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Mr. Muhammad
05-09-2009, 04:47 PM
Salaam (Peace) to those who Seek it...

11. Have you not learned that your word shall be bond, regardless of whom or what?
Ans. - Yes. My word is Bond, and Bond is Life; and I will give my Life before my word shall fail.

Word - the spoken or written expression of a concept, idea or intention.

Bond - a binding agreement; a tie; a secure connection; an essential or fundamental link or affinity.

Life - purposeful or intelligent activity and the results or effects produced by such activity.

"Regardless of whom or what", each of us is bound, or securely connected -- by the law of cause and effect -- to every intention that we formulate and commit to. The words that we speak are expressions of our ideas (and sometimes our "intentions"), and have the effect of duplicating said ideas (and intentions) in the minds of those to whom we speak.

Thus, there is a great degree of responsibility that comes with the power of speech, for we are all responsible for how we affect the lives of others. We are all responsible for what we set in motion.

Giving our "word" is not limited to making a "promise", but also includes making claims and/or accusations that are intended to be accepted as Truth, and therefore as a basis for decision-making and/or action.

Since forwarding "falsehood" as "truth" can have tragic effects/consequences, in that it causes the recipients of said falsehood to form erroneous conclusions, which ultimately manifest in irrational or unjust actions that can cause anything from loss of trust to loss of life; then one would do well to take great care to make sure that when he gives his "word", it is a "truthful" word; lest he be charged with facilitating the injury or demise of another person's reputation and/or person(life).

So one must be willing to put his "Life" up against his "Word", especially when acceptance of his word could result in the damage or loss of "life" of another.

In the Holy Qur'an, Allah instructs us:
"When an unrighteous person brings you news, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, and then be sorry for what you did."

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad once said:
"Whenever an innocent man is accused of that which he did not do, the Heavens and the Earth cry out for Justice for the accused. And the punishment the innocent man would have received if he were guilty, falls on the accuser."

In other words...

It's dangerous to be runnin' your mouth about things you don't know anything about. You could be preparing a "painful chastisement" for yourself.

Thank you for reading this...and know that you cannot "unread" it. It is henceforth indellibly recorded in your mind to be a witness either for you or against you as you exit this realm.


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word is bond

Kemeticly Doubs
05-10-2009, 04:00 PM
u can't knock him cuz he wanted to break it down in his own science n understandin'...jus take it for what it iz and apply or not apply HOWEVER u want to...don't spend your time tryna treat muthamukaz jus do u yo

to muhammsd, big ups word bond, jus keep in mind who's on a WU-TANG website

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