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04-28-2009, 08:28 PM
Murders committed in the hood on the streets with the grime
Then at the top of the food chain they repeating the crime
Even the good-hearted politicians turn evil with time
Til they reach the point where they kill you just for speaking your mind
If you do it put away till life fade from your eyes and you rot
If they do it they get celebrated as they rise to top
This is the way life in the world works whether you like it or not
And with all the violence in the world the system's inviting a lot
Everyday the lower class' streets soaked with blood
And those above hold a grudge ask why we ain't holding up
Want me to eat the pavement, I tell em "See ya later"
I refused to be controlled by a 200-year old piece of paper
At the chance to see us suffer they're all salivating
That's the reason that I've chosen retaliation
Now I stand in the shadows unseen, observant and patient
Wait to strike back at all of these government agents
It's obvious that they got to be killed, no stopping me
But I'm forced to watch their atrocity-filled hypocrisy
Soon enough I'll aggressively move, nothing left to do
Since the definition of capitalism is "Shoot whose next to you"
Because they stay clever, ain't never debate whether
To create terror, escape better, create cheddar
Use any source they can just to keep you distracted
Turn the TV off so you can see through the madness
By now the majority of the greatest minds have all been polluted
It won't be long now until martial law's instituted
They already got prison camps on American soil
Where people like you and I will be sent in to boil
For now I'm cloaked and disguised, till hope has arrived
I'm evoking surprise since everything I've spoken is wise
These emotionless guys want you to choke on they lies
Until you croak and you die--unless you open your eyes

04-29-2009, 07:52 AM
Dope as hell man.

Hope to hear some more.

04-29-2009, 02:54 PM
He goes to sleep and wakes up in a distant land
Involuntarily embarks on a trip, that he wished he planned
He sees white sand, umbrellas, fine girls, and tequilla shots
He wonders where he is, and if its real or not
Hears spanish guitars playing The Eagles and Marley
Takes a Bacardi, and decides he's gonna be in the party
A blond, with sunglasses asks if he's having fun. Matches
Light the blunt, pass it, girl's behavior is un-passive
He eels high off medicine but thinks he's gonna get it in
She seductively grabs his hand, and walks ahead of him
The sparks she sends flying up his body are faster than instant messaging
She sings a tune about love and he thinks of sex again
She says she wrote the song, and that it's her anthem
She starts talking sexy, calling him handsome
He can barely stand up, without her assistance
His eyes close shut, but his ears can still listen
All he hears is footsteps, no additional sounds
Becomes nearly impossible to lift his feet off the ground
He falls asleep, and he's found, on the street the next morning
3 miles away from the beach he was exploring
His pockets empty, his face swollen and red
Wanders what happened to that girl, and did they roll into bed?
He realizes he had no clue where he was headin
So he goes up to a truck to ask for directions
The driver is a man, next to him a blond
She said "We're done doing business, its time to move on

05-02-2009, 03:20 PM
Lyrical swords slay your faction, I make it happen
Write everyday cuz I'm being stalked by Mark David Chapman
Flow's like Peter North because it bangs a lot
My verses symbolize the commencement of Ragnarok
The government is after me, I watch em employ their foes
Enjoy their woes when I easily destroy their probes
Beware I'm, not gonna share shine, instead I scare minds
Carve my name above their eyes but below their hairline
The alignment of my stars bizarre, plus the bars are hard
Run through the battlefield, destroying armored cars
So who are all of these cowards? I defeat em with ease
Threyev in their brain, shit repeats while they sleep

05-07-2009, 12:36 AM
good reads.. sick imagery.. nice flow.

