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05-02-2009, 09:28 AM
top 5 dead or alive is nice but i'm nicer
I've deciphered wise advice from the disciples of St. Michael's cypher
for the highest price Simon Peter denied Christ thrice - what a piper
on wireless mics my rhymes slice like knife-fights between two lifers at Rikers
bind biters in vices and swipe with diamond-spiked miters
my style splices the size of a bison with the precise strike of a pit viper
I ride on the Messiah's right side like a hitch-hiker
after this cycle I'll fly righteous while fools reside with swine-virus mice and midnight snipers
light spliffs and flick white-lightning darts at yall diaper-shittin spit-dribblin bib wipers
I am sire, aint none higher, sinners squire Leviathon's bishops til I become an ice-pick rib-striper
pious tyrants get silenced by the wig dicer
mighty titan who siphons hypeness from stillness with liquid hyphens - the wickedest pixel typer
the highest knight lifted to bible heights sippin fine wine with divine-vine script writers
9 minds split nitride as son's vintage writtens Midas pyrite and make sunlit moons shine brighter

Watch the earth shatter as we stomp on the ground
The place where y'all lounge will be the burial mound
Cut wounds so deep, the bottom is never found
Y'all travel by foot, Section 9 travels by sound
Golden fighters, known legends like Midas or Leonidas
Stop and reminisce about the future we nurture
On some next-level shit that would make the devil split
Your whole click claimin they can spit
Put em all together, lookin like bitches with dicks
There's nothing honorable about your kid Shizz
Sit around with Soze, just doing the biz
I shot the devil in the back, just cuz I never miss
Here comes the snake's bite, this was just the hiss
Killbot, go ahead and blow them the death kiss

see ive came and got my bills up like chauncy
ghosts in my shells so my gun shots haunt me
shots similar to bear mawlings
leave you dead over the counter sprawling
youll be collapsing to the ground falling
help youll be calling we fightin future time stalling
ballin like jim jones spit like six chromes
firin at kids domes retire or youll get gone
your crying like a bitch holmes waterworks
put a 40 cal to your shirt c how your body works
gladly pull capers stay wit auto maytics
dodgin bullets the matrix aint got it den we take it

05-02-2009, 03:04 PM
this is really dope. like REALLY dope. each of the verses was complete fire, and each in their own way. that hitch-hiker line from the first one was incredible, the 'travel by sound' was my favorite from the second, and the first line from the third was the best from that, IMO. this is a crazy dope drop, my jaw's just hanging right now.

Guarded By Martyrs
05-04-2009, 09:20 PM
I'll fly righteous while fools reside with swine-virus mice and midnight snipers
light spliffs and flick white-lightning darts at yall diaper-shittin spit-dribblin bib wipers
I am sire, aint none higher, sinners squire Leviathon's bishops til I become an ice-pick rib-striper


Y'all travel by foot, Section 9 travels by sound
Golden fighters, known legends like Midas or Leonidas
Stop and reminisce about the future we nurture
On some next-level shit that would make the devil split
Your whole click claimin they can spit
Put em all together, lookin like bitches with dicks


ghosts in my shells so my gun shots haunt me


This was excellent.

War and Peace
05-04-2009, 09:26 PM
yeah- "ghosts in my shells so my gun shots haunt me"

i just now caught that line-

ILLNESS Killbot-

05-04-2009, 09:34 PM
Ionno who wrote wat but all the verse were ill as fuck. Ya need to get mics and put this over beats n shit..

05-04-2009, 09:56 PM
heres all the shit u guys did for the project...u can sort it out since i can no longer post in s9 peace

Sitting here feeling down and out at this world’s digression
the financial recession has unearthed my inert aggression
leaving my mentals tensed, distressed, looking to relieve my stress
weighing heavy on my chest, I’m feeling hopelessly depressed
wondering about this next quest in life, this crazy life is too trife
streets is strife so I hold my knife, walk alone, I'm no ones wife,
I do have a significant other, this is a man apart from all the others
not really sure how he feels but my love isn’t the type that smothers
he loves me or he loves me not, which ever it is, he’s all I got
mind and brawn, he’s a sure shot, what can I say, this man is hot
just in thoughts alone he send shivers up my spine, no wine and dine
he’s not that kind, rough and tough, but he can quickly unwind
my mind and make my body feel all types of good, if only he could
just keep it hood and tell me if he cares more than just giving me wood
and damn, he is just all yum, I’d eat him up and won’t leave a crumb
but he knows I care 'cuz this cat ain’t dumb, oh snap here he comes…[/Ilzpotent]

