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05-12-2009, 03:51 PM
Hold cha half loose your losses crash coursing fascist forces task mastering
Basket cases drain tubing time lubing brain moving screw cruising/
Taken based on any think your training brain booming
Uber tomb broken taken token jokes on you/
Focus locus boosting a roaster chose my twofer
Gross in tell check the beanie isnít it well after they yell/
Vicious cypress open life grinder time timers
Driven cost now your vases when you ever you feel boss/
Crave the power notebook attack drift a tower
Makes the sense when even the hence is tence/
Groove to the new sound Brownsville downtown swinger
Weaponries rap in forms that gasses get mechanized until technology never dies/
Draft cold fast cost check the lexicon hexagon perplex times without text
Check swing boom bap sound grabs times are just another tab
Get taken to the courts now we whored out borgs wit treks on board/
Iím seven of the rhyme fatalist nine combine voltron propane
Dime drives quarter off half the lives with metrics in systems we didnít destine/
Prescribe scripts wit enough dribble that baskets couldnít wiggle
Just know the Sheep is back making him the next John McEnroe/

This is the fish filet
Spit out the switch blade
Grip the pen slit cha slays
Gifted in skills partition ways
The sheep is backÖ.
Arenít you ready to playÖ

The comedian spit wicked lick shot time ticked down
Backend master frown gassed up brows check out NOWS/
Recant cha claims check the game play the role
Victims spit wasted chest breasted love arrested/
Script a scab jump the jab bank more shots in than hockey pucks
Duck them lucks love them lumps how do you want light or heavy? /
Dead bevy Chevy heavy made a ready check the zip my drives be off the hook
Cancer hooks prime time ticker chose lifter rap is Chicken Little wit no thrills/
Yíall are frills wit all spills wit just jilted kill it all in dash, quick flash them bitches
Blotches spotting tigers now Iím a black liger rider fire proof/
Didnít cha buy the poof insurance craved out graves in wages?
Now pagingÖ.Dr. Brickman now you spit lugs with no hugs just bricks man/
Back on my BS I cheek fest a breast of situation spit a nation
Create symbols wit my kimmels than any jimmyís and johnnyís/
Skills be built off the lack smacked down packs check jackels
Wrapped in manifolds banging in the hanger be golden/
Never priceless I write less so I can write more
Didnít cha feel them spores explode on your RAW/
Ruffle a few feathers I better knock out sparks when deflecting your darks
Crash course passed FLIGHT SCHOOL plight cha mind wit nothing bright
Sunlight shined when simulating was easily ripped when I high shot you decks/

This is the fish filet
Spit out the switch blade
Grip the pen slit cha slays
Gifted in skills partition ways
The sheep is backÖ.
Arenít you ready to playÖ

Guarded By Martyrs
05-14-2009, 07:59 PM
Someone get the straight-jacket.

Welcome back SHEEPISH.

05-18-2009, 09:46 PM

Father N Dangerous
05-19-2009, 01:00 AM
shit was ill, welcome back not mase style either

yo shit's tight feelin the first verse mo then the 2nd tho.

stayed pretty good wit da flow in the first verse
thought tha 2nd one lacked a lil in that department

all in all u right u bak dawg keep writng i wanna read more.

wont let me copy n paste lmfao

but ur first 3 lines on the 1st verse was my fav. very nice