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06-23-2009, 12:39 PM

Just A Touch of Love
Watching You

Steve Arrington

Way Out
Nobody can Be You
Weak at The Knees

incredible Music - check them out

06-26-2009, 01:47 PM
I love Slave. I got their greatest hits double cd. Just A Touch Of Love, Watching You, Snap Shot are my favorite songs by them. They're from my hometown Ohio. They're from Dayton, Ohio i think. Steve Arrington who was the lead singer is a church preacher now in Dayton. Well Sunny Winters i see you've been posting some good topics lately. You recently posted about rapper Kam. We usually don't agree on a lot of stuff but much props to you for posting about Slave and Kam. It's a shame most people on here don't know who Slave and Kam are. I bet this Slave topic is probably gonna only have one response from me LOL.

06-26-2009, 04:28 PM
they are truly indeed missing out on some great music - its good to see that someone else appreciates the art

06-27-2009, 11:21 AM
I posted in this forum before about funk r&b artists from back in the day are better than these new r&b artists and i only got a few responses. That's pretty sad that most people on here don't listen to old school r&b/funk but they be posting about rock artists all the time and other r&b artists that are wack. Sunny Winters, you should watch this documentary program that comes on TV One channel about old r&b singers called Unsung. Do you live overseas or in america? If you live overseas, you might not be able to get that channel. Unsung has done documentaries so far about Debarge, Shalamar, Minnie Riperton, Melba Moore. There's gonna be a documentary about The Supremes singer Florence Ballard on Unsung this Sunday at 8pm. I'm gonna check that out. I thought she was the cutest girl in the group. She didn't get along with Diana Ross. Mary Wilson who was also a group member said on the commercial that Florence and Diana were arguing often. She died a long time ago and i forgot how she died. It seemed that she was depressed. Debarge documentary was very sad. El Debarge who was the lead singer looks very terrible now and he's a drug addict. Several Debarge group members did drugs back in the day. Chico Debarge who wasn't in the group has been to prison before and Bobby Debarge who was in the group Switch died of aids. They were physically abused by their father when they were kids and they got dissed and laughed at at school because they were lighter than the other kids. Their father is white, so that's why they're lightskin.

I just saw Shalamar documentary a few days ago. Howard Hewett and Jody Watley were the well known members of the group. They had issues with being taken advantage of financially by their record label and Jody said that Howard and Jeffrey Daniels who was also a group member were trying to control her. The owner of their record label didn't believe that Jody and Jeffrey could sing. Howard had conflict with Jody and Jeffrey a few times because he felt since he was the lead singer that he was better than them. Jody and Jeffrey eventually left the group and were replaced by 2 other members but that didn't last long because Howard eventually left. This is the typical bullshit that usually happens in the music industry and it's pathetic. I really hate hearing about artists getting most of their money taken from them by the record label because they work hard. That's why i hate record companies.

I felt bad for New Edition when i saw a documentary about them on VH1. They said they got taken advantage of by their record label when Candy Girl album came out. They said they got $1.50 a piece when it came time for them to get paid after recording the album, touring and doing videos. They said they were so upset about that and they sued the record label. The record label owner said he didn't take their money LOL. So what the fuck happened then? Where did the money go? Why would New Edition wanna lie on their record company?

06-27-2009, 11:42 AM
thats mad writing^^ eloels.