Isla, I Can No Longer Hold My Tongue, It's Begun...The Darkness Cloaks The Dust
Squeezin' The Life Outta Lungs, In My Heart I Trust That Together We Can Overcome
My Inspiration For This Mission...Is To See Your Hair Glisten And Shine In The Sun

Kid, I need to feel you close, whoa is that your gun?, >giggle< - before you boast
come up and eat some food, I promise that I'll be the most salacious host
You can have me or some eggs over easy on some toasted whole wheat toast.

{he declines the food, but instead goes for seduction}

Why you posting up? I haven't seen you in days, what’s really up?
Oh now you feeling ways? {but I just give into you like the devils cup
I inhale your scent and fall into your embrace, my hearts corrupt
it begins to race, its beat so hard, pound an pound til I feel it erupt}

I gently taste his lips, this kiss is so deep it shifts my hips, undo my clips
hair falls down to my waist, his arm bulge and rips under my finger tips
his crevice dips and slopes, I remove his shirt with a tug and a wild grope
He’s kissing my neck, damn I’m addicted like dope, my body won’t cope
and no longer will I hunger for I wholly submit to this spell he has me under
he watches me with wonder, our bodies collide as we create our own thunder
I shudder as my clothes slowly drop, my skin tingles from the feels he cops
my legs wrap around his waist in a single hop, the kissin and touchin never stops
together we morph into one, I feel his heat and its the glory of the morning sun
feeling revived like its never been done, truly alive, moving to the sound of a drum
sweating, panting, damn near close to fainting,
hair a mess like I’m possessed with Satan
I feel my blood boil, I’m there for your taken
deeper and deeper I feel the love your making
I release a scream with a tsunamic explosion, you feel my grip and I feel your propulsion
we lay there weaken by the calmity of the ocean, together we bask in this potent love potion.

he wraps his arms around her, a smooth caress
under captivatiting moonlight they slowly undress
the last canvas of man, the art of intimacy
instinctually animalistic steaming humidity

[Back and forth between 2]

His thoughts resonated from the conversation, re-creation
A new beginning vast beyond intimidating limitations
But strong as his will was, the hard pill to swallow was
He's too small to matter 'cuz a windshield splattered bug
is more of eye opener than a kid in high loafers
five decks with two jokers plus four sec-nine total
minus one Lil' Ruger he lost in a drain sewer
On a rainy night in June acid eyes like skewers

His thoughts have dispelled, but his vision is clear
He looks far in the distance, as the sunrise is near

In A World Full Of Silent Cries
At Eighteen I Stand Gazing At The Sky I Despise
Wondering How Different It Would Look Back In Time
When The Legends Known As Stars Would Align
Weather It Be By The Unseen Hand Of The Divine
Or Convined By The Universe Simply Passing Time
Never The Less What I Now See Disturbs Me
And That Be A Waste Of Land And Life...
Like The Globe Itself Is Smoking A Crackpipe
Much To Darkness' Delight This Isn't A Lecture
However Mother Nature's Architecture Has Been Swiped
For The Sky No Longer Recognizable...
Viewing It Through Through The Spokes Of A Rusty Bicycle
The Fog Resembles The Grym Reapers Sickle
And The Red Sky Resmebles All The Blood That Has Trickled
The Landscape Dispicable, Everywhere I Go Looks The Same
Are We All To Blame For This Land Now Deranged
Our O-Zone Is Slain Lifeless After Bleeding It's Last Vein
Chocked By The Black Smoke Born From Our Industrial Flames
We Should Be Ashamed For Being Unable To Maintain
Peering Through My Scope
I Gaze At What Others Once Did When Asking For Hope
Only The Rubbish Flourish Leaving My Heart Scorned
As The Sun Dawns Upon This Land Crowned With Thorns

As the kid's pen touched down, he looked around
at his back from below, he heard a strange sound
an old woman was humming a forgotten tune
something about a marvelous night dancing under the moon
she reached for the kid kindly tugging on his arm
and hypnotized him with a sort of mythological charm
she explained that his destiny was the life of humanity
a last chance, an only hope to flee calamity
She described three trials that would test the kids meddle
in the first being saved by an unexpected rebel
the last two were humanities' trials to overcome
the dawn of the last war before the rising sun

With that, the lady slowly walked away,
knowing the kid wouldn't believe her today
he started up the street to a newly opened bar
A hub for strangers with goods from afar...