keep it up man

05-07-2009, 03:36 PM
Listening to my rhymes is akin to viewing boxing highlights
Rap cats is wack, they writing verses watching Twilight
Try to make up for lost time, since I joined late in the battle
Observe closely as I arrive as the game is unraveled
Pound for pound I'm down to sound better than your favorite
Was down and out but clowns around so F it then I'm made for it
I'm now in town allowed the crown no effort when I say this shit
Leave mounds of drowned bout it out left for dead erase this bitch
The proud in clouds who frown on nouns it's your head for hating this
Unbound the gown the gal come out get it and just savor it
Profound renowned surround the town men forget the latest hit
Renown my sound confound the proud recommend the greatest kid
I stay on, drop earthquake bombs, come alone at the liaison
Pray on my downfall, then regret what you did like Carrie Prejean
Looking at me weird, but every gaze is far too reckless
I'll leave you neckless, flow impossible to beat like Tetris

05-07-2009, 03:38 PM
Lyrical non-fiction, demolish competition
Make em non existent, like honest politicians
I've come back for what's mine, you best run inside
Shitty sound quality, but I'm still number one alive
I got lyrical skills that I try to apply well
Cause you seeing me again now like episodes of Seinfeld
Your mind dwells, under a divine spell of vanity
My brain oscillates between genius and insanity
Ya'll dumb if you think me and rap had some type of falling out
I'm the motherfucker who showed Anakin what life is all about
You standing tough while claim what you kick is hard
But I seen tighter rappers than you on a Snickers bar
My fascinating sentences are agitating menaces
A captivating nemesis imagination limitless
I'mma sell this commodity, which I call my art
And build up haters just to see you fall apart

05-12-2009, 03:12 PM
just saw this last night, haha.

A life in reverse, his death before his birth
Turned out to be both a blessing and a curse
Received a blessing in the church to lessen all the hurt
But he had to wait for fate's regression that would lurk
Experiencing all his firsts, with zest and mirth
But he still somehow felt depressed and hurt
Knowing he was different from the rest of Earth
Before he eats breakfast, he digests dessert
Constantly getting younger, while others are aging
Follows the ideals under which his mother had raised him
Every time she sees him, she sees a younger Caucasian
And he sees a mother who loves him, not phased
By the look of his face when he was a baby
Unsavory, but still was given love by this lady
But then there was Daisy, a happy little child
She held the key that drove his imagination wild
They snuck out at night, became friends and connected
Even though they were on opposite ends of the spectrum
But their curiosity was equal, equally cerebral
Although they appeared to be entirely different people
Daisy grew up to be an adored dancer
His life was like having kimo before cancer
He meets an older woman that he has an affair with
If she could fix her past, shed be glad to repair it
She could kill time but couldnt kill her sorrow
Of not acting in the present, instead waitin til' tomorrow
He experiences love for the very first time
But the memory of Daisy lingered in his mind
Affairs over, becomes a soldier, wisdom gained through exposure
People question how he abstains from gettin older
His cherished mother perished and they attended her funeral
Daisy appears out the blue, looking splendid and beautiful
He married the girl that he sworn that he loved
He feared that his baby would be born as he was
But his worries were subsided, and his anxieties were lowered
When he learned that their baby's life would move forward
He wished he could stay the same age as Daisy
But he was getting younger while she was aging
He spent time with his daughter while he could
Realizing he'd soon regress back to childhood
He knew it would give Daisy stress if
She had to raise their baby and a adolescent
So one night he got dressed n', left at his discretion
He made sure to leave them all of his possessions
He loses his intelligence, everyone's irrelevant
Backwards development, his life, he cant remember it
Dementia of the brain, all the friendships that he made
And the rich life he lived just descended down the drain
He was the hands of a clock that ticked backwards
Or the eyes of a dyslexic reading through a book's chapters
The river kept flowing, but the clock stopped ticking
As the end of his life was only the beginning

