War and Peace
05-24-2009, 05:17 PM
peep War and Peace and Sheepish Lord unsheath the sword
we creep through streets and wards and beat weak emcees with cords
an elite corps that breaches doors
Greek teen beach-goers scream and weep when bloated corpses sweep the shore
squeeze Kleen-Bore grease and roll deep with .44s
leave speechless hordes of evil heathens on steel boards beneath sheets in morgues
sweetly stroke these Toshiba PC keys like cathedral organ chords
keep Jesus pieces clean, legal cream creased in jeans and feet in Jordan IVs
pores seep unique spoken heat 'til each poor and scorned feels his soul restored
theives explore reefs, sea floors and moors where reservoirs leak towards scenic fjords
unappreciative sneaks hoping to hoard my gold
ceaslessly seeking to cheaply receive more and more
but my scope grows increasingly cold
see, OTB believes He who sows seeds of greed will reap the least reward
I implore, meet and greet the Sifu with no equal who teaches scores
the old priest's glorious thesis reached a holy zenith when the phoenix soared

Donít try n beef with the each, and every clip I take be coupon in the soup kitchen
What cha pitching you just reaching leave you dead n leeching/
I can hit wit a sicker average most canít even capture the angles I pain
Destine to Van Gogh the flow wit more art than any war hall than Andy Warhol/
Driven in homers, down grade cha wattage like David Ortiz
My cortex be tendrilís breed whip you around like Doc Ock/
Occupy octopi dropping heat on you like a shot from a fly
You couldnít wonder why my periscope be sniping you ticks like the AIDS virus/
Explosive corrosive closed casket pass it rocket launch stomp ground coining phrases
Lessing praises I got more hate in my heart than the darkness that consumed Owenís Hart/
Jugular bugging you swinging Excalibur striking you strangler triangle you fishes
Wishing you had Bermuda mute cha like a WACK MC on TV you canít see me/
If you got lights I got my license Hippo season is upon us great white thunder strike
Punching out cha lights leaving you dusted from angels seeing demons when I come through/
Craft caches cashes clay when I clashes wit those devil rays
Trying to make homes in Tampa bay/
Couldnít fish fillet trump those clones try n dominate like primates
When itís easier to hibernate wit homonyms/
Trying to touch the punch out Mickey, Mallory seen through my art gallery
Deranged jokes on you when I cut a smile in you via knives and gases/
I got allot of heat on my ledger before I twisted my art wit sleeps I never pilled
Get cha grill killed wit surgery never plastic just acid I dropped cha in like Batís surrounded cha/
Reengaging facing attempts on lives bee hives New Jersey Drive dreamt end cha lenses
Leave you sightless like snake eyes just came up see me I got a Grudge when you see The Ring/

05-24-2009, 06:04 PM
ya comin' with beef, better leave those high stacks
My last verse was just like Die Hard, action packed
No hi hats for the beat no pavement on the street
No matter the grade or steep, you'll still shake in ya jeep
Unique but not discreet, in terms of disclosure
I blow the fuckin' lid off any kind of enclosure
dispose ya with the Hefty's ya wimpy wimpy dude
I beat ya fuckin' ass and now I'm getting sued?
Now that's gangsta. Get the lawyers involved
I'll call Nicky Tooch because he knows the mob
Ya see snitch bitches like you tend to disappear
Not to mention what they do to fuckin' queers
Sure I'm all drugged up, but what's with all the hype?
Eminem had his relapse but mine's the violent type
get ready for a surprise, bend over lift your blouse
I'm about to jack a gas truck and drive it through your house

05-24-2009, 09:15 PM
nice verse OTB shit was flames and i gotta say nice add on B-Rock that was mad unexpected but it works

War and Peace
05-24-2009, 09:26 PM
^thanks LORD-

yeah- i'm in a zone rite now, i'm writing impeccable darts-

i challenge any1 out there in cyberspace to say otherwise-

praise God-

peace b-

05-24-2009, 09:52 PM
man you suck!!!

nah just playing, just me being a jerk. :D

on some real shit, i was feeling this a LOT. read it two or three times straight, just trying to absorb it. really impressed by it.

i liked the first mc better, just because i'm a fan of multies, although the second was nice also. great job for both, completely on point, really dope shit.

05-24-2009, 10:00 PM
^thanks lord-

yeah- i'm in a zone rite now, i'm writing impeccable darts-

i challenge any1 out there in cyberspace to say otherwise-

praise god-

peace b-

i feel you man, you been on fire right now, i feel like me, myself like i never left the temple and you guys reinspired me to pick it up a notch this joint was hot

05-25-2009, 01:03 PM

props yall, nice addition to B Rock

O you on fire as of late, snap back to reality fam lol, Sheep you always on some shit, you know how it is


War and Peace
05-25-2009, 08:59 PM
thanks Bronze-

yo your avatar looks like that 5th brand i saw in 'angels and demons' today-

05-26-2009, 07:40 PM