View Full Version : Houston Texans will win their division

07-03-2009, 07:43 AM
That's right I fuckin said it. No doubt people will scoff and call me crazy up until it actually happens but I've been a fan since their inception and it feels good knowing that we've finally got a team together that's gonna make it happen. I don't wanna hear nobody claim some bandwagon, front-runner shit when I'm up on these boards talkin crazy four months from now. If it does happen best believe I'm diggin this thread out the grave to show the proof's in the pudding.

Our defensive pressure is gonna increase dramatically. Connor Barwin could very well could be DROTY. Him, Mario Williams, and Okoye are gonna be beasting everyone they play and Payton Manning in particular. With that our defensive backs are going to look alot better with it. Remember the name Glover Quinn as well, the dude's showing a lot of potential and is looking like a draft-day steal right now for a fourth round pick.

We've only gotten better on offense (we where already under-ratedly nasty last year) but I think the turnovers drop dramatically as well as a jump in redzone production which going to equal us having a top 5 scoring offense by years end.

Only a couple of months away but I can't wait for the season to get here.

Come Honor Face
07-03-2009, 08:23 AM
Texans are a good team. They may fight for a playoff spot, and I wouldn't be shocked if they won the division. The Colts are taking a step back, and dealing with a new coaching staff. The Jaguars are not likely to compete for the division this season. The Titans is where you run into a problem. Yes, I am a Titans fan, and one can never truly judge their own homerness when rating their own team, but I don't really see how the Titans arent going to be just as good, if not better than they were last year. They may not go 13-3, due to a tougher schedule, but their offense should be better, due to better WR's and that Chris Johnson guy is just flat out phenominal. He should be even better this season. The defense is just loaded with talent. Yes, even at DT, though obviously, they don't have any one player at DT like Haynesworth, but theyhave several very good young players who can provide solid play in his place. Jeff Fisher is the man. Can't see Fish letting this team regress with all of the fantastic young players he has. You are by no means crazy for being confident in the Texans this year. People said I was crazy when I said the Titans were going to win the division last year, and they may very well have won the Super Bowl if the Ravens would just go out and play honest football and congratulate the other team if they are better, and move on. That's not how Rex Ryan does things though. Expect the Jets to be the NFL's dirtiest team now.

07-03-2009, 08:40 AM
^I think we split with the Titans, the home team winning each game and we sweep the Colts. You've got a good team no doubt but I don't think Collins has ever put together two quality seasons in a row and might take a little step back this year. That could still get you 10-11 wins no doubt. which is fine.................for second place :lmao: I respect the organization and Fisher. It's gonna be a dog fight. I just think we make great strides on the defensive side of the ball and cut down on turnovers on offense to make the difference. We've got an easier schedule as well. That opener at Pittsburgh is gonna be crazy. You know that home crowd is gonna absolutely HATE on yall :lmao:

I can't stand the fucking Colts though :r :r I hate those guys like no other and will love to see the way we attack with the new defensive coordinator in place. It's gonna be a great season. I look forward to seeing Payton's ass poutin like a lil'kid as he walks off towards the sidelines :lmao:

Come Honor Face
07-03-2009, 09:16 AM
lol Yeah, Manning always pouts. Oh, and don't be too surprised if Kerry Collins is not the starter for the Titans. Hey, maybe the Titans/Colts games this year will be QB pouting competitions.

07-03-2009, 11:51 AM
As much as I hate to say it, the Jaguars will not contend for the division title. To me it comes down to the Titans ot Texans and I am leaning toward Houston coming out on top. You can't count out the Colts but I think they took a step back whereas the two T's are only getting stronger.

Dirty Knowledge
07-03-2009, 03:28 PM
lol like every year..