05-12-2009, 03:20 PM
Alot of these wack dudes frauds, all they say is fables
Only way they have good music is buying Kanye's Label
Pray ya condition is stable because when the knife stroke ya face
You'll have a cut wider then the smile on the Joker's face
You jokes a disgrace people mad that the south rose
If sumthing go down was told to keep my mouth closed
All these dudes records is for the club or about hoes
Cats looking for the road to success but the routes closed
Don't oppose, the best outta the cage guys
I'm already unstoppable, so imagine when my rage rise
Beef with me is cursed, whoever engage dies
Try to beat me an fail like Coolio when attempting the stage dive
You don't shoot you just flash the tool, I'm past these noobs
Internet gangstas will get exposed like Cassie's boobs
My lyrical verses serve a similar purpose to clinical nurses
A cynical person, injecting you with hope, that'll diminish your hurtin
Let the government sell it and tax it, consider it a requisite
I guarantee in three years, that will fix the deficit
Time is of the essence kid, I cant afford to be friendly
So I aim the flame at ya brain, like George did to Lennie
My flow is so gutter, it got base-balls floatin in it
Lyrical intercourse, turn the bass up, then im goin in it
You aint a lyricist, if you fill the booth with empty-sayings
Your in a class of your own, only cause the truth is NCA'ing
Their music, replacin, the secret identities, inside of em
They couldn't move drugs, even if Genevieve's was hirin
I have just begun, but got legends ahead of me, admirin'
This was just for fun, but I'm eventually, aspirin'
To be a professional, reach my potential with this rhyming shit
But Ill be fine even if I dont get a cent or a dime from it.
My time is spent, describing my surroundings that have changed
This aint a lyrical exercise, Im just stretchin' the boundaries of my brain

05-12-2009, 03:25 PM
Rappers brag about how much they've sold to date
But their words are like weaklings, they hold no weight
I told it straight, no need for tellin lies, sayin you a felon why?
When you work at McDonalds, flippin burgers, and sellin fries
Success see, be the the goal of my quest B
But they dont wanna see me next to 'dinero' like Pesci
Rappers sayin they bust guns and cook crack in kitchens
They lack consistence, you gotta ask if its facts or image
Tryna see how many people they can attract with gimmicks
Little kids hear their raps, and mimic
Start to think that sellin crack's a business
Thinkin they can get to the other side of the track
If they follow the false words of who they admire in rap
Not saying hustling won't lead you to advancin
But its more likely to lead you to jail than to a mansion
Fuck low expectations, don't keep ambitions on the first floor
Shoot for the stars, like TMZ is who you work for
You won't always make it, but still you gotta take aim
But even those on the right track, can get run over by a freight train
I create these flows, that you shouldnt mistake as prose
Made to open your mind or get the fake exposed
Exaltation of violence, gave my patience a virus
We must take chances on the expectations inside us
I am mean n' vicious, constantly deemed ambitious
Only those that dare to fail, can achieve their wishes
At the same time, you could end up sitting in jail
Fuck it son, let me take a moment to be spitting my tale
I started lying to myself, cause the facts were hurting me
But my rhymes are all real, all facts, no perjury
Around the globe, people having cash emergencies
Their credit cards get cut up, call it plastic surgery
I am back to murder thee, beat I've been presented with
Keep lacing it with words, until I am content with it
Give you the finished product, and allow you to render it
Lyrically adventurous, or silly and impetuous
Gifted with my penmanship, strictly when I'm venting kid
About the world as a whole, and how we're all a percent of it
Everyone that knows me, knows that I was meant to spit
But since I live in my own world, it's hard to let you enter it
My temperament at times can be appealing and sensitive
But I usually walk around, filled with meaningless contempt for shit
Get irritated the most by the ones that I live with
And insult the woman that I want to have kids with
If I went to a therapist, to get my stress appraised
He'd tell me I'm still stuck in my adolescent stage
I had many problems, but on my chest they stayed
Until I no longer had the power to repress my rage
Sometimes I address my pain through aggressive ways
Other times I take out my pen and bless a page
I am confident that I will be the next big rave
So in myself, is where I invest my wage
I dreamt of success, and praise, and ways to assure my doubters
But it's hard to solve the puzzle, when you cant afford the vowels
Although I may share the same court with cowards
I'm dunking on a different hoop, so you can call me Howard
My word's artistic powers, equal to that of Egyptian Pharaohs
I'm the glimmer of hope that exists in the midst of shadows
I don't swim where its shallow, but wont get pulled into obscurity
Or get too complacent, lulled into a false sense of security
Personally, I dont quite know where Im heading B,
The possibilities lie within the open road ahead of me

