View Full Version : Army Of Two: 40th day

06-20-2009, 06:24 PM
Mission: Shanghai

Gameplay: Gameplay will be further enhanced, such as feign surrender to outflank the enemy, human shields, and automated covering. For example, if Salem is running to a column or a piece of debris he will automatically go into cover mode. The upgrading system for weapons will be further enhanced, new options and new weapons. When an enemy is killed, you can now pick up their weapons and bring your arsenal up to 4 weapons. The refined controls now only require one button for any particular action. Melee has been mapped to a face button, and rifling through weapons can be done with one hand. There will also be a sprint function in the game. Partner AI has also been revamped to be more responsive and intelligent. You can now direct your partner to perform specific actions, including stealth kills and feign surrender. Displaced citizens roam the streets, giving you the choice to save or execute them as you desire. Material penetrations have also been implemented,meaning that if an enemy ducks behind a wooden plank you can shoot through it and kill him. The Aggro system, the concept that allows one player to turn invisible if the other player is drawing all the fire, is still a central mechanic in the game.

Release date(s) : December 2009