View Full Version : Guess what? Sunny Winters won't let me suck his penis anymore

Ghost In The 'Lac
06-29-2009, 08:28 PM
sunny is out of control.

he has just locked the NOI/MJ thread in KTL.
he also deleted posts from it.
the whole sub forum's integrity is compromised having him as a mod.
this was a genuine story being reported in national printing news, The Times, in england, a repsected paper, it was a story on the very front page.

But not good enough for Sunny Winter's KTL.
If Sunny had not gone too far before, he really has done it now.

im going to completely stop posting in KTL and move it all to Gen Chat i think because i never know when a post i took time to type is going to be completely without warning removed from the face of the earth.


the thread was already turning up on the first page of a google search for "noi michael jackson", it was destined for big things, and big traffic bucks for the corp, but not anymore, now that Sunny has got his BIASED way.

06-29-2009, 09:00 PM
Do admins/mods really need anymore proof, examples or testimonials about how shitty a mod Sunny Winters is? Get real.

I love how in that thread SW doesn't seem to understand that the NOI is a fucking ORGANIZATION. Braindead.

06-29-2009, 09:57 PM
im going to completely stop posting in KTL and move it all to Gen Chat


Ghost In The 'Lac
06-30-2009, 01:11 PM
this man is a completely brain dead moron, who is only using KTL to spread his hatred and the bizzarre and ridiculous and clearly racist beliefs of the NOI

I cannot believe he is a mod. Its the most stunningly unexplainable thing happening on Wu Corp.

another poster

that shit was still whack as fuck that it got locked tho, regardless if people searching don't put the 2 and 2 together. i'm not a big KTL watcher or poster, but i can still see the forest for the trees and notice that ol sunny is not the man for the job in there. what the fuck good are opinions for if only one person is allowed to have one?

if opinions were assholes, like the cliche goes, and everyone has one, then it seems KTL has one asshole.

but still, if there are over 4 and half million results for that search, then there is a good percentage of peeps who might type those very keywords.

prolly like 5%

PROF ENGY you need to cut off this guy, he is not allowing ANY NOI thread to go past 2 pages, as soon as someone starts bringing up bad points about the NOI, he threatens to close the thread, and then closes the thread.

Visions, are you cool with what Sunny is doing?

Fucking hell. And Batemen got banned because of this faggot?

heres another thread about NOI that he is flipping out in

Tell me if theres anything in that thread that is worthy of closure?

There clearly isnt. Get rid of this guy.

06-30-2009, 01:14 PM
fucking hell.

Ghost In The 'Lac
06-30-2009, 01:17 PM
oh and hes also started now to demand sources be posted when anyone says anything relating to NOI, or he will deltel the post and close the thread.

Fucking sources. On Wu Corp KTL. For anything he doesnt agree with.

The man is a fucking tyrant, and is out of control.

06-30-2009, 01:52 PM
dont worry, Allah will punish him 4 throwin a poor light on the Nation, i mean everybody in here thinks NOI is full of racists & goons cos of this guys misbehaviour, Allah doesnt like that shit

06-30-2009, 01:56 PM
im going to completely stop posting in KTL and move it all to Gen Chat

why did you lie ?

Ghost In The 'Lac
07-01-2009, 12:11 PM
even Black Man is on my side.

SunnyWinters, what exactly is wrong with this thread? And what is Ghostlaced doing that's in error?

If he's posting information that's not factual, tell the truth and shame the devil.

Everyone can see Sunny is out of control. Why the hell is he still modding that place? hes not needed there, at all. One mod is enough anyway.

Why would anyone spend anytime posting in there when there time taken post could b DELETED simply if Sunny doesnt like what you put.

hes even refuting sources, he asks for a source (lol), so i posted the fbi.gov website records for Wallace Fard (the shamed founder of NOI). But he doesnt see that as a credible source. The only "source" he goes by, is the word of their fucking crazy Elijah Muhammad tyrant, who is an even more despicable human being than Fard was.

What makes sense here?

Would you put a KKK supporter modding KTL?
Would you put a Nazi supporter modding KTL?

NOI's beliefs ARE NO DIFFERENT than those 2 groups. At all. They are strikingly similar, in belief of genetic superiorty, NOI's story is even more laughable than the other! Fuckign Yacub??? fuck outta here.

07-01-2009, 12:52 PM

You're a faggot?

What did I win?

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Welcome to Old Navy

07-01-2009, 12:56 PM
oh and hes also started now to demand sources be posted when anyone says anything relating to NOI, or he will deltel the post and close the thread.

lol wow, that's some bullshit.

Ghost In The 'Lac
07-01-2009, 01:09 PM
yes, here examples

I don't know who farrakham is

but if you cannot show me where Farrakhan said this, i will have to lock this thread - you won't succeed in trying to slide spam into the thread

^^i simply took a qoute of Farrakhan of wikipedia ( a site that requires sources), he threated to close down THE ENTIRE THREAD because of it. And it was a real qoute, too.

Idk why he would think I would make up Farrakhan qoutes, you dont need to, he says enough crap by himself.

i'll give you time to search for his words either written or spoken on that subject - when you are unable to find them, i'll lock the thread anyway just to see what will happen

^another one, DEMANDING i post a source because i said something he didnt like about his crazy fucking leader

Since when did we have to post sources in our all posts or have them deleted? WTF lol.

The Farrakhan qoute wasnt even unbelievable, it was a along the lines of NOI, and it was within the context of a paragrpah. Just go watch any old Farrakhan interviews, youll find all your "source" there.

Anyway it doesnt matter if you do post a "source", he will say its propaganda.

07-01-2009, 03:33 PM
guess what

chicken butt

sorry.....just couldn't help myself :(

07-01-2009, 04:21 PM
GL - do you really think that any one here of importance is considering your complaints ?

you are slowly taking patty cake batemans place as top complainer

Dad - go clean your room ghostlaced
ghostlaced - but dad i wanna go outside with my friends
Dad - go clean your room ghostlaced
ghostlaced - but dadddd
Dad - go clean your room ghostlaced
ghostlaced - i hate this fuckin house, i can't do anything here,you never listen
Dad - (slaps ghostlaced in the skull) go clean your room ghostlaced
ghostlaced - (crawling to his room) i hate you dad

hey ghostlaced - i'm gonna lock your thread - lol

Mumm Ra
07-01-2009, 04:28 PM
^ nah man it's like the video of the kid's parents closing his WOW account, lol

07-01-2009, 04:45 PM
Compared to Lacey, Sunny seems level headed to me.

Actually, compared to Lacey, Hitler seems level headed to me, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Dr. Simon Hurt
07-01-2009, 06:42 PM

Ghost In The 'Lac
07-03-2009, 07:10 PM
i have no problem with an NOI nut being a KTl mod
i have a problem with an NOI nut deleting posts that say bad things about NOI

its meant to be a sub forum about KNOWLEDGE
it should have nothing to do with NOI
its about knowledge


But we arent allowed to speak out about a extreme organisation? why?

07-03-2009, 07:33 PM
lmao - shut up

07-04-2009, 03:53 PM
i dont blame sunny for deleting things bc the guy cant win an argument, he tries some gay socrates question style arguing but wont show and prove anything he says

as for fard, i could make sunny my young child in 5 minutes on the subject but there is no real point, hes not open minded or flexible, therefore he isnt seeking knowledge hes just regurgitating whatever pamphlet hes plagiarizing that day

i was suprised when i came back thru and sunny was a mod. of all the crackpot racist uneducated pieces of shit that have come thru ktl hes gotta be tops

07-04-2009, 04:20 PM
get like 3 people that i respect to agree with you and i'll leave for good