05-12-2009, 03:29 PM
Nobody is as hot as me ,when the subject is philosophy
Acknowledge me, on top of my words like an apostrophe
Stay strapped with knowledge B, raps defy logic see
They say life is a bitch, so I don't use misogyny
I told em to stop jockin me, but they do it constantly
If life is a movie, then Bennie Blanco from the Bronx is me
Express myself pompously, but also do it consciously
Every rap superlative, always corresponds with me
Write to the government, but they don't respond to me
Maybe cause I wrote FUCK U, but at least I'm speakin honestly
Made you leave your home, foreclosures on your property
Its like we stuck in a democracy, which favors aristocracy
The Fed bails out companies, which fade off the market
But don't give a shit if you get laid off from Target
All the pain, all the suffer, wish his father had worn a rubber
Or never had fucked his mother, or put him in the dumpster
Middle-East accomplishes nothing, why the fuck are we still there
'Terrorists' is not an enemy, so we dont know who to kill there
It's like we're rats in a maze, with no cheese in sight
But although we went in wrong, we must leave it right
But what is right? It's a civil war, so they'll continue to fight
Sunni verse Shiite, no peaceful route in sight
Soldiers, I salute your life and appreciate your service
But we must leave this war that deviates from purpose
Think about what we could do with all that money we saved
Feed children, build schools, instead of funding grenades
I support medicine, but for money, it has simple aspirations
So instead of curing whats wrong, they relieve symptoms of patients
More than a hint of frustration, I'm sick of this nation
And I don't think there's anyone out there to bring it to salvation

Guarded By Martyrs
05-14-2009, 07:54 PM
Lyrical non-fiction, demolish competition
Make em non existent, like honest politicians

Feeling your style.
Keep up the excellent work

05-16-2009, 02:24 PM
Sit back and rip tracks, damage em to peices
More Ws than there are Spanish kids named Jesus
Or Hay-Sus, this gun has the power to replace dudes
So I flip a coin for your life and let fate choose
Flow like napalm, so my mic cant stay calm
Put work in at the office, then I'm getting my cake on
Life is a highway, fuck having my breaks on
187, hide under the bridge, till the jake gone
There are many challenges, that I must take on
But I've moved the most keys, since Ray gone
Like Rea-gon, the way I rape the budget
The fake, they love it, my mistakes they covet
Who would've thought, that my fate's with either shooter
Enough food for thought, I produce steak like Peter Luger
Within my mind, my thoughts are in bars, that they settle behind
Flow like Jekyll and Hyde, but you can't keep a rebel confined
They say you hot but they never rewind
Calmly listen to your bullshit, I'm forever reclined
These are just bars I wrote quickly on Wednesday
One day will fill more seats than Wrigley n' Fenway
With me, my friends stay, loyalty is a must
I'm the king of this rap shit, royalty you can trust
Ascent to the top, while attempting to stop
Anybody in my way, not exempting the cops
Not pretending I'm hot, I know its a fact, son
If you slow to attack son, I'll blow at your faction
Say no to distractions, say yes to achieving
This girl says she ain't a slut, but the way she dress is decieivng
I best n' be leaving, I'm blessed when I'm speakin
Dont even try and say your not impressed when your readin
I'm Gone

06-01-2009, 02:53 PM
I outshine all competition, Imma beastly, crazy spitter
So having me as ya feature is like having a priest be ya babysitter
What I've seen has made me bitter, and altered my demeanor
My food for thought is lethal like feeding chocolate to retrievers
You call yourself a leader, when it's clear, you can't rap
Tryna maintain a facade, that people used to fear like anthrax
I cant stand cats who lead lives, with no actual autonomy
Ruled by insecurities, which breed lies, and factual anomalies
It worries me, that greed drives our capital economy
So the only way that we strive, is through rational dishonesty
We must fix the flaws in ourselves, before the flaws of the system
That's a fact, like saying most wars are caused by religion
Top-dog's my position, to drop jaws is my mission
The butterfly effect, one action can cause the world to be different
In the case of apocalypse, my lyrical exhibitions will survive
This flow will make you put everything you ever listened to, aside
Recognition will arrive, but it doesn't happen overnight
Patience is a virtue, and virtue is a habit of the mind
The ladder I have climbed, but challengers detest
Yet the matter of whose the best, can now be put to rest