[Whers and Bronze Feet]
This Place Is In Such A Sad Ruined State As If The Darkness Shunned Lights Embrace

"Excuse Me...Sir, I Was Hoping You Were Open ?..."

Who's this? another new face, why should i welcome him to this place of waste

"You hoped right, Welcome! we stay open late, pretty much all night"

His Face Looks Disgraced, I Guess He's Just Another Man Who Lost His Faith

"Why Thank You, My Eyes Sting From All The Sore Sights...
I've Heard These Places Have Almost Everything, I Was Wondering If You Might..."

just a young soul you can tell by the haste, but I'll give just a taste

"Looking for something that appeals to your delight, maybe something to give you a fright
damn kid i got anything i could even get the light...."

His Eye's Changed When He Mentioned The Word _Light_
But There's Something About Him Thats Just Not Right

"I'll Have Some Food And A Drink, When You're Ready...
Oh And Some Chronic If You Have Any ?..."

This kids seems alright, just another passer by, i wonder why
he even wants to get high? who cares as long as i get mine

"No doubt, ill be with you soon business is steady
Chronic? got that but it cost you a pretty penny"

As I Suspected, He Has Things Of All Kind, The Kind Thats Hard To Find
Barmen These Days Are Salesmen In Disguise

"Thanks Very Much, I'll Take One Dutch...
But What I Really Need Is Something To Fill My Belly
I'm Hungry But A Touch Low On Currency, What Can You Sell Me ? "

Wait! Now i wonder how this kid strides, smooth how he talks,
but something lingers in his eyes, like theres something hes tryin to hide

"Low on currency, well let me see.... i can get you that dutch
the rest depends on how much? i got industry rations, they go for a buck"

He Said That With Pride, But He Doesn't Seem That Way Inclined ?
As If He Had A Dark Secret He Has Hiding Of Some Kind

"Looks Like I'm Out Of Luck, Those Rations Make Me Sick...I'm Brave But They're
Too Much For My Guts, I Haven't Had Any In Months, But I Will Take That Dutch "

He seems like a normal person//Well He Was Helpful...
but inside whats really lurkin?//For Someone At The Bottom Of This Hell-Hole
soul searchin, there something about him//But Perhaps A Touch Too Mellow ?
thats just not workin, but what im not certain//His Eyes Seemed To Fall
a look in his eyes like that of a hero//When I Said I Lacked Legal Tender
zero visible companions//But Does He Have A Hidden Agenda ?
stranger i welcome you to the wasteland//Were His First Impressions Deceiving?
a strange feelin that we'll meet again//He Helped Me This Evening, So Why This Strange Feeling?

[/Whers and Bronze Feet]

The two harkened back on their thoughts for a week
until the kid came back to visit the old barkeep...

As he stepped in the saloon, the older ladies started to swoon
Young and handsome is rare in this world filled with despair
but Isla was not jealous, at the crazy overzealous,
abnoxious half-mutant wretches with smells putrid
She instead gave a sneer that recoiled all who got near
Her man was not their object, not a simple pet project
The barman noticed this, pierced her eyes a blew a kiss
grasping at the witty as he rolled this Irish ditty...

[Bronze Feet]

Drink for a drink
penny for a thought
a gentlemen at heart
but cross me not

worry free its easy to see
why everybody comes to me
they sit they drink
they dont have to think
time flys by like a wink
if you make a stink
before you blink
your ass is out before you think

drink for a drink
penny for a thought
a gentlemen at heart
but cross me not

Here at this bar in a wasteland
only stay wanderers and patrons
some hold secrets
old as masons
stories are told
plots unfold
a place to escape
the pains they facin

Drink for a drink
penny for a thought
a gentlemen at heart
but cross me not

they come and go
everyone knows
how they put on the best of shows
they dance and sing
happy timesss, they bring
and every lady,
even yours!!
leaves with a rose

