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05-18-2009, 11:32 PM
This is just something I came up, I tried to go for an odb style, funny and crazy

Here is a little something you don't know about me
I'm crazy
hahhahehehahah I'm nuts!
I'm bring the rutz and klutz
and am sure to rip the cold cutz
I resurrect the dead
rhymes like a disease that is sure to spread
Mcs can't keep up I'm always ahead
so far in fact, they think I fled
the scene, my raps aren't obscene
but not clean
just kinda dirty, trust my wordy
I'm over par, can never get a birdie
It's ok if ya never heard of me
Cuz who are you,
You think you bad cuz you have a tight crew
Come step through
I dare ya
you ain't nowhere near as raw
I'll set you so far back to when you was living on the farm with pa and ma
but I ain't no one either, I just don't like being talked down to
I'll strangle ya until you turn another hue
I'm just waiting til I get paid to me what's due
If ya don't know that then get a clue
I'll destroy any track, literally
I'll break a beat with a million tons of artillery
You can never get rid of me
Oh wait, yes ya can with the right plan
Get me banned, but I'll still blow up in Japan
Yes, yes, like the fuckin atomic bombs
What!? I said a naughty, then go tell ya moms
I ain't give a shit, never care for life
When you coming to a fight, never bring a knife
cuz I be packing the guns
I'll shoot you all in the right places to make sure you never again run
Unlike me who is always runnin
Even in my worse, I look stunnin
People don't hate me, they just got envy
I hate to jet but I gotta end this spree
So jump on the gas and just floor it
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