06-01-2009, 04:31 PM
he goes to sleep and wakes up in a distant land
involuntarily embarks on a trip, that he wished he planned
he sees white sand, umbrellas, fine girls, and tequilla shots
he wonders where he is, and if its real or not
hears spanish guitars playing the eagles and marley
takes a bacardi, and decides he's gonna be in the party
a blond, with sunglasses asks if he's having fun. Matches
light the blunt, pass it, girl's behavior is un-passive
he eels high off medicine but thinks he's gonna get it in
she seductively grabs his hand, and walks ahead of him
the sparks she sends flying up his body are faster than instant messaging
she sings a tune about love and he thinks of sex again
she says she wrote the song, and that it's her anthem
she starts talking sexy, calling him handsome
he can barely stand up, without her assistance
his eyes close shut, but his ears can still listen
all he hears is footsteps, no additional sounds
becomes nearly impossible to lift his feet off the ground
he falls asleep, and he's found, on the street the next morning
3 miles away from the beach he was exploring
his pockets empty, his face swollen and red
wanders what happened to that girl, and did they roll into bed?
He realizes he had no clue where he was headin
so he goes up to a truck to ask for directions
the driver is a man, next to him a blond
she said "we're done doing business, its time to move on

nice verse like ur style

06-04-2009, 03:56 PM
Every time I open a verse I open my heart
And every time somebody dissed me, I broke em apart
Scribble my lyrics onto a canvas, my flow is an art
A few things I expect them lames to know from the start:
I expose fakers and the liars, make the haters all admire
Make rivals say "Fuck him. I can't wait till he retires"
I'm eminent, My epic downfall's their blatant desire
You say you're hot but then retreat once you're playing with fire
They wait for it to expire but food for thought is forever good
Verbal eloquence helps me make statements that you never would
Take a bite out of my rhymes and try to come with something better
I'll spot you a bar or two, don't steal every word and letter
My thoughts are non-restricted, I hate to be contradicted
Wanna dethrone me for this spot?..Mufucka come and get it
Making statements out of hatred, loser accept defeat
I know that battle left you in grief but quietly rest in peace

06-05-2009, 03:59 PM
all right, this next one is the beginning of a concept thing i'm working on. it'll have chapters and all that, and it's - at this point - getting epic. so, any feedback will be much appreciated, whether on the story or rhyming. thanks in advance.


