang him from a tree
two faced bastard, ill fuck yo wife and give her a bouquet after
my boots laced for this bastard, bitch u aint prepared for battle-
and now u wanna start a war, fella u couldnt even survive bein poor
i wont be responsible for pickin all the pieces of your ass up off the floor
bury u underneath the flower bed then get some head from your wife
keep tryin me fat boy, i wont just fuck u up, im on some "fuck ya life"