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Animal Luff
05-14-2009, 05:21 PM
I got a little ninja undercover and got me the whole skit - was just listening to the part that was cut out. Damn, it's like all my favourite MC's were there, altho ODB & Skampoe are clearly missing. Shame. Here, I'll type it for yall...


Ghost: c'mon dude, leave the fly syringe vegetable beat on, you smart dumb base header...
*beat returns*
RZA: ok ok, dududuududu, I got another one...
Superb: I hope u name some short leprecon bitchez
RZA: ok ok, check it ok son, Celine Dion vs. Cher?
U-God: I'm ugly when I fuck, but this shit is outergalactic
Math: whoa, we fucking aliens?
RZA: bong bong.
Ghost: here we go with the forehead bitchez again ...
Superb: that's like Alien vs. Predator
Raekwon: The afro bushy Cher, man, Celine is too white for me...
Superb: so u r telling us u'd rather fuck somebody with a wig?
U-God: these chicks are whitier than me, that's like some bird shit
Raekwon: fuck that Dion colone baggage, she's canadian, u know what I think about those northern bitchez
Math: I'd def do that Dion bitch in the snow, she's hot
Solomon Childs: u lost it, man, u really lost it... that's like saying you would blow a nigga for a box of huggies, son
Superb: somebody tell got we have some fucked people here
RZA: budududuududduudududu
Ghost: damn, u mental kiwi smashers now who would u let to choke your nune Marilyn Monroe vs. Elizabeth Taylor?

*knocks at the door* *stops the music* *Cappa gets the gat ready* *Rae hides a chicken wing*
U-God: who is it?
Warcloud: chicky chicky chitty boom boom achina lah-lah
U-God: ohh, u too.
Sage: Strange Famous!!!!
U-God: what the fuck r you doing here?
Sage: shut up and sit down, wigger, my heart ain't listening!
Holocaust: Holocaust, black man whose veins are littered with torns...
*he closed his eyes and then opened again*
Robot Tank: I'm Robot Ta...
U-God: if u r going to do that the whole evening, I ain't letting u in
Solomon Childs: just choose who u want to be tonight and come in
Warcloud: ok, Holocaust it is *stucks a crack rock up his nose*
Ghost: hit that nutmeg ka-ka again, swing the rec like my spagethi chains
*music starts again*

Ghost: so the question was - Marilyn Monroe vs. Elizabeth Taylor?
Cappa: Marilyn had a phat ass, she would definately slide in my wardrobe, I'd flame her like fire, Miss E got old tho
Math: no shit. I'd fuck Liz over a dead girl anytime
Warcloud: nah, Marilyn Monroe got those ill worms and maggots inside of her now, that's some good pussy, with that dirt in the ass and empty eye holes...mine forever....yes, mine....
RZA: Bong?
Meth *puffin' some ticals*: ahahhaha, ill, sonnnnn, illlll
U-God: that's ill and sick
Raekwon: stop being such a wuss and make a classic album
Superb: def Marilyn, she was the right size
Ghost: like those 15 year olds u were hitting on yesterday
Superb: high school got some bomb bitchez, man
Warcloud *goes in the corner*: My precious, yes, u r....
Meth: I got a ill one...on some free willy shit
*RZA goes to Warcloud*
RZA: u need to be cured! U need to wait 10 years for the cure tho, I lost the original copy in the flood 1995 and I'm still looking for it, but it's def coming, ok? Because I'm the 7, I'm RZArectah, I'm Bobby, I know this shit
Warcloud: I wanna go to the cemetry
RZA: not now, just stay here...but later, I'm going to resurrect her, ok?
*throws him a DigiScooby snack*
Meth: got two slammin' bitchez Rosie O'Donell vs. Roseanne...who would you finger-fuck?
Ghost: u want me to lose my fucking iron arm? That's how I lost my eagle...
Superb: I don't know, it's a hard pick...
U-God: yeah, both got nice tits
Sage: I'd leg-fuck Rosie, and then we would have little leg babies....ahahahhahaha, and then I would fuck them!
RZA: I'd go Bobby on Roseanne...both are roses, but Roseanne smells better, nah mean....
U-God: yeah, I'd fucking oil her with my black shampoo
RZA: ... and then I'd skeet and make some duduudduudduuddu
Raekwon: I'd eat Rosie, yeah...I have some recepies...Roseanne could get my coupon tho
Math: I think u guys have a problem
U-God: ok, I got one too
Ghost: I can c some yoghurt ears
U-God: *looks at Ghost* U don't want no rumble. Ok, Jessica Alba vs. Natalie Portman?
Sage: of course, Natalie Portman just today, I did 4 MySpace pages about her....I also have a copy of her fingertips, anybody wanna see?
RZA: Jessy
Math: Jessy
Ghost: Jessy
Raekwon: This is some good chicken... mmmm, I'm gonna cook some fish now, anybody hungry?
Math: hahaahhaahah, u killed it what about, u know, Tekitha vs. Jamie *******...
Sage: Natalie!!!!
*ackward silence* *music still playing tho*
Ghost: ummm...
RZA: what, u said something?
Math: erm
Rae *reads outta the book*: ...and then u cook it up for 30 minutes... Jamie Oliver don't know shit, I can do this in 5 minutes, yo!
Ghost: fuck it. I'm gonna say it....Jamie was dope....she was ballistic
RZA: *silent*
Math: something is wrong
Sage: Natalie!!!!
RZA: I actually never had sex with Jamie...
*music stops*
Math: ohhh
Meth: ohhh *coughs*
U-God: ohhhh
Sage: ...and then I followed her to the movie studio, but it was like, she was running away, or something
Solomon Childs: ohhh, damn
Superb: oh no
Raekwon: ohhhhhhhh, that's how u slice off a fish's head...

[skit stops]

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05-14-2009, 06:35 PM
This shit:

U-God: I'm ugly when I fuck, but this shit is outergalactic

Was funny.

05-14-2009, 09:27 PM
yeah that lines dope im gonna use it