I awake...but that isn't right
I'm confused but there are other reactions to fight
There's darkness everywhere but it's more than the black of the night
This is what you get when there's an utter absence of light
I realize now, that I'm not supposed to be awakened
So I dwell in this darkness, totally embrace it
But suddenly it rushes away, it's scared of me probly
This is the moment that I become aware of the body
An ancient and immortal body, cast away from the dark it wanted
I send thoughts into it and slowly it's responsive
The heart begins pumping blood into aching limbs
The body drinks from that and my quest may begin
My consciousness descends into it, so nimbly
The flesh clothes me, encases me, is me
Now I no longer sense the dark, but feel it lurch at me
Rushes about and then past, on a course into eternity
It's frigid, and I shiver, something I can't control
This enrages me and I let that rage expand my soul
I use the rage to reach into the darkness, to call it and pull it
Warmth pours through my limbs but that's not all of it fully
All I can focus on is the battering darkness, and how it gave me my shiver
This dark flows around me, just like the waters of The River
My mind opens up now like the first time it receives a poem
The thought of the River echoes so loud through my mind I'm shocked that it's indeed my own
It opens my mind like a dam, which goes from a slug to centipede
Mind stretches out, releasing a flood of memories
Unable to move, unable to shrug
For what seems like hours I think of what I was capable of/
But more than that who I was, my identity
Chaos... my entire entity
Chaos... the exhumed slayer
Chaos... the embodiment of human fear, the core of human nature
I feel a smile crack my face, as the River gives me power
Now's the time to be reborn, now I can devour
Lift the lids of my eyes slowly, wish that I could look again
But instead light gathers where my pupils should have been
I let this process begin, making it seem like I'm heartless
Until my eyes create light that gleams through the darkness
The rings surround a hole in the void, make light brightly
This whole is lifeless, but it's through this I see
I lift my arm to shred aching muscles, feel something slide off my shoulder
I catch it instinctively before the River can take it over
Chains... brittle broken chains
My smile widens as I once more remove myself from broken pain
They were around me thousands of years before, to keep my stuck to the River floor
But couldn't hold me forever, that thought is kicked ashore
The magi who made them is gone, the binding as well
Now my ascension will mark the world's declining to hell
My time has come once more, it's all or nothing
The world begs for me, calls for suffering
I raise my arms out straight and make my command
The River bubbles and froths, the world lays in my hand
The River flows into me, absorbed into my body and mind
With this power my mortal shell is starting to rise
The water rushes about me as I depart this riverbed
A black shroud emanates from me and it sits in rest
I let it consume me as my body moves above the surface
I hover for a moment and then disappear, the River deserted

Any feed for THIS one????

06-15-2009, 10:28 AM
Damn it folks, peep the anecdote that your man just spoke
Demand his quotes that handle folks who get ate up like cantaloupe
This diatribe define the lines inside your mind till final times
I try to find the finest rhymes behind the times of mindless kinds
So clear the fracture, I rock a sentence hop some fences
No fear of capture, not to mention consequences
Inside my skull there's a thousand tomes that allow the poems
To come outta my mouth and roam to enlighten on sound alone
I don't own no kicks but my flow's so sick
Even though it's this backpack homo shit
Asking "Whose promo's this?" you best notice it
So hip and with more hop than pogo sticks
This freaking preacher unleashing ether through screeching speakers
Repeat the leader who keep the fever yet even sweeter
Till the sword is gone take a helping of hell and pour it on
You're in my mind now so welcome to Coruscant

06-19-2009, 02:22 PM
I'm like two emcees put together, some people's enemy
So put me into the equation, and I'll equal energy
The feeble envy me, and pretend their the best
But I tend to think of that as identity theft
You want beef? Fall back, or you'll regret it like Kennedy
When he took the limo instead of the SUV
I'm in a class by myself, so you can't sit next to me
My flows a disease, you can transmit sexually
Keep fucking you lyrically, can be considered rape
But you're the one who asked me on this dinner date
Thinking you could take all of the food off my plate
Not knowing doing so, would fuel and create
A monstrous beast, who ensues to cremate
Any so called rapper, whose music is fake
My rhymes show maturity, but still show some impurity
Cause my pen sin (pension) like social security
When I kill rappers, I splatter their brains on my shoes
So I can think on my feet, do I have to explain that to you?
Intoxicated on lyrics, so I can abstain from the booze
It ain't complicated physics, but you remain all confused
Don't get mad at me just because I put you out of business
But I still have many enemies that I've vowed to finish
I don't doubt my limits but the edges I'm still rough around
Don't put a crown on my head, instead put a mushroom cloud
That'll serve the function to stop those discussin who I am
I'm the same damn thing that caused destruction in Japan
The same man, responsible for the abduction of your fans
You couldn't stop my flow with a construction of a dam
To go on for this long, fuck it wasn't planned
But I ain't gunna stop, no reduction, I expand
Im gunna leave out nothing for the fans
Even if there only a few, but I have just began
I'm highly motivated, but I'm truly not inspired when
I see these wack ass rappers polluting our environment
The solution's not retirement, not gunna leave it alone
Instead Ill prove to everybody I'm in a league of my own