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Everything from stuff I've put in the Temple of Darts to battle verses.

05-04-2009, 05:40 PM
Hail storms on villages with colossal force..
As I navigate the earth on a Herculean horse..
Waves of inferno from echoing hooves..
Ask the gods permission to slay and they approve..
My mind is ingenious, a cybernetic clutter..
Striking fear in cigar-business men to the rats in the gutter..
Pathetic fucking parasites, my knowledge smashes your cranium..
At birth, they injected me with mercury and uranium..
Catch me in the stadium, ripping a gladiator’s limbs off..
I go toe to toe with an outer-planetary behemoth..
The Great Old Ones vanquished me to earth..
I spread nightmarish plagues, and punch women while they give birth..

05-04-2009, 05:42 PM
2056: Blue Devils and Red Blood

Genetically enhanced chimpanzees swinging from circuit wires..
Ectoplasm leaked from containers, spewing chemical fires..
Clones, robotic warfare, secrets leaked out to the public..
Nuclear bombs, poisonous gas. A baby born into the rebels? They'll club it..
Shells liter the passages and alleyways, carcasses rest in mounds..
Lasers, and machines that give off waves of brain-corrupting sounds..
Economic surplus is a must, deny the poor supplies and shelter..
Provide them basic needs, and grant large sums to the upper class welter..
Forced to form a revolution, an army of righteous pioneers..
Echoes of battle cries and warfare can be heard across the earth’s sphere..
Three years pass, annihilation and carnage leaves streets flooded in death..
A final word of silence, a child hears the words “not yet..” whispered under a monk’s breath..
A single dove is seen flying, across the rubble and corrupted buildings..
The monk impales his own heart with the blade he was wielding..
A thousand more imitate him, and the world is soaked in the blood of purity..
It seems that a million innocent deaths can set a surety..
Soldiers drop their guns, a leader stops counting money and cries..
True silence is golden, as the tears that fell from the god’s eyes..
Emotional and revolutionary breakthroughs are not denied..
The world thrives with solitude, Mother Nature is once again a trusted shrine..
Mistakes are accepted, peace is restored, even if the consequences were originally drier..
And, man discovers fire..

05-04-2009, 05:43 PM
Battle Verse Against mightythor..

Who’s that dude that detached Jupiter from it’s planetary axis?..
The same guy who destroyed Thor with his own hammer and war axes..
A complex being, with the ability to shape your skull into a polygon..
Challenging evil in it’s purest form? That was folly son..
My punches hit like a enhanced version of Forest Griffin and Zeus..
Visional impairments my lines produce, and your fear gives me the stimuli boost..
Go to your son’s school and steal his lunch, Thor’s hammer can’t match my Falcon Punch..
Gave this dude the evil eye..and left his spine broken and humped..
Head juiced like grape fruit, I rape charity groups..
Leave this guy’s neck squeezed together so all you hear is a pussyified war whoop..
Dude, you fucking look like a Preppy Version of T-Pain..Dreads need to be reframed..
Vertical katana cut leaves a visible paradigm of your brain..
I’m the offspring of gods, I can control flora with my will..
Vines inject into your veins and turn your cells into chlorophyll..
Riding in an army of boars and berserkers, inflicting pain that’s much more then a tear jerker..
Harder then Artic Yak herders, your in an complex and awkward position like a cybernetic corner worker..

05-04-2009, 05:44 PM
Battle Verse against TruWizDumb..

Fucking Christ, this bitch won due to a no-show now I have to crush her..
Digesting insects like ant rushers, vibrant colors leak through your skull like fruit gushers..
Lyrical juggernaut, slap a steel bar with my nuts and it shatters to fragments..
I leave logical reasoning absent, as I down bottles with soldiers who have Russian accents..
Bitch won’t buy me a chocolate milk? That’s ok, leave her stuffed with vegetable silk..
Till her skin starts to peel, rip this bitches tits off and replace them with wooden stilts..
Don’t meet me in a dark alley, I’ll sacrifice your virginity to stone gargoyles..
I asked TruWiz if she spat or swallowed, and she told me she gargled..
Muay Thai clench, I can get over the thought that I kneed a woman’s brain loose..
My vocals collide into your senses with the spirituality and power of slain Jews..
Knocked up on Grey Goose, she spots my dick, tips and slips like “Whoopsie”..
Stop with “The Vagesty” shit, I didn’t create an account to be advertised with loose clits and pussies..
High as shit, I can’t think of four more bars of grimy lip, that I can rhyme and spit..
Strapped with plastic explosives, all heads turn to me as the timer clicks..
Two lines left, her style’s intense bullshit like intergaltic rodeos..
She’s staying slow, but hopefully TruWiz can respond to this after she ships off her baby loads..

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the non-battles are the hottest, especially that 2056, which i've already read and (i think) commented on. you have good imagery and wordplay, and each one of these were interesting verses. keep on posting this stuff.