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05-14-2009, 08:47 PM
I already dropped the first verse in the freestyle thread but it was surrounded by trash, so I figured it deserved better.

Fuck you think I stopped rappin' cuz I'm in the woods?
For good, food for thought copped, dropped out mouth
What the fuck is redneckin' about? My clout, I'm about
A buck 70, muscle and beer belly, bar fightin' son of a...
...star-crossed lightning, emptied a brewski or twoski
Who me? Party animal cannibal, feasting on the flesh
Of the best, I can't stress how much I'll kill you
Drill you five times to sunday on one day
On anothah I'll smothah ya brothah, mothahfuckah
Suckah punchin' teeth crunchin' bunches of bad men
Lifting rocks cocked, mis-matched socks...fuck style
I'm wild white demon, my semen leaves bitches bleedin'
I ain't gotta say how gangsta I am, Son of Sam
Van Dam kickin' ya shit, straight bricked lumberjack
Actin' is not my for te, but sippin' fortay's and half quarts
That's pints for those short, on math fuck that
You think I ain't got guns cuz I'm not in the "hood"?
Dude, I'm gross. Host with the most, boast and brag
Brigadier general damn near mental with bank accounts
I work too hard for these amounts, I'll pounce with fist flyin'
Ryan's a rhino, wino, find no, mercy...verse me and curse thee
Three times lined wit black eyes, broken ankle I still mangle
I got angles for days, nice as rice wit fists flown twice
Ask about me or you doubt me, either way....
I shade ya peepahs a deepah purple, nerd you Erkel
Straight internettin' and gettin' nothin', fuck bluffin'
I'll knock the turkey stuffin' out you baked muffins
Cranberry sauce ya boss and toss ya girl's salad
Khaled ya career and drink all ya damn beer, listen clear
I'm here with the deer and trees, please I'ma swine flu disease ya steez

Weak knees get folded in pairs and threes, broken I open fake G's

Oh gee golly gosh, I mosh retarded, hardest elbow harnessed
Slam dance, ya man's scant, nearly not even, I'm leavin'
Dude's bloody, love me hate me, greatly debate me
Wait he, going another round, whack lyrics abound
I'm astounded the fountain's gone dry, dudes don't even try
This shit is dropped at a whim, shimmy finger type
Linger right, I finger blast ya life, face fuck ya luck
Get touched by as much steel as Shaquel O'Neil
For real, A Saun Unique to you oblique fools
Tools get worked, merked you get Frankenstein lurched
I speak the church, fuck merch I perch at party spots
You get it hardly hot, I'll drink you under the table
Booze so much, stuff of fables, able bodied wit a shotty
Fuck Jon Gotti or anybody claiming it, I'm maiming it
Striaght face game Rogain aimin' it, peep that
You a sheep cat, I leak back speech that
Greets that, wit a slap, jaw tap and a back hand smack
Official Freestyle deez nutz, please what? I won't stop
I rock apoc-alyptic sick shit, go ballistic twistin' vicious
Swishin' hard grain, nose blown cocaine, my frame
Adaptanium, my cranium? Solid Granite, try me
Come and pry me, black eye me, nope you get rope-a-doped
I'm a Pope, da WHITE God, give a slight nod, when I pass
Else not you might catch ya ass in hot water, I'm out of ordah
Sorta, a lil' North of the bordah, of course I'm built for war
I've weathered 22 long winters before, swelterin' sun
For one, and only reason, I'll throw fists like changin' seasons
Like New England, I'm bringin' things, knuckle swingin', I'm a singin' King
Slurred vision, incisions, I should be imprisoned for this life I'm livin'

05-20-2009, 11:02 AM
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