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06-03-2009, 03:04 AM
Anybody see this yet? it really blew me away. I knew it would be amazing, since pixar films always are, but i still wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as beautiful or emotionally mature as it was. it didn't even for a second pretend to be a kid's film. I haven't had a movie touch me this sincerely in a while.

It should definitely be up for best picture, even though I don't have any faith that it will be since the oscars are bullshit

06-03-2009, 03:06 AM
already in the top 250 on imdb @ #12 - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1049413/

06-03-2009, 02:23 PM
Yea, it was another hit for Pixar, not as funny as I thought it would be but it was still good. Gotta love the talking dogs too haha.

Ghost In The 'Lac
06-03-2009, 02:35 PM
I saw it the other night online and it was clearly Pixars attempt at a Studio Ghibli movie.

06-03-2009, 04:15 PM

12-14-2011, 12:34 PM
honestly don't know why this got praised so much. compared to toy story? no way. i liked cloudy meatballs more than this.

12-15-2011, 09:03 PM
i loved the film....real good story hart felt ...its not a silly kiddy movie. this is a flick all can enjoy

now when the fu ck does finding nemo come to blu-ray haha