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War and Peace
05-22-2009, 10:34 AM
sip distilled elixirs in my Michigan chateau
I envision then kill victims like Victor Hugo did that nicca Claude Gueux
this is a sick stick-to-the-script manifesto
load frauds in bateaux then rope 'em to buoys below the moat at Clairvaux
literary clairvoyant
ill writtens float like thick-billed Ethipoian crows towards a new plateau
soar over poverty like Pavarotti notes
so rich OTB be witholdin' dough like a nouveau Thoreau
bitch- I'm Leonardo mixed with Poe
the shit I kick controls the pitch like Hideo Nomo and Cristiano Ronaldo
pimp-walk tempo slow as Komodo
swing big Morneau sticks like top-tier terracota polo courtiers in Constantinople though
flow is a chorus of old Roman popes and contralto sopranos
vocals leave you cold like Chris Moltisanti and Paulie Walnuts lost in the Poconos snow
the cobra dispose of foes in quick order yo
mob wicked squadrons like Roosevelt acquiring Santiago via San Juan at Guantanamo
original Torah explorer smokin homegrown hydro
cleric title Ayatollah with the focused wisdom of Moses' loyal tribesmen at Shiloh
pro recite poems dolo
next-millenium flight-control soldier with the sight of Orville Wright plus Han Solo
hold a scope-fitted rifle tight over the shoulder
morph to Night Falcon when war bells toll from Gibraltar's boulder in fog-soaked

05-22-2009, 12:42 PM
straight droppin heat OTB hit me up 4 a collabo or something