Drink for a drink
penny for a thought
a gentlemen at heart
but cross me not


With this gesture meant to pester, and fluster the kid's spirit
His voice became a megaphone, for all near to hear it
Eyes and mouths were lost in love, no room for salty tears
No whisper heard , no cries, no one moves in fear
of missing a single syllable of his elegant soliloquy
a rousing anthem, stinging the masses like killa beez


Those Whos Hearts Beat Not In Repartition
To You Is Who I'm Pitchin'
Like The Eyes Of A Shinigami
I Hold Supreme Vision
I Ask The Wise Ears Will Listen
For You Have A Decision :
Either Sit Around Wishing,
Or Face This Impossible Mission
To Fill This Land Which Has Become Empty And Hollow
And Fill It Up With Something Other Than Sorrow
Think You'll Find The Answer At The Bottom Of Your Bottle ?
Everyone In This Bar Has Fallen Due To The Abuse
I Can See Every Neck Inside A Noose,
Thinking It's No Use
And For That Reason
You Know This Path Is The One To Choose...
Unless You'd Rather Lose ?
Like Sinking Ships Of Captainless Crews
Humanity's Bruised Wounds Are Bound,
But Go Deeper Than Pharoahs Tombs
This Place Will Consume The Youth,
Like Babies Failing To Leave The Womb
The Sore Sights Have Been Viewed,
As Armageddon Looms Soon
This Is Nothing To Assume,
Our Planet Was Groomed For Doom
Imagine Every Widow Could Reunite With Their Groom
Seems Impossible,
But Even In Heaven They're Affected By The Fumes
I Stand As A Martyr,
It's Not A Fairytale To Live Happily Ever After
But As The Night Got Darker,
Light Fell Victim To Our Saga
Blood Is On Our Hands,
This Is No Natural Disaster...
Empty Harbours
The Sea Holds No Pity To The Mast Masters
Unlike The Cries Of Lonely Skies,
From The Tears Our Father
This Is No Reprise,
Nor An Act Of Overconfidence In Disguise
Man Became The Architects Of Our Own Demise...
All We Do Now Is Survive :
Eat To Live Instead Of Living To Eat
Retreat Or Rise To Your Feet
The Past Shows Us That Wise Men Will Meet
And Besides...
I Have A Promise To Keep,
I Looked Into The Eyes Of Defeat
Saw Visions Of Millions On The Ground
Covered With White Sheets
Vowed I Would Put A Stop To Those
Who Speak With A Snake Hiss
And Those Who Hold The Dark Art Crafts,
From The Abyss Of The Deep
The Earth Has Been Smothered
By The Hearts Of The Weak
While The Rich Man Sleeps,
Those With Less Luck Fall Beneath
Place A Reef On Their Casket
But We're Running Out Of Soil To Breach
Put Out The Flames Of Sinners
With Extinguishers And Increase The Peace
Soon Mankind Will Be Deceased,
But We Have Been Given A Chance At Least
And Instead Of Rations,
Would You Not Prefer A Feast ?
If You Had More Than You Needed
Would You Break Him Off A Piece ?
You'll Need More Than A Fleece
To Escape The Grasp Of A Blizzards Reach
My Eyes Leak,
Not From The Cold,
But Because Of Those I Failed To Teach
Walk Amoung Murky Battered And Tattered Streets
As Shown By The Bartender :
Even A Rose Can Grow Through Cracked Concrete
And Just Like The Rose Our Roots Run Deep...
Countless Souls Arrose As Crows Wings Beat
Now To Make This Speech Complete
And Make My Point Like A Pyramids Peak...
Ask Yourself...
Have You Even Lived ?
And Are You Prepared For The Big Sleep ?

[Hero encounters the scream]

[OTB][Warrior saves the kid]

Chapter 3: The Temple of Darts

[prince rai]

[The savior} [OTB]

[Shizzah + Whers]

[little girl]

[transition verses]build up of skills - temple of darts

Chapter 4: Infurnus Palacial

[Tecknowledgist vs Wera]

Chapter 5: 2053

21st birthday

He awoke on his 21st and picked up his book of poems
continuing the ode to his brother, 3 years left alone

[Shizzah]poem #2

His cold lips kiss the snakes hiss, rattling in the air
Stop the snake's rattle, leave it frozen there
Heart bleeds the ashes of loss
He enters the church with fingers crossed
The eternal cost of the oxygen he breathes
Is cutting off the only supply he needs
Which he eats, on which he feeds
Pain crawling with ease like a leech
Flee from the zone, he's pain-prone
BUT, his skills stay honed
Shuffle between smiles and tears
Face-off with his fears is coming near
No time to steer, his thoughts are sealed
With the sign hangin "stay clear"
Kicks it in the sixth gear
Cracks the seventh bottle of beer
He's ready to face it for him & his dear
He's not alone in this zone, he roams
Around the words, like the world around poems

Settlers living off whiskey, rat meat and dirty water
Broken men with nothing but the memories of murdered fathers
He spent his evenings in a saloon built under rubble
Hidden from the reach of savage raiders and other trouble
She thought he hated her, cried nightly but he didn't notice
He just wanted to keep them alive, couldn't lose focus
But she knew, she stitched up his old teddy bear
His father gave to him the day his life met despair
As she held it out to him hoping he would smile back
A bullet from across the room whizzed by her lower back
Another stray ripped the bear as cotton covered the dusty bar
He grabbed his rusted .22 and started shootin' from afar
Three bullets hit the old piano behind the drunken fool
The fourth caught his ear, and the fifth knocked him off his stool
He walked over to the barfly and grabbed his collar
He had almost lost the last good thing his life had to offer
He put the barrel to the drunk's neck and pulled the trigger
Threw his body to the ground, and took the last of his liquor
He grabbed the barfly's gun, it was .44
He walked over and found the bullet stuck in the saloon door
It was a .32 bullet, from a different gun
He ran outside but whoever shot it fled towards the western sun
He put the bullet in his pocket and thanked the Lord
Held her close and picked the torn bear up from the dusty floor

Out searching for answers in an unfamiliar canyon
he was trapped by cannibals with a hunger for man flesh
He made his last stand behind an old chevy, guns heavy,
firing blind shots, trying to keep his guns steady
When from above the ridge, a ball of fire torched their lids
another mutant arrived, but was here to save the kid
he saw his left arm in the form of a tentacle
that when lashed out, sprayed a flammable chemical
reminiscent of napalm, a mutant flame thrower
crispy critter your ass until it's fuckin' game over
As the torch reached the enemies, in fear they fled the scene
The kid reached for his guns, but dropped them hesitantly
The strander was ugly, but he was not scared of his looks
An ace in flames on his leather jacket was all it took
Although he couldn't understand much of what his new friend said
he was sure people were wrong calling him undead.

The kid offered shelter and protection for the ace
but the mutant refused, and slept outside of his place
as the days past, ace picked up the kids speech patterns
in secret he formed rhymes in his head to master
some of the townspeople recoiled and showed the beast hate
but the kid was always there to set them straight

[Whers to townspeople]

[soothsayer confrontation]

[transition to d-day]

Chapter 6: 2056

24th birthday

poem #3

Edges of black jigsaw pieces torn apart
Chaotic organization, it didn't fit from the start
The depth of deceit and despair is his lair
Rain of sorrow dripping from his dry hair
Like summer cut out by winter, he's bitter
Everything is filled with rubbish and litter
Twilight light forms lines upon the skies
Irregular patterns of sun rays in the air
Lairs of fake aces of spades and snakes
Lakes of rats and boars without their hides
Last seeds of a sunflower just died
Years passed until a new sunflower was born
Rarity of existence, breaking the nature's norm
Internally torn, his anger materialized in another form
Crept black from the kingdom of death
Smelt like teen spirit, but it was a rotten stench
Make the hardest choice, push on or retreat
For him it wasn't a choice, he was too young for defeat
He was trying and trying, has he ever stopped?
18 years clocked, tic-toc, tic-toc, apparently not

Chapter 7: Day of the feast

I might be the ace of flames;
I’m a walking,
burnt at the stake
Leaving opposition charred at the FOOT!!
Thinking they just spilled oil FOOL!!!/
Yo! I am burning so hot cats can have cookouts on the side of my ribs
Chicks can tan at MY DICK!!
Thinking I’m THE SUN or another SOLAR FLARE/
But that ain’t all to the jibs to the jabs
I lay on you cats like CRABS and Chlamydia
I’ve been dumped, trumped and thumped
from people I trusted since a young’n/
They can’t see past this charred
looking like I’m The Thing’s sequel
Don’t get it twisted I’m the Son of Chernobyl,
the Cousin of Godzilla/
Didn’t know my uncle was the Zombie in Thriller
If you ice grill me I’ll melt cha from your bones/
I might have lava spewing from my veins
And my lungs and hands might spew ether/
Best believe I’m ain’t saving you either
What am I a hero, I’m anti everything/
Stones, touched by a foam cradle angel
Thinking you can ice the pain I felt since grade school/
Everybody been INFECTED so why the hell am I being deflected
Everybody looks like something out of a nightmare/
I’m the human WD40 y’all horde me for heat & warmth
But cha not prepared to meet the man within the beast/
So what after the facts I’ve been recruited by a band of clans
Looking like we going to take over the lays of the land/
Nah man we want to protect our resources
regardless if we lack the organs
I’m heatmizer, a pyro-preacher
didn’t cha see my sermon on “Flaming Cowards”/
They get fried from the flames I unleashed
Even when they’re shored on the beach/
No amount of water will ever cool my temper
I’m rage from unleashing me from my cage/
Let me take you down memory lane for a bit from flames I unleashed
Once I was on the trail looking for some cavern to chill in/
Got sick to my stomach of being harassed by the way I looked
Seen this cats running from a batch of cannibals
wit various animal and human skins on/
They torches and metal objects stalking these cats
like he’s “Dead Man Walking”
So I started running towards them
they yelled “FIREMAN, FIREMAN!!!”/
They didn’t even back down if they had a half of brain
they’ll be a dog on a chain
I told the dude they was chasing DUCK AND COVER!!!
I’m about to rub them out like they was pig blubber/
Once I saw the kid, hid behind some old automobile/
I blaze, throw flames
on and on until they ran back to the dark came/
Those deranged apocalyptic cavemen
raging like animals wit no brains then
I cooled my self off
this kid thanked me and asked my name/
Guess he saw the ace of spades on my jacket I used and claimed
He couldn't understand what I was sayin'

So he called me “Fire-Ace”/

Chapter 8: Day of confession

[Prince Rai]



Listen up young one….
Desolate lands made me this charred behemoth you see before you
Deadly waste from our ancestors pour back down as a deathly comet of trash/
Wasted blast I used to be a top notch security agent of the Phantom Works Forces
I remember it all like it was yesterday this jacket I told cha I claimed/
We used to monitor the unusual my “CODENAME” labeled “Fire-Ace’ just cuz I had a knack for matches
Matching wits gifted grip, stabbed a man for pitching fits and not getting wit/
After the ball of flames hit the high tech facility with a nearby village see
I used to call home was torched, touched, scorched, burnt asunder/
My eyes wept with tears couldn't even hold a can of beer without burning it
Once I saw a mirror I see why the people fled in fear/
Yeah I might have been once a great security expert wit a “fiery personality”
I died in the ashes of the crapola they shot in the air like a tittys' areola/
I said F the intelligence I folded up like a house of cards
I’m sorry did I scare you?
did you see the fire in my eyes?
I get a little heated when I’m re-reading my life God What-The-Heck did you give me/
A condemned life of charred deathly hollows be the life I lead now
The villagers think I’m just good for warm heat/
I’m not freaking car battery;
I’m not molten rock to keep you hot
I’m not a monster,
I’m the son of Godzilla,
I’m just a man chilling/
I remember the night the trash heap from the sky crashed down to earth
I was burnt instantly unconscious for several days feeling so damn hot/
I couldn’t believe when I saw myself for the first time, charred,
burnt to a crisp
Looked like toasted bread ,alls I needed was cheese,
yeah laugh it up please/
When the villagers saw my burns watched my skin turn from caramel to black as hell
Wit my vocal cord muffled, melted and molded people could not understand me/
I wanted to so badly crush those that laughed at me
my conscience got the best of me
I wanted to knock those off that did this to us,
I knew I had to cool my jets/
Plus the kids that were and weren’t affected by the cannibals became mutant animals
So when I ran to the outskirts where the facility still laid in peace instead of resting in pieces/
I gathered what I could and just kept a watch on the people that shunned me for being ugly,
and here I stay
speaking to you this day/

Chapter 9: Day of regret

Chapter 10: Day of the dead

Chapter 11: Dawn of Reckoning


I am the Ace of Flames ready, willing and wanting to burn this place down
If you’ve shunned me, I gun you down wit just one flick of the wrist/
Now you cats get skinned when I burn your fur off ya chinny, chin chin
Spit cha long winded speech I’m deeper than the meat on your bones/
Didn’t cha wonder why I’m “Ether” fueled cause I kill anything I TOUCH
You don’t got the blush to be facing me, I turn you frown to complete mush/
Your dust in my hands when I blaze on, you cannot compete wit this MICRON
Thinking you’re a king, I’m the holder of the flame to your game/
You ain’t got the spark to even tickle my darts
You’re a match, I’m lighter filled wit butane/
I am slightly insane, ticked off at people who tried to ignore me
Fucking saving a life maybe I should end your where u stand/
Burn you until your skeleton shows
Burn you until I crackle your bones/
I got flames that will extinguish your existence
Resistance is not an option when you burning at the stake/
Didn’t cha see the suckers I bleed broke and break
When tried to touch me that got combusted instant BOOM!/
Even if you got an army I’m torch the place no matter the waste
Your sword n shield will be melted just as well as your flesh/

Chapter 12: Requiem

[Bronze Feet]

As the impedding doom looms it cast shadows of gloom
across the faces, sorrow and fear replaces lost hopes
and crushed fates, this armageddon predates, so why try to escape
it is not you who i hate but all of humanities traits
a pitiful waste of organics so fragile and easily damaged
heads bandaged, torn clothes and the hungry become even more famished
yet behold this youngster so bold, construction of a fortress, it's what i call a hole
destruction is inevitable, just forefeit, get it over and done wit
sit and wait, condemnation upon this whole land of waste
the taste, of sulphur and brimestone burns to the nose bone
this my home and this is where i have grown, i shall not be shuttled
under the ground, so perplexed? why would you only send them to there
eventual tomb?

there can and will only be DOOM

so soon is it upon us, blankets the earth in a layer of dust
trust, what happens when you diminish the surplus
tons of seeds but the lands unable to crop
livestock have no feed, proceed to re birth the people
but how do you decide who is equal and who is evil?
false hopes given like the sillouette of a church steeple
feeble notion trapped by this delusional potion
here i state i am not going
never pursuing these dreams
never will humanity redeem
only will it forever seek for redemption and forgiveness
i stand hopeless and immune to your phony tricks
the 2nd Coming, bring forth hellfire skies lite
hits with an impact bringing about the social collapse, SNAP!

Cross my soul is covered with frost, i laugh and accost
at the price you put on a worthless cost
its over and lost, here i will stay
inevitable end is clear as day


Chapter 13: Darkness

Chapter 14: claustrophobia

Chapter 15: Sunrise

Wing-ed creatures fall victim to its eternal rays
cloudy days cover its visceral displays
viewed through a hole in the sky,
opened by a comet, those gray clouds divide
no divine intervention, cruel inventions
and this outer casing to hide my true intentions
as fellow mutants fall from the blast
cast to the ground writhing from pain
disdain for this kid, who goes unnamed


the last thing i shout,
on my knees looking like i seek repentence
dense shock wave blasts
removes the exoskeletal cases
and casts anew form
clouds swirl and swarms


deceitful and cold, bold and despicably shown
bare bone, and eyes more bloodshot
then the ink from an artists paintbrush

"In this new form I HUNGER!."

...as if waken from eternal SLUMBER"

under my feet i hold, old mutants
who shall suffice for my nutrients
ever persistent and forever spread my dominance
and RISE higher as i gain new strength

"I must return to my kingdom"

...to destroy the one who taints"

ride high on these great waves,
there my minions await
time to face the ruler for this disgrace
with wide wings spread like a cap,
high on my castle tower
I clearly state, from this domain's throne
a lyrical joust to the death
breathe the last breaths,
for this battle shall bring no rest

05-06-2009, 03:55 PM
damn my verse was a quick one didnt think thered be quotables lol but ya its S9 wat u expect!

05-06-2009, 04:40 PM
good shit^

05-07-2009, 12:20 PM
Nice drop y'all feeling